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2010 Volkswagen Jetta 2. 5 limited: a good dependable car for your money!

I love my Volkswagen Jetta! It is a 2010 limited edition. It has 101, 000 miles and runs great. It has had a couple problems but for the most part a very good dependable car. The first problem I had with the car was that the rear wheel bearing on the back passenger side went out, it cost about $400 to replace it. I have also had to have the liner replaced on the inside top of the car that cost about $150. The leather on the doors kept coming apart from the doors and kept falling down so I had to take it to someone and have it glued back twice now which was about $75 each time. With all things considered on an 8 year old car with a hundred thousand miles on it. I think it has been pretty good. I just make sure to keep it serviced as recommended by the dealership and it runs great. The gas mileage could be a little better and the craftsmanship of the leather on the inside of the car and the headliner of the car could have been better. But I will not sit and complain because it gets me where I need to go everyday and has not cost that much to keep it running great.. So overall I am very pleased with my 2010 Volkswagen Jetta, 2. 5 limited edition.

- Katie M

Sporty and small outside but roomy inside.

My car has had few problems other than those of general maintenance such as needing new tires, battery, etc. It performs well, although it does not have the power needed for changing lanes quickly that my previous standard transmission Jetta had. I find it reliable. It is generally comfortable for me. It has blind spots that make changing lanes difficult. I have to compensate for this by changing lanes well in advance of when I need to when there is no one in the next lane. This reduces problems I would have by waiting until I am really close to the place where I need to be in a different lane. It also helps to have a passenger tell me when lanes are clear. My car has many features, but I do not use all of them like the Bluetooth.

- Angelina P

That it has never been in a accident. I think the safety of this car is good.

I love my Volkswagen Jetta. I bought this car new and haven't had any problems with it until now. I notice some slipping after coming to a full stop. I have a appointment to have it serviced next week and hopping it isn't transmission problems. It has been very reliability for me as I'm the only driver for this car. I have 4 children and it has plenty of room for us.The trunk space is very large. The features it has is good, wished it had the blind spot feature and back up camera.

- Kris B

My VW Jetta is my favored car to date!

I have had my Jetta for over 7 years and it has been the best car I have ever owned. It got me back and forth to college and was also the car that I brought my son from the hospital in. This car is only comfortable and stylish, it makes me feel safe. I have had very few issues with this car, and when there is an issue it is a routine kind of problem with an easy fix. It fits us, a car seat, oversized Pitbull and a cat comfortably for a 10 hour drive!

- Hannah R

Volkswagen Jetta, it has the power to go.

It's been a reliable car for the most part. A few sensors have gone out along with a gasket. The bad thing is it's expensive to fix anything on it because everything has to be taken apart to get to anything I've learned. Oil changes take forever and are more spendy as well. It was good power and gets up and goes when I need it to. It's roomy in the front and back and for the most part it's pretty comfortable. Has a great stock sound system.

- Stephanie F

Before you buy a VW Jetta.

The Jetta is a great car to own. It has a great mpg rating and can get you anywhere in a jiffy. It has a great engine, lots of room, and a bit of character to it. On the downside, my radio went after 125, 000 miles, the oil changes are around $100 because it uses synthetic oil and I had a problem with my engine at around 80, 000 which cost over $300 to fix. Overall, it is a great, fun quality car to lease or buy.

- Meg D

The car that keeps on keeping on.

The vehicle is not bad it just has several electrical problems. The transmission had to be replaced. Blinker went out and so did one headlight. The inside has heated seat which make it nice during the winter. It gets good gas mileage. Also handles very good. I have never been stranded on the side of the road but it was close when the transmission started slipping. Overall it served me well since 2010.

- Kendall G

Reliability! No issues !

Its comfortable, great on gas in city and on highway. It has great pick up and go, have had no issues with this car since buying it. Sound system it awesome , trunk space is fantastic! Back seats are comfortable also! Heated front seats, heating and ac are fantastic. Defogger in sideview mirrors is a added bonus! Handles the roads with ease in all kinds of weather! Would purchases again !

