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Why You Should Consider a 2011 Jetta SE 2.5, based on my experience

I bought this car with a 5 speed manual transmission, 5 cylinder engine, and with 114k miles, and as of right now, it is at 133k miles. Performance: 170 hp and 177 ft/lb of torque, feels excellent, especially for me, to get through traffic and just get up to speed, but due to it being a 5 cylinder, gas mileage is not the best. Reliability: Being a naturally aspirated and straight five engine, it has been easy to maintain, and so far no real issues with the car, only problem was a sensor going bad due to the pcv diaphragm leaking oil on it, which is a common issue among other 2.5 jetta when they reach high miles, but easy and cheap to fix, but so far, no issues, also the transmission still shifts smoothly, although sometimes when I shift to 2nd gear, you can hear the synchros grinding, but that is every once in a while or when you shift it hard. Problems: Only the sensor and pcv diaphragm, that's it. and you cannot blame it because those parts had well over 100k miles on them so something is bound to break down. Comfort: Owning the SE model, you get vinyl heated seats, and are comfortable and I have done long hour trips on that car, and so far, never really had a problem, only problem comes when it is very sunny because the seats will burn your skin. The stereo on the Jetta is descent, does have bluetooth, CD reader, and aux for convenience, and again, being the SE model, you do get tweeters, and the sound actually feels good, and fair bass to it. Features: Big trunk, comfy seats, bluetooth, aux, CD reader, and a good short throw shifter(only for the manuals)

- Bryan D

Love my roomy, functional, Jetta.

I enjoy my Volkswagen Jetta. It looks modern and sporty but is still functional for my needs. It comfortably fits my two children and their car seats in the back. I keep a large stroller or my sons bicycle in the trunk most of the time. I still have plenty of room to fit my weekly groceries as well. It is decently comfortable but nothing too special there. It is been very reliable having only minor maintenance issues maybe once a year. Most have been usual wear and tear. I have the basic features but it fits my needs. I drive everyday between 2-3 hours total and only get gas every 5-6 days.

- Kaitlyn L

Very good Volkswagen Jetta, from Bluetooth to sleek exterior.

It is a very good car. There are a few things because the trim is plastics and anytime there is a problem you have to go to a Volkswagen dealership because they are the only ones that can fix it but it is usually no problems because they are pretty frequent. The car gets outstanding gas mileage I mean really the absolute best. Which makes it well worth it especially with gas prices theses days. On top of that the car has Bluetooth which is a major bonus and a ton of fun. The leather interior holds up very well and the inside is surprisingly spacious and can hole up to five people.

- Kathryn W

Adequate power, be sure to swap 16 inch wheels to at least 17 inch wheels for tighter handling. I swapped on a set of CLASSICs from GTI

I have the 2.5 Liter engine, which has 170 horsepower mated to a 5 speed manual transmission. I have had no problems to speak of with my Jetta. This vehicle is not the most powerful, but it is fairly quick for what it has, and its weight comes in at a fairly light 3000 lbs. This is a very reliable vehicle, I have only changed the oil and brakes. I have heated seats (perfect for the winter) and a moonroof, the type that you can choose to either slide back or pop-up. I have had my car for four years and it will be paid off soon. I will be keeping it for long time.


No complaints at all about my VW Jetta.

Gets great gas mileage-approximately 300 miles to the gallon. Comfortable seats for someone that drives approximately 100 miles per day and is overweight. Seat belt is comfortable for someone who is overweight-doesn't dig into my hip or thigh. Great leg room for back seat passengers. Classy looking interior. I have 62,000 miles and have had no major mechanical issues at all. Acceleration is excellent. The trunk is more spacious than any other car I have owned, but it appears small from the exterior. No complaints. This is my third Volkswagen.

- Michelle H

Touch screen radio and 5 disc CD changer!

I love my Jetta! It is a perfect sedan. Runs smooth. Has seat warmers which are great for the winter months! Touch screen radio. Sirius XM compatible. Sd card. 5 disc CD changer. Bluetooth even better, so no fighting over the AUX cord. Leather seats. Also can go from automatic to standard. Sun roof. Only downfall is since it is German engineered it can get expensive for repairs. Does require full synthetic oil change. They are also kinda of infamous for the ac systems going out. And the ignition switch getting locked.

- Jasmin J

Drives well but dashboard warning lights are unreliable.

The electrical system on my car is not dependable. The headlights need to be replaced frequently and often warning lights go off on the dashboard but there is not really a problem as indicated by the light. Often the warning light that goes off is the headlight warning light. Gas mileage is good in the city and on the highway. I have vinyl seats. The vinyl on the driver's seat is torn even though I do not think that I am particularly rough on the car and it was torn at about 40 thousand miles -- not that much use.

- Andrea W

My Jetta is the best car I have had.

