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Why my Jetta is so amazing, and you should get one.

This is my second Volkswagen Jetta that I have purchased/ leased and I absolutely love it. Not only does it provide excellent gas mileage, it is comfortable, reliable, and easy to handle. It is wonderful for tight parking spots and parallel parking. My newest model also includes a sunroof, and it was a great addition to an already adored vehicle. The touch to start is an added feature that I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy. It makes for quick startups and turn offs, while enjoying leaving my keys in my purse. I am able to get in and out quickly. The leather interior is fantastic for clean ups as I have a toddler and expecting our second. I adore this car!

- Brittany S

People and coworkers are always complimenting me on my car.

I love my Jetta Volkswagen 2018 this is actually my second Jetta I have purchased I like that they're comfortable ride smooth and do not give me any mechanical problems. It gives me outstanding gas mileage on the road and on highway. It is not to small and not a huge car it is a perfect sedan. The seats are heated and leather which are a great upgrade it has led daylight running lights and fog lights. I have driven a Jetta Volkswagen for the last 6 to 7 years and I would definitely buy another one if I needed to.

- Javier D

Gas saver and smooth ride.

Warranty 6 years 72,000 miles. Smooth driving. Great looking car. Great price @ $22,000. Like the back up camera and other cameras around the car letting you know if a car/person is around the car or if any other cars are too close. The rims are so sporty on the se. Love the sunroof too! Love the apple phone set up features. The headlights with led allows you to see straight and on the sides really good. Also where we purchased the car @ a ciocca dealership they are always so professional to work with.

- Gail B

Great car for the price! Nice braking & lane changing assist features.

My 2018 VW Jetta 1.8t sport is a very nice vehicle for the price I paid for. There are a few thing that VW made it so wrong because they do not keep their traditional! (1) cheap interior quality, (2) soft suspension, (3) it is second top trim but VW does not include (or remove) digital climate control, auto headlamp, remote garage opener, lousy speakers (head unit should be ok!). However, these are pro items - great engine, good freeway mileage, solid body, great brake & lane changing assist.

- Erik E

This car drives so smooth on any road.

I really love driving a Jetta. The car is the perfect size (not too big, but has plenty of room for what I need). The drive is so smooth regardless of the road condition I am driving on. The speed builds smoothly as well. The Bluetooth for my phone is perfect because it hooks up easily, and I am able to use the steering wheel controls for the music too. The heated seats are also perfect for cold nights. The trunk also fits a decent amount in it.

- Caroline M

Great gas mileage turbo is great to have when you need to drive in a busy city.

I absolutely love this vehicle I have had no issues with it so far. The gas mileage is fantastic I can go 2 weeks driving back and forth to work on one tank of gas and still have gas left my job is only about 5 miles away but I also drive long distances sometimes with my job and I just love how far I get. Another thing that I love about this car is the power it has if I need to get up and go the power is right there.

- Tammy H

Great on gas, sleek, fun drive.

Comfort: heated seats, lighted interior, seats very comfortable. Smooth ride. My vehicle is a manual and I like the no drift on hills. Easy navigation panel and easy Bluetooth connection. Cons: brand new car has flaws in paint job. Passenger seat is only manually adjusted not electric power like the drivers side. Vents on dash are limited to the range of direction of airflow.

- Anita H

My VW Jetta is incredible, 10/10 recommend this car.

I love my Volkswagen Jetta. This is the second Jetta that I have driven. The first was a 2014 Jetta, that was leased for three years, and then bought by my family and then given to my sister to drive. The performance of my current Jetta is excellent. The car runs fantastically. I have taken many long journeys in this car, and it is the most comfortable ever.

- Alex F

Love my Jetta! Great roomy trunk space. Great touch screen.

My Jetta is a nice car. It has a touch screen that my navigation appears on. It also can open apps from my phone. Sometimes it doesn't work so good when I get a call and it interrupts the navigation then it stops working all together and you have to reset it. The Jetta gets pretty good gas mileage and has good brakes. Comfortable seating and roomy trunk.

- Kim T

Slick and safe car- style abounds.

The jetta sport is fun to drive and has a really. Comfortable ride while driving in city, on highways or in the country. It . Handles bumps well and is smooth. It is. Cute and I feel confident and happy while cruising. It gets good gas mileage in city as well as on highways. . The inside is slick, nice leather and the way it syncs with my phone is nice.

