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The car that has everything you've always wanted in a trusted vehicle.

I recently purchased my VW Jetta. I have been driving it for about 3 weeks now. I have not had any problems with it at all. I like the fact that it is a tide (diesel). I get a lot more miles per gallon than I did with my previous vehicle. There is a ton of trunk space. I can fit all groceries in there comfortably. I like that it has seat warmers, because my seats are synthetic leather, so it is pretty cold in the mornings and it warms me up quick. It is a push button start which makes it easy to get up and go without the added time of putting the key in the ignition. I also love how easy it is to unlock and lock my doors. There are sensors on the door handle and all you have to do is walk up to the car with your key fob in hand or in your purse/pocket and open the door, it automatically unlocks! It is also easier for me when I am running late to class and I can just get my belongings out, touch the door handle when I get out, and its locked! Simple! I also love that there is a sport mode. With it being a 4-cylinder motor, I did not expect it to have much "get up and go", but it definitely goes, especially in sport mode where you can accelerate at higher ramps before changing gears than in regular "drive" mode.

- Ashton V

The wonders of a 2014 VW Jetta.

With the overall performance of my vehicle I am pleased. It is a very fuel efficient car that gets me from point A to point B ever time. One of the major problems I have with it is that in rare occasions the Bluetooth system with shut down and project a long line of beeps as if it was still operating correctly. It is way more convenient that it has a start up button than having to put the key into the ignition. I really like the spacious trunk that it comes with because I happen to pack a lot of things for trips and such. Another problem is the lag for the air conditioning to start releasing cool air into the car.

- Diego M

Volkswagen Jetta se, 2014. Beautiful interior and unique exterior shape.

I really enjoy my car personally. It is a unique color'light brown, so not a lot of people have it. The interior is beautiful, with upholstered seats, tan and black color combo. When the car is in need of maintenance, it will be accurate and tell you what the car needs and how many days you have until you really need to. Like a oil change, it tells you how many days and/or miles. Bluetooth is easy to connect, which is handy for phone calls and music. It is a bit small in the back though. Not a lot of legroom, but the trunk is really roomy. Overall it is a nice car with a smooth drive.

- Jenna S

I have purchased a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta, base model. It is a tan color.

I purchased my car the year it came out and 5 years later still have not had a problem. For it being a first-time purchase and a family that comes from loving Ford, I was hesitant in trying a new make and model. Although I was told that replacing parts for this car would be expensive when it comes time to, I believe that the expense is worth it. The parts and simply the car last more than I could ever expect. It drives so smoothly, and for being a small car, it is still long and spacious on the inside. I would recommend to anyone looking for a car to give any Volkswagen a chance.

- Samantha A

Highly recommended: Volkswagen Jetta.

My Volkswagen Jetta drives really smooth, and is very comfortable and spacious on the inside. I bought it with only 50,000 miles on the car and I have not had any problems with it yet besides a slow leak in my from drivers side tire, which is an easy fix. I get very good gas mileage especially since I do a lot of driving, often out of state multiple times a week. My trunk space is the largest I have had out of any vehicle I have owned so far. My Jetta is an automatic and it shifts smoothly. I really love this vehicle and highly recommend it.

- Hunter S

Jetta base model sedan 2014.

I get great gas mileage and overall have had no major maintenance issues. I like the body style of the exterior. Its small and slightly sporty looking for a 4 door sedan. The inside leaves much to be desired. Nothing fancy or fun about it and very generic and cheap looking. My tire pressure light coming on and having to refill my coolant have been the only lights that have come on and both alerted me well in advance and were easily readable. Overall for a less expensive yet dependable vehicle this will be good.

- Erin V

Overall it's a great car to own.

I haven't had any problems so far. My Volkswagen has a turbo engine and it has some pick up. Really good gas mileage. The leather seats are comfortable. The radio is very good. I don't have one with Bluetooth. But it does have aux cord. The air conditioner gets cold in 30 seconds. I don't use the heat a lot. But it gets toasty when I do. It's a great little car. A few people I know have Volkswagen and they are happy with them. They are expensive to fix. But they last a long time.

- Alyssa B

I vote for VW cars! You will not be sorry if that is what you choose.

Very happy with my VW Jetta. Ride is good for me, but there is a bit of road noise which I do not mind. It is quite dependable and have had no problems in 4 yrs. Uses synthetic oil which is longer lasting and less cost in the long run. I have had problems setting the dashboard gauges and will have to get help doing it. Car is comfortable for me and the seat controls are simple to adjust. It does not accel well when the ac is running, but I understand that is a common condition.

- Mary. . G

Comfortable and economic both on price and gas.

I have owned several Volkswagen Jettas from 1999 to 2014 (my latest one) none of these have ever given me a major mechanical issue. Just your usual wear and tear items and maintenance of course. Great gas mileage also. I have a base model but they do have many upgrades. Such as alloys rims sound systems and trim. My 2014 has Bluetooth capabilities which is great when handling business on the go! And for streaming my favorite music. Volkswagen is a brand I truly recommend.

- Jade D

VW Jetta base model thoughts.

My vehicle has been a reliable source of transportation for me. It is the base model and thus does not have any extra specs, however, the gas mileage is quite good. Recently there have been some problems in terms of needing part replacements, and it has reached well over 100,000 miles of driving. I appreciate the simple radio and easy to adjust seats. I wish that there were cup holders somewhere in the back of the car for people when they are in the back seat.

- Emily J

My 2014 Jetta S the ups and downs

In most respects I love my Jetta. My biggest complaint is it has the smaller engine so there is not much get up and go. Going up large hills my car decelerates. As far as space is it great for myself and soon to be 2 kids. Gas mileage is great as well. It is only the S model and I really wanted an SE but unfortunately things did not work that well. I've had the car for 9 months and it has consistently been extremely reliable! I'm overall very happy with it.

- Erin M

Great car for anyone who loves convenience and comfort.

I love my car. It is my second Jetta that I have bought. The only problems I have had have been either things that the dealership has fixed under my cpo or a dead battery. The seats are really comfortable and I love that they are headed and that the side mirrors are heated as well. The touchscreen radio is amazing and the buttons on the steering wheel are super convenient and make for safer driving. Overall, this is a great car for anyone driving daily.

- Gabrielle A

The Volkswagen Jetta: surprisingly sturdy.

I love my Volkswagen Jetta! I purchased the car in cash used about two years ago and it has been a great car thus far. The Jetta drives surprisingly fast however, it takes some time to fully accelerate. The only downside of the car is that it does not have a sunroof, and the stereo that came with the car was outdated. I ended up replacing the stereo anyway. The Jetta I own is a hardy and sturdy, reliable vehicle. I would recommend to new drivers.

- Megan R

Luxury and reliability without the out of range price tag.

Our car is 5 years old, it has 75 000 miles on the clock. It has given no problems whatsoever, simple routine maintenance. The car drives quietly and the car is easy to handle while being smooth, sleek and attractive. It has a diesel engine but is light on fuel. The seats are comfortable and attractive. It is reliable. Very. No rust and the interior fittings are solid and easy to clean. We love our car and wouldn't exchange it for anything!

- sharon M

2014 Jetta: reliable and modern.

My 2014 Volkswagen Jetta was an absolute perfect choice for my first car. Safety, reliability, and high quality features helped me drive safe and drive smart. Visually appealing, interior is sleek, clean and comfortable. Great size overall, roomy trunk which has gotten me through many music festivals and road trips. Definitely a reliable car. Sport mode is super fast and luxurious but I do not utilize it because it uses my gas quicker.

- Stephanie A

The sunroof is larger than I have seen before. It covers almost the entire roof.

This vehicle runs well and gets great fuel mileage. It takes diesel, which was a little difficult for me to get used to. There are only 5 seatbelts, a bit less than I would like. However the seats fold down and there is a bit of room for hauling stuff. My biggest issue is that it has a lot of fancy features. That is a personal preference through. My kids love the seat warmers and the sunroof. Overall, I say it is a decent vehicle.

- Lisa M

2014 Volkswagen Dream Jetta

Problems: Headlights seem to keep going out in turns... I fix one then the other goes out and vice versa. It's been going for a few months now, probably fixed it 3-4 times just this year. Performance and reliability have been absolutely great. I've taken a few road trips form So. California to the PNW and Canada and have had no issues whatsoever. Over 90k miles and brakes are still good! Gas mileage gas also been ideal.