I love my Jetta. It is extremely reliable and I have not had many huge problems with it. I drive this car to and from school, which is 3. 5 hours from home, at least 3 times a semester and have never had a problem on the drives. I make other drives throughout the school year and do not have many problems. Right now, the only problem I have is my oil is leaking. However, I have gotten it checked out and it is not a huge problem. I just have to add oil to it every once in awhile.

- Morgan K

Great car, but make sure you have the finances to keep up with it.

Got the car from my grandfather 4 years ago and love it. Drives really smooth and has a lot of space. Have had some engine problems recently which was fixed by changing the spark plugs. Only major gripe is that in order to get certain parts serviced I must go to the dealership. This costs more money than just going to a regular mechanic. Volkswagen has a habit of making the engine not very consumer friendly, with a lot of necessary components blocked off by certain obstacles.

- Charles L

The Volkswagen Jetta sports wagon is extremely safe.

The Jetta S wagon is a great car to drive. The pick up on this car is amazing. The gas mileage is very good. This car has great handling, rides well on bad roads, has large interior even though it will fit in compact car spaces. Extremely safe, when I was hit by someone who ran a red light, I wasn't even hurt and the airbags didn't deploy. After all the repairs the car still drove perfectly, no permanent front end alignment damage.

- Sharon M

The Volkswagen Jetted has a high safety rating.

I enjoy that my car averages 42 mpg. The car has great pickup for a fuel efficient vehicle. The car has a strong engine, good look and a roomy back seat. The car is a base model and doesn't have some of the looks and features you would expect in a German vehicle. Although it has leather interior, it feels a little cheap in the limitations of the sound system, the look of the control panel, and the temperature control knobs.

- Rose m

Very reliable car! Comfortable interior. Smooth drive and run.

I love my 2011 Volkswagen Jetta! It is a very reliable car for me and my family! It runs and drives very smoothly. In 2 years of having the car I only had to change the back breaks one time! The interior is very comfortable. The fabric seats are amazing to have! My favorite part of the car is the rubber mats, you can go wrong with rubber in your vehicle! I hope everyone loves their Volkswagen as much as I do!

- Tessa K

Volkswagen: German engineering at its finest.

My car is incredibly reliable. I bought it used in April of 2018 and a year later have had no issues after putting close to 10,000 miles on it. The only issue I have had with my car is that the windshield wiper motor went out about 6 months into owning it but they were very easy to replace, if you do it yourself. My car has never broken down and always gets me where I need to go with no worries.

- Hannah F

A little bit sporty, a little bit girly just like me.

I do not have any upgrades in my car. It is the standard base model so I do wish it had some of those safety features, such as rear camera or blind spot alert. And I do not have heated seats which I really regret not getting! However, my car drives wonderfully, I get oil changes every 10, 000 and in 4 years I have never had any major service required. It is a great car, very reliable.

- Jill E

Why Jetta wagons are amazing.

Reliable car that has never let me down. Does well in snow with appropriate tires and excellent in the rain. It's nice to feel to have a smaller feeling car, yet still be able to fit so much in it. I got an elliptical machine in there! Interior at this point does have some wear, but to be expected with the age and how much I use to transport goods in. Nothing but maintenance so far.

- Jen G

There is one thing we have noticed is that it has a wicked blind spot.

Not as comfortable as it could be but drives niece never had any issues with it except the radio blew right after I got it but replaced it with an aftermarket which cost a bit to buy the replacement plugs because it runs a lot through the radio but other than that it has tire pressure sensors that have never gone bad and mirrors and windows are all electric even in a base model.

- Nicole G

Great car! Small issue: check engine light.

The only problem I have had with my Jetta is that the check engine light is always on. I have heard this is a common problem for Volkswagen cars, but the light does not turn off even after the car being fixed. I love that my car is extremely reliable. I live in the mountains and drive a small car and never experience any problems with getting up the mountain roads.

- Mary Margaret W

It is extremely reliable. It will for sure get you where you need to go.

I absolutely love my Jetta! The leather seats are comfortable and easy to clean. It drives very smooth and the breaks don't take much pressure to bring you to a complete stop. I have had mine for roughly 2 1/2 years and have had no serious problems! Only common things like changing a light or changing the oil have been needs. Wonderful make and model.

- Kayla E

Volkswagen Jetta the best of all cars.

My car is Bluetooth with the best speaker also has heated seats for the winter so that you will not be cold & the best ac for the summer. My car drives very smooth never had a problem with at all I personally think it is the best vehicle I have purchased in my life & I decide to stay with it for a longer period due to it not giving me any problems.

- Destiny E

Great car for the woman with no car knowledge.

Super reliable, drives smooth and minimal problems. The heated seats are one of my favorite features. Service is easy and there are lots of indicators to help you know what’s wrong. The sound system is great, lots of options for how you play your music (iPod, SD card, aux, Bluetooth). Lots of trunk space and easy to fold down back seats.

- Megan M

Gas mileage. Regular unleaded. Leather seats. Sound system.

Great car to have good on gas a nice little luxury vehicle but parts and maintenance are expensive. Five cylinder vehicle with a sports gear on the shifter great mileage great on gas especially road trips. If you can get pass the upkeep on the car and keep up with regular maintenance perfect car not a great family car because of the size.