- Renee K

It is a speedy and smooth driving easy to handle vehicle.

It's speedy and smooth driving. Never had any issues with it. There is a lot of room in the trunk and back seat. I enjoy the stereo in the car, it is monsoon system and sounds great. It's speedy and smooth driving. Never had any issues with it. There is a lot of room in the trunk and back seat. I enjoy the stereo in the car, it is monsoon system and sounds great.

- Josh O

It is small but has a good engine and is practical.

The sunroof in my car tends to open and close without my doing anything. The button on the side of my gear shift also tends to pop off. Otherwise, I love my car. It gets great gas mileage, has lasted through 110, 000 miles, and has never broken down. I have replaced my battery once in the last 3 years and it was the first time my car had ever had it replaced.

- Natalie R

Jetta: A versatile vehicle for any age

My Jetta has been a reliable vehicle for the past several years. It has great gas mileage and is overall a very versatile car. It has a leather interior and plenty of space in the trunk, so it is comfortable for commuting as well as long trips. It has a great speaker system as well as a hook up for an auxiliary chord so you can listen to any music you want.

- Claire W

2010 Volkswagen Jetta review

This vehicle has been extremely reliable for me after having it for a couple of years. The interior is very easy to keep clean and is extremely well designed. I've not had any problems with this car. It starts up very fast and is very trustworthy. Sometimes the heating and cooling starts up a little bit slowly but never anything ridiculous.

- Peyton H

Jetta with stick shift, fair gas mileage, large gas tank, crappy audio setup.

the idea of having an iPod doc might have been nice in 2010, but it doesn't even work with an iPhone. They set it up to treat the iPod like a CD so you can't use it for anything else. The Bluetooth works pretty well. Stereo is loud, but each adjustment when changing the volume is too wide (one click changes it significantly).

- Allie D

Jetta still drives like new after almost a decade.

My 2010 Jetta is a really great car. It is drives perfectly smooth and glides over potholes and dips easily even though it is a smaller car, although it feels spacious and roomy inside. I have been in a few fender benders, some worse than others, but every time my car has be easily repairable and still drives like new.

- Stephanie G

It is a small car but it still feels strong and protective.

I like that it drives very smoothly and feels like a sturdy, comfortable car. The model may be almost a decade old but I like that the style and body of the car does not feel like it will go out of style. The only thing I dislike is that since it is a mature car, there is no Bluetooth to play music from my smartphone.

- Stephanie G

Perfect car for a small family.

I recently got this car so far I am satisfied! Very economic I do not waste a lot of gas. I like the interior of my car it is perfect for a small family. Trunk is pretty big I am surprised. I highly recommend the Jetta if you do not have a big family. So far I have not gotten any problems everything works perfect.

- Junior O

Good car but needs upgrading!

Car drives very well but is outdated technology wise. The car has a dock in the middle but the doc is for the previous iPod/iPhone and cannot be updated. The car also has no auxiliary cord so that I can play music from my phone. Besides that, I have had the car for 8 years and have had no major problems with it.

- Lauren F

Volkswagen Jetta front console defective issue.

My car is ok, but a problem I had immediately was the front console will the stereo, and display panel for media stopped working. Fixing it is very expensive but this is a common problem in the Jettas. I am not sure why this was not a recall issue by VW since so many owners of this car had the very same issue.

- Cynthia D

It takes premium gas but by taking care of it and getting regular oil changes it holds up well.

My car tends to drive very smoothly and feels like it drive well on both the highway and back roads. I tend to get good gas mileage though it takes premium which I don't like having to pay for as it is more expensive. Overall, I have owned this car for 5 years myself and have had no major issues to this point.

- Olivia H

Great running car, good gas mileage, nice design, great customer service!