- Yeseni L

Affordable Car with Nice Features, Though Beware of Reliability

My Volkswagen Jetta is a decent car. It looks nice and it has nice features, such as built-in bluetooth connectivity. It gets me from point A to point B which is what matters most. The downside is that despite my car not being that old, it has had a decent amount of issues (such as ability to drive smoothly and a faulty windshield wiper engine). The knock on VWs is that they typically breakdown earlier than other cars.

- Adam M

I never have to worry about being safe with this car.

This car is an absolute steal. The handling on turns is unmatched to my previous vehicles. The cars ability to stop with both stock tires and brakes is great. It has definitely saved me on several occasions. Its extremely comfortable and is very technology friendly. My only complaint is that my specific car has an issue where the key fob doesn't unlock the car from a far only up close otherwise id rate it 5 stars!

- Vincent G

Favorite wagon I have owned!

I really enjoy the space in the back of the car. The cubic feet of the Jetta sportwagen allows for my husband and I to take the car on long road trips and pack everything we need with room for passengers. The car has been very reliable so far (I am at 60, 000 miles) and it has only had one issue where the seat belt in the back locked. The fix for the seat belt was covered by warranty though so it was an easy fix.

- Jill M

Easy maintenance, small sedan with back seats that let down.

The VW Jetta I have does not have many addons, like Bluetooth is not on there. I lost a hubcap one day due to flat tire and those are painfully expensive to replace. The car is comfortable, great on gas mileage, and I like that the back seats let down so you can access the trunk. These newer cars are great about having a long life between oil changes. I only need to change the oil every 10 thousand miles.

- Melissa A

Volkswagen Jetta is the right car for you!

The Jetta Volkswagen, it is an amazing car, no problems with anything, and pretty comfortable and beautiful car. Had 2 years with mine and its development is just great. It is a car for 5 people and the truck is huge. I have to travel to Miami at least one time per month, and the car performance is perfect, and great saving gas. The only thing may no like you is the audio equipment is the old style.

- Angie D

Great first car to purchase on your own, ideal for gas mileage!

Never had an issue with the car, runs smoothly, has been in all weather-types and has give on several 1500+ mile road trips. Incredible gas mileage. Only downfall is the size of the vehicle, front seat is spacious but back seat is tight if you are in the car for a long period of time. Trunk is also very short, prohibits certain items from fitting. But overall drive is very comfortable and safe!

- Emily F

No. Major mechanical issues but weird smells and messed up electrical.

I've owned the car about a year a n d have had to replace the same headlight 4 times. There has also been one recall. I hate that when I use my ac it smells weird like spoiled milk. Also there is no temp gauge on the car. Oil changes are expensive. What I like about my car is other than the minor electrical and weird smell issues I've had no mechanical issues with the car since I purchased it.

- Michelle S

I think I have ould summarize by saying it is a roomy very warm car.

The car gets great gas mileage. It is cute and sporty. There is so much room in the back seat and the trunk is huge. The back seats fold down giving way to the trunk so you can put things in there that are oversized. The car was affordable too. I do not like cold weather, so the leather seats are heated and they work great!! I never get cold in this car. We'll see how it is in the summer.

- Shawn S

It's good on gas. I only fill up about every two weeks and it cost about $35-$40 depending on gas prices.

leather seats are a must due to pet hair much easier to clean. Im short and in this car I can see the hood of the car that's a plus. Also the steering wheel is kind of large/thick I know it sounds weird but I like that. The touch screen and bluetooth to my phone are nice features. Dislike is that when talking on the car bluetooth sometimes people can't hear me real well.

- Lindsey R

Volkswagen sportwagen tdi diesel great fuel mileage.

My tdi SportWagen has a ton of room fairly quiet, and very nice riding hold 14.5 gallons of diesel fuel and gets 550 miles per tank of fuel, local driving about 38 miles per gal highway high 40s , 58000 miles have not had any problems, and it run great another thing I like every switch glows an night so it's no problem putting a window up or down in the dark great car.

- Richard S

The New "Old Reliable" of Vehicles

Exceptionally reliable vehicle. Never had an issue with any part of the car, and the vehicle performs incredibly in a rear-end crash. Barely some torn paint and a few dents/tears post-accident, which involved 2 cars, including a van, rear ending my vehicle on a rainy day. Drives smoothly, good features, and comfortable to drive long distances. Gas mileage is fantastic.

- Alexis M

Perfect for what I need and expect.

I love the interior of the car. It is roomy, seats are firm yet comfy. Has enough technology for my needs. Great gas mileage and reliability, no complains so far. I do wish I got a model with a back up camera, but I can adjust my mirrors to make it through. My boyfriend who is over 6 feet tall, is a little cramped in the passenger seat, but not the driver's seat.

- Lucia S

Second hand Jetta is pretty fit for people have limited budget.

The Jetta is really fit for small family or worker or students if you are a new buyer. One of the things I think can improve is the accelerate sometimes is raise speed is too slow, I need to wait some seconds to wait the speed up after I accelerate. Only the firing part can use air condition, people sit in the back probably feel hot/cold in the summer/winter.

- Chia-ying L

My vehicle is fun, sporty and safe.

I love the heated leather seats, sunroof, turbo engine. I also love that VW has a lot of manual transmission vehicles which is why I bought my vehicle. I have had several issues with an ac converter part which causes a weird on and off humming from the engine and have had it replaced several times. Otherwise beside being expensive to fix I love the vehicle.

- Laura F

The Volkswagen Jetta is a comfortable, smooth ride with only minor drawbacks.

My volkswagen jetta is a comfortable smooth ride. I have only standard features such as basic air conditioner and radio. I like that the Jetta has a strong braking systems. You only have to supply slight pressure on the brakes to stop. The minor drawbacks are that the radio/cd system requires careful calibration to find the volume and the on/off button.

- Anthony S

It's sucked since I purchased it. I've had to put in a new engine at 58k miles with regular oil changes due to vw putting on too large of a turbo for the engine causing it to constantly leak oil.

I have had so many problems with my 2014 Jetta ever since I purchased it. I've replaced the engine due to leaking oil because of the turbo being too large to properly fit the engine. I've replaced headlights almost every three months due to faulty wiring. It has cost me way more than it's been worth and it's only a 2014. Very very disappointed with vw.

- Amanda A

It is safe, reliable and gets good gas mileage. I never have to worry about if I'm going to make it where I'm going.

It is a brown 4 door VW Jetta with leather interior. I like that is attractive, reliable and practical. It gets good gas mileage, has great trunk space, is safe, and comfortable to drive. In some ways, I like that it's small (easier to park, etc), but I am starting to want something a little bigger to more comfortably fit my son and our 2 large dogs.

- Natalie G

Excellent mileage and fun to drive.

I have a 5 speed, it is a great car to drive, mileage is great and easy to park. I am not crazy about not having cruise control and the driver and front passenger space is very tight. I wish the trunk area was more open. Mechanically it is great, but I do not like trying to vacuum a small space. The nozzle is always too large to get into tight areas.

- Patty S

My car is a tide meaning it gets great gas mileage--up to 700 miles per tank!

My car was a certified pre owned and I have to say it feels like I bought it right from the dealer. It only had 30, 000 miles on it when I bought it because it was recalled due to Volkswagen's catalytic converter scandal. Originally owned by a family with small children (I know thanks to the crumbs ) it is in great condition and a super reliable car.

- Sandra K

She's grey with black interior.

She drives well. I love the grey exterior and black interior. I like that she has fabric seats because they do not get too hot like leather seats. She is reliable because I have wrecked her at least three times and she keeps coming back for more. Also, it is really nice that she has an AUX input. Some cars lack that really nice qualifying feature.

- Jade C

Love my Volkswagen so much!

I love this car. Its started making a weird sound recently but I do think that's due to lack of an oil change. Its comfortable, quiet, and has a nice sound system. It seems to withstand bumps and potholes nicely, so the shocks are high quality. It has great gas mileage and I was able to drive four hours and still have half a tank which is amazing.

- Elizabeth P

Volkswagen Jetta feature 2014.

It's good for gas and mileage expenditure. It is reliable and performance is great. The best feature about the car is the sensory system. Its simple to use and detection of any problems is barely seen. The car's air conditioner is amazing. The coolant system is the best feature in my opinion. It is Bluetooth capable and great for listening music.

- Andy E

2014 Volkswagen Jetta safety review.

This car is great for first time drivers because of its safety, reliability, and price. The cost to repair and replace parts is very affordable. The odds of you needing a repair or replacement are very low. Finally, the ability to connect your phone to the car's entertainment system through Bluetooth is the best feature I like about the vehicle.