- Alex M

Efficient use of gasoline but lack of power when climbing upwards.

My Volkswagen Jetta 2011 has a black outer color which looks pretty cool from outside. The engine is 2. 0l which provides just enough power to move freely around the city. However, the acceleration speed of my car is kind of slow due to the lack of power, so when climbing on steep hills, the car can be slow than other powerful cars.

- Allen F

Beware of buying a VW or just do not do it!

Well, this Jetta was one of the emissions problems and that is exactly what I have had... Problems! I upgraded my tailpipe but that got replaced without my approval. The radio stopped working and VW would not fix it. The heat stopped working and VW would not fix it. They did fix the emissions but now I cannot pass a smog test.

- Kelly B

My Jetta is the greatest car

No problems, very reliable. Trim level is comfortable and stylish and not expensive. I have not experienced any problems with this vehicle. It has great gas mileage I am at about 36 miles to the gallon and it is not a cheat vehicle. The car is well built and does not allow much road noise even after 8 years. I love my Jetta.

- Vincent M

Should you buy a Volkswagen? Is it worth the repairs?

Volkswagens are very expensive to fix and unfortunately, I bought my car when it needed some repairs that I was unaware of. I would not buy a German car again given the price of repairs. It drives nice and it is comfortable but I am not sure it is worth the price. I will also never buy used again given my experience.

- Sheila S

The pros and cons of owning a Volkswagen Jetta.

One thing I do not like about my car is in the hot months of the year a person will burn their legs on the leatherette seats. On the other hand, the car does have seat warmers for those cold days. It is hard to find anyone to work on the car where I live. I do love the color, compactness, and body style of the car.

- Jennifer B

My Jetta is the best car I have ever had!

It�s my third Jetta and I love the cars. They are comfortable, drive nicely, have many luxury features like heated seats, electric windows and Bluetooth. I have had my 2011 model with absolutely no problems. With simple care and maintenance this car will last many years and still perform like a new car!

- Mary G

The car that makes your trip a safe and happy one.

It rides very well, especially over bumps and consistently hold the road. I like the size, speed, however this may be a technical issue. OnStar up from a light, it will not turn over quickly or quick enough. I need to look into that and have it fixed. This does not happen all the time, but enough to notice.

- Sylvia S

My 2011 Volkswagen Jetta review.

I love my car. It is been very reliable. The only complaint I have is that it costs too much to get it repaired. I have had trouble with the brakes too. Other than that, the car seems like it will last quite some time. Due to the cost of parts I probably would not buy another foreign car. Time will tell.

- Melissa B

One thing I love is that it is compact and can fit into tight spaces.

My car is amazing. I do not think it has many problems, but if I did have some problems in the recent years because of the increase of mileage. Some of the problems I have were speaker issues, stained seats because they are tan, and sometimes my headlight has a battery problem which makes it not turn on.

- Amy D

It's great, I'd recommend it to anyone.

It's a white cute Jetta. It's perfect for me. The only complaint is that it's heavy, it's kind of hard to turn the wheel. It's a great car though, it seems safe and it's reliable. I haven't had to have much work done on it. I've had it for a few years and I'll keep it for a few more, it's run well.

- Kimberly L

My Jetta is very reliable while looking good.

I love my 2011 Jetta se. It handles great no matter what the weather conditions are. It's great on gas about 320 miles per tank full. And really reliable. . Sharp looking car no matter what the occasion, I can drive it to work. Get home get dressed up and go out on the town with it. Awesome car.

- Richard N

VW Jetta: good value for your money.

For the first 6 years of owning this car we had no problems. After then our repair bills have been averaging $200 per month. The features are quite basic, but we really appreciate the heated from seats. The car is a little low on power for highway driving. The Jetta is a good looking car.

- Dennis C

Great car. I love everything about my car.

I bought my car 4yrs ago and love it. I like the comfort in the seating, the size of trunk space it is deep great for my daughters hockey equipment. It has great speakers for bass. I travel a lot and has never had any major problems with the car besides the regular wear and tear on a vehicle.

- Tania E

This vehicle is great for one person or the whole family.

I love that my car is four door. I love that is has cruise control. Although it does not have four wheel drive, it drives and handles really well. The heated seats are probably my favorite comfort asset. The gas mileage is great. I bought the car about 6 months ago and haven't had any issues.

- Malcolm R

The car is lightweight which sounds great but it is very noise on the highway.

The car is extremely reliable. It gets me from point a to b. I would say that it is very difficult and expensive to get the transmisi�n fuel changed. The transmisi�n fuel needs to be changed every 50,000 miles and it Can o my be done at a VW dealership. It costs around $300 every time .

- Bee S

In summary, an overpriced not so reliable car.

I am a Volkswagen enthusiast but this Jetta was just awful. Everything decides to break at once and is super expensive to replace. And full synthetic oil changes are too expensive. Constantly misfiring even when all the spark plugs and 02 sensors and catalytic converter had been replaced.

