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Feels like new-money-luxury.

I recently traded in my leased 2017 Jetta se for a 2019 Jetta se. While the 2019 version is a bit longer, a bit more cargo space, a much larger sunroof, a bigger and better-oriented touch screen, a more clear back-up camera, and a bit more fuel efficient, it is still extremely similar to the 2017 version. The biggest noticeable change is the transmission. The newer version is much smoother in its gear shifting, but it feels less sporty. I wonder if there is any difference in the suspension since the newer version is a bit longer. The 2017 version seemed sportier overall: more responsive acceleration, tight handling suspension, etc. The 2019 version has a more luxury feel to it. The software for the touch screen is a little cleaner and more user friendly, and it interacts better with a connected cell phone. Overall, I am very happy with my new Jetta.

- Bill S

Best warranty out there. Big reason we purchased our 2019 Jetta.

I absolutely love my new Jetta. I am not one that loves cars. I got rid of my 2011 jeep rubicon due to the cost of gas was running me over $200.00 a month. My daughter has a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta and she let me borrow it. After driving my daughters Jetta I was in love with the car. This is really weird cause I hate cars. So when I decided I was getting rid of my jeep I went online and found myself a new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta se. This is the best purchase I have ever made. The gas mileage is amazing. I fill up once a month it now costs me 30.00 a month for gas now versus the $200.00 I was paying on my jeep. I love everything about this car I just wish I would of purchased the one with electric seats and the better sound system. I am in love with my new Jetta. I highly recommend this car.

- Tammy F

VW Jetta with safety features and stylish trim.

I love my VW Jetta! It gets great gas mileage and has an optional eco feature that improves miles per gallon even more. The car is virtually silent and has great response. Bluetooth and Apple Carplay are features I use everyday and I also like that the screen can display a map for navigation. My absolute favorite feature is the backup camera. I don't know what I did before back up cam. I just feel safer knowing that I've got extended visibility. Additionally the blind spot assistance is also an added safety feature that has come in useful many times. All in all, I couldn't be more thrilled with this car and I'll drive it until it falls apart.

- Lea D

Lots of car for not a lot of money as long as you get the sel

I have an SEL model with a lot of options. The digital dash and infotainment system offer a lot of user customization. The 1.4L turbo offers great gas mileage, I get a out 500 miles per tank of gas, but could offer a little more power. The only real complaint I have is with the sunroof. The cover VW used is terrible, it's basically a piece of mesh fabric that offers no blockage from the sun or heat. The other thing is the wind deflector the pops up when the sunroof is open. It's just a cheap piece of fabric that does nothing and will probably not last long. Other than that, it's a great car.

- Nick R

The car for a new family!

Love this car! The warranty is 7 years or 84,000 miles, it rides smooth, and it's got great features. The side mirrors have lights that detect someone in your blind spots, and the car has a warning if you're getting too close to the car in front of you. There are only a couple of things I would change. You have to hit the unlock button SEVERAL times before it unlocks all the doors and not just one. Also when riding on highways or other more curvy roads, the Jetta can be a little jerky. Overall, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat! Perfect for our baby and the two dogs to ride along with us.

- Kirstie B

Carplay and voice control – lets you do so much just by talking to the car.

I love my car! It is very comfortable, mostly because it is very roomy on the inside. The dashboard is angled towards the driver, which I really like. It has a lot of great features including carplay so I can connect my phone to the car and have it read me my text messages or map things for me. I have only had it a few months, but haven't experienced any problems. I have only driven Volkswagens before, but my friends who have different cars always tell me how great it drives.

- Jessie B

The 2019 Volkswagen Jetta is hot!

When I was looking into buying a Jetta, I read a review that said the interior felt, 'plastic-y' and now that I own one, I see what the reviewer meant. It didn't bother me at all, however. The Jetta has a pretty good pick up on it so I can easily merge into traffic. I love the apple car play, and although I do not have an android, I am getting the android interface is just as nice. The color of my car is habanero orange and it is definitely a beautiful orange color.

- Sara R

2019 is the best year yet for Volkswagen. Time for a test drive.

