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The car everyone should consider buying.

I love the Jetta se. This car drives very smooth, and has great speed as well. It is very good on gas mileage, and I have had very few issues with the car. The inside is very comfortable and sleek looking as well. The seat are leather and have seat warmers which I love. It has a sunroof, and a built in new radio. The sound system in the care is great and is another main reason I really enjoy it. For a car it is very spacious as well, even in the back seats. The car has a built in alarm system so even if I forget to lock it, after a certain amount of time or certain distance I get from the car with the keys, it will automatically lock on it is own. This feature has been very helpful, especially with all the break-ins happening around my neighborhood.

- Ashley W

Volkswagen Jetta is reliable compact vehicle.

The Jetta has a large interior with comfortable seating for the diver and four other passengers. The truck also has plenty of room for luggage or groceries. The seats are comfortable and the stereo is great quality. The acceleration is far better than comparable cars I have driven previously. Gas mileage is fantastic for both city and highway. One downside is the smaller size of gas tank because it requires somewhat frequent fill-ups. The dashboard is convenient to see distance traveled, mileage, speed and other driving factors. The size of car is compact and it is easy to park. I have had no serious car maintenance issues during the three and a half years that I have owned the car. It is reliable and comfortable for the amount I drive the car.

- Taylor G

I have a silver Volkswagen Jetta base unit, has nothing special.

I got my Volkswagen Jetta in 2017 for my first car. I got it used with 54, 000 miles on it and it is in great condition. It is the most base car no special things inside, no sunroof, no bluetooth, no leather seats. Safe for a first car and easy to drive. Never been in a car accident, however gas and break are sensitive so it is easy to speed. Problems I have is that twice when it rained by engine got all messed up and my car would not go over 20 mph. We got it fixed, the person at the gas station did not tighten my gas top all the way. Another problem is that it is not great in the snow and can slip in areas, but other than that I love it.

- Amanda B

The sound system and leather interior is amazing.

The car is very comfortable and drives very smoothly. The main problem I have is that it has terrible air conditioning. I have taken it to many mechanics and they all say that nothing is wrong and has all its fluids. They said the ac just is not the best. I love the sound system the car has and also has a beautiful interior. The engine is quiet for the most part and has a quick up and go feel. The car also comes with a sport mode for the faster drivers out there. I have had very few problems with the car. The only thing I have noticed is the headlights go out often. Not a big deal at all though. Very reliable car for the most part.

- Jason S

Quick and reliable with aesthetically pleasing interior.

I enjoy the drive more than anything, it is very smooth and quick at the punch. But I do not like the sports mode, it is quicker but it jerks a bit so that is unsatisfying. I also love the interior, I have a two tone black and cream colored interior and it is in perfect shape after 5 years of life. The biggest disadvantage is the seat and steering wheel set-up. I am of below average height, 5’1, and cannot get the steering wheel low enough/the chair high enough to see over the steering wheel all of the way. It is a big issue. Other than that it is a great car.

- Porsche I

Put the key in the door & turn right for a few seconds they will all roll up.

Have had electrical problems with my car for 2 years now. The left side headlights/side mirror blinker light/daily running lights turn on and off whenever they want. Only complaint I have. Just hard to fix that type of problem on a Volkswagen. Very good looking car & very simple. Small and compact. Great gas mileage. I have never felt unsafe driving ever in this car. Not afraid of it breaking down or any other running issues. This is my second Volkswagen Jetta and my next car will be another.

- Julia K

It is affordable and easy enough to drive. It does not consume much fuel and at the end of the day, it is a reliable car.

What i like most about the Jetta is that it is a powerful drive, I don't have to fill it up every week (about every two weeks) and that it is just comfortable enough to drive without being too small or too big. What I dislike is the car is diesel powered and makes a great deal of noise. It also has coolant and heating issues that pop up randomly. It also has an electrical problem where the headlights don't last long nor does certain lights or the Bluetooth work as they should.

- Mina Z

The Jetta, plain fun to drive and own.

VW Jetta is a reliable, small easy to drive or park, fun car to drive. I enjoy the low maintenance that it requires. I also enjoy the manual transmission. It is a dependable car that has never had a major issue. The body is such that it always appears on point with the newer cars on the road. The interior has a leather that is very durable. The gas it requires is very affordable. I would recommend for anyone who desires low maintenance and simplistic driving.

- Sara B

The Volkswagen Jetta is a luxury quality vehicle at a reasonable price.

The Volkswagen Jetta is a fun car to drive. It has good gas mileage, great pick up, and a luxury-line interior. It's only drawback is the price of any repairs you may need. Volkswagen is not compatible with most American-made generic cars that can be used in other makes of cars. Their parts are more expensive and the mechanics working on the car must be experienced in repairing Volkswagens. This makes repairs much more costly than many other vehicles.

- Crysta Z

Ghost: the hybrid VW Jetta.

The vehicle that I have is a hybrid vehicle that function off of energy and gas. One thing that I do not like about my car is it has a silent engine and I sometimes do not know if its on or off. Also it has the ability to drive by itself which can sometimes be a bit scary. But I love that my car drives very smooth. It has the ability the propel fast. Has a great built-in sound system and its very nice overall. I have great leather seats and a sunroof.

- Tay R

No real thrills, but gets the job done.

No mechanical problems at all in the four years that I have owned it. Key get stuck in the ignition a bit, you need to wiggle it to get it out... Recalled apparently, but haven't fixed it yet. Ok gas mileage. Great heated seats! Sound system is mediocre. Wish the center console was more comfortable for long distance drives. The trunk is the worst part, the opening is way too small for large bulky items. You can barely fit a large suitcase through it.

- Deborah R

Unusual parts and tools needed.

Reliable, comfortable vehicle. Only issue we've come across is when we're having to do work on the vehicle, as the parts/tools necessary are different than the standard vehicles in the us. We recently had to replace a brake rotor and needed a special star bit to take off the brake caliper. We were able to find the tool easily, but since it is not very common, there's really no other use for that specific tool except to take off our brake caliper.

- Christina A

Great overall car: get one, really!