My car has recently reached 100,000 miles. I am noticing it not running as well as it did in its prime time but all things considered I feel it is a decent car. So far it has been reliable. The downside is the cost to repair things. Parts and labor are different then other cars due to it being a Volkswagen.

- Michele R

Jetta looks good on the outside only.

My main problem with my car was the upholstery fell apart at six years of age with 60,000 miles . My vehicle is garage kept . The headliner fell down and all of the doors material just peeled away . However the performance and reliability and safety is amazing. I would however not purchase one again.

- Jennifer M

Sporty look and drives smoothly.

Nice to drive, reliable, power windows, seat heating, stereo, air-conditioning, big trunk, comfortable seats a lot of foot space, good gas mileage, no major problems so far, long battery life for the time I owned it, child locks, and alarms you when light bulbs are out or any other issues in the dash.

- Melanie L

If looking for a new vehicle I do not recommend a Jetta.

The seats sit very low causing back issues if driving long distances. The power on the windows went out a few years ago which is a common issue for VW's. The car honks like it is locked but if you try to open any of the doors from the outside they will open, on the bright side the alarm does go off.

- Hayley H

Drives very well and has very minimal maintenance.

Drives great. Minimal service required. We have taken it on multiple road trips and it does amazingly. Seats are super comfy and adjustable to any size for comfort. We haven't had any problems with the engine and it puts up with long commutes to and from work everyday. It is a very reliable vehicle.

- Allie S

A lot of bang for the buck

My car has 140K miles and has lasted longer and needed fewer repairs than any I have ever had. The repairs it has needed have largely been due to wear and tear (e.g., brakes, tires). I did lose the ability to roll down my driver's side front window, however. Overall, I am pleased by its performance.

- Barbara L

Car has great acceleration, and is also easy to park, and great on gas.

Car is very reliable, as long as I get the oil change and tune ups. The only issue has been sensors my gas cap sensor has caused my check engine to come on. I was having some hesitation with the vehicle and needed all the spark plug changed, and once I had the spark plugs done the car drove great.

- christine D

Although it takes diesel it is cheaper to drive than our other vehicles. Easy to maneuver.

Easy to drive, and is easy on fuel. It is a little old, and the wiring is coming apart, but it gets around for cheap. It's transmission failed after 3-4 years, but I can't decide if that was because of the previous owner. Love this little car, but it is pretty low to the ground for country roads.

- Cecilia J

Great, affordable car that rides smoothly and is comfortable to be in.

I have no complaints at this time about my vehicle. It runs great and I've never had any issues. It rides comfortably and the heated seats are amazing. I'm also glad to have leather seats, it makes for easy cleaning. It's a good size sedan and will be a perfect vehicle for anyone with a family.

- Mary K

It is reliable. I have had almost no issues with my car but since the software update to make car compliant it doesn't drive the same. Now I like it vs love it!

I LOVE my Jetta! In fact I think Volkswagen and German engineering are tops. I definitely want another VW for my next car. I dislike that my car was impacted by the VW emissions scandal. I opted to get the software fixed and it changed my car completely I liked it know ch better than before.

- Angela G

The Jetta saga bought used from a dealer with an extended warranty.

We bought it used from a dealer and thankfully they gave a warranty, the electrical circuit board died, the lightbulbs have to be replaced all the time, the strut broke after we had the spring replaced <could be a dealer issue>. Otherwise the vehicles been good and would recommend to anyone.

- Dawn L

Fast and efficient white Jetta and very reliable.

They have expensive repairs and maintenance. Not all my doors lock and it's hard to get the passenger side window to go down. My mirror ended up falling off so I had to replace that. Three car does drive smoothly and it has great gas mileage. I like I only have to get 1 oil change a year.

- Shannon M


My Jetta 2010 was my first car and I grew to live it. I bought it used almost 2 years ago and it's done it's job. It's a nice looking car and very roomy. It's a reliable first car However I feel for a smaller car it uses a lot of gas compared to other makes and requires a lot of upkeep.