Car is a beautiful color. I drove it to myrtle beach and only had to fill it once. The blind side detection is awesome in traffic. You can hook your phone so you can enjoy your apps. It takes a while to get used to but the feature where the engine stops when you are at a traffic light or just stopped to save gas is really neat. Crash detection has saved me a few times. The only thing I do not like is when its very windy the door lights shake and is annoying.

- Kristin B

Very happy with the 2019 Jetta so far!

The 2019 Jetta is. A fun, quick little car that gets good gas mileage and is relatively comfortable. I have only had the car for about 8 months but have had no problems or complaints yet. I often get compliments on the sporty orange color. I especially like the Apple Car Play system which allows you to hook up your iPhone to the touch screen and use select Apps and Siri in the car. Very happy with the Jetta so far!

- Chris P

Definitely worth the money

I recently got a VW Jetta SEL 2019 and i am loving the car. the features of the care are super cool, you can change the lighting inside the car, depending on your mood. The drive is great, car turn off when at a red light which saves gas. You can view your texts through the car screen which allows you to no longer use your phone. would recommend this car to anyone.

- Karina K

Great looking vehicle at affordable price.

The Jetta is very fuel efficient and gets great mileage. It is very responsive and even though smaller engine it accelerate nicely. The breakers are very sensitive to the touch and takes a little getting used to. The apple play in the car is very nice and allows you to use maps and music right from your phone. The vehicle gas updated body.

- Annette R

Very economic, reliable, helpful, and worth the money

Very reliable, smooth ride, very efficient when it comes to gas mileage. For example, I live in Pittsburgh and driving to and from Columbus only used half my tank. I don't have to worry about using all my money on gas. However, I do not like the automatic stop/engine turn off option, but I can always press the button to turn that option off.

- Elena M

Why I love my Volkswagen Jetta!

Love the sound of the turbo going when you step hard on the gas! Plenty of room for my three kids in the back seat, although when they get a few years older it will be tight. I am excited about the oil service once every 12,000 miles. It feels solid when you close the door, no 'plastic' feeling you get with other brands at this price.

- Jason P

Laser if u drive too close

I love this car, I've had Volkswagen before and I wanted to upgrade so I got new Jetta just a few months ago. It is very comfortable and safe! I love backup camera and all the features! Only one thing that was bothering me was audio is not too loud, one I had in my previous car was much better! Other than that everything is perfect!

- Jamie Z

The new 2019 VW Jetta has a new and reinvented look and feel to it.

This vehicle is top of the line. The new 2019 that VW just launched is completely changed and reinvented. The look of the new Jetta is sleek and extremely comfortable. It is amazing on gas mileage and such a smooth drive. It has many smart features to make your driving experience easier and to be more aware of your surroundings.

- Bree S

Great car! Lots of gitty up

Unfortunately there is a recall but otherwise I love this car. The interior is more spacious than previous models and the engine has more power. The sound system could be improved though. It still sounds 'trebley' even with the base at its max. I'm sure there are many upgrades in the vehicle that I have not used yet.

- J L

The 2019 Volkswagen Jetta.

My family really enjoy driving around in this vehicle. It saves us a lot on gas and it drives smoothly. It's equipped with led lights, panoramic sunroof, 2 tone leather seats (that are heated), 8 inch touch screen, and beats audio, and so much more. We always get complimented on how nice our car is everywhere we go.

- Isabella S

A Futuristic, Practically Self-Driving Car

The best parts of the Jetta SEL have got to be the lane assistance and adaptive cruise control'between those two features, it sometimes feels like a self-driving car! It makes me feel safer; I know I'm a good driver, but it's nice to have a car that is paying attention always, even when you might not be.

- Molly P

Highlight an interesting detail.

First time buying a Volkswagen, really please with performance, excellent on gas mileage. The features are very nice, different from my previous vehicles. It has a feature to help save gas, which I never seen before. The price was very compatible. I will definitely purchase a Volkswagen vehicle again.

- Daisy S

Amazing car! Highly recommend!

This vehicle is excellent, and affordable! It also is smooth when driving. It comes with so many features. It is a very safe car and I feel very comfortable in it. This was the best decision I have ever made. They also have many promotions, so if you get it at a good time, you can do sign and drive.

- Lauren V

Very fast, sleek car for an affordable price!