Over all I really enjoy my car. Bought it used, leather seats, and a zippy sport drive mode. It is had some electrical issues (headlights weren't working when the lights weren't burnt out) and one of my electric windows stopped going down automatically when you press the button all the way. However, it's a sturdy car, safe, drives very well, and has lots of features that are very useful (mpg, miles until empty, digital speedometer, etc.).

- Brandon O

Volkswagen Jetta - mom car?

I love my car. I have had no issues with anything. The only reason I do not give it a 5 is because as a new mom, it is not a super mom friendly car. The roof in the back slants in the back so it is really low which does not make it easy to take a baby in/out of a car seat. Not a lot of pockets to store mom gear. The seats are slanted which does not make it easy to change a diaper and there is poor air flow in the back seat.

- Tina C

The Volkswagen Jetta base model is not an ideal family vehicle.

This Jetta is a very basic model of all the Jettas. It has very limited features and minimal updates. The space is very limited as well as storage. It has automatic windows and door locks. The only luxury is that it has an auxiliary port and back seat charger capabilities. Otherwise it is horrible on gas and emissions. All parts are hard to replace and most mechanical issues require a vast amount of work and money.

- Samantha J

Reliable and peppy. . . A great well-rounded vehicle!

Extremely reliable and has good traction in the winter despite not being all wheel drive. It is expensive with maintenance, but worth it because of reliability. The only issue I have had is the headlights going out, which is a common issue with Volkswagen Jetta. Other than that, no functional issues. The gas mileage could be better but it is pretty fair. If the gas tank was larger, that would be nice.

- Bailey S

Great car that will be reliable, comfortable and perform amazing.

The only problem I have had with my car is the tires. I love the size of it because it is not too big nor too small. It is very comfortable with very nice comfy seats. It is super reliable. I have had no serious problem. I have had it for over 2 years and I have never had it in the shop. I have gone on many road trips with it and drive a good amount. I highly recommend a Jetta to anyone.

- Alex H

VW Jetta 2013 review for you.

It's a very reliable car, safest one on the market for teens at least that's what I was told when purchased. It's big enough for two car seats in the back and the trunk is huge. The seats are comfortable and the car is overall comfortable to drive. There's a touch screen radio and Bluetooth to connect your phone where you can make and receive calls right through the car.

- KT M

The multifunction switch goes out on the steering column.

I dislike the fact that any issues like fuses or mechanical you have to take it to a VW dealership to get any work done. The dealerships will not disclose any info that would allow you to fix a simple 1 second issue. They always want to charge close to 200. 00 dollars to just diagnose the problem. The only thing I like about VW is the design that is it.

- Samuel M

Small, maneuverable, tight turning radius, good cargo space, very comfortable.

Front wheel drive gets me through almost all of my driving - I have needed to be pulled out of deep snow only twice in four winters. . I like the amenities - heated seat, surround sound, and the great gas mileage and reliability. I have kept up with regular oil changes/inspections and have needed no major repairs. The vehicle has almost 70,000 miles.

- Julie M

A quiet, gas-saving and vigorous car.

This vehicle is very comfortable and quiet running. You do not need to put the key in an ignition. Just have it with you. Hold down the brake pedal and push a button to start. It is so quiet it is not always obvious that it has started. It has great gas mileage because it is a hybrid. The response is vigorous, particularly noticeable on hills.

- Don K

This car has some get up and go! The Jetta is more like a 4 door sports car.

I went from an SUV to the Jetta and I couldn't be happier. The money I save in gas is crazy. I also love the fact that when I need to hurry this car definitely has the get up and go!! It is lower to the ground which is nice, you can take turns much faster, I love how it grips the road and the ride is quiet and comfy. Very happy with the Jetta.

- Christine R

It has a trunk in the back could carry much heavier stuff.

It is dog friendly. The back is large and the seats go up and down easily to accommodate out trips. I love the reliability. I hate, absolutely hate, that VW has changed the way lights are replaced since my 1999 golf. I used to be able to easily change the lights. Now it is hard to move my hand into the chamber where headlights are at..

- Jeannette B

This vehicle is hard to upkeep.

Ever since we bought our vehicle there were issues. Transmission, evap leaks, and oil leaks. Not to mention how hard they are to fix if you don't live next to a VW dealership. On a trip to Alabama, we had to travel 46 miles to get an oil change because the local Walmart and firestone didn't have the tool they needed to change our OIL!

- Mary C

They are safe, great on gas, comfortable and hands down the best.

The comfort of my Jetta is amazing it is also very simple and clean on the inside. The body of Volkswagens are way thicker plastic which is safer for collisions. My friend got into a head on accident doing 45 and she had a small dent and a few scratches. Theses cars will last well over 250k miles as long as they are well maintained.

- Dana M

It has heated seats which come in handy during the winter months.

Jetta sell has the full set up. Leather seats, moonroof, alloy wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, as well as a great sound system! Fender sound system! I dislike how cheap the features. The knobs and handles are made of cheap plastic instead of sturdy medals. It keeps me going through and it is better than my '98 Camry.

- Nat S

VW Jettas are dependable cars offered at an unbeatable value

I like my Jetta. I got a great deal on it, and for the quality of the vehicle compared to its price point and other vehicles in the range, it is an exceptional value. My one complaint is that the seats are a little low and I am a petite female, so I feel like I'd have better visibility if the seats could raise higher

- Missy S

2013 VW Jetta - wonderful family car!

Our 2013 VW Jetta is wonderful! We purchased it as our family was growing and it has been a reliable and tough car over the years. It is spacious on the inside, the trunk is large and the features are great. It is the only car we have and I would absolutely recommend it to others looking for a reliable family car.

- Kristina L

This car is a decent car, and works wonders for those moving.

I have the 2. 5 s model. My Jetta drives well on highways and within the city. Turn radius is fantastic, and the engine gets up and goes within 5 seconds. Cons to this car include braking time (it does take slightly longer to slow down and stop than my previous car), and the car has issues going uphill sometimes.

- Emily S

Great sport like vehicle with great power.