- Patricia V

Very reliable VW Jetta 2010.

My VW Jetta has served me very well. The only complaint I have about it is that since my car is exposed in the sun frequently, the glue for the interior cloth and side panels of the door are starting to come off. I haven't gotten it fixed yet but it definitely makes the car look trashy.

- Andrew P

Excellent car depending on where you live.

It is an amazing car with great gas mileage. It is compact and comfortable. A little hard to work on, parts can be expensive, and does not do well in the snow. However is the perfect summer car or car for college students who cannot afford to pay much for gas. Love the diesel feature.

- Jacqueline S

The Jetta - a great car to purchase; new or used.

The Volkswagen has been very reliable. It is a comfortable ride. The main problem we've had with it is when we have tried to change the oil you have to take extra parts out of the engine just to get to the oil. I really like it having heated seats and it has a sunroof and Bluetooth.

- Sheryl G

The Volkswagen Jetta! Champion of used cars!

Quite reliable. Drives smooth. Good on gas for sure. Very clean and efficient. Modern look and feel. Front wheel drive. Sunroof and radio. Excellent in all weather conditions. Leather seats with heat to boot. Well functioning air conditioning and heat. Definitely worth every penny.

- Amelia A

My car performs greats for me besides minor issues.

I honestly love my car. It is older, so here and there I have to replace parts. Which is ok because that is with anything. However I do go through engine coils quickly. They are easy to replace so I do not have to take it to the shop every time which could get extremely expensive.

- Sarah H

Good first time car experience.

The engineering details of this car are excellent. As a first time car owner, it has been interesting fixing the car myself and not too difficult! I have had issues with the electronics going out and the injectors, but otherwise have clocked over 100k miles on it without a hitch!

- Lauren W

Quality vehicle, affordable price.

My car gets very good gas mileage. It drives well most of the time; however, the breaks are a very touchy and make a squeaking sound occasionally. It accelerates very quickly which is nice. The interior is comfortable cleans well. It has been reliable and safe since I have had it.

- Sara O

Sleek and powerful with great gas mileage and features.

I love my Jetta. It is very reliable and handles all road types perfectly. Love the heated seats and great gas mileage. The interior is comfortable and sleek with room for all. I recommend the Jetta to everyone as it is a great car and has been wonderful to me and my family.

- Amy S

Very Dependable! Great long-distance trips. Eight years and no problems.

I love my car! It fits my family (myself and 2 boys) very nicely. It has run consistently for 8 years, and has made multiple long-distance drives (from NC to PA and back 10+ times, from PA to WA). When I need a new car, I will definitely start with looking at a new VW Jetta.

- Julia C

Sturdy, reliable, and comfortable Jetta!

I love my Jetta! It runs wonderful. Gas mileage is very efficient. My model was built in 2010 and is very sturdy. It has been great going across country and camping. I have recently had to pay $800+ due to expired warranty for defective part, this has been my only concern.

- Jasmine M

Best diesel vehicle to own.

The Jetta 2010 turbo diesel is the best vehicles because it is very efficient and very reliable. The vehicle has very good features and controls. The vehicle saves large amounts of fuel and money. Very few mechanical problems and electrical problems throughout the years.

- Ricardo B

Tires cost more than what goes on the average car.

I love my vehicle. The only things I dislike is the way the Bluetooth is set up. I can not call people by telling my Bluetooth. I have to use my phone to make the call. Also, I do not like the placement of the iPod dock. This version of the car does not car the iPod.

- Kim K

The cost of repairs for little sensors and minor problems that you would not normally have issues with.

I love the Jetta, Its cute, compact and is fun to drive. It has great gas mileage and very comfortable. I love the look of the outside as well as the interior. The main problems I do have with the car is sensors going out and the cost of parts are pretty expensive.

- Missy H

Great first car, can last a long time if taken care of.