- Jeff I

My Jetta is beautiful from the inside and outside. I love my heated seats.

My s sport Jetta runs beautifully. I love the sound it makes when you are driving it on sport mode. My only problem with my car is the gas. In less than a week I find myself filling up my tank which is normally 40$. Also since it is a foreign car everything is more expensive when you need to get it fixed or just going in for a simple oil change.

- Paula G

My highlight was when I drove off of the lot! It was the best feeling ever.

Okay the vehicle is beautiful it handles well it's great on gas beautiful like amazing interior and don't get me started on performance!! Never would I have thought I'd have a beautiful piece of history its a German car which is obviously everyone's favorite vehicle right now and I feel its because its affordable and the features are amazing.

- James A

Buy a Jetta and your life will never be the same.

Overall my Jetta has been very reliable and great on gas mileage. I can get around 30 mpg on the highway and the car runs exceptionally smooth. Right now I have 72, 000 miles on it, and haven't experienced any major issues other than standard oil changes. Overall, the Jetta is an a+ car that will reliably get you around day in and day out.

- Jay J

It accelerates very quickly.

There are only two things I really dislike about my car. The first is that the ac doesn't always run cold, sometimes, when I'm driving for long periods of time, it goes in and out, back and forth between cold and hot air. I also do not like that it does not have Bluetooth in the stereo. Other than those two main things, I like my car a lot.

- Jordan S

The volkswagen jetta is a good driving . Very safe and dependable car.

Overall it is been a reliable vehicle, other than routine maintenance I have only to replace a speed sensor on the transmission, the only complaint I have is that replacement parts are more expensive than vehicles that have had in the past. On the other hand seeing haven't yet had to do much replacing parts it has not been an issue for me.

- Jeremy B

Amazing reliable good looking ride.

I love my Jetta. It is been super reliable and easy to maintain. It drives amazingly smooth and small enough to get through traffic quickly. I haven't really had any problems with it. I love the leather interior and the comfort of my seats. I have received many compliments of the inside of my car because it looks super polished. I love it.

- Sylvia T

One of the most important things that people should know about driving a Jetta is that it is a safe and reliable car for someone who is on a budget as it receives great mpg and is low cost maintenance.

I love my Jetta because it is affordable and very reliable. The safety features ensure that if I were ever in a car accident that I would also be well protected. I like that I can always take it to my local dealership to get routine maintenance done on it for a decent price. Overall I have yet to have any type of complaints about my car.

- Adam J

The story of me and my car.

The car works really well. I get very good gas mileage. It takes diesel fuel but I get over 40 mpg. It also comes with satellite radio, heated seats and mirrors. I have not had any major issues with the car and can go well over ten thousand miles between oil changes. I have had the car for over 4 years and have put 80, 000 miles on it.

- Chris S

This car is not big comfortable to manipulate into small places.

I have no problems with this vehicle, we have just pout in a new battery after 25,000 miles, which is on the mark. This vehicle runs smooth, t is comfortable, and we use it on our trips around town and traveling out of town also Volkswagen is very efficient in getting us in for recalls, I believe we have had 3 since our car purchase.

- Terri Y

Jetta 2014: reliable and safe.

Great drive, sports mode is fast but not gas efficient. Reliable, sleek, elegant, and modern. Perfect for a first car or a luxury car. Big enough for families! Safe, never had any performance problems. Only issues having to come from wires coming unplugged in my door window, and troubles with spark plugs. Otherwise, I love my Jetta.

- Steph A

Great car but a few minor issues.

I haven't had any major problems. My headlights had needed to be replaced four times within a three month period, but that issue has ceased now. There are some issues with electronics, such as disconnecting Bluetooth and passenger seat seat belt alert dinging when no one is sitting there. The car is comfortable, quick, and reliable.

- Alyssa O

Fast, comfortable, drives well on all roads!

I love my car, it has a lot of get up, has been no problem. I religiously change my oil and have the tires rotated and balanced each time. Although my mileage is creeping to 200, 000, I have not had to get any engine repair. The ride is comfortable. I have never owned a Volkswagen, but may again when it is time to trade the car in.

- Jacqueline E

Amazing car with amazing interiors

I love how the car drives smoothly. I have not ever had a problem with either the motor or anything serious, I also like that its synthetic oil. The inside has a lot of room despite it looking like a small car and it has great trunk space. Mine has leather seats and it looks and feels like luxury. I also like that it's not too low.

- Gabriela D

Volkswagen Jetta my dream car.

My cars performance is amazing I love all the features my car has from heated seats, great air just a all around great car. Make sure to keep up the maintenance on your Jetta and always use the dealership for oil changes etc. I have never had a issue with my car & would recommend Volkswagen to all my friends, family and coworkers.

- Sarah M

The Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen is both Comfortable and Safe

Very comfortable even for long drives. Everything on the dashboard is perfectly within reach, and I feel like I'm at the perfect height to drive safely on the road. The visibility is really good and way better than other comparable wagons. I wish the radio would stay on after you turn off the ignition before you open the door

- Madeleine F

It's a good car runs very smooth.

It's a nice car. The engine is small so it's not a lot of horsepower. Its saves on gas which is a plus. The trunk is big, so you can store essentials for the car. The car also have the daylight. For it to be a small car the inside have a lot of room to sit comfortable. It shows you when the car need oil, tire pressure low.

- Ebony C

It is a 2014 Jetta s base model it has great gas mileage and space in the trunk.

No problems so far, it gets great gas mileage where I only have to fill up every 2-3 weeks. It has not broken down during long trips. I have driven it on 5 hour drives with no problems. It is the base model which does not include cruise control which is a drawback. Otherwise it is a great vehicle for city and short drives.

- Tia M

I love the hassle free driving.

I enjoy driving my Jetta. I have had no problems with the vehicle. I have only needed regular maintenance. When driving, the car is loud. The doors are heavy. This can be a positive because the weight of the doors closes them well. It could also be a negative when you have your hands full and are trying to open the door.

- Marcella F

Love the car, but it could be better.

The vehicle actually has a ton of room for how efficient the gas mileage is. I also love the leather seats and overall look of the car. I do with that the windows were more tinted (so it did feel like a fish bow that everyone can see into). I also would prefer to have the seat be raised more for greater leg comfort.

- Samantha S

I love it. It is reliable. The gas miles are great!.

I dislike that there is no cruise control, I think cruise control is a must have in every vehicle. Tinted windows would be ideal, there for it protects you a little bit from the sun rays. I love having leather seats, because there is no stain. Easier to remove spills and less time spending to clean or remove stain.

- Ashley W

Lots of room, runs great, child lock windows and doors.

The car is amazing, great gas mileage and plenty of room. It has child lock on the doors and windows which is great. The only issue I have with it is that it skips a gear. It shifts ups to three then skips four which keeps it at 4k rpm then goes to five. It is an automatic. All in all it's just a great car to have.

- Chris J

It is a very dependable car with good gas mileage, good for everyday use but not ideal for adverse weather

My favorite thing about my car is the gas mileage so I don't have to fill up often, it is a great commute car for work. It is a cute car and I think it fits my personality well. The only thing I do not like about is that I wish it had a more powerful engine because it takes a while to get up to speed on freeways

- Jessica c

Engine will continue to run in summer when it is too hot.

It is pretty "plain jane" but very reliable. All black interior does get hot in the summer and 4 wheel drive would be nice for the winter but with good tires you do not slip around very much. Haven't had any issues with the engine or anything. With consistent maintenance this car should run for a very long time.

- Kat G

I love my Volkswagen Jetta. It is a great car to have.

I love my car. I have not had many problems at all since purchasing it. The oil changes are expensive though and parts for the car are costly. I will stay with Volkswagen for many years to come. Very reliable and fun to drive. It is small enough for a sedan car but has enough space. My son enjoys our car too.

- Tiffany C

Sophisticated and fabulous.

The Jetta has fabulous gas mileage. It creates a warm and wonderful ride once inside of it. I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. I love it is durability and handling. It is like my child whom I take very good care of. I'd recommend this vehicle to the student who loves to travel and do such, in style.

- Jennifer M

Reliable 2014 Jetta, great car!

I recently purchased my car, but so far I like it. I really like the leather seats and the stereo system is awesome. I have the base model so it is nothing too special, but it is nice and gets me to where I need to be. It is also awesome on gas, which is great because I commute to school and back every day.

- Jill L

I believe it does not have cruise control.