Performance it is great love the turbo. The stick shift like gears are great for it being an automatic that was an added bonus. Love all the indoor electric features as well the heated seats touch screen fractured. And the exterior sport style is great I feel as if may look like a higher brand sports vehicle.

- Ariana P

Amazingly reliable vehicle.

The Jetta is a very reliable vehicle that will last for years. I haven't had any problems with my vehicle since owning it for 5 years. It perfectly fits two in the back comfortably. It performs well in the snowy climates as well. I highly recommend this car to anyone looking for a great and affordable car.

- Megan T

It works well and gets me where I need to go.

It works well enough for me. Gets me to and from on where I need to go. I've only had one problem but even then its very minor and easy to fix. Sometimes when I try to start my car the key won't turn and my steering wheel is frozen. I just pull the wheel to the right and try to turn. That seems to fix it.

- Joshua B

It runs well and is a great commuter car.

My Volkswagen Jetta is a nice commuter car. It gets me from point A to point B and is reliable. It is not a super flashy car, but it gets me to work and back. I love the seat warmers and the air conditioning works really well. It has plenty of room and the truck is very spacious. Overall it is a good car.

- David A

My 2013 Volkswagen Jetta is perfect!

My 2013 Volkswagen Jetta is perfect, I get 33 miles to the gallon, it is comfortable to drive, and is zippy, really moves in and out of traffic. I have owned it brand new and have not had any problems with anything. It is extremely reliable. I would definitely recommend the Volkswagen Jetta to everyone.

- Dawn N

Great base model, great reliability.

No issues or problems in 5 years. Nice, comfortable seating, while mechanical, has good adjustments available. Great ac. For a base model, it has a great ride and low road noise. Great radio and speakers, available AUX input. Good gas mileage. Having 4 full seats is nice for taking friends places.

- Max A

I like the feature that lets you know when the tire pressure is low. Makes me feel safe

Over time I feel like the overall feel of the car has gone down. Seems to take a lot more to go uphill. Other then that its spacious, comfortable and has never broken down. I also like how the dash has a little information screen that tells you when it needs to get maintenance or the tire is low.

- Paige B

13 VW Jetta se is a great car if you are looking for something cute and safe.

The a/c seems to have issues with cooling after only a couple years of having it. I love the comfort of my car. The seats are comfy and the way the controls are set up makes it easy to drive for a long period of time. The car takes turns really well and makes me feel safe with all of the airbags.

- Tiffany W

Basic review of hybrid Jetta.

Performance is never an issue. Have had some mechanical issues with it, but all were covered by warranty. Easy car to maintain. Costs for maintenance are not more expensive than what I have seen in the past. The most major downside is the need for premium gasoline, instead of regular gasoline.

- James L

Timeless Volkswagen Jetta.

My car performs very well. What I love the most of about Volkswagen Jetta's is the consistency of style - though I have a 2013 vehicle, it does not look much different from another year, which I love. It is very reliable has traveled all over with me and is very comfortable for longer rides.

- Anne C

I love the security that brings me my Jetta my Volkswagen Jetta.

Very comfortable smooth and very cheap on gas I love the quality inside and outside the motor is very smooth I just love my Jetta I go everywhere I go to the beach my car does not let me down I highly recommend to all buyers considered to buy a Jetta it is a great car you will not regret it.

- Francisca R

High mileage but still a great efficient car.

Very reliable. Only 1 issue (electrical) in 5 years. Lower level model but has necessary comfort features such as bluetooth, heated seats, and satellite radio. Great gas mileage. Maintenance costs are reasonable. Plenty of room for 4-5 adults. Large trunk makes packing for long trips easy.

- Jen S

Runs smoothly and has no problems.

It has more than one hundred fifty thousand miles on it but it still runs smoothly. I have no problems whatsoever and my car is still as comfortable as ever. It is very rare that I come into any problems with my car. It is a stick shift which I can handle very well unlike most people.

- Reese C

Easy and comfortable ride.

My Jetta is always at the go for me. It has been very reliable, starts quickly and runs seamlessly. The tires are still good with 45, 000 miles on the car. We have only had to do oil changes, etc. Nice strong car that held up to a car running directly into the driver door. I love it.

- Patricia C

Bluetooth is the best part.

I like the car the seats are nice the Bluetooth is dope. Get these you can drive in 3 different ways it makes it really fun good pick up love the horsepower. You can go really fast also the fuel economy is great I only have to get gas once a month which saves me a lot on gas money.

- Zack N

For the most part I would recommend a Volkswagen Jetta as a very dependable car.

I have had very little performance issues with my car. Volkswagens are very reliable and very safe cars for the price. I would give the Jetta a very high rating. I do think when you have thing go out on it, it seems to be more expensive to fix then most of the vehicles I have had.

- Sandy P

Summary of my 2013 Jetta- love the rear view mirror defrost.

I love the features, leather interior, heated seats, rear view mirror defrost, very roomy, outlets for electronics, huge trunk, great performance and gas mileage. My only negative would be I wish there was dual climate control for the back seat and front seat and more cup holders.

- Kris D

Great car, reliable, and easy to handle.

I have never had a issue with my car, the only thing I have had to replace is breaks and tires and that was recent. So in 6 years that is the only thing I have had to do. It is great on gas, I can fill the tank every 2-3 weeks and can get about 350 miles, before filling up again.

- Autumn W

It is slick painting navy blue brings attention to those who want to see drive it.

The car charger doesn't function, a/c depending on the times you drive wont go cold for a while. Nothing in the manual tells me how to connect to Bluetooth. Other than that, the car is great it drives pretty smooth the speeds pick up like normal and the speakers are pretty nice.

- William B

The oil is synthetic which could get expensive.

My Volkswagen Jetta is a hybrid and I love it. The ride is smooth and quiet and it is very reliable. I get great gas mileage. I may fill up every 2 weeks at the most and I drive at the least 40 miles per day. With regular oil changes and maintenance I have not had any problems.

- Regina R

Room for passengers, a surprisingly big trunk for a small car, and Bose speakers.

I love my mileage. I am a college student, so I need a reliable car so I can go home for a weekend safely. This car is perfect for me. It was easy to learn to drive and it has helped me throughout my college Journey. My only complaint is that it is a little low to the ground.