Was great at first, over 117,000 miles and still going. Although radio completely died right before 100,000 miles. Tried to install a new one but have had problems with the battery ever since. Overall, good car. Has lasted a while and gets me where I need to be.

- Belle T

Long lasting and reliable.

The vehicle runs well. Engine is a bit loud, accelerates a bit rough. Gets you from point A to point Be without issues. Gas mileage could be better, about 22 mile per gallon. Which is not bad but not the best either. Would recommend as a first time vehicle.

- Megan B

The VW Jetta, use your sport mode.

The VW Jetta is a reliable vehicle. It performs well and its turbo punch allows me to overtake a vehicle when I need to. The Jetta comfortably holds five adult passengers. The interior is leather, it cleans easily. Sport mode allows for easy acceleration.

- Nadine W

The tdi cup edition only 1501 were produced.

I have not had any issues with my car besides having to bring it in for the emissions scandal recall just general maintenance. The inside is roomy enough in the front for taller people. Has Sirius radio 6 disc in dash CD changer phone Bluetooth built in.

- John C

There is nothing extraordinary.

I don't like the ventilation system. I don't like the fact that there is no indication, i.e., beeping when the key is left in the car. I don't like the sounds within the vehicle when the sunroof is open and the car is traveling at a certain speed.

- Joseph D

I love the Bluetooth feature.

My Volkswagen Jetta is a wonderful car. It runs well and has a beautiful interior. I love the leather and heated seats. I absolutely love the Bluetooth feature. It drives really well and it is excellent on gas. I thoroughly enjoy driving this car.

- Mackenzie C

Jetta performance and comfort

The car is good on gas. It is spacious enough for 5 people. The performance is amazing, but the comfort could use some help for long hauls it is a little uncomfortable. The heated seats help a great deal so does the telescopic steering wheel.

- Karen V

Before you start driving, you have to manually turn on the headlights.

I really like that my car has heated seats. My favorite feature is that I can tap my blinker and it will only blink three times when I am changing lanes. My least favorite thing about my car is that it does not have navigation.

- Brianna b

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it is low to the ground and is kind of difficult to get into. This car is more for younger people.

My vehicle is in good condition, it has leather seats, cruise control, air conditioning, heated seats, etc. I like my car, however for the winter it's not the best because it doesn't have 4WD and slides all over the road.

- Kendra T

Reliable, fuel efficient and long lasting car. Seats 4 comfortable, 5 in a pinch. Good truck room too.

Black Jetta sedan. 4 door. Sunroof. Power steering, power windows, power locks. I like that it's efficient with fuel and smaller in length. I do wish it was a newer version with built in navigation or something similar.

- Susie H

The headlights blow entirely too quick and have to be replaced often because of the daytime running lights that you cannot turn off.

I like how fast it accelerates. I also like that when i bought it, it had very low miles on it. I dislike that it loses its hubcaps very quickly. Overall it is a very good car to get me from point A to point B.

- Lacoria D

Fast reliable little station wagon

fast sporty car. The only thing I don't like is that I have to bring it to a VW approved mechanic for any maintenance otherwise you can't physically open some areas. Drinks a lot but it's a sportwagen...

- Lorena M

Made with quality materials which makes me feel really safe in the car.

Electrical issues are common. This means the check engine light comes on when nothing is wrong with the engine at random times. I have had issues with check air lights not going off after a fix.

- Cat P

It's fun to drive and reliable. It will get you where you need to go and you'll enjoy the ride.

My Jetta was my dream car. It has plenty of get up and go. It's a safe vehicle and has been relatively low maintenance. It is a German car so the cost of repairs is higher than a domestic car.

- Michelle F



- faye S

Car drives well and is reliable enough as far as getting to and from work and starting when I need it to.

Car has experienced a couple electrical issues in the time that I've owned it (3 years), including the stereo shorting out and needing to be replaced and the cruise control malfunctioning.