- Michelle F

Reliable, sleek looking vehicle loaded with extra features.

I love having a sunroof, leather heated seats, and a large trunk. I like that I am able to connect my phone to my stereo system to play music, and that my car still has a 5 disc CD changer. My car does make a whistling noise that concerns me, but otherwise it's been a very reliable car.

- Stephanie V

Good reliable starter car.

Comfortable, reliable and stylish. Classy looking car. The drive is always smooth. I have had it two years now without any issues. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a cute starter car or a good vehicle for road trips/ traveling. My gas mileage is always great.

- Alexandra N

Volkswagen Jetta is a car I would purchase again.

It drives well. It is very comfortable I feel safe in the car. It has always been reliable and easily maintained. . The body style is pleasing to the eye. With a 2.5 liter engine it is able to zip through traffic. It also performs well on the interstate. The car is fun to drive.

- Linda G

Uncomfortable Car - A Car That Looks Decent in Size but isn't when you're in it

Acceleration isn't great. Have always had difficulty in extreme weather. Doesn't drive well in the rain or when it is very hot out. The interior of the car is also pretty uncomfortable. It feels pretty cramped in the front of the car. Passengers sometimes complain about comfort.

- Kay C

Love the heated seats and sunroof.

Drives smoothly, comfortable, spacious. Still feels like new even though it is 8 years old. Takes time to get to the acceleration. Overall very satisfied with the car. Love the heated seats and sunroof. Love the touch screen radio. There is not anything I do not like about it.

- Stephanie S

The best car of the century

good on gas, I love the acceleration on the car. It a good car to get to work and home and I feel safe in it every time I get in there. I love this car. I recommend this car to everyone. it�s especially a family car, a car that you will feel great about having your family in

- Alexis J

Comfortable ride. Sleek look

Reliable car. Decent gas efficiency. Comfortable leather interior. Durable material. Sunroof is a plus. Smooth ride. Power windows are nice. Windshield wipers clean windows efficiently. Air conditioning is powerful and cools down quickly. Heated seats are great in the winter.

- Brent S

Volkswagen love and hate it.

Has touch screen radio which is helpful, but the Bluetooth radio does not work from steering wheel. No back up camera which is essential for me to drive. The car drives smoothly and is decent on gas. The ac/ heat works fantastic and the seats have heat. The trunk is spacious.

- Toni-ann F

Volkswagen Jetta’s are the best.

My Jetta gets pretty decent gas mileage, and is super roomy. And after years of having the car I am still obsessed with the tan leather interior. Every 10, 000 miles I take it to the dealership to get serviced and the employees there are extremely helpful and accommodating.

- Taylor B

What it is like to drive my car.

Vehicle is very reliable, but as most imports, parts cost more than I would like. My model has rear drum brakes, which I do not like to work on. The engine is a 5 cyl, and is actually quite speedy for the relatively small displacement. All of that aside, the car runs great!

- Dan K

Volkswagen cars of any kind are more expensive to get worked on because many people are not specialized in their type, and the parts themselves are higher priced.

I really enjoy the high gas mileage I receive with this car. The tan leather interior is very nice as well. Despite the high mileage, my car runs perfectly. The only downside is that any maintenance needed on the car is more expensive due to the foreign nature of the parts.

- Destiny D

Family vehicle, smooth ride.

Its reliable very comfortable. I have no issues with the vehicle at all. Mine is diesel and gets great gas mileage. I haven't had any troubles with it stalling or breaking down it always starts right up. The sound system has great quality. Very fitting car for a family.

- Thomas G

Fun dependable car that I enjoy a lot.

Seats are comfortable, great stereo, handles well. a lot fun to drive, shifts smoothly. Wish had power seats, navigation. Paint could be better. Also trunk doesn't always close. Parking light goes out often. Overall best car I have had and will be purchasing another.

- Rebecca A

The good, the bad and the truth.

Couple of mechanical issues in recent years but has been one of the best carani have had. I had a short in my wiring that became an issue but was easily fixed. Very comfortable and reliable. Performance has been pretty good as I have had it for about 5 years already.

- Tara G

Fun, reliable cars with great gas mileage!

Gas mileage is great. I love the sunroof and Bluetooth feature which makes it very easy and safe to call people. I haven't had any real big problems yet other than having to replace the rear drums which cost me about $650. Very reliable and I have 95, 000 mile on it.

- Connie A

Very reliable car and gets good gas mileage

The Vw is very reliable and I have had few problems with it so far. The ignition switch needed replaced which is a common problem with this car. I don't like that you can only go to a VW dealer to get it fixed. They over charge on everything but you have to go there.

- Judy B

This is not a question wtf.

My vehicle is the perfect fit for me. I think it drives super well and is perfect on the gas mileage. Sometimes it does not turn perfectly. Why does it matter how many characters I have this is kind of insane. I am super tired of this I need to finish this omg.