- Elizabeth H

It is all about the Journey.

The Jetta 2. 5 se is very reliable and durable. Make sure you get the package that has the moonroof. You'll regret it if you do not. It get about 35 miles per gallon and it has a tithonic transmission, so it is both stick and automatic. I have travel distances with no issue.

- Josh P

Jetta tdi. Best diesel on the road.

It has the diesel engine and I think that was the best investment ever! Great mileage and super reliable. It has never had any mechanical problems. But is occasionally known for some electrical problems. Has always done great in any weather too. Buy one and you won't be sad.

- Brittany C

It's dependable and safe.

I love my VW Jetta because it's dependable, safe, and does well on gas consumption. It's a nice looking vehicle and I enjoy driving it. The inside is comfortable and big enough to hold 4 large adults with plenty of room to spare. The trunk is also large enough for my needs.

- Carole D

A valued Jetta review, a good deal on a nice looking compact car.

It has good gas mileage, the car is compact and small, it drives smooth and very fast, also has heated seats that heat up quickly, it is easy to figure out and drive, I have nice leather seats, the Bluetooth does not work as well as new cars now but speakers are nice too.

- Grace R

Best car I ever bought! Even has vents in the back for heating or air.

I have not had any major issues or performance problems! Regular maintenance has keep my car in perfect condition. Comfortable ride when going on long trips. Has a lot of room in the back seat and trunk. When time to buy a new car I will go to my Volkswagen dealer 1st.

- Viola O

An old Jetta: reliable .

It rides very smoothly and has a lot of pick up and go. It is built like a tank and has great gas mileage. My only complaint about the car is the stereo that comes stock. Plus I wish it were a newer year with more modern features like a back up camera and XM radio.

- Laura S

Fun to drive Volkswagen Jetta.

Rare electrical issues, fuel management issues, fun to drive, roomy and spacious seating, great car for long road trips. On occasion I have had issues getting the car to start after fueling up but it is been very rare, other than that it is a great daily driver.

- Steven C

VW Jetta 2013. Medium-end vehicle.

The vehicle rides smoothly. The seats are moderately comfortable. They get uncomfortable after being in the car more than a couple hours. We have an issue with the lock electronics but it is too costly to fix and only affects one of the back doors at this time.

- Lisa A

That it gets me to and from where I need to go. I have never been one to like a flashy vehicle. As long as it safe, runs well and has low gas mileage, I love it.

I like the fact that it has good gas mileage and lots of storage in the trunk, when it is empty. I dislike that fact that my key has been getting stuck in my ignition for over 15 minutes at a time and I cannot get it out. My husband even has problems with it.

- Lindsay R

2013 Volkswagen Jetta, first owners.

Very reliable but day light running light has been out numerous times. We bought new and it is comfortable. Features are outdated now but has worked well and gets us where we need to go. Many road trips as a military family. No other problems I can think of.

- Nicole U

The fuel mileage is the best.

I love how comfortable it is. The fuel mileage is great. It runs smooth and also rides smooth. The price wasn't to high either. The front seats are heated. The truck has a lot of room. There is a lot of room in the backseat and also in the front. Very comfy.

- Taffy N

Quality design and comfort.

Drives very smoothly with lots of comfort. It has good power and feels safe on highways and back roads. Downside is maintenance is more expensive and gas mileage is not that impressive. Lots of room in the car with seat heaters and Bluetooth which is a plus.

- David D

Basic but reliable vehicle.

It's a very reliable vehicle that gets great gas mileage and very few mechanical issues. It has over 100, 000 miles on it and the only repair I have had is a compressor in the a. C. Unit. It is a very basic model with no bells and whistles but very reliable.

- Jennifer K

It is the perfect city car, but with good gas mileage for travel.

It is a cute sleek black car. I like the brand. It gets good gas mileage. There’s a sunroof. Large trunk space. I have had gas cap problems as it gets stuck closed. My automatic window button on drivers side is finicky. Compact size car for parking ease.

- Eli H

Great vehicle and rides smoothly. Love my car and all of its accessories.

The light goes out sometimes (headlight) everything else runs very well and I love the car so much great vehicle for college/high school student. Good gas mileage and it has a sunroof drives nicely and roomy inside. Enjoyable vehicle and highly recommend.

- Emily R

You have to learn how to drive differently. It took me some time to learn how to accelerate to maximize the electric motor.

I own a Jetta Hybrid and it is my first hybrid. So far, it's been good. The gas mileage is great and it's still fast and responsive, unlike other hybrid models. I have had to have it in for service quite a bit re: the electric engine. That's been a pain.

- molly R

Great car if you do not need performance.

It is a great car I have the tdi version just wish it was quicker. Struggles a bit when all seats are full but overall a reliable vehicle. Great mileage and good quality interior and sound. Average road noise. The manual transactions shifts like butter.

- Michael O

It is low to the ground, but fuel efficient.

I like that it is fuel efficient, has lots of room for a small car for both passengers and things, and that it has an AUX port. I do not like that it is so low to the ground, but it has made many road trip treks that were 200+ miles long with no faults.

- Elizabeth H

It's safe! This is my third VW, I keep upgrading because they've kept me and my family safe! My first Volkswagen was a 2008 Jetta, my daughter was 9 months pregnant when someone ran her off the road into a telephone pole, the telephone phone snapped and landed on the roof of the car, her and the baby were safe, unharmed, minor bumps and bruises. My second was also a 2008 Jetta, I was driving on a major highway with my daughter, 3 year old granddaughter and 5 month old granddaughter when we were rear ended, again, car was totaled but only minor bumps and bruises for the rest of us!

All leather interior, sunroof, heated seats, great sound system... I love fresh air (even in the winter) so I love I can balance with the sunroof and heated seats! Great gas mileage! This is my 3rd VW!!! There isn't anything I don't like about my car!

- Naomi V

Its dependable and it has been reliable all these years since I purchased it.

