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Passat wagon: beyond its time but past its prime.

I love the features of my car, it has a winter weather package and it is way before its time. Everyone thinks it is newer than a 2001, the body style is not too outdated. I do not like that it is so expensive to repair, and there are a number of issues with this particular model and year. The window motors have given out on 2 of the windows, and the a/c is broken. Combined with the black leather interior I cook in the summer. But the heated seats in the winter are killer!

- Brittany B

2001 Volkswagen Passat 2001 a reliable car.

This Volkswagen has been so good to my family and I. It is very reliable. We have taken it on many road trips over the years. It is sturdy so I am able to get around in heavy snow and ice in the winter. Also heated seats we are very thankful for. The ac works great for the summer and it has a sunroof that the kids love! Only problem is the key must be cheaply made because it has broken off the ring and the replacement is very expensive.

- Kimberly M

Taking care of my old car.

It is a nice car to drive. I take care of it the best I can, and it has lasted a long time even though it is a really old car with a lot of miles on it (over 300, 000). In the past 5 years the number of repairs have steadily increased, but that is because the car is getting old. At some point I should probably get a new car, but I will keep driving this one as long as it stays reliable.

- A A

The Best Volkswagen I Ever Had!

My car is super reliable, and is great on gas. The air conditioner hasn't gone out, and the heater works wonderfully, especially because I live in a mountain filled area. The manual reclining for the two front seats is mildly inconvenient, but I don't mind it much at all! I replaced the radio in my car, but the speakers still function relatively well, though they lack bass and depth.

- Chandler M

2001 VW Passat! Great car but hard to work on!

It is a great running vehicle! Issue is that it is hard to work on. To change the headlight assembly you must remove the front bumper. The battery is set back close to the firewall and makes it difficult to replace. Overall it is a great car but if you are not willing to put in the work or pay someone to then reconsider buying this car.

- Daniel N

Not Bad But Not Good or Great.

This vehicle tends to break down a lot and gets horrible gas mileage for how small the car is. It is nice and comfortable but not worth the amount of times I have had to take it into the shop. It has black leather features and a radio with a CD thing. And for some reason it can only take the 'premium' fuel which is extremely annoying.

- Lauren S

Great car with a smooth ride and lots of interior room.

This vehicle is incredibly comfortable to ride in. The suspension is smooth. Even though it is an older model, it is pretty reliable. I have had to fix a few things, and being German made, it can get expensive. however, it is proven to be a good vehicle. It has great interior room and is wonderful for moving things.

- Sally P

Economical & compact sedan great for young ones!

Economical, 4 door sedan with moonroof. Handles road well. Reliable on long distance travel. Great for beginner drivers, business professionals, or just to get around. Tranny has no dipstick, slight inconvenience. Important to keep regular maintenance . Compact car that is overall a great choice!

- Kathleen K

The car runs well,looks nice,drives well, and is comfortable

My car has a Sunroof, heated seats, lots of leg room, and is comfortable. It also handles really well. I've had to put so much money into the car to make it run better. Fixing a hose, having to constantly refilling the Coolant ,replacing the coolant bottle , and finally replacing the tires

- Chantel L

Great 4motion station wagon.

My Volkswagen Passat 4motion station wagon is top of the line with leather seats and all of the bells and whistles. It is fun to drive and very comfortable for my passengers and my dog. Ai have not had any serious mechanical problems with my car. I take it in for all recommended servicing.

- Cheryl G

Love my Passat! Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

I love my car and have no complaints! Very comfortable and has quite a few luxury features despite it being an older car. The only thing I have an issue with is gas mileage, this car only takes premium fuel which is very expensive here in California and does not get many miles per gallon.

- Erika B

Some features I enjoy most are the heated seats, sunroof, and spacious trunk.

I really enjoy my Volkswagen Passat because it is a comfortable, reliable car that gets me to and fro. One of my favorite features is the heated leather seats. It is a nice bonus to the speediness of the car as well.

- Molly G

Kids can sit in the 3rd row and they have a/c or heat in the back.

Love the ride, acceleration, style. This car is great but has many mechanical issues. Transmission is failing, has bad oil leaking problems. Interior is great and love the factory sound system.

- Aaron B

Reliable VW Passat with 180,000 miles.

My car has 180, 000 miles and aside from regular maintenance it has not needed major work. Recently the transmission is slipping and a few other minor things that need to be addressed.

- Debby H

It is reliable and will not have any major issues, unlike other manufacturers.

I like the smoothness of the ride and how good the paint on it still looks. I would change the backseat option, as they don't go down to allow for bigger item space for the trunk.

- Byron G

That it blows ice cold a/c.

I like how it blows ice cold a/c during the summer. I hate how the coolant always runs out. And I hate how something’s always wrong with it and I have to buy new parts.

- Michelle S

It's a foreign car so to change the tires you have to have specific tools.

It has a oil leak and horrible gas mileage. It is a reliable car though. the windows got no power to then right now but when they work I have a awesome sunroof

- Jessica W

The car is 17 years old and is still driving fine.

The car is quite reliable, although in recent years it is started to falter, though it is biggest issues was a result of an accident, not reliability issues.

- Ethan G

It has a turbocharged engine and lots of get-up-and-go! (And it's blue.)

I like my Passat because it's peppy, blue, and gets me where I need to go with no hassles. I dislike it because it has no character... it's just a car.

- Wendi P

Expensive to maintain and you can only use original parts.

Electrical problems that happen intermittently. Expensive to maintain. I like how it drives, but gas mileage is lower than expected,

- Selene S

Audi with VW badge and the cost reflects just that.

Prone to sludge without proper maintenance as well as has common thermostat issues that can go from quick fix to major issue quick

- Hadji A

It's a black 2001 Passat and we bought it from a friend not a dealer.

It has a lot of problems and it is not very reliable because it's so old at this point. It is comfortable and I like the features.

- Alexa M

It is a dependable car that drives really well. It has held up well over time which has been really nice.

Problems are only because the car is old. Drives very smoothly. Has held up well despite its age. Great car.

- Hannah L

is a very good car. does have some problems

some engine problems. runs good. heats up fast. good on gas. windows work great and so do the seat warmers

- Gina S

The wheels are cool, they are rims.

Love it, gets around. Gas is good. Roomy. Nice color. Great on the highway. The stereo is nice too. .

- Sheila F

It is extremely expensive to fix upkeep cost a fortune

The room available for storage the room available for passengers the comfort of driving

- Sydney F