- Liz K

2018 Jetta se sport, best sports sedan for the money.

I have the vehicle for 6 months, and so far no issues, no mechanical problems, inside the vehicle is nice and solid no problems at all, the 180 hp engine is strong, and does not eat up a lot of gas, the leather seats are very nice and have a heated option for those cold days, and the 8 inch radio display has apple carplay and android auto.

- Martin V

Amazing car, great tech package.

This car is very reliable. The inside is roomy, the leatherette seats are a dream. CarPlay included in the se is great, especially for navigation. The car gets up and goes when it needs to, also. The only issue that I have is the manual seat adjustment. Though I know this is common in most VW models, I feel it may be time for an upgrade.

- Will O

I love the screen that allows me to connect my phone.

Its a sports version, with black rims and black leather interior that I love because it's easy to clean. Its fast and economic. Has a sunroof. Has not given me any problems. I love the screen it has because it lets me connect my phone to it and allows me to take calls hands free which makes driving easier and safer.

- Laura B

Out with old in with the new.

I just got the car 6 mos. ago so I haven't had any problems with it at all. My Jetta is a 4 door sedan, I have never had a 4 door before. I like not having to squish my passengers in through a seat pulled forward. Before this car I owned a 2009 eos. I loved that car very little problems, just got old.

- Mary S

Fantastic car! Very few complaints.

I haven't had any issues with this vehicle. I love that it connects to my phone and has a touchscreen. The heated seats are a nice feature. The car is very speedy for the size and is very easy to move around. Every once in awhile my phone has issues connecting via USB cable to the onboard console.

- Megan H

VW Jetta is an awesome car.

My recent car lease is a Volkswagen Jetta se. It is a compact car with plenty of features. Excellent in gas mileage. It drives smooth and inside details are superb. The monthly payments are affordable and due to the fact that I do not spend a lot in gas, it makes this the perfect vehicle for me.

- Amanda M

Great car for someone with long travel.

Would buy another one tomorrow. Its dependable and rides smooth on my rather long commute. The gas mileage is amazing and provides many options for upgrades. The cost was not nearly as much as expected and have found my value out of it. My next car will most definitely be a Volkswagen.

- Adam J

Comfortable, simple, safe, and reliable.

I love my car. I have had it for almost a year and I have no problems with it so far. It performs perfect with great handle. Does not have all the glitz and gadgets of most new cars. Very simple and reliable. Just like I like it! Rear view camera is my best friend while parking.

- Alex R

The most important thing would be the need for premium gas.

I love my Jetta. I have the gli, which comes with a few luxurious I really enjoy. It has a lower back rest, Bluetooth connect for my phone, a glove box that locks and the 2. 0 engine with the turbo. My only complaint would be the need for premium gas, it gets pricey.

- Anthony I

My silver/white Volkswagen Jetta.

I love my Jetta. It is a 2018 and I have had it for one year with absolutely no problems. It always starts. It is very comfortable, 5 people can fit in it with no problem. It has a large trunk, great back up camera and the turbo makes it have a lot of get up and go.

- Nina D

The Volkswagen Jetta is a reliable and great car, I recommend!

The Volkswagen Jetta is one of my favorite cars. It is good on gas, it drives smooth, is spacious, good speaker system, and you do not need an oil change until 10, 000 miles. It is a reliable car. The only issue I have had is tire pressure, but it is an easy fix.

- Bridget F

Jetta has great gas mileage!

This car is very nice and a smooth ride! It gets very good gas mileage! I love all the features it has to offer! I love that it has huge trunk space! Even sitting in the back seat is comfortable, especially with it being roomy! I'd definitely recommend the Jetta!

- Samantha C

Volkswagen Jetta Comfortable and Safe

My vehicle has lots of great features that make me feel safe every time I'm in it; for instance, the back up camera and blind spot lights on my mirrors. The performance is great and reliable. The Jetta I own has heated seats and a sun roof. Overall awesome car!

- Sofia J

Best heated front seats. I love it.

It is very good vehicle. And the steering is really good. And the music is good. Ambient color option is good. Heated front seats and nice dashboard with digital cockpit telling the speed and the leg room behind the seats is good and has the large trunk space.