I love that it is easy on gas mileage. Also it has a sunroof too, I love the fact it has wonderful room front and back. Most of all I love it because it has all wheel drive... I have never had a complaint about anything. It even came with a carfax..

- Jennie W

Its white, stays clean on inside and outside pretty well.

My car gets good gas mileage and is a good vehicle, easy to get in, easy to clean, and maintain. My daughter has taken it over because she likes it so much. It's a Volkswagen Jetta and was really great before the emissions modification was done.

- Cindy G

It jumps a lot from time to time because of the torch I have in it

I love my car even though it easily catches problems. Maintenance is more often than it should be but it gets me around. I haven't done any work to my car so my headlights aren't the best. I'm hoping to upgrade it soon once I get more money.

- Jennifer B

The Volkswagen Jetta is a good car to have if you want something reliable for a long time.

I've had this car for two years and it has been reliable every time I have to use it. It's more spacious than I could've hoped for, runs good every time I turn it on and have no lights come on. I have the basic model so no distinct features.

- George V

It is stylish, good on gas.

I like the simplicity of the car, no fancy and difficult technology to deal with. The car is very easy to work on as well. I love the color of the car which is red and that is my favorite color. I have no complaints about the vehicle.

- Stephen T

Upkeep on this vehicle can be expensive if things break because is it a foreign car.

My car was well maintained when i got it but in the last year my window motors have stopped working along with my windshield wiper pump. It is pretty decent on gas but could be better but it is reliable in getting to and from places.

- Felecity J

The VW Jetta has fantastic gas mileage that is great for those that commute to work daily.

My favorite thing about my Jetta, is the fantastic gas mileage. Secondly, I really like the look of the vehicle. At a good price point, it is a nice looking car. My only complaint, is that it could be a bit larger vertically.

- Evan M

Not cheap to fix and ac isn't that great.

I love my Jetta but with most Volkswagens they are kind of expensive when it comes to repairs. The ac isn't the best but It's a good reliable ride. I would say that if you have the money than a Volkswagen is the way to go.

- Michael L

It is a very reliable vehicle and I have seen it in many conditions.

I love my car. It is a great compact vehicle but with plenty of interior space. Gets great gas mileage but has a nice 2. 5 so it has a lot more power than my first car. Great safety features and handles well in the snow.

- Kari B

It's comfortable to drive and has good power while driving.

I like the simplicity of the features of the vehicle. I love the power the Jetta has. I wish the car had a little more space in the back seats. I wish there was more storage space (i.e. compartments in the console area.

- Marissa D

If you're looking for something better on gas and more reliable, get the diesel version.

The car handles well, is good on gas, and has been reliable thus far. It is dressed with a very attractive, black interior and vibrantly white exterior. No real major problems, yet. It is comfortable and performs well.

- Angelo M

Even though it is small, it has a nice get up with its speed and has a very spacious interior with the leather.

The vehicle is very reliable. The ride is smooth and handles very well. I also enjoy the stereo system with the bluetooth function. The heated seats, air conditioning, and the heated mirrors are also nice additions.

- Alex J

Dependability and luxury are the two most important things about my car.

I don't like how easy it slides on ice. It is not good for snowy weather. I love the look, the comfort and gas mileage. I enjoy taking this car on long car rides. There is a ton of space! I really like my Jetta.

- Jesenia M

Jettas have good gas mileage, but it's low to the ground and you definitely have to get snow tires on in the winter if you life in the north.

I love my Jetta. I'm a delivery driver and I live a ways away from where I work since I moved recently. This is my second Jetta. They're very reliable and especially this one. I love driving it. No complaints.

- Will G

Easy and Comfortable to Drive with all of the comforts of a luxury vehicle.

My car has all of the comforts of a luxury vehicle - leather seats, stereo with bluetooth, navigation system, air conditioning and many more. It is easy to drive and maneuver. I enjoy driving my little car.

- Gina M

The most important thing about my car is that it is reliable.

I really love my car and it is a smooth ride. However, I do notice that maintenance is a bit expensive in comparison to other cars. I love the look of the car, it is very durable. Bluetooth could be better.

- Julia H

It is a diesel and has a manual transmission.

When I have the seat adjusted to where I am comfortable and can operate the vehicle safely, I sometimes bump my head as I am getting out of the front seat. Terrific fuel mileage. Responsive, performs well.

- Sandra S

One of the most reliable cars for passenger comfort

This is a good and reliable car. It gets good gas mileage and the heat and air conditioning get warm and cold respectively quickly. There is plenty of cargo space and also plenty of room for passengers.

- Dorann W

A great car with just a few quirks

The car is great. Much quieter than my old car and runs very smoothly. The only issues with the car is that the radio's Bluetooth doesn't say the song name/artist and the car doesn't have much torque.

- Kelley M

Small, easy to maneuver, I love the Bluetooth.

I love my Jetta, not really had any problems with it. I think I have had new tires and a battery put in it. I bought it used and had 30 thousand miles on it. I change oil and get serviced regularly.

- Marguerite B

Volkswagens are solid, well made, luxurious, and comfortable rides.

I drive a Volkswagen because of it's tight drive and solid feeling. It has comfort and luxury, is super comfortable on long trips, gets about 30 miles to the gallon and rides incredibly smooth.

- Katie B

The most important thing is the safety of a Volkswagen vehicle. My family and I are satisfied with our choice.

I feel safe while riding in the vehicle and driving the vehicle. It's simple and does not have over the top technology. It's very simple to maintain and does not need major mechanical services.

- Angela D

The car size is not very big it could use more space.

Black inside and out very nice radio and nice black leather seats not a lot of space but comfortable and drives very smoothly and breaks work very good air conditioner also works very good.

- Brenda A

It gets 40+ miles per gallon and has plenty of legroom in the back seat.

It's a good size for our family. We love the fuel efficiency and the power of the engine. I don't like that it is a little jerky to drive, like the transmission doesn't change fast enough.

- Steph k

It is very dependable and it is a terrific family car.

I like that it is a good size for our family of four; it is a manual and it runs very well. I dislike the a/c - it does not get very cold in summer and sometimes stops working altogether.

- Kristina L

The Passat passes with a b.