No problems. Very comfortable seats. The trunk is surprisingly roomy, the back seats go all the way down. Very reliable care. It has a sunroof, leather and heated seats, a straight bottom wheel, it has sport mode as well, a backup camera. It also has sensors on the side mirrors when switching lanes.

- Helen C

Amazing Jetta with great gas mileage

I love my car. It gets extremely good gas mileage. They advertise 40 miles per gallon that I regularly get 47. Steers extremely well. There is plenty of room to fit five boys. There's a lot of room for groceries as well. The new infotainment system is really cool and I love Android auto

- Carroll B

2019 Volkswagen Jetta is amazing!

High tech but simple to use. Drives smoothly and the breaks and gas pedal are perfectly responsive. Driving assist is a fun new feature and apple play makes everything easier. A great idea to upgrade to a Volkswagen. I love my new Jetta and I can't picture going back to anything else.

- Danielle B

Best bang for your buck!!

Amazing feel. Driver friendly. Standard transmission. Great on gas. Smooth ride. Fully loaded even on the base model will now have a full touch screen. The radio on the base model could be a little nicer than 4 speakers. However the fully loaded model is wonderful all the way around

- Megan C

A Great vehicle purchase!

The car is extremely smooth driving. The features make it very easy to drive hands free and safe, while also being able to talk on the phone and use your preferred GPS (Apple maps, google maps, Waze, etc). No issues whatsoever! I will continue to purchase VW products in the future

- Joe C

Runs really well. Extremely smooth.

It is a really smooth vehicle. You rarely will ever see me in anything else. Style, performance, feel. Great in every category. I do not know what else to say about the vehicle. It is just a really good vehicle. I do not see how there's any more info that I could provide you with.

- Joe M

I love my 2019 Volkswagen Jetta.

I love my 2019 Volkswagen Jetta. It is very reliable, I have had no problems with it thus far. I have the safe driver package and love the side mirror sensors and the notification if I am driving too close to someone. Very comfortable and smooth ride, I feel very safe in this car.

- Savannah C

I am leasing VW Jetta, I like lease, I don't prefer the amount of miles I have.

I have had two separate tire issues in 3 months, so that is disappointing. However, my car does run smooth regardless. Seats and interior are very nice. I do wish the service side was better at Volkswagen. Car color is very nice, and lease price is pretty fair and reasonable.

- Haley R

2019 Volkswagen is Best Jetta Ever

I haven't had any problems so far. It has an amazing beats system in it and it has plenty of legroom and it's very comfortable. The lane assist is the best feature of the car. The car also saves on gas by shutting off when the car comes to a stop with your foot on the break.

- Erica N

Jetta VW 2019 is 5 out of 5.

This car is honestly so amazing. It has a lot of really cool and useful feature, such as, safety, entertainment, interior, exterior, etc. With a simple and sleek design for all. This car makes driving really easy and enjoyable. I have not had any problems. Highly reliable.

- Nicole L

R line is an amazing sporty car.

The car itself is great. The r-line is sporty and fast yet it can be a great family car. This model offers a sunroof and apple carplay. Car play is extremely convenient and syncs to the phone easily. No need for navigation package since you can use google maps on carplay.

- Ani B

VW Jetta surpassed my expectations of buying a new car. Great buy. I am in love.

Back up camera. Sensors for blind spots, as well as if you are driving too close to the car in front of you. Awesome sound system. Smooth ride. Comfortable for a family. Huge trunk! Modern console that connects to your smartphone. Ease of taking calls safely if needed.

- Sonia C

My vehicle is white and it has grey alloy wheels.

I love my Jetta, I just recently purchased it and I have been completely blown away. I get all the great features such as apple carplay, sunroof, Bluetooth, and heated and cooled seats for such a great price. I do not think I would buy anything other than a VW again.

- J M

The automatic braking whenever your vehicle senses an impact may occur

I have had no issues with this car besides that I just recently had to take it in for a recall because of the coil spring. I was able to schedule an appointment and have it fixed very easily. This car is very smooth. I've only had it for 3 months but so far so good.

- Paris C

Great car for general use.

I love my car, but the gas mileage really seems to vary. I know that is typical, so maybe it is more helpful to say that over 80 on highway, mileage gets worse. Otherwise, I have no real complaints yet and I am 8000 miles in. I'd definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Julia H

Great purchase. Volkswagen did it again.