- Kayla V

It has all the necessary features and is great on gas.

I love the size and gas mileage of the car. I have an awesome stereo and it does exactly what I need it to do with a great motor. I dislike the wheels, considering one is a bit leaky.

- Conner D

The gas mileage is amazing and steady.You said only one but I must mention the huge trunk space

we love the huge trunk space as well as the back seat that collapses to haul more.The fuel economy is wonderful as is the DTI get up and go when needed. The reliability is wonderful.

- Joy H

The Jetta has been a reliable car for me. Drives well, decent gas mileage.

Drives very well and is reliable. I am short, I don't like the steering column design, my knees are about half an inch from column, feeling unsafe & more difficult to exit car.

- Angel J

I get forty miles to the gallon, it runs great, and it is super reliable.

My car is very reliable, safe, handles great, has great performance capabilities, and does everything I need it to. The only thing is it does not go off-road, which is fine.

- Konner D

Drives good, comfortable but no usb port that works.

It gets great fuel mileage. It is comfortable on long trips. Love the large sunroof on my sport wagon. Wish the mesh cover was a little thicker to block more sun on hot days.

- Carol G

It is very stable when driving but it costs more gas

The thing I like it is it is really stable when driving. The brake is comfortable and make you feel safe. The thing I dislike is it costs me more fee for gas than other cars

- Zhihao J

That my car is fuel efficient and still looks good.

I really like the fuel efficiency along with it being sleek and relatively fast. I enjoy the comfortability of the chairs as well. The sunroof and trunk space is a plus.

- Dylan N

It is a good car overall, but the interior wears down very quickly.

It drives well, and is pretty dependable. I like that it feels very solid on the road. It also accelerates well. I wish it got better gas milage, or was a hybrid vehicle.

- Jenny L

Volkswagen Jetta SE is a Money pit

Repairs are expensive. Gas mileage sucks. I've replaced the $460 alternator, $600 cooling fan, ac compressor, manifold sensor, and it still needs more. Huge money pit.

- Jennifer H

Volkswagen Jettas are great vehicles!

It Is a very reliable car. I've never had any issues. The car runs smoothly. it also gets great gas mileage. I will definitely be buying Volkswagens in the future.


Driving seat and respond very good.

Everything is excellent, the car doesn't have anything wrong, , run excellent, comfortable at the time to drive, respond excellent economy services, economy gas.

- Josue D

It has been extremely reliable and dependable. Maintenance has been easy and convenient

I love that I have leather seats and bluetooth for my phone. However, I don't have bluetooth for playing music and that is something that i do not like.

- Catherine M

It is dependable and reliable and gets me from point to point.

It is dependable, well built, no real mechanical issues. Great on gas, not bad on insurance. No complaints other than it is not great in a lot of snow.

- Dwight C

Be good to it and it'll be good to you. I've had my car for almost 10 years and no issues

Every reliable, have never had any major issues with it. The only part that I will say is that when things do go wrong the parts can be a bit pricey.

- Sol U

I love my Jetta -it has all the bells and whistles and it is low maintenance.

I love the leather seats, seat warmer and efficiency of my car. I also love the sunroof. I dislike that there is not an AUX or USB port in my car.

- Ashley L

The most important thing about my car is the gas mileage in highway heavy state

Love how it handles and the features like seat warmers. Don't like the cost of maintaining vw cars. Also the aux cable should be in a better spot

- Jonathan S

That is a reliable car. It is efficient and good on gas.

I love my car. It is reliable and sporty car. It handles well, accelerates quickly and get me where I need to go. It is also a cute little car.

- Cate A

It's very practical because of the way that it handles

I really like my vehicle, you could never go wrong with German engineering. What I like about it it's that it is diesel and it's easy to drive.

- Erind L

Gas mileage is good. It will get up and go.

I like the interior and gas mileage and also the fact that it has a very roomy trunk. I dislike the outer color but that can be easily fixed.