- Mia B

Not for me but recommendable.

My car is small black and decent looking with a sunroof but its a stick shift and I don't like that. I need a bigger car for my 3 children and groceries at same time. I love the brand and history for what it stands for. I would definitely recommend to someone.

- Laura A

It gets good gas mileage.

I have the basic model, so it lacks cruise control. I do like how it shifts smoothly between gears. The Bluetooth is a nice addition in the car for hands free talking and listening to music. Although it is a smaller car, it has a good amount of space inside.

- Jacqueline B

The trusty 2011 VW Jetta sedan.

The 2011 Jetta is very reliable. I love many of its features like heated seats, sunroof, comfy seats, stereo, , roomy trunk and the spacious back seat. The engine is powerful and quiet. I love the styling of the Jetta and feel safe with its safety features.

- Becky B

It has heated mirrors which is helpful during the winter as well as when it rains.

I've had my 2011 Jetta for 5 years and haven't had any mechanical issues with my car. The seats are comfortable, the pick up is great and the sport mode really helps with highway driving. The gas mileage is great; from my experience this is a reliable car.

- Caitlin J

Premium car at mid-range price

Very Comfortable, ergonomic in design where the cockpit layout is nice and things are within reach, good gas mileage, good speed and torque, nice interior and options, looks premium. No major problems, oil changes are not as frequent as other vehicles.

- James J

2011 Volkswagen Jetta issues.

My volkswagen Jetta 2011 se has been a good car until I had 100, 000 miles then I started having sensor issues first the airbag sensor went out then the wheel speed sensor and then a crankshaft sensor but after those were replaced I had no more issues.

- Chris W

Elderly lady loves her VW manual transmission car!

It is manual transmission, and I love it. I have had few problems with it, but did have to have the clutch replaced, I believe because of the way it was driven before I purchased it. I would purchase another one. Always have loved VWs.

- Suzanne F

My car is reliable and has a good engine. The turbo charger makes driving on the highway much easier.

I dislike the fact that I need to take it to an auto shop for any type of maintenance. Even an oil change is difficult to do on my own. In addition, all the parts are fairly expensive. I do like that the car is reliable.

- Victoria P

The brand is classic and trusting. A Volkswagen. Its well loved and i would consider a Volkswagen van or SUV in future.

It's a small 4 door black car. Its stick shift so that's what i dislike about it. Also dislike it so small. My family is growing now need a bigger vehicle. I loved it when first purchased used. Love the style and brand.

- Laura A

The heated seats are my favorite.

The Jetta is a very reliable car. I have had no real issues with the vehicle within the 4 years i've had it. It only had 1 previous owner and was well maintained. I trust this car during all my long distance trips

- Amands H

Don't buy a VW! Lots of shops won't even work on them. The parts are hard to get to and everything that needs to be fixed costs 10x as much on a VW.

This is my second VW and I have the same mechanical issues. It has less than 100k miles and I have it in the shop every week. There are always bad sensors, dashboard lights on. VWs are basically a money pit.

- Erika G

That it is a very reliable car that has mostly highway miles on it.

I own a brown VW Jetta 2.5SE with 136,000 miles on it. I love the gas mileage on my car and the ability to use it as an automatic or manual. I don't care for the princess of getting repair work done to it.

- Eric B

Affordable Vehicle for First Car, it is able to get you to your destination giving a smooth ride.

the vw jetta is a budget friendly car. It has great mpg. It has a sporty design, and it is fun to drive. It performs well. It doesn't have as much technology in it that other cars have. It could be better.

- vau g

That it's a car that can be both sporty and practical .

I like that's it's fairly sport and gets good gas mileage. I think it's also a very reliable car and hasn't had any issues. However I wish my car was a newer model and I would like an SUV with more room.

- Ann M

The trunk is very spacious for grocery shopping. It's a very comfortable car for road trips.

My car is great we take it in for regularly maintenance, haven't had many issues with it! The head light bulbs have had to be replaced. I don't recommend leather seats unless you get seat controls.

- Monique K

4 door blue sedan. good gas mileage, fast when I want it to be, but comfortable otherwise

it is an expensive car to repair, but thankfully doesn't need a lot of repairs. The leather seats have started to crack, and the drivers seat it starting to get a loose bolt, but i love the car

- Colin S

A sporty vehicle that is good for the budget conscious who want something that is easy on the wallet.

this car is a sporty vehicle. It has good gas mileage, and it drives better than other vehicles in the same price range. it does have problems with engine at times that can get costly.

- vau g

It is great on gas and it runs smoothly.

It is very good on gas. I love the stereo system. It is clear and loud. My interior is a beautiful tan leather. I rarely have any issues that I would have to go see a mechanic about.

- Zen Q

A very good car that is stylish and reliable.

I haven't had any problems with this car, only required service. It gets good gas mileage and a fun car to drive. It has been very reliable vehicle and a comfortable riding car.

- John F

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage.

