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Air conditioner and heater problems and interior and exterior.

Interior and exterior need work done have dents and gas needs to be cheaper and I got a v6 I would also say that my car get me from here to there so I am happy with that and the air conditioner works good just my heater is out which sucks in the cold but heated seats work very well but on in the front two seats leather seats which I don't like in the summer.

- Maria H

Overall reliable car, some issues with heating.

This car has held up very good throughout the years. I really like the Volkswagen brand and their cars are generally very reliable. I have had some issues with the heating system though, I do not think this is a widely common issue with the Volkswagen passat though. It can be a little cramped as someone who's 6'2' though.

- Tyler F

My car - Volkswagen Passat 2002.

This vehicle has been extremely reliable. Greatest issue was the rear view mirror falling off. It has a rain sensor and figuring out how to glue it back on was difficult compared to other vehicles. It has leather seats which are heated, sunroof and wooden paneling. This car is comfortable and seats 5. I love my car.

- Mel B

Great family car!! Handles amazing in the winter!

This car is all-wheel drive and does fantastic on snowy/icy roads! It has a lot of luxury features like heated leather seats, moonroof, power seats, windows, etc.. . . It has a lot of truck space and legroom for back seat passengers. It is a very safe car. I do not like that it has a sealed transmission.