I love my car, the interior is light, with kids it is a pain cleaning but everything else is wonderful. It is roomy and comfortable. I love the look of the car. It drives very smooth and the music features are great. I will stay with this car for as long as I can!

- Tiffany C

I love the heated seats in the winter.

I really do love this car. It looks nice with its black finish and it's sleek seats. You can change from manually to stick easily. There's room for 5 people. I've had this car for a couple years now and there has been no problem. All in all I love this car lots.

- Bella W

Feels like a sport car for a sedan price

I love the gas mileage I get. I was pleased I was able to get a manual transmission. The warranty is really good, 6 years. Automatic windows and locks. Telescope steering wheel is handy for short folks like myself. Touch screen with mirror link is amazing

- Stacy F

The black trimmings around the car are very nice and unique.

The car is not comfortable for long commutes. However, the car runs on gas efficiently. It is Also not the fastest car in the industry, but I must say I enjoy the reliability of the car. The black trims around the car also bring out the overall features.

- Mary Jo S

Powerful, sleek & comfortable Jetta.

The Jetta is beautiful, it is a sleek looking car that drives great and is really comfortable. The sound quality, leather interior and apple carplay make for a very enjoyable ride. The Jetta has a turbo and has great power as well as great fuel economy.

- Anna P

Beautiful vehicle! Very happy with my vehicle

I have absolutely no issues with my vehicle. My car isn't really meant for performance, however, the power is great for a small compact vehicle. I have more features/options than I did on my last vehicle, so I really like it. It's definitely reliable.

- Diane P

miles per gallon is insane, I would recommend this care to anyone.

I love built in navigation, the leather interior, and touch screen center console. I love the color it came in. It's also very sporty. I love that it can get up to 50 mpg highway. I wish it had more trunk space but overall it's great

- Jackie O

You gain assured quality without having to empty your wallet.

It is very well made and there is a feeling of quality. It looks good on the outside and runs smooth as a dream. The cost was not too bad as well. My own issue is the fact that the belt has to be changed around 70,000 miles.

- Jonathan D

This is such an amazing car!

The comfort is great! I love my dashboard and steering wheel. I have a black interior which is great. The brakes are perfect and the steering wheel isn't too tight. It reacts fast and all my safe features are amazing!

- Sophia R

It is great on gas mileage.

I love my VW Jetta because it is cool, dependable and very economical. It is a trusted name and can always count on a VW. They made extremely well and have a great safety record.

- Susan O

The new upgraded design for the jetta

My 2019 Jetta is my favorite car yet. Its new and improved design is sleek and beautiful i love the inside display and i love the sunroof in my car.

- Faurea A

It provides the excellence of quality and luxury without being overpriced.

I really like that the car is efficient and yet zippy and fast. I love the sunroof. I do wish it came with tinted windows and rubber floor mats.

- First name L

It has all the important safety features that you need to be have good safety.

My car is high-tech with all the best safety features. The car receives 595 miles per gallon. It only costs $35 to fill the tank.

- Brienne F

it is a brand for generations and a car that will be in my family for a long time!

I love everything! The gas mileage, all the safety features and the electronics inside. This car rides so smoothly and quietly!

- Laura B

Excellent value for the price

Excellent value! Love the sunroof, backup camera, Carplay and other safety features. I've been a VW customer for 25 years.

- Heather K

2019 VW Jetta R Line review

Fuel efficient commute vehicle with room for a larger sized driver many safety features and technical features

- Mike H

The new Jetta is a great car and gets great gas mileage.

I love the style of the new Jetta. It is a very comfortable car. The Jetta has great fuel economy.

- Hope W

I like how spacious it is compared to my previous car. It is fun to drive and gets high mpg. The torque isn't quite as good as the previous car but its good enough to feel confident.

The mechanics are engineered well to create a reliable engine and drivetrain.

- Julie W

It gets 32 miles per gallon in the city and 40 on the highway.

It drives really smooth. Has great gas mileage. I don't have any complaints.

- Susan H

It gets 32 miles per gallon in the city and 40 on the highway.

It drives really smooth. Has great gas mileage. I don't have any complaints.

- Susan H

The very excellent gas mileage to gets around town.

Great gas mileage. It runs fast. It is easy to drive.

- Bob H