I love the way it looks interior and exterior. Huge fan of vw period... Its red with tan interior and I hate both and has leather seats, not my fav. But it's what the lot had..

- Lauren D

I do not care what people think about my car.

My car is dependable. It is by no means the favorite car I have owned in my lifetime. It is boring and I should have bought another car -a 2-door coupe like an Audi TT or a4.

- Sue L

It is very good on gas mileage.

My vehicle is so cute. I think it is really reliable, and it has a lot of cool features. My model has heated seats, Bluetooth, and a lot of space. It is great, and very cozy.

- Katy A

There really isn't anything important to say. As with any vehicle,you should always keep general maintenance of the vehicle.

I've had a great experience with my VolksWagen! No trouble at all. I would have loved to have navigation and back up camera,but it's served me well for the past seven years!

- Tracey G

Leather seats are hot as heck but seat heaters are amazing!!

Leather seats are so hot! Also, the gas mileage is not awesome but it does get about 350 miles to a full tank. The car does have a good get go and gets going pretty fast.

- Rebecca S

I love most everything about the Jetta. It is smooth to drive and quiet. I like the navigation and the way it looks on the inside and out. Our family is starting to grow out of it now though. We need something with more space.

It is comfortable for short distances but sometimes can get uncomfortable over long trips. There have been no issues with the car in the 4-ish years that we have had it.

- Taylor D

Volkswagen Jetta Has It All

I love my car. It rides smooth, and it's low maintenance. There's plenty of room for everyone to sit comfortably, and the bluetooth features make hands free super easy!

- Danielle C

It has great gas mileage and if you take care of it, it will always stay good

It has been a great car. I have routinely keep up with my oil changes and I have never had any major problems with it. I would purchase this brand again in thigh future

- Jen G

It is highly versatile in terms of cargo space and it has a lot of get up and go.

The car is comfortable and highly versatile in terms of cargo area. However the electrical in this car is not so hot--the fuses are constantly having to be replaced.

- Mariel F

The truck and interior of the vehicle is very spacious for a mid-size sedan.

Well made vehicle that handles well and is very safe. Have had it for seven years and only had one major issue with the air conditioning besides routine maintenance.

- Brian E

My car has dual seat warmers.

My car has not had major issues. It is fun to drive. It has comfortable seats, amazing dual seat warmers, a great sound system. I wish it got more miles per gallon.

- Samantha H

Great and Reliable Vehicle. Smartest purchase I have made.

Looks very good, everyone who sees it likes it. Runs great even though it has a lot of miles on it. Comfortable and easy to drive. Expensive to keep up and repair.

- Katie K

It is a solid , reliable car if you take care of it.

I like interior space and performance of the car, extended warranty gives me peace of mind. The maintenance cost is little bit high, gas mileage is not the best.

- Patricia H

Dependable, and reliable!

My car is the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. And I have owned 4 vehicles personally. It has 108k miles and I have only had to do routine maintenance.

- Samantha B

it's terribly hot inside no matter if I keep it in the shade or out in the sun

My car gets way too hot from the sun. it feels like a fire when I get inside. the windows squeak and I've had a lot or different problems with my car in general

- Bri v

Too bad Volkswagen doesn't make my car anymore.

Most practical car for my lifestyle. Nice creature comforts; good for 2011. Somewhat high maintenance though. More than average repair/replacement costs.

- Joe R

My Jetta gets great gas mileage and has all the amenities that I desire.

I've had very few issues with my Jetta and have over 227000 miles on it currently. The vehicle drives well and the interior has lasted without much upkeep.

- Robert G

Volkswagen Jetta, best car!

Very smooth ride, comfortable seats and steering is great. Great horsepower and very reliable. Haven't had any issues in the couple of years I've had it.

- Julie C

that it is a great car that is made really good

I love that my car is a diesel. I love that it is a diesel. I don't like that I have to take it the dealership to get it serviced because it's expensive

- melissa D

I felt very safe getting into VW, didn't want another car after an accident.

I like the basic set up, four doors, power everything, simple to operate. I do not like that it is not diesel and I have no sunroof, no back up camera.

- Michelle M

2011 Volkswagen Jetta review.

My vehicle drives very smoothly, accelerates quickly, has a great 6 disc CD player, Bluetooth capabilities. It's fun to drive and is very reliable.

- Carla S

The starter was recalled.

I like its performance and the extended warranty I have. It is fun to drive. I dislike resale value of it, it does not have the best gas mileage.

- Taha S

That the VW Jetta Sportwagen has a sporty feel when driving, with the added bonus of the extra storage in the rear.

sporty tight driving experience. solid body. fuel economy not as great as would expect but ok. space in rear is nice. width of interior tight.

- A M

VW jetta has been a headache

The car runs well but it has had electrical issues. Lights, heater, radio, airbag light have all been a problem. 2 radios have been installed

- mike t

It is fun to drive and reliable as long as you keep maintenance up to date.