- Suresh N

I love the Bluetooth on my vehicle and the surround sound.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle I love it. It is the most beautiful thing ever it haves s nice ride and nice interior and exterior Volkswagen did an amazing job with my vehicle. It will be the car that I pass in to my children as their first car.

- Courtney C

The car will most definitely destroy your inner manhood

Car drives like it's German, thing runs like a champ and you know your getting good quality. The luxury aspect isn't lacking either, the car is beautifully designed and amazing interior. Don't forget about that comfort either! Great for road trips

- Garrett G

This most important thing is the safety of the car.

I love the style and all the special effects. I love that it warns me if someone of something is too close to the back of the car. I love that I get great gas mileage. It is a beautifully made vehicle and I expect to get many years out of it.

- Charlotte H

That the gas mileage is pretty good, not great but better than most.

It is pretty small and it has an eco option. It seems to handle well on the highway and city. The best feature I think is the flashing lights on the side mirrors because they warn the driver when it is not safe to change lanes.

- Jo K

Comfortable and spacious with great features!

This car is very comfortable and has a good amount of room, the trunk is very large and can fit lots of luggage or suitcases. The touch screen and Bluetooth speakers were a great addition for me from my old car.

- Maria Y

My car is great on gas & has a beautiful interior.

I love the look of the dashboard in my car. I do not like that it does not have push start like my previous car, a 2015 Jetta. I would like for the display screen to be a little larger in my car.

- Marisa M

affordable luxury features are a bonus w/extra perks such as safety features

extra features such as (carplay/sunroof/Bluetooth) and safety features such as anti-theft,backup camera & side mirror alerts in addition to its general reliability and overall low maintenance

- sarah d

The best combo of tech packages on the market.

It's easily the best car I've ever owned. It's has so many cool tech packages in it we've nicknamed it, "The Spaceship." Great gas mileage, cool tech stuff, and it's a dream to drive.

- Michael H

It is a new car so it is very touchy. But it is fun to drive.

I like that it is sporty without a huge price tag. Pretty much came standard with leather. The transmission is a little weird and I am still not used to it. Otherwise great car!

- Kara J

Amazing white Volkswagen Jetta!

Perfect for me! I have a white Jetta and it is super stylish and comfortable seats. It gets great gas mileage and easy to change my music without looking away from the road.

- Sarah P

The gas mileage is wonderful.

I have the Wolfsburg edition and it gets great gas mileage and handles well. I opted out of the fancy stuff but the engine speak for itself and has great acceleration.

- Douglas S

It's great almost never you should encounter issues.

I like that it does not give me any trouble, I like the exterior of it and the interior, I do not like that sometimes gas to fill it up cn cost more.

- L A

Jetta is comfortable yet challenge to understand

At times the windshield wipers will go on by itself, comfortable seats. The features on the steering wheel can be difficult to use and understand.

- Michelle S

It is safe and reliable. It also is very easy to use

I have the most basic model, but it does have a backup camera, Bluetooth capabilities, and easy to use controls. I do wish it had seat heaters.

- Helen R

It drives great. Comfortable.

I love the way it looks, the interior is awesome. It drives really well. Very fast and strong vehicle. Comfortable. I don't have any dislikes.

- Carlos P

It's not too bad, just hard to compare to other smarter cars

Compared to the chevy cruze it hadw first, it is not as smart of a car. The basic model lacks basic functions I took for granted in my cruze.

- Eduardo C

That it may look small on the outside it is very roomy on the inside. And it drives very well

I love the size of the car, the color of it. The way it handles, it drives so smooth. And it's my first brand new car. I have no dislikes.

- April P

Vehicle has 1. 4 turbo. Engine is of tsi economic and fast. Affordable for any.

A well rounded vehicle. 3 modes of driving. Includes a turbo and luxury design finish. Engine runs over 500, 000 miles in its life time.

- Christopher S

Rides really well in all weather conditions and it is sleek looking.

Car has great pick up. Extremely reliable in bad road conditions. Nice added features like carplay. Love the added roadside assistance.

- Patricia W

Great gas mileage and it is affordable.

Great gas mileage and affordable dislike the pain and no coin holder for change. There should be a better place to hole excess coins.

- Wendy M

Great Value and Terms. I am very happy to recommend it to others.

It is one of the best vehicles I have ever driven. Gets great mileage and the terms fit my budget.It is even better than my Mazda6.