I like that is a reliable way of transportation for me, I've had it for more than two and a half years and it has yet to cause me any problems at all. I think it is a little basic. It does not have updated amenities, like touch screen or back-up camera. I do like that it fits my lifestyle and fits my needs.

- marisa p

Great car all round, I am very happy!

The Jetta SE leather seats are so comfortable! It is such a quite reliable car; that still has some good kick to it when you need to pass someone. It is all round an excellent car, from its gas efficiency, it is “get up and go”, it is comfort. I am just dreading the bills when it starts breaking down.

- Molly M

Functional, sleek, refined, simple, dependable, efficient, sporty.

No mechanical issues, interior does seem to show signs of stress more than other vehicles I have had experience with. The turbo engagement seems a little harsh at times when going from forward to reverse. The paint finish seems to be okay, I would not elect to buy a black car again from this manufacturer.

- Timothy V

My Jetta 2014 is reliable and trusted vehicle.

Drives great, no issues yet, drove it cross country for 3,000 miles with no problems. The interior is comfortable fits 4 people comfortable. This is my second Jetta and I love driving vws as they drive so smooth. I will probably always have a VW even if I have to switch from a Jetta to a larger vehicle.

- Megan O

Excellent car, easy to drive. Would purchase another one.

Love the heated seats. I have not had any problems with this car since buying it. Drives well with decent pickup. Would definitely recommended. Only negative is radio is somewhat hard to program. Has great gas mileage and is comfortable for longer trips in the front seat. Back seats are a bit too stiff.

- Peggy V

Great gas mileage and dependable.

I really enjoy my Jetta tdi, the gas mileage is great. We can make it from Houston area to right outside of Springfield, MO on a tank of gas. The rear view camera gets a wide range for when people happen to be walking behind the vehicle and overall it has been dependable while keeping it maintained.

- Jackie V

Volkswagen Jetta 2014- needs improvement.

Electrical issues around 50,000 miles. Interior is small, not much room. Drives good. Car is a bit loud for its size. Not many features, no backup camera, no cruise control. Seats are okay but could be more comfortable. Gets decent gas mileage city but nothing special. Wouldn't buy a Jetta again.

- Diamond K

Nice, sporty, cute little car.

Super comfortable and sporty, accelerates fairly quickly, drives very smoothly. Inside has black leather seats and black carpet on interior. Bluetooth connection makes it easy to play music and make phone calls. Only issue I have is the small tank it can hold for gas but otherwise I love the car.

- Tyler S

Great car needs some improvements

Car great on gas mileage and drives like a dream.the engine is strong great horsepower and have great pick up speed. The braking system is good could be better. Front seats need more padding for long drives because they cause your back and legs to hurt after a long drive over a hundred of miles.

- Aaron Z

Jetta se transmission is flawless.

Parts are easy to get but are more expensive. Oil changes are expensive but not frequent. This car drives smoothly and switches gears flawlessly. Never had a problem other than the ignition not turning on when the wheel becomes locked. Other than that I have yet to have a problem with this car.

- Olivia G

The most important thing about the car is that it will last a very long time and perform fantastic as long as you keep up with the suggested maintenance.

I really love my Jetta. This car is my first car that I bought and I am very impressed by the car. I always feel safe when driving and for as much driving as I do, I get really good gas mileage. The car is nice, simple, and easy to drive-especially for someone who is short as I am (I'm 4'11")

- Annabelle R

My 2014 Volkswagen Jetta is a very reliable, fuel efficient car.

My only issue with the car is that it takes forever to heat up in the winter but other than that it is great on gas, easy to drive, reliable, comfortable, and depending on how much you would like to spend, it has great features. I personally love it and do not have much bad to say about it.

- Nicole M

Base used 2014 Jetta review.

It does not have cruise control, which really annoys me on longer drives. I have also had issues with my spark plugs failing as well as the 12v plugs. Otherwise, it is a great basic car. It gets great gas mileage and drives really well. It also turns on a dime so it makes parking easier.

- Bailey S

A quality vehicle at a fair price.

Decent gas mileage and fun to drive. Quality interior and components. Very nice sound system for a stock vehicle. Can be difficult to work on and has a finicky electrical system. Replacement parts can be hard to find and service is expensive. Overall a good vehicle for the price point.

- Justin R

Thoughts on the 2014 VW Jetta.

I like the Jetta it's a small car, and it picks up speed when needed, it's easy to park and its reliable. It is an expensive car to fix but I like it. I do not care for the leather seats but it will make do. The upgrade of heated seats should be free when installed, cooling seats too.

- Shultz S

Stylish, Modern, Reliable Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta is an excellent economy car to own. As a driver of teenagers I am constantly picking up and dropping off. Jetta's are reliable and roomy. They are also affordable and modern. I would definitely buy another Volkswagen in the future when I have driving teenagers.

- Marissa S

Great mileage and lives up to the reputation!

All repairs and maintenance for a VW auto is more expensive than your more common makes. However, the mileage you should receive is outstanding! You are still able to have any and all of the bells and whistles in the model of your choice. Volkswagen still lives up to its reputation.

- Cheryl L

overall it is a reliable vehicle

the car is good on gas and can get up to almost 400 miles on a full tank of gas. A few things have fallen apart like the cup holder and the area that you use to change gears. I like the car overall I do not have Bluetooth but I do have an aux cord and my seats are cotton not leather

- Abi Q

Volkswagen Jetta fairly comfortable, decent gas mileage and great braking

The Volkswagen Jetta base model is reliable, comfortable interior and decent gas mileage while driving in bumper to bumper traffic on a daily basis. The braking ability is great especially during stop and go DC beltway traffic. The interior is fairly comfortable for long distances.

- Dawn F

Small but great starter car.

The car is small (we struggle to for two car seat in the back with anything else), but it drives well and has few issues. It is equipped with mostly manual knobs, levers, and buttons on the inside. It gets great gas mileage. When needed, the general maintenance via VW is expensive.

- Kayla B

Love my Jetta - do not know why I didn't get one sooner!

I fortunately have not had any issues with my Jetta so far. I love the car - especially the turbo. The car runs great and is reliable. I have leather heated seats and I love them - especially in the winter. I love my Jetta and would definitely buy a Volkswagen again in the future.

- Fallon W

The maintenance and parts are expensive, but the gas mileage is really good for a standard sedan.

I love the mileage my car gets (about 30-40 on the highway). I am not a fan of how expensive the parts/maintenance is. Also, I wish the backseat had air vents as well for A/C and heating. I also wish I had cloth seats, not leather, but that was only an option for the base model.

- Gaby G

The speakers have a great sound with great bass.

I enjoy driving my car. Even though it is the basic model I feel that it meets my performance needs based on acceleration and features. The seats are comfortable and spacious amount of legroom. There is ample trunk space and has a bunch of great features that create more space.

- Madison B

VW Jetta Great Gas Mileage Comfortable for Long Drives, Sporty, and Stylish!

My 2014 VW Jetta is incredibly reliable. I have had no mechanical issues and have only had to do regular maintenance (oil changes, etc.) I get great gas mileage 14.5 gallons can get up to 320 miles. Spacious trunk and backseat. Bluetooth and navigation system are exceptional.

- Sally S

Great first car and reliable.

I like that it has Bluetooth but I would like a screen instead. I like that it's good on gas and has automatic windows. I wish it had a sunroof. It could be a little bigger. You can seat two in the back comfortably. I haven't had any issues besides a mildew smell from the ac.

- Scott R

2014 Jetta with turbo and sport gear.

Love the heated seats, drives well. It is very comfortable esp. On long drives. It does have a hard downshift when slowing down fast. Brakes squeak when wet. Love the Bluetooth Audio and hands free calling. Has great gas mileage. I would highly recommend this car to everyone.

- Charlotte P

That it has great gas mileage and will not require extra maintenance than is usual

I like the gas mileage, the ability to find a Jetta with standard transmission, the touch screen for the radio, and the heated seats. I don't like how loud the engine is, and that I've had two Jettas that have had issues with seatbelt detectors going off when they shouldn't.

- Brett S

Volkswagen Jetta props! Good job.

It is a very luxurious ride. The engine and transmission run smooth. The car is spacious and the sound system is amazing. Overall, it is a very good car. The gear shifting is easy and the gas mileage is exceptional. I would recommend this car to all of my friends and family.

- Xavier O

My volkswagen jetta runs very smoothly and does well on gas.