It is a solid and reliable car only downside is maintenance cost. I suggest to purchase this vehicle with an extended warranty and coverage.

- Taha W

It a great car. The handling is fantastic. The stereo may need upgrading.

Love the quickness, the look of the car. Never fails me. Is very comfortable. I really don't have any dislikes of my car. No complaints.

- Rebecca O

It is dependable and I wouldn't get rid of it for the world.

I love VW's reliability. I dislike the color. I do not care for (1) feature - when I remove the key from the ignition, my door unlocks.

- Co W

I love the seat warmers, Bluetooth features, sunroof, and foldable seats.

Headlights jiggle out easily from bumps/potholes. Fuses short easily. Good on gas mileage, comfortable, Bluetooth capable, sunroof!

- Jacquie R

It is reliable, although we have had to do some work on it, that is true for all cars.

It runs well and has great handling. I would like less road noise when on the freeway. It is roomy enough for our 3 person family.

- Jen B

It gets me from point a to point b efficiently and cost effectively.

It's a great little car for getting to and from work. It has withstood over 110,000 miles and maintenance is not overly expensive.

- TJ S

The Volkswagen Jetta hatchback will be a great asset when you move! Plenty of space in back to pack!

It's held up very well even though it's been in a few accidents. Very sturdy, lots of space to transport things in the hatchback.

- Tallulah B

Well taken care of. I am planning to get a new engine for it and fix the rust.

I like it because it is 40 and fun to drive a lot. Plus this is dumb I have to write so much words and stuff and stuff and stuff.

- Colleen M

The sunroof is broken and the

I have no complaints. I love this car and how it drives. The only negative thing is I've had to replace 4 bulbs since I bought it

- Taylor m

It's extremely fuel efficient, and gets nearly 40 miles per gallon.

It's extremely fuel efficient. The sound system is excellent. However it doesn't handle quite as nice as other cars I've owned.

- Tim S

Reliable but could use more power.

Very reliable vehicle. Gets decent gas mileage. Do not like the fact that almost all maintenance needs to be done at a dealer.

- James B

That is a very comfortable car for long rides.

It has a nice 5 cylinder engine with a lot of power. It is reliable. It gets good gas mileage in the city and on the highway.

- Megan O

It is been very reliable and it sits high enough to feel like I am comfortable.

I find my Jetta to be very peppy and fun to drive. It's a little more for gas since it is a 5 cylinder but I really like it!

- Brenda A

Reliable Fun Drive - Jetta

I really love my Jetta. It has been dependable and it still runs great. I bought it brand-new & it was a great investment.

- Amy N

That it is durable; they last a long time.

I like that it is fuel efficient, fast, and looks nice. I also like that it holds up well in the weather. I like the color.

- Kristina S

Great handling and fuel efficient.

My vehicle is reliable. My vehicle also has great acceleration and handling. Blind spots and site lines can be challenging.

- Drew A

Reliable. Dependable. Unique.

My only complaint is that you have to hit the accelerator pedal to move even slowly, rather than just ease up on the break.

- Mary-catherine T

Lots of inside room even though it's a small car.

Fuel type. Reliability. Roominess. I think I am disappointed that we needed to do the upgrade with the emissions problem.

- Jan M

Cost of repairs too expensive.

Runs great purchased. Used low miles but the cost to repair is very high. Like the quality and the reputation of the car.

- Juliet B

It's very good on gas mileage.

Hate overseas car and parts are hard to find and expensive. I love because it is different a d have a lot of trunk space.

- Tim L

The stop and go system does save on gas.

Look, way it drives, technology.... Do not like the leather seats - too hot in summer, seats feel like they're burning..

- Erin M

You receive Great value for market price

The volkswagen Jetta is a very reliable car with great performance. It's very comfortable, its great size for all uses.

- Leobardo Y

It gets great mileage. It has great pick up when you need to go fast.

I love my Jetta. It gets great mileage which is good because gas prices are ridiculous right now. Very low maintenance.

- Jennifer W

It's a Volkswagen!! It never fails to surprise me!!

My Jetta is reliable, gets great gas mileage and is comfortable as well as a good size---not too big, not too small!!!

- Marianne K

It has good gas mileage and acceleration for a small car.

I like the acceleration power. I like the amenities. I like the overall design of the body. I like the gas mileage.

- Marie M

Well worth the money but make sure to buy extended warranty to cover repairs. Lasts a long time but repairs are expensive.

Well-built and surprisingly durable. Have had few issues ,if any, since buying but expensive to repair when it does.

- Timothy P

Volkswagen has been a reliable brand for me and the Jetta gets good gas mileage.

Good gas mileage. I prefer a larger vehicle. I dislike not being able to see around traffic or haul larger objects.

- Tamra M

2011 VW Jetta according to the viewpoint of Roberto F

Great motor; problems arise with locks, electrical, fuel; low carriage. But it's comfortable, rugged in many ways.

- Roberto F

Great gas mileage and plenty of legroom without looking like a boat on wheels.