The car came with XM radio, and that is nice. The seats are leather and comfortable. Recently, mom has had problems with the brakes being wet, and the engine currently has an oil leak.

- John V

It sits a little lower to the ground than other mid size seams

It has been a very reliable vehicle. I have not had any major issues during my ownership. My only issues have between with tires which is more related to driving in a large metro area.

- tina s

It drives great and has never broken down on me. Therefore it is reliable.

I like the size and style and how it drives. I dislike how simple the inside features are. My car is a very reliable car which I like. My car is also has a very nice edgy look to it.

- Kathryn R

All around good ride, safe reliable and tough.

The car is falling apart due to environmental heat and weather. Good performance when tuned up, but needs maintenance often. Comfort is good but drivers seat is going soft quickly.

- Miriam M

It is a very comfortable ride.

I have a TDI and I get great mileage on diesel fuel. It has a lot of power for a 4 cylinder. I would like the size to be slightly bigger but that is not a big problem.

- Joseph H

The gas mileage is really good.

I like that the gas mileage is really good and it is a safe car, but I don't like that it doesn't have a back camera, bluetooth, and a car charger with a USB import.

- Lauren O

The VW Jetta TDI is a great compact vehicle.

I have a VW Jetta TDI and I really enjoy the power of this vehicle. It is a diesel and I am saving on fuel cost on my weekly work commute. Overall I am satisfied.

- Joseph B

It?IS reliable, trustworthy for road trips, easy to drive.

Reliable, good gas mileage, low maintenance. Easy to zip around town and run errands. Not a high attention vehicle. Not much curb appear, pretty basic in style.

- Katie M

It has really good acceleration in to get easier in and out of traffic.

I like it because it has heated seats. I like it because it has cruise control. I like that it is a comfortable ride. I dislike the cord to the iPod player.

- Kris M

A good first car for a young driver in a state without severe weather.

It is super comfortable and gets great gas mileage. However, it does not handle rain and snow well, and some of the interior features are somewhat lacking.

- Rebecca H

Love my Jetta, no issues so far

I love my Jetta. It is comfortable and reliable. the biggest issue I have had is the tire light being on--it stays on even though my tires are full of air.

- amanda m

It runs well and requires little maintenance.

I dislike that it is difficult to see out of in the rear -- I have t turn around to look before changing lanes. I like that it does not use a lot of gas.

- Janet W

That the hybrid car is worth having and that it gets great gas mileage.

It is a hybrid car, which I like a great deal. It makes me feel as if I am contributing to the environmental cause. I also like the dashboard features.

- Mari K

Best Car I've Owned: Jetta TDI

This car is fantastic! Great gas mileage, nice sound system, and heated leather seats. The only downside is that diesel fuel is a little more expensive.

- Heaven D

Understated luxury: my vehicle offers the best value compared to others.

My vehicle looks sleek and luxurious. It is very reliable and economical. Speaking of comfort, I consider my vehicle one of the best value for its kind,

- Mel A

Others should know that it's the best looking car for the price.

I love how reliable my car is. I haven't had to take it in for any major repairs since I've owned it. It also looks really nice without a big price tag.

- Danielle B

It goes fast and it takes care of itself

It has plenty of power. It does pretty well on gas mileage especially during highway and when I fill up with WAwa gas. I also like the color of the car.

- Kevin C

Love your drive every single day and own a Volkswagen!

I love the smoothness in the drive. The interior or pretty and big though from outside it looks compact. The truck in HUGE. My warranties are wonderful.

- Heather A

It is comfortable and gets you places.

I love the way it drives. I love the sunroof. I love the heated seats. I love the Bluetooth capabilities. I love the leather seats. No complaints here.

- Alyssa A

It has great gas mileage, drives very smooth on the road.

It has really basic interior, seat can also be a little more comfortable. More leg room area passengers in the back. Exterior paint chips very easily.

- Alex F

That is is reliable and is easy to fill up with gas.

I like that my car is small, which makes gas cheaper. I also like that my car is durable and good in terms of miles. I dislike the color of my car .

- Mary W

My 2013 Volkswagen Jetta is very reliable and sporty at the same time

Since the purchase of my 2013 Volkswagen Jetta I have only had to maintain routine oil changes and replace tires once a year for driving performance

- Terrana B

It is a fun car to drive.

I like the way it drives. I like the way it looks. I dislike the cost of maintenance for it. I dislike the oil dipstick because it is hard to read.

- Thomas S

It lasts very long and gets great gas mileage

I like this car since it is very durable. It has nice features such as heated seats as well. I think that it is long lasting and has great mileage

- Steph H

it has great gas mileage and really comfortable seats.

No Tint on windows, gas throttle is a little touchy at first. gear shift from 1st to 2nd can be a hard fast shift. smooth ride other than that.

- Markie M

So far it has been very reliable and we have had no issues.

I like it, because it has leather seats, it is fast, cool and comfortable. But, I do not like it , because it has low visibility while driving..

- Wendy D

It's a very reliable vehicle to own but lacks the power I'd like.

I like that my car is very reliable and gets decent gas mileage. I dislike that it's bad in the snow and lacks the accelerating power I'd like.

- Glen G

My car has some good features like comfort practicality and decent gas mileage for the cargo space.

I like that it is a hatchback wagon so it fits a lot of things. I also like that it gets good gas mileage. I also like the comfort of the seats

- Mar P

Vw jetta tdi sportwagen. Great gas mileage and comfortable

Have a vw jetta Tdi sportwagen. It is diesel. Gets great gas mileage, love it. Very roomy. No problems as of yet just bought about a month ago.

- Heather C

It is stylish and does not take a lot of gas. Therefore letting you pay less money.

It is a red jetta with no n.a.v, but with a solid gas mileage. The car runs smoothly and is quiet. And the paint does not easily scratch off.

- Ivan G

It's a good car for traveling unless it's bad weather, it doesn't really handle that well in the snow.

I like that my car is great on gas mileage because I commute a lot. I don't like that it doesn't have any USB hookups or bluetooth features.

- Jessi M

It gets 40+ miles per gas as a diesel engine. Less time spent filling the tank.