I love how solidly built it is. I used to have a Kia Soul and I could hear/feel the wind if I drove over 70mph whereas I feel a much smoother ride in my Jetta. I don't like the lack of USB ports to charge my phone but it's fine. I also love the cherry red color of my car.

- Gisele G

2014 Jetta review, likes and dislikes.

I like the speed of the vehicle, trunk size is good, the car has leather seats and tinted window, s its great on gas and if an affordable car. The only thing I do not like is the comfort of the seats, it hurts my back. It also has a nice style and nice color black paint.

- Shea S

Dependable and good overall

Dependable car, has sport mode and sounds like a race car when accelerating but doesn't accelerate fast as fast as I would like. Good interior design, sometimes it feels heavy when I drive. The Ac works really well but sometimes the lowest setting is still to much air.

- Natalie R

Reliable car. Long-lasting gas can take you anywhere. Great speaker system.

The Volkswagen Jetta (2014) is great on gas. It is also reliable and durable. It does have its drawbacks, however, but they are tolerable. Low tire pressure is always an issue, and the front of the car is a little too low to the ground. It can interfere with parking.

- Ash R

Manual Jetta 2014 is a good afternoon.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It has been as reliable as anything else I have driven. I like that it can come in manual since most vehicles you can only get in automatic. I cannot figure out why recline the seats, however. Other than that, great vehicle.

- Stephen S

Its gas mileage has legitimately saved me a lot of money.

I like that it gets amazing gas mileage, especially on highways. I always feel incredibly safe when driving my car. It's also clearly well build because I have never had to take it in for any mechanical failure. I've only ever taken it in for its scheduled checkups.

- Santiago A

That my car is great on gas mileage.

I love that it's good on gas and it's got a great big trunk. I love the look of the Volkswagen Jetta. The only thing I dislike about the Jetta is that it don't have enough space I wish that it was more spacious and I wish it had additional cup holders and usb plugs.

- Lorette A

Most spacious interior and trunk!

The Jetta is one of the best cars on the market. The interior space is amazing for taller people, it feels much roomier than it looks. The trunk space is so much larger than any other car of this size. The gas mileage is great! This is the perfect commuter car.

- Candace H

Not thrilled on the purchase but it�s getting old

The seats are uncomfortable. I don't like the center console armrest. It's very low to the ground. The turning radius is poor. It doesn't accelerate well. It gets good gas mileage. The trunk has a lot of space. Random blind spots. My automatic window has broke.

- Jenna B

Gas mileage is great 40 miles per gallon

Reliable good gas mileage, very comfortable and spacious great for going anywhere. Medium sized car with lots of space in the trunk also. Good on highway, city, and just going around town. Good car for traveling also good family car as well. Good for all sizes

- Maddie G

Nice simple daily driver.

It is the base S model. So not a lot of optional extras. So far that means no electrical issues since it isn't as electronic heavy as more expensive models. It is a 5 speed which one is easy to drive. The clutch is light and doesn't strain the left leg at all

- Brent D

2014 VW Jetta. Looks new!

Light tan interior. 5 speed. Manual. Very reliable. Great gas mileage. 60k miles. Heated seats. No rust. Bluetooth. Sos which is similar to OnStar. Has some get up to it. Roomy trunk. Leather. Cup holders. All airbags work. Never been involved in an accident.

- Heidi C

Pretty good standard car.

It is good. The tire pressure light stays on even after I push the reset button. The battery stopped working last year and had to get a replacement. Other than that it is a pretty good car. Probably could use a higher grade of gas if it were more affordable.

- Brenda W

Ve Jetta's are awesome vehicles!

Great vehicle. Smooth ride, comfortable feel. Treat it well (regular oil changes, etc.) And it will treat you well. Engine can take high mileage and still run great. However, when the parts start to go bad, as they do in all cars, it is a very pricey fix.

- Shannon G

Great small red vehicle with awesome trunk space!

The car is great from getting from one place to another, have not had problems with car. I have a great amount of space. The air conditioning is cold and is quick. The radio has satellite radio and Bluetooth . The car is easy to wash and has a nice color.

- Taylor R

This car fits me very well.

This car has really helped me in the long run. It never has any issues and the gas mileage is just fantastic I wouldn't choose any other car than this one. I have the base model and I just adore it I cannot imagine what others with more features are like.

- Sage T

The VW Jetta gets outstanding gas mileage. I can go approximately 300 miles for every tank of gas - and that is in town driving!

The VW Jetta has been a great car for me. I have had no major problems with the car. I really like that I only need an oil change once a year as well. This car is a showroom model with no fancy features, but provides enough space for family road trips.

- Becky C

It is a German car and has really great technology.

I really enjoy my car. One of the things I wish it had was bluetooth, but I think it came out before that great technology. I am not used to turning on the lights manually. The car runs well but sometimes I feel like it accelerates slower than other cars

- Kenneth D

Awesome car for someone that commutes to and from work.

I like the 30 mpg, interior design, and handling. The size of the trunk is also good because it holds more than expected for the size of the car. I don't like fact that I do not have more options for VW certified repair shops closer to my home.

- Laura N

Love my Volkswagen Jetta!

I love my Jetta. It is comfortable and easy to drive. There is plenty of power and I always feel safe getting in and out of traffic and merging on to the interstate. I wish I had gotten the upgraded package as the basic vehicle is rather plain.

- Faith C


I love my car so very much. It has the cute and sportiness I was looking for with the turbo and sunroof. It has every 'fancy feature I was looking for in a newer car. And it has ran great for my and does well at the maintenance check up

- Brooke S

love my economical car, would highly recommend

I love my volkswagen jetta, it's very economical. I get good gas mileage driving short and long distances. The only issue i've had is with my air conditioner fan belts. Besides that one issue I would definitely buy another Volkswagen

- reagan A

My car has a manual transmission so nobody can steal it.

I like that my car has leather seats and has a manual transmission. The car itself is really nice and fuel efficient. I do not like that when my car sits in the sun all day it gets really hot and it is like stepping into a furnace.

- Charlie L

It gets great gas mileage, drives smooth, and so far has needed no major repairs.

I like the way it drives nice and smooth. I like that it has a sunroof and leather seats and Bluetooth for talking on the phone. I also like the size of the car. It's not too big and not too small. I love that it is gas efficient.

- Marie E

It sucks. Uncomfortable, multiple problems, and not worth the money.

The passenger heated seat hasn't worked since I got it and they admit there's a problem. It's tight to turn to get in and out of driver seat. The transmissions gets hung up sometimes. The fake black leather seats get WAY to hot.

- Tricia A

My car is quite spacious yet compact enough. It is a sporty car and does not use as much gas

I love how speedy and quick my car is. my only complaint is that I wish it was such a bumpy ride since it's pretty much absorbs all the energy from the ground. Also wish I had the upgrade of rear view camera and side sensors.

- Chelsea L

The car handles well on the road and has good speed- quick to get up and go!

I really like the heated seats because it also warms my low back. I like that the interior is easy to clean. I dislike that the cup holder keeps breaking (falling through) and the interior plastic frame falls off at times.

- Jennie H

Its economical. No high gas costs. Easy to upkeep.

I dislike the leather seats and custom parts. I like the way it drives, look, and safety. I wish I would've gotten a more advanced model so that I had a backup camera, tinted windows, Bluetooth enabled, and a fabric seat.

- Monica C

It does well on gas. It is compact sedan.

It does not go fast enough. I wish it had leather seats. It's the stock version. I like that the car is small and compact but it still has enough room on the inside. I like that it has a charging port for the passengers.

- Steward S

It is a great small car and super safe.

The only thing I do not like about it is how it shifts. It is very jerky when it shifts. Also there are no usb ports to plug a phone charger into. Otherwise it is a great little car to drive back and forth to work from.

- Sarah w

Its super pretty and has a sunroof.

The car drives extremely well. It has no blind spots and handles well. The leather seats get really hot in the sun and I've had electrical problems with lights just turning on like the airbag light and flat tire lights.

- Victoria G

Great gas mileage, ability to find car with standard transmission.

I love the gas mileage, and the way the car feels. I do not like that the passenger seat belt detector goes off if there's even a cell phone on it, forcing me to keep the passenger seat belt buckled whenever I drive.

- Brett S

It seems really safe. The brakes system is nice and sensitive and I always feel safe driving it.

I really enjoy this car. It runs smoothly and is extremely quiet. There isn't a windshield wiper on the back window which stinks, and there are no AC vents in the back of the car but other than that this car rocks.