I love this car! Its speedy and smooth. The interior is very complimenting. Expensive look with a great price tag.

- Rachel M

2011 Jetta that is never needed anything fixed, only oil changes done

I like the good gas mileage. I like the overall look and styling. I wish the seats were a little more comfortable.

- Ben L

2011 VW Jetta is a great starter car

I've had the car for 5 years now and really haven't had any major problems with it so it has been pretty reliable.

- Max M

It does not pick up speed that well.

The brakes are steady and the bass of the car is great! I also feel protected and safe in the car at all times.

- Morgan D

Great diving and the reliable standard that it sets.

Great driving car. Good gas mileage.Very reliable. The one downside is, I did not get one with cruise control.

- Michael O

It is fun to drive and it has a lot of torque. Does not feel like a 4 cylinder.

I love my jetta sport wagon. It is a diesel (love). And it gets great gas mileage. Dislike.. Nothing so far..

- Lisa H

It is a pretty nice car that seems to work at what it does.

The gas mileage is pretty good but the USB charger is bad since it does not work when the car is turned off.

- Jacob H

It has been in a few accidents.

I like the gas mileage. I like the speed and features of the car. I do not like how it handles on the snow.

- Jonathan H

It drives very well. It also is very comfortable. A very nice car.

It is a nice car. I do wish it was bigger but besides that it is a good car. I am happy to have bought it,

- Stephanie F

I love my VW Jetta. It's gone through 3 kids with me!

It's a really good reliable car, I've had it for 5 years and I've only had to deal with minimal problems.

- Lauren H

The spark plugs gave out and the repair cost $5000.

I love how compact my car is. I always feel safe in it regardless of the size. It gets great gas mileage.

- Mikayla G

Great comfort and reliable

Love this car! Great car mileage easy to maneuver down small streets. Very comfortable for long drives

- Miche R

A solid, fast, and reliable car for the average person

I like its look and aesthetics. I wish it rode a bit smoother. But I do like how it gets up to speed.

- Lauren M

That I have never had any problems with the engine. Just general maintenance.

I love this vehicle. I have never owned a VW jetta before and I will gladly purchase VW again.

- jena r

It gets pretty good gas mileage for a vehicle its size.

I like that it gets decent gas mileage, but that it can still haul around my family of four.

- Kelly Y

It's a smooth drive and it's safe. It has passenger side air bags

It has four doors, seat warmers, radio control on the steering wheel, bluetooth capability.

- Samantha H

The car's price make it a great value. And the mileage is fantastic.

Gas mileage, hands free bluetooth, heated seats and the sunroof make it very comfortable.

- Connie A

I do not think there is anything else important to mention about my car.

It gets me from point A to point B. But lately has had a few issues that are costly.

- Sarah T

it's Good on gas and roomy enough to move around and five speed

its small enough for me and food on gas and a five speed nobody else can drive it.

- Mary C

Overall it is a good car. I have not had any major problems with it.

I like that it is good on gas. I do not like the size. I like the leather seats.

- Cameron W

It is a great car that handles well but make sure you look at the type of tires it takes before purchase.

Love the heaviness and handling of the car. Dislike a blindspot and the tires.

- Kim J

I have only had it for a few years and it seems to be having a lot of issues for its age.

Dislike that it is so low to the ground. It also takes a while to accelerate.

- Grace L

Have everything checked out if you buy one including all fuses

It has good fuel economy I have had some electrical problems with the radio

- Joe S

German car that's not actually German made. Made in the US and the quality isn't that good.

Shifting between gears is not as good as a Japanese car. I feel safe in it

- Patrick K

Diesel so I get great fuel consumption. it is room and classy.

It is a wagon, fully loaded with leather and it is diesel so i get 40 MPG.

- Ralph H

Volkswagen Jetta cars are great vehicles with safety standards, great gas mileage and room for four easily.

Great gas mileage. Offers satellite radio. Roomy for big guys like me.

- Donald P

It looks as good as it did the day I picked it up from the dealer

The Styling. Gas efficiency. The Interior space. No Complaints

- Barbara M

It is reliable. I drive close to 90 plus miles a day for my job. There were some things I need to fix, like new tires and breaks but overall, it's been good to me.

no complaints. It's been reliable and I'm almost at 200k miles!

- serena b

It is diesel and is very clean for the environment

I love my Jetta, the gas mileage is great, I love to drive it.

- Claudia B

it has amazing safety features and rides well. It is affordable

silver 4 door and rides well. It has great increase in speed.

- veronica b

Repair is expensive

I like that it saves money on gas but it's expensive to repair

- Mary P

Diesel is a great option, but the end Deion's update was kind of a pain

Tdi emissions problem is annoying Love the Diesel engine

- Jan M

It's not a pretty or fast car. It's an affordable commuting car that's over averagely comfortable. I get an amazing amount of miles-per-gallon

The wipers are completely different from all other cars

- Jay B

It is German engineering at its finest

I love it. Just regular maintenance. No issues.

- Jeremy B