- tony t

Sleek, Smooth Ride with backup cam

This vehicle is very reliable and very cost efficient on gas. It has a built in sport mode which allows for a nice smooth drive.

- Kahseem C

All new safety upgrades since my last VW purchase.

Safe and stylish. I like the new warranty program. Excellent customer service at the dealership I purchased my new vehicle.

- Lyn C

Its very economic and very updated.

Gets good gas mileage. Like the shape and unique color, bronze. The car handles well on the road in any weather condition.

- Julie A

It fits eight people. It has all wheel drive.

I love my brand new car! I haven't had a brand new car in so long! I love driving it and the smell of the newness of it!.

- Jackie J

It is a manual transmission.

It is a manual transmission that we love. The gas mileage is amazing. It works perfectly for a daily commuter vehicle.

- Andy G

Well-built and handles very well.

Jetta is an excellent sedan; rides well, good gas mileage, comfortable, has features I like and I highly recommend it.

- Louise M

How good it is on gas especially on the highway.

I really like the Bluetooth connectivity. It is very spacious and has a large trunk. It is also very good on mileage.

- Haley G

It is elegant and besides that very comfortable a family car

I love it for its comfort and elegance but also it has a lot of power and its design is very fast, it is very modern

- Alex j

Others should know it is a reliable car and gets good gas mileage

I don't like that it doesn't have bigger trunk but otherwise I love the car and the fact it gets good gas mileage

- Colleen A

The most important thing about my car is that it is safe.

I love Volkswagen cars, it is the only car brand I would buy. They are safe and reliable. I love how they drive.

- Tara L

Keyless ignition. So easy just pressing a button.

Nothing. It handles well. I like the turbo also. We've had VW's for many years and will continue buying them.

- Mo M

The car that I chose has a really unique color (space gray).

I love how smooth the car operates. The car has bluetooth and touch screen capability which is a nice feature.

- Quevin B

It is great for long distance drives, cruise control helps save on gas.

It is a very reliable car. Great on gas mileage. It has a lot of trunk space. It handles well in the snow.

- Melissa F

I love the design of the car overall, it really is a unique look. It makes a statement!

My vehicle is very safe and gas efficient. It drives really smoothly especially if it's a long car ride.

- Peter C

Cool design with edges for a good price

Interesting colors modern design good price and can have app connect to your phone and satellite radio

- Rotem S

It is fully loaded with leather seats, moonroof, and all the bells and whistles

I seem to sit in a well and a little hard to get out of. I do like the looks and steering capability

- Rose Q

There is no all wheel drive and it doesn't drive well In snow

I hate that it doesn't have all, wheel, drive. It makes if scary to drive in the snow and rain

- Reba S

The car gets good gas mileage and therefore is quite efficient. I love it

Perfect for a family. Powerful engine that helps drive comfortably. No complaints to be said

- Timothy P

I love the size of my Jetta. It's small and cute. It's also quick! It's fun to drive and can go pretty fast very quickly.

My car is cute and fun to drive, with fun features like a sunroof and heated seats.

- Jamie H

Safe to drive and affordable.

I like the look, size and safety of the jetta. Comfortable and easy to handle.

- Fa H

the gas mileage is very good with about 500 miles to a tank

it is too small. I didn't realize that the inside was so small.

- Eddie R

I love the compact size of my Jetta. The radio sounds awesome. I use bluetooth every day to stream music. I dislike that the lights don't come on automatically at dusk like our Passat.

My car is new. Looks and drives great! Gas fill up is cheap.

- Tina B

Volkswagens live forever. They are a great investment and priced appropriately. Good gas mileage.

Love: backup camera Leather seats Big trunk Upgraded tires

- Monica M

The safety features and the hybrid components. The car is very cost effective.

I love the tight turning radius and the fuel efficiency.

- Bridgit P

My VW Jetta is very comfortable and reliable. The backseat is perfect for driving my family around and the trunk is very spacious. I've had multiple Jetta's and I would purchase another in the future.

My VW Jetta is very reliable. I have no complaints.

- Michelle Y

6 year extended warranty available

Nothing to dislike but love the look and drive feel

- tho H

It is a very safe car, has more room that it looks

Like the Five speed, do wish it was a six speed

- Nathan D