- Tess C

It has a turbo engine, so it MOVES.

Expensive to maintain or repair. Oil changes are over $100.... tires are $600 (my last car was about $400 for tires). Some of the interior is chintzy, broken plastic, etc. Oh and it doesn't have heated seats.

- Amanda J

Very reliable, needs low maintenance.

I like the steering and how easy it is to control. I like the size the best, it is compact and easy to maneuver. My only complaint is that I did not get the model with cruise control, but that is my own fault.

- Lauren M

If you can not afford a BMW get a Volkswagen.

For most part I like my vehicle, because of the tight steering wheel. Also, the quality of how smooth the ride is on the road. I do not have any dislikes about my vehicle. It works and it is great quality car.

- Anne J

It's a good starter car. It damages easily in crashes but the cabin holds well and is safe.

It is a smooth ride and easy to drive. I'd like a few more features. The AC isn't super strong so my kids get hot in the back. I love the gas mileage. It has held value. I've had minimal service appointments.

- Rachel R

2014 Volkswagen Jetta safety review.

The Volkswagen Jetta is a great car for first year drivers. It is a safe car, cheap to repair, and very reliable. My favorite feature is how the car connects to the phone without needing to plug any cords in.

- James I

It has durability and minimum care as it grows older.

I like the simplicity of the features which still provide a lot of driving control and interior comfort. I also like the spaciousness and interior design. I like the storage space and the passenger space.

- Harry A

It gets good fuel mileage and is dependable to get you there and back.

I like the VW Jetta wagon because it is diesel and gets good mileage. The driver's seat can be pumped up higher so that I can see over the steering wheel. It also has heated seats, which is a nice touch.

- Monica S

It is manual transmission so nobody can borrow it.

I love my car! Great on gas and it is manual transmission. I like foreign cars. It is very reliable and have put in a significant amount of miles on my car to travel back and forth for work and leisure.

- Melania A

Very reliable vehicle and easy to drive.

My Jetta is reliable, easy to drive. There is a sound coming from the engine but it does not stop it from performing. I wish there was a light in the glove box, map holder and better lighting interior.

- Janice J

Responsive Driving - this car loves hugging curves.

I love the responsiveness of my car, it's pretty zippy and at the same time I feel safe while driving it. Plus, it's got all the bells & whistles. VW, or German engineering, is living up to its hype.

- Louise H

It is very efficient at highway driving

The VW Jetta has incredible acceleration. The small engine give a surprisingly high amount of power and uses very little gas. the only complaint is the change oil reminders that come on periodically.

- Ryan M

Despite looking somewhat sporty, it actually maintains great mileage.

I like that my car can handle the snow relatively well. It's both efficient and fun to drive. I've had somewhat poor luck with tires either blowing or wearing down more quickly than expected, though.

- Connor B

Enjoying My Volkswagen Jetta!

I haven't had a single problem with my car since purchasing it a year ago. I've loved the performance and size (need to be able to put a lot of stuff in the trunk), and the mileage is acceptable.

- bbb s

2014 Volkswagen Jetta Safety Review

The Jetta is great as a first car for new drivers. It's durable, cheap to repair, reliable, and very safe. The phone to car compatibility is one of my favorite features because it is very useful.

- Areeb I

White Volkswagen Jetta is incredible

This car is very reliable and very good on gas mileage. 30 city / 40 highway, 13.2 gal. It does not take off very fast but once your up and running, you can't even feel the speed difference.

- Brittany S

It is hard to get rid of warning signals even after the problem has been fixed.

I have had no problems with the car so far. The gas mileage is surprisingly good. The seats are comfortable. The trunk is bigger than it seems and I can easily fit a lot more than expected.

- Claudia Z

Money well spent, reliable.

I purchased my vehicle used with about 41,000$ miles on it for 11,500$. I put 2,000$ down and financed the rest. It get great gas mileage and have not had any major issues with it yet.

- Brent B

The most important thing would be the dependability and fuel mileage of 45 mpg.

Emissions issues and a recall. Good fuel economy. Average on mileage is about 45 mpg. Small car but I drive 130 mile round trip to and from work daily and it is a comfortable ride.

- Randy H

It is safe and reliable. Roomy and comfortable. Love it!

I have had no problems with this, or my previous Jettas that I have owned. Very safe! My son has been in accidents in 2 and has not even had a scratch on him (both were totaled.)

- Margaret M

It is one of the safest sedans on the road and has been for several years. It's why I bought it.

It is a safe vehicle that is reliable. The interior is falling apart and starting to have a few issues with it, but I still have a few months left on the 5 year financing of it.

- Amy G

The car has a very smooth drive and it also is very easy to drive. I feel very safe on the road in my jetta.

My car has been extremely reliable. I got the car when it had 6,000 miles on it and I have had it for over a year and I have had zero problems. Runs great and smooth. I love it!

- Tyler S

Jetta's are one of the safest, most fuel-efficient cars on the road.

I absolutely love my Jetta. Not only do I feel safe in the car, but the car itself drives like a dream. The gas mileage is incredible, which is helpful when you live in a city.

- Lucy B

Dependable, diesel fueled car you can count on to get you where you want to go

There are several features that I like in this Jetta. The seats can be pumped up higher so that short people can look over the steering wheel. The front seats can be heated.

- Mary S

My car fits my lifestyle.

My car has a classic style. VW automobiles are fun to drive as well as fit my lifestyle. I'm not fond of the center console and wish it had more space for electronic devices.

- John M

Sporty and reliable roomy inside with comfortable seats.

Very reliable, rides well, mild jerking at times but think its due to certain gas I use. Sporty and comfortable have had it for about 3 years now and no maintenance problems.

- Terri W

That the base model Jetta does not have cruise control.

I have the base model Jetta and the only thing I really dislike is that there is no cruise control. One of the things I love is the size of the trunk. There is so much room.

- Victoria B

I feel safe riding in. It. It has many safety features.

I love the rear back up camera. I use the gps almost daily. I like the fact that I can drive it like a stick. I love the fact that I do not have to insert a key to start it.

- Steven Y

It's safe to drive and it is cost effective doesn't really have any major issue

The Jetta is reliable car its German made and that's one reason why I got it. Its fuel efficient it takes about $40 to fill the tank which can last a week to and from work.

- Sheriamar C

Reliable car. Great style and dependable. Easy to drive and good mileage for gas.

I hate the doors that do not open wide and stay open, they come back to closing and hurt my leg as I leave the car. I like how it adheres to the road, great AC and heat.

- Stella O

My 2014 Volkswagen Jetta is the perfect car and it's affordable.

Overall my 2014 Volkswagen Jetta is a great car. I've had it for a little more than six months and I have no problems with it at all. It runs great. It's great on gas.

- Megan S

The vehicle has a lot of legroom which is a plus for anyone that is tall. When driving well the whole tank can last an entire week. The one negative is that being a European car the part to fix are expensive.

Maintenance is key to keep the car running properly. Without the proper maintenance the car can break down and fixing it will cost a lot more then let's say a Toyota

- Abraham G

Fun economy car to drive and offers a stick shift.

Great gas mileage. Great handling and performance. No issues with car at this time. . There are no special upgrades with the car there for less to break and repair.

- Dennis B

Very smooth to drive. Very flexible music and GPS interface. Classy vehicle.

Extremely reliable vehicle however I recommend it only to people who can afford very expensive maintenance cost. Also do not get black interior with black exterior.

- Daniel T

it is very fun to drive. it handles well and is extremely responsive.

i like that it handles very well. it is fun to drive and sporty. i have had no mechanical problems with it, very reliable. it holds a lot and is rather spacious

- linda l

I think Jetta's make good dependable cars, are efficient, and a good car for the money. I would certainly recommend one for someone who wants an "around town" car.

I actually love most things about my Jetta. Would like to be a little higher off the ground and have a backup camera but it has been a dependable car. Economical.

- Laurie P

It is under rated for a sports car.

The Jetta is very comfortable to drive at night and day. Its build for an all day driver. What I do not like it waste a lot of gas. It is not made for rainy days.

- Julio J

The one most important thing others should know about my Jetta is that there are so many technology features

I love the sound system in the car and all of the technology features. The seats are comfortable and I like the seat warmers. But the blind spots are pretty big.

- Olivia D

It is very practical and cost efficient.

It is to small and I prefer driving an SUV. It has 75,000 miles on it. I do enjoy the massive gas mileage that I get on my diesel engine. I do enjoy my sunroof.

- Heather J

Reliable, inexpensive, and comfortable. All around a good car.