It's the Jetta Sportwagen. It's a diesel engine and very fuel efficient. The trunk space and bars on top of the car allow for easy traveling

- Steph A

Its a diesel so it has more power than a hybrid.

I love how good the Mpg's are. The huge sunroof is awesome. I don't care much for the styling or color. Being a wagon it has lots of space.

- Dan M

Volkswagens are junk, from a crooked company who had to lie to the government

There is nothing good about this car. I have had countless problems since the beginning, and service is awful. My first AND LAST gERMAN CAR

- dan K

It's a good value, drives well, and gets good gas mileage!

I like that it gets good gas mileage. It is a good size, not too big or too small. I have never had any problems with any part of the car.

- Heidi R

Goes fast, low mileage, and lots of trunk space

I like how it drives but do not like how small it is. I am used to riding in larger trucks so it feels cramped but i do enjoy driving it

- Gabriella D

It's fuel efficiency. I do nothing but brag about how good my car is on gas.

I love it's gas mileage. I can go 600 miles without having to fill it up. It gets me to where I need to go and I have no issues with it.

- Jeremy V

sporty good looking car. Its with every penny. I love my moon roof, the car is great on gas. It's me.

its sporty, fun, looks nice, good on gas, roomy, I really like it. It's been a car I've always wanted and glad that i was able to buy it

- cristi v

It is good on gas and I feel safe while driving.

I have not had any major troubles with my car. However, I have the model that was released before the model with the upgraded features.

- Denise W

That they should pay up for a Toyota, Nissan or any number of other cars that will give them fewer problems.

The car handles very poorly in the snow, even with new tires. At about 80,000 miles I had to have close to $1000.00 worth of repairs.

- Rick e

5 cylinder joy, good on gas, and trustworthy brand

It's a simple car, but very reliable, has not had any problems in the 2 years I've owned it. Only downside is VW parts are expensive.

- Wolfgang L

Nothing has broke down in this car since we bought it new!!

I love the 5 cylinder 2.5 liter engine. It is fast AND quiet. The back seat is huge. The lumbar support in the front seats is a plus.

- Dana O

I think the reliability of the car is second to none. It has never failed me.

I think it has pretty good mileage. It is very dependable. The only problem with the car is the tires get low air pressure often.

- Bob H

My car is Great to drive. It doesn't feel like a toy.

I like how it drives. I like its size and safety features. I'm not crazy about the air cosmitiom though and wish it was stronger,

- Jl B

It is very fun and easy to drive.

This car has been incredibly reliable thus far. It has had few mechanical issues and has held up well in bad weather situations.

- Sarah H

It is a hybrid and can reach up to 80 mpg.

I love my car. I commute a long way each day to school and it is very trustworthy! I would definitely go with volkswagen again.

- Ariel K

I'm stunned by Jetta's price-value combination

Volkswagen Jetta is Very reliable car. I love its fuel efficiency despite its engine is 2.5. It has great hold of road as well

- Iuliia H

Reliable vehicle for my family

It is a reliable car. Never have big problems just requires the maintenance issues be done. It is very good on gas mileage.

- Leonella J

I like the smooth driving.

The only complain I have about the Jetta is the blind spots in the car. While driving I have to triple check them to be sure.

- Nicole Z

Lack of features in the newer models

Compared to the 2005, it doesn't have as many features. It lacks some of the features that I loved about my older VW Jetta.

- Teisha L

Keep the oil changed and have a trouble-free auto for years.

It seems to run better than most vehicles I have owned. Feel that Germany makes well and long-lasting good running engines.

- John L

Its a diesel with the power to hall and tow.

It is diesel engine (love it), great mileage, nice interior trim, sun/moonroof.. Does not have backup camera (do not like.

- Marilyn W

It is a good car and we haven't had any problems.

I wish it had a sunroof and heated seats. I do not like all leather in an all black car. Wish it had better gas mileage.

- Cindy C

It is very reliable and makes you feel safe and confident when you are trying to reach your destination.

It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. I also really like that the interior is nice and the car has a sunroof.

- Hannah K

That's it's well taken care of and reliable and looks nice and I love it

It's sleek and nice looking. It has some upgrades but no enough to make it too expensive. It's also safe and reliable

- Sandra K

It is a good price for the money.

The AC is super loud I hate that and it takes awhile to cool the back. I like that its reliable and has heated seats.

- Stephanie D

looks nice and drives well

it gets good gas mileage. comfortable to sit in. looks nice. gets cool fast. i like to listen to music while i drive.

- Les b

It is very reliable vehicle.

It is a diesel and gets great gas mileage. Sporty and extremely comfortable to drive. Very roomy for a compact car.

- Linda W

The gas mileage is great!

The tires have issues, besides that is very reliable. It drives very smooth and is big enough for people to go in.

- Alexandra H

It is an inexpensive vehicle with good highway gas mileage.

I dislike slow acceleration or loss of power when using air conditioner. I like all other aspects of the vehicle.

- Bob R

Good mileage, easy to drive.

I like the amount of space for those in the backseat, trunk storage, gas mileage, and how it drives. No dislikes.

- Amber K

The car has a manual transmission.

I like that the ride is always smooth and I like the color. I think that is a great car it's not too expensive.

- Kathleen G

I like that it does everything well and is versatile.

I like that it is well built, gets good gas mileage, and is comfortable. No complaints. Nothing I do not like.

- Mary V

Its reliable and practical. Good on gas.

I like my car a lot. I wish I could have found a used tdi for better gas mileage. Overall I like my car a lot.

- Joshua D

Awesome car would recommend it to anyone

No problem works like brand new. Runs smoothly. Great acceleration. Heated seats sunroof touch screen radio

- Chris M

It is a fun car just the right size to fit what I need.

Runs and drives great good gas mileage? Does a good job getting me to the hospital to seen self and work r k.

- James M

It is a silver Jetta. Gets good gas mileage. Have had very few problems with it.

Great vehicle! This is my second Jetta. Only con is that it requires German parts because it is a Volkswagen.

- Kathryn D

The most important thing to know is how expensive it is to maintain and get fixed.