- Madison L

The car is fully loaded and drives like its brand new

Never had a problem. Just maintenance only problems I've ever had are during the winter my muffler crack due to the harsh Winters and salt.

- Jason G

16 CD changer and power seats power windows here is the navigation sunroof see him ask him radio AC works

Great Condition No issues drives were all up to date services his seats power windows tinted windows five cylinder registration up-to-date

- Robert C

how to start it,. It won't go in reverse unless you start it correctly

I like the fuel mileage! I like that it is fun to drive! The only thing that I dislike is the front passenger door has a mind of Its own.

- Rita P

It is very efficient. Low cost for gas gets great mileage and does not require expensive repairs constantly

Good car gets really good gas mileage and is low maintenance. It is not a luxury car but has a lot of perks drives good and is efficient

- Heather H

Great Car, Perfect Size, Nice Cost

Vehicle is the perfect size not too big or small. It's reliable and efficient doesn't cost too much to get fixed when there are problems

- Janene G

Never weary to drive in the winter.

Good in snow and on gas. Parts for the Jetta can be pricey. Probably needs new tires soon. Runs pretty smooth. Had a/c fixed this year.

- Eva B

It's very reliable- I am able to get where I need to without issue.

My car is reliable and gets good gas mileage. It's very safe and easy to drive, however it is older and starting to show wear and tear.

- Robyn M

Volkswagen Jetta 2010 Review

My vehicle has lasted me so long. I love it. I do not recommend An all Black car it's so hot especially with the black leather seats.

- Natalia P

great starter car for new or seasoned drivers that runs well and looks good.

it looks nice and runs well. it is high mileage so there are some issues or parts to replace. volkswagen original parts are expensive

- mei a

it is reliable and good on gas. it is very easy to drive.

it is an awesome every day driver. reliable. good on gas and easy to drive. there is nothing that i do not like about this vehicle.

- Erik T

Great ride, solid features, affordable price-point

Love the overall ride and performance. Not so happy with the maintenance - lots of little things break. In the shop every 6 months

- Kool M

Gas can be slightly expensive since it takes the premium stuff, but you'll be fine putting in Mid-grade gas

My Volkswagen Jetta was bought used and all I can say is it was an amazing buy. It has a beautiful interior and is very reliable

- Karina S

It is dependable. I have driven long distances with it.

I like that it is dependable. It is a good size for me and what I use it for. There is nothing that I really dislike about it.

- Morgan P

It has been very reliable.

I like that it is reliable, comfortable, and easy to drive around town and on long trips. I do not like the high repair costs.

- Julie A

It's easy to run and doesn't have problems

I like that It's zippy and great on gas. The radio needs some work though. All around It's a great vehicle to drive and own.

- carl F

It will get you from point A to B

It doesn't give me much problems as far as maintenance is concerned. It's medium sized, which I like. It's just a little old

- Kadeem Y

2.5l 5 cylinder SE Jetta 2010

Low miles, drives and handles great, 180hp, well maintained and clean, only problems I've had are electric locks and radio.

- aaron s

Make sure there is no ignition switch problem before you buy it.

Known Ignition problem I had to fix after I bought the car. However, it is a comfortable car and a very large trunk space.

- Gamal K

An oil change is only required once a year at the dealership.

I like that it is fairly new to me & has heated seats & a sunroof. I dislike that it is an older model & has high mileage.

- Shannon A

Great, fun, and easy to drive

Very reliable car, good on gas and drives great, it's a little expensive to maintain. Overall it's been a very good car.

- Joseph A

That the car is very dependable and a good size car.

Have never had a problem. Is a very dependable car. Space is is good. The trunk is good size too. Definitely a great car

- Nat V

Good vehicle and has luxury features. It's a wolfsburg edition

It's a great vehicle for features but is very expensive to fix and hard to find a good mechanic who works on vw vehicles

- Rebecca G

Jetta: comfortable, reliable, and fun to drive.