Really comfortable. Easy and cheap to fix. Great gas mileage. A lot of trunk space which is great because my husband and I move around a lot. Very reliable car.

- Emily S

Jetta: zippy midsize, great first car

Pros: great gas mileage, a lot of trunk space for a midsize car, good get up and go Cons: small (tall husband feels cramped), some driver side blind spot issues

- Ali F

It gets great gas mileage and it very affordable to drive.

It is the best vehicle we have owned. Low maintenance, great gas mileage and very comfortable ride. It is what you would expect from a German engineered car.

- Keith C

It is mine and it drives very smooth. I feel secure in it.

I like the features and it feels solid. I thought that it was more spacious than it is. I do not like the stereo system and my Bluetooth makes a funny sound.

- Carla C

The most important thing is that it gets 45-50 miles per gallon.

I like that it get 45-50 miles per gallon, And I like the comfort for the long drives everyday. I don't like that it was recalled and I would prefer a truck.


It feels safe and solid. It is very spacious and drives very smooth. The gears transition very well, not too jerky.

The vehicle drives great and is very luxurious. The sound system works well and I have only had one problem since I purchased it in 2014. Great engineering.

- Xaver O

It is safe and has great safety ratings.

Drives great, comfortable, safe, very reliable, looks good, average trunk space, child seats fit with room to spare, great gas mileage, smooth to operate.

- Sarah C

Basic but still a lot of features.

It is the basic version but still has a lot of features like Bluetooth for hands free phone. It has been reliable so far. Haven't had to replace anything.

- Susan J

It belongs to me and that it doesn't accelerate very quickly - especially up hills and inclines.

An underpowered engine but decent vehicle for intercity travel. Basically has no bells or whistles but can protect its occupants in case of any collision.

- christina h

The acceleration is amazing. It picks up nice

It is luxurious and has a great sound system. The engine and transmission run well, you may have a few minor fixes here and there but it is a great car.

- Xaver O

Volkswagens are extremely reliable vehicles and hold their value

I love it. VW's are always so reliable and well made. The performance is great because it's four cylinder turbo which makes it feel like a six cylinder.

- Steven D

Good car gas saver compact love the heated seats.

It is candy apple red sunroof heated seats wine cooler saves on gas drives highway great. Tires are a lil expensive but it is better than to get them.

- Sharon H

It is automatic and manual shift

It is very reliable and dependable. I love my car the only thing is the maintenance can be costly so as a preventive measure I do regular oil changes.

- Maribel T

Great gas mileage, fun and sporty.

It is a nice little car, it handles well, and the features are nice. It shifts a little hard at times, which I do not like. It gets great gas mileage.

- Cest M

The performance is great, handling, and safety features.

Excellent handling and great mileage. Insurance is expensive compared to other makes of cars. Vehicle has many features that I like and appreciate.

- John H

The most important thing is that quality is good for the price paid.

It is a good reliable car. The quality of the car for the price paid is good. I don't like that the price for maintenance on Volkswagens is high.

- Jean N

It is efficient and spacious.

I love that my vehicle is a well built vehicle. As long as I keep up with the maintenance it should last me a long time. I do not like the color.

- Jazz T

It is a great value for the money that we spent. Great purchase.

I like the comfort of the interior of my vehicle. I like the design and style of the inside and outside. I like the gas mileage that it gives me.

- Louise Y

It performs wonderfully, is comfortable, rides quite smoothly, and is not expensive. Just be careful what dealer you purchase it from!

Overall, I very much like my vehicle. Having said that, I find it hard to back up, as apparently I'm not tall enough to see over the back seats.

- Yvette A

I love VOlkswagen. The new Jetta is cooler than the old Jetta.

I like the new design for the Jetta 2019. Other than that. My car is awesome. It has a twin turbo and I can go to places in the best quality car

- Daniel A

I love driving this car because it is gas efficiency and it is a safe car to drive.

Coolant level shows up a lot, but the gas will last a long time, drives well and also looks nice, I love the headlights. Trunk is very spacious.

- Natalie M

Great size and really easy to maintain. Good on gas, and can really move!

I was a little skeptical at first coming from a bigger vehicle, but I love my Jetta. It is very fast, and very good on gas and easy to maintain.

- Destiny D

The car drives very nicely and has a very sleek look to it.

I love the way that the car drives. It has a very attractive look. It is a very reliable car and has not had any issues since it was purchased

- Liz B

That it is a reliable car that will get you where you want and quickly.

I like that I have a small car, I like to color of the paint and the interior. I do not like the plastic hub caps and it can be hard to clean.

- Taylor R

it is really fun to drive and has a great price

the car is really fun to drive and has a very nice looking interior. there have been very few issues with the car and it gets good gas mileage

- bill W

It drives smooth and has a great handle on the road. Super comfy too!

My car has not given me any issues, it is a great car. I am looking to get an SUV in the next year. I want more space and a larger vehicle.

- Melody H

It's sturdier that most other cars nowadays.

I love the power and feel of it. I got a great deal on a used car and I've never been happier! It looks great and is even better to drive.

- Namrata P

It is a basic car with no fancy frills

It is very noisy inside the cabin. There are no air vents for the rear passengers. The phone microphone picks up too much additional noise

- Greg A

Good for the city driver, good for the country driver

no vehicle maintenance problems and the car has decent performance and excellent gas mileage. could be more comfortable but gets me around

- Lisa C

The breaks on the car are touchy. So caution when using them.

it's a nice small car. I like that it's a small car but not cramped on the inside. I dislike that it has air condition and sensor issues.

- michelle e

Very reliable and very good endurance.

I like the MPG of the vehicle and the way it accelerates quickly when needed. I don't like the fact that it is very expensive to repair.

- Edward B

I think for the price, you can not get a sportier sedan.

I like the pep of the engine. It gets decent fuel mileage. The interior is abit tight. I have had way too many minor problems with it.

- Byron M

Navigators are the best riding SUVs.'.

Burns oil at higher speeds. The shifting is rough moves entire car. Not enough space. Overall its a girl car. Lots of mechanical issue.

- David P

Does not come with cruise control.

Nice big trunk to store a wheelchair in. Drives smoothly. The model I have does not have cruise control. It was a huge surprise to me.

- Karen P

Base model Jetta, add ons include tinted windows, 17 inch wheels, monster mats inside and other than that, its a base model.

I have loved my Jetta since the day I left the lot with it. Its comfortable, super reliable and I have never had any issues with it.

- Hugh D

This car is great give the price.

I like how it rides but I wish it sat higher. I wish the transmission was a little smoother on hills. I like the great gas mileage.

- Julia J

It is great on gas mileage. Great car for long trips.

I like the comfort, economical, handles well. I do not like how the transmission is o the car nor that it does not have navigation.

- Brian M

It is a very well made car.

I love my car. I do wish it was bigger because now I use a car seat. Great on gas. Very reliable. Still looks and feels brand new.

- Heath G

It is super safe, but it still looks cool.

It is comfy. It's great on gas mileage. German car manufacturers make the best paint colors. It's voted one of the safest cars.

- Heather M

Great value, great driving even in the snow.

I like that it is small & good on gas, I do not like the automatic starter button, & the car is starting to get creaky in places.

- Marilyn M

The car is reliable and good on gas.

It is roomy, comfortable and good on gas. The ride is smooth and has good pickup for getting on the highway. Parts are expensive.

- Kelley P

I like the Bluetooth audio and stereo system.

It is really reliable, I have had it for 2 years now, driven it across the country twice and still never had a problem with it.

- Hayley T

It's small, fast, and comfortable making it a great family car or starter car

Drives smoothly, seats 5 comfortably, has spacious inside and spacious trunk. No major maintenance issues, overall a solid car.

- Jade G

It is a very reliable automobile.

I like that it is gas efficient, small, user friendly, color.... I dislike that it does not have navigation or apple carplay..

- Jessica R

2014 Jetta hybrid. Beware of extended warranties.

Having issues with the hybrid to gas transmission clutch. Should be covered under warranty but they are refusing to cover it.

- Nicole H

The two liter engine is underpowered with the automatic transmission.

It is a reliable car and it well built. It is a good vale for the money spent. I dislike the fact that it is underpowered.

- Richard T

I can fit my power wheelchair in the trunk with plenty of room for other luggage.

It gets good MPG. The Jetta has the most cargo space of any sedan. I wish the Sportwagen Jetta was still being produced.