Nice looking car; drove nice for a while. Very expensive to maintain. Various issues with electrical devices.

- Juliet H

It has a very high safety rating and is very comfortable to drive

I love that's it's a manual transmission. I like how good the fuel economy is. I like the high safety rating

- Case R

Range of 600 miles and accelerates faster than you'd think

Gas mileage, sound system and torque with the long range but it is diesel and part of the emissions scandal

- Darrel D

It's great car and great on gas

Love my jetta it's nice and very reliable and great on gas and she works greAt and it does have one problem

- Edward A

Is a diesel and gets 40 to 50 mpg amazing 8 speaker sounds system

Amazing vehicle no issues great gas mileage reliable great sound system fun to drive amazing resale value

- Jamie H

gets the done done runs like you would expect

irs reliable car gets the job done it does have it problems like any car but they are not major problems

- Jonathan G

Great safety ratings, and very reliable car that will not have major repairs/issues.

Very reliable, and have never had major issues or repairs. Also right size--not too big, not too small.

- Abigail D

It's awesome and you should get one

Like my car. Really do not like my pleather seats cause in the summer they suck. Everything else is fine

- Fran D

How to set the dash mileage.

I do not like that the radio is old, it has bad options for phone support. I like most everything else.

- Michael B

It is a quiet car and gets going pretty fast steering isn't super smooth.

Great gas mileage, comfortable seats, GPS navigation it has keyless start that it great for the winter.

- Israel P

it gets me from point A to B and didn't cost me much

I like that it didn't cost me much, but it has a few faults - no airbags, the air conditioner is loud.

- shawna s

It has great fuel economy. For people who need to commute daily, this is a good car for that

I like how the car handles. I also like the gas mileage that I get. I do not like the lack of options

- Sam K

2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Efficiency

My Jetta is a hybrid, and I love it. I never have to worry about gas, and it's always a smooth drive.

- Taylor W

Low maintenance cost to operate vehicle

Very reliable only needs an oil change every 10000 miles. No mechanical problems. Drives like a dream

- Michael P

Volkswagens are very safe vehicles. it was in an accident once and withstood the impact and no one was hurt.

I like my jetta. It gets good gas mileage and is comfortable It suits me just fine. No complaints.

- janet k

Very few breakdowns due to routine oil changes and tire rotation.

I love my car because its small. I love my car because it dependable. I love my car because its blue.

- Trina B

It's a great car and it is great on gas. It has plenty of room in the car.

I love the gas mileage and space in the car. There is more than enough room for me and a few people.

- William H

That getting it worked on is not cheap at all. You pay a lot

I love how well it handles. I love the look and styling of my car. I dislike the costly maintenance.

- Jamie W

"Jetta is an affordable".

The car is comfortable,reliable and affordable.The vehicle performance is less and it's an old model

- Aakansha K

The jetta volkswagen is a very reliable car, it's a great dealer, and i do believe my next car will most likely be a volkswagon again

its very reliable it's a great brand it's very safe it has a sleek look: i always enjoy driving it

- Gary H

My Jetta has been a very reliable vehicle and it is fairly good on gas. The only way I would improve upon it would be to give it more technology.

I have never had any major problems with my Jetta. Routine maintenance has kept it running well.

- Claudia G

The Volkswagen Jetta has excellent gas mileage. The car is reliable. You have option of manual transmission.

Love manual transmission. Excellent gas mileage. Great sound system. The car is reliable.

- Michelle W

It has a TDI Engine.It gets upto 42 miles per hour

It has a TDI engine. I love the gas mileage. it is smaller then I am used to but it works

- greg c

I really love my new car. It is a jetta wagon and it works great for my family. It fits my two small children in the back easy and the cargo area is large for a smaller car. I just wish we had tinted windows.

It only takes diesel fuel and if you put regular gas in it, it would damage the car.

- Rebecca R

it's really fun to drive and it holds up way over time. i think it's a great car

my car is fun to drive and it looks nice. the price was good and the car runs great.

- bill H

I like that it is safe, strong and made by a very reliable German company. The color is green and I enjoy traveling to far places.

It is a German car! I like that the manufacturer is the best car producer.

- Georgina D

It's a driving pleasure. It's very handy and the cruise control is awesome

It has a Bluetooth for hands free calls while driving and I just love it

- Richard B

Reliable, affordable, and safe. This car is all three of those things. My only complaint is that it is a little slow to accelerate.

Reliable vehicle at a price that you can afford. No bells or whistles.

- Daniel R

Diesel fuel is more economical and better mileage on all trips or just go to and from work

love the mileage I get with the diesel and no complaints on anything

- deborah m

It's so easy to drive and feels safe. I love that it has heated seats. I do not like the blind spots on the driver side. That is my only complaint.

It's a Jetta sports wagon. It's fast, cute, and our family loves it!

- Kate C

nothing It's fine but not great

It's boring and has no accessories....it just gets me to and from

- shira b

It's reliable and can last a long time if kept up with

Hard to work on. Everything is more complex and expensive with VW

- Athena F

that I have had it since it was new I got new headlights and rims for it and it's never been in an accident

I like the color, make and model, I like its safety and comfort

- Nicold N

Great mileage for the diesel model and the low maintenance

Love the gas mileage and the smooth ride and low maintenance

- Debbie M

It is a great, sturdy car that drives reliably. I also like the way it looks. However, my specific car seems poorly made and often has pieces that pop out of place.

Its reliability means you will feel safe while driving it.

- genevieve b

VW's are very good cars. I would recommend them to friends.

It is dependable. It is not comfortable. I am very big.

- Matt B

The car is fun to drive and it is affordable. I like the look of it too.

nice car to drive. gas mile is good. the cost was good

- Dave L

it is very reliable under all conditions

very reliable very durable handles well in all weather

- david R

I like that it's blue and that it's an automatic. I don't like the seats. Not enough lumbar support. It's just okay.

It's a small, blue Volkswagen Jetta. Not much else.

- valencia w

It is amazing on gas mileage

I love the gas mileage. Wish it was a crossover

- dana S