It is a great car. Comfortable seats (with warmers), sunroof, good ac for the summer, and handles well at higher speeds.

- Kate L

It gets great gas mileage. It's possible to get close to 600 highway miles per tank.

We have a TDI and can get close to 600 miles on a tank of diesel. What we don't like is how VW lied about the emissions.

- Donna A

Try to get me out of my Jetta

I love how reliable it is. I hate how expensive it is to fix. I love the way it drives, it is also fairly comfortable

- Jennifer W

Great family car. Ample leg room in back seat. Nice size trunk.

Very safe, high crash ratings. Have been hit 3 times with no injuries to passengers. Many problems with spark plugs.

- April G

Fun to drive. Fast. Smooth ride.

Likes: smooth ride. Leather heated seats. Fast. Good gas mileage. Fun to drive. Dislikes: stereo system. No sunroof.

- Megan C

I do not drive it fast at all.

Low tire light is always on. Front right tire is bent. Super good gas mileage. Super dependable, never broke down.

- Hunter G

Excellent little vehicle for me

My little white Jetta is perfect for me. It's got the exact right features and the size and power is wonderful.

- Christine L

sporty and gas efficient, no problems with mechanical

nothing wrong with it gets me from one point to another, reliable car good on gas, low maintenance nice color

- tyson d

It has not had to have any work on it yet. Knock on wood.

I like that it is compact. It gets pretty good gas mileage. I do not like that it is a manual transmission.

- Heidi T

My Volkswagen will display what's wrong when a light or buzzer goes off

I have had no issues with my jetta. I love Volkswagen and definitely would recommend that anyone get one

- Nicole B

Reliable car has great gas mileage and quick pickup

Very reliable, hasn't broken down once. Drives very smooth and feels real, not cheap. Great gas mileage.

- Alec B

Motor oil is quite expensive for this car because it has to be synthetic.

This vehicle fits my daily needs. The gas mileage is good. I have not had any issues with my car so far.

- Riley W

Leather seats, heated seats,

Safe, reliable, handles well in the snow Low maintenance and not any major issues so far. Easy to drive

- Beth W

It's small and cute. White with black interior.

I love the black leather seats and heating controls. I wish it was a little more updated with USB ports

- Meghan P

It has never left me stranded.

The one window has always malfunctioned and the radio in my make of car has a tendency to stop working.

- Jennifer H

Low maintenance car, very sturdy

Awesome vehicle, with low maintenance so far in last 8 years, it has not given any troubles

- Pranay D

This is the perfect car! It gets great gas mileage and fits our family's needs. Not many extras but what it does have is enough.

This car gets great gas mileage! With our short commute a tank can last almost a month.

- Amber H

It is a reliable vehicle. I have had hardly any issues.

It is a very reliable vehicle, except for replacing the transmission at 108,000 miles.

- Anissa C

Cars runs smooth, good pickup and handling. Higher than average maintenance costs.

Good gas mileage, fast acceleration. Needed to repair air conditioner compressor.

- Toby C

The moon roof in the car has a tendency to leak which is not cool.

The car is very low to ground. I love the moon roof. Heated seats are wonderful

- sue H

Parts are a little expensive. If you do your own maintenance it can be tricky

The maintenance can be tricky. Do not like the tint job. Like the gas mileage.

- Craig M

It's mine and I worked so hard for it

Love my car and everything about it I just hate there's a little dent it in

- Chrjs G

It's very reliable and gets great gas mileage and is fun to drive.

It's roomy and has perfect get up and go and I can haul a lot if needed

- Lisa C

It's my favorite It's black and it has a nice stereo system

It's reliable, safe and comfortable It's roomy, has a nice trunk

- Amanda G

The performance is good and the fuel efficiency is also good

I like the compact size. I also like the performance

- Matt S

Gas will be low because of the low mileage.

Love the design. Love the ac. Love the low mileage

- Helen R