- Mitchel L

It is fun to drive, and gets good mileage. Easy to park, accelerates well on interstate.

It fits into parking spaces, good turn radius, enough pick up for daily use, good gas mileage. Just a great everyday car.

- Janie O

it is a one of the best German car.

gas efficient,small compact car, easy to park. inside is not too roomy .doesn't go so fast but for city It's pretty good

- john m

Volkswagen safety ratings are amongst the best

I love everything about this car.The Jettas horsepower is phenomenal. Volkswagen makes one of the safest cars out there.

- Casey F

It does not have a lot of miles on it.

It is not a smooth ride, the windows are broken, the Bluetooth is spotty, some of the leather is ripped on the seating.

- Emily B

That it gets great gas mileage.

I do not like that this model does not have cruise control and the steering wheel is tight. But I like the gas mileage.

- Lisa C

It has great fuel economy and is economical to drive.

I like how economical it is to drive. I like the size of the car. I like how inexpensive it was to purchase brand new.

- Melanie S

It is a good car and reasonably priced, would recommend

Drives smoothly, tires seem to be sensitive, good bluetooth features, air conditioning and temperature could be better

- Annie Y

That I am happy with what I drive.

None buy or lease it it's a very fuel efficient car with low maintenance great interior and the body is really flashy.

- James S

Very dependable and a great value.

I love the gas mileage. Some parts of the exterior are pulling apart. Love that I can go 10k before an oil change.

- Kelly L

My car is very economical.

I like my care cause it is very economical. The interior is very nice as well. Nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Colleen W

It is a great car, must push brake to start it.

I love the way it drives. I love that gas is economical. I enjoy the space in it, as the seats in back fold down.

- Morgan R

It has some of the best gas mileage. It also looks great both inside and out.

I love how new my car is. It has new feature that i did not have before in other cars. It gets great gas mileage.

- Kevin J

It's a basic model so it doesn't have built in navigation or camera in the back.

The VW requires more frequent oil changes than regular cars. It does pretty well on gas. It has good speed on it.

- Crystal L

It is a simple car that works really well, no matter who you are.

I love my Jetta, especially since this is my first car. It get good gas mileage and I feel safe driving my car.

- Ann M

It has leather seats which are nice

It has great gas mileage and I love it. It's small and gets me where I need to go. I love the interior as well.

- Madeline P

Prepare to pay extra for everything for maintenance or consider another choice.

Good car but could be stronger. Expensive to maintenance. Very fuel efficient. Recommend to get the 2. 5 liter.

- Ashley C

It is great in gas mileage. It is a diesel.

It has the space for my kids. It's great on gas. Repairs are decent priced. It's just great all the way around.

- Crystal C

It is very dependable and will not have major issues.

I love the look and feel of my car. It runs very well and has not had major issues. The horn did stop working.

- Mike R

Economical, it really gets good mileage.

Reliable but the pickup is not that great. Noisy cabin interior when driving. Windows frost up very easily.

- Chew S

Only need a oil change about once a year. It don't burn a lot of oil.

It's a very good running car. If you would like a small car that save on gas then a Jetta is right for you.

- Ebony C

It has been a very reliable vehicle compared to most vehicles on the road today.

I love foreign cars, the style and the speed. I do not like the fact that the maintenance is so expensive.

- Sharon Y

my car is easy to use and has sport mode. very good car if you are on your own

very convenient car. Has good sport mode and is comfortable. Although space can be small it runs smoothly

- Tiffany G

It moves smooth and is the best car I had yet.

The Volkswagen Jetta really didn't give me any problems. The performance of the car is amazing I love it.

- Shaquila M

VW Jetta. Nice interior. Bluetooth.

Very reliable. Good gas mileage. Seats are very comfortable. Has Bluetooth. Nice speakers. Push to start.

- William H

Parts are hard to find and a bit expensive.

Good on gas, easy to drive, comfortable. Maintenance is a bit pricey, and parts take a while to come in.

- Jill K

That it is a great car for its price.

It stutters on low rpms sometimes. Has a good amount of space and moves fast. Has good miles per gallon.

- Randy M

It has very good power and it gets great gas mileage.

I like the power ride and handling. I do not like the interior, my drivers side seat has ripped already.

- Kenneth G

sports mode feature is available which is great and there is lot inside space

It gives very comfortable driving experience. The mileage is excellent. The design of the car is great!


High standard car engine. Good on gas.

The car is good on gas mileage. I like the small size of the car. The color black show up dirt quick.

- Ethel G

That my jeep is a older car but runs good and gets me to my job and back home.

I love the fuel mileage. I love the speakers. I dislike the fact that vw is not making them anymore.

- Teresa B

I like it and you cannot convince me to sell it.

Does not accelerate well when ac is on. It did not come with cruise control. It is very attractive.

- Mary G

The quality of the vehicle is better than the vehicles I have owned before it. I would buy another Volkswagen.

I like the quality of the vehicle. I also like the reliability. The vehicle is also fun to drive

- Katie K

Reliable, sleek, comfortable, great on gas, and sexy.

It's sporty and still so great on gas. I love how comfortable the seats are. It's a durable car.

- Kristine S

It uses gas efficiently and gets me to where i am going.

It has good gas mileage. It rides smoothly. It requires little repairs to maintain performance.

- ziya c

great on fuel. good size car, not too small and not too large

super easy ride. the only thing i'm not a fan of is that the parts are expensive on this car

- priya k

It's foreign so u might have a lot of mechanical issues in the long run

I like the vehicle the only thing I dont like it's not as spacious as my other vehicle

- Lane j

The handling and performance. The vehicle has always been easy to handle and has not had any mechanical problems.

I like the style. I like the performance. I like the customer service. No complaints.

- ann b

doesn't have auto headlights. doesn't have moonroof.

it is fairly reliable. room for 5. low service costs. doesn't have auto light switch!

- richard r

It handles well and picks up speed quickly.

I like the way the car handles. It is fun to drive. I like the gas mileage.

- Michelle F

It drives amazingly well. It is easy to maneuver at higher speeds through the mountains.

I like the comfort and gas mileage. I do not like the loud noise of the car.

- Ella F

Everything about it is good, fun to drive and cost efficient.

The way it looks. The way it drives. The good mpg. The fun of owning it.

- Marie F

Great comfort and rarely any issues.

I like the interior. I like the shape. I like the notification warnings.

- santrisa W

the VW jetta a very nice small car

i like how the car picks up speed. i like the gas mileage the car gets.

- chris V

Reliable. No bells or whistles. Sporty looking. Good fuel mileage. Easy to clean. Small family friendly.

Reliable. Easy maintenance. Economical in fuel and maintenance up keep.

- Nat B

Great fuel mileage and we love volkswagen cars still

It's a diesel engine. Gets wonderful gas mileage. Lots of storage space

- Jessica T

Comfortable. Showy. Awesome interior. Reliable safe car.

I love the interior. The features are great. Sunroof is everything.

- Stephanie U

The repair costs can be expensive. Be sure to keep up with all maintenance to avoid the unnecessary ones.

This is a very good quality vehicle. I dislike the radio & speakers

- Wakeelah F

Great gas mileage all the time

It's comfortable and spacious. I have heated seats and s sunroof

- Tiffany C

Fun to drive, good on gas, small, smooth ride, a great price

A smooth ride that is fun to drive. The car gets very good MPGs

- Chris A

i like that it's easy to drive. i wish that lights were automatic.

it's a great car that is easy to drive for first time drivers

- rose c

Dependability is the most important thing for me and the Volkswagen delivers on this.

It is fast. It is dependable. It is environmentally friendly.

- Kim J

Good looks, good features

I'm not getting the promised Mileage by VW for this vehicle

- Abhijit S

I love the gas mileage I get. It has a smooth ride. I also love my satellite radio.

As long as you do the upkeep on it, it will be good to you.

- Kandice M

It is very zippy and gets great gas mileage, it is very fun to drive.

I love that it's turbo and I dislike absolutely nothing.

- lydia m

I love my volkswagen jetta. It is blue, has four tires and goes fast and my volkswagen jetta has a radio.

My volkswagen jetta is great because it goes fast.

- John w

This car is somewhat difficult to have work done. You'll need to take it to the volkswagen dealership

I love everything about my car. The car is great.

- Lucas R

It's reliable and It's gas efficient. it fits people comfortably

It's reliable, stylish, compact, and cool

- janet l

Awesome car and never let me down we'll worth the money.

- Keith V

The Volkswagen Jetta with great performance and durability.

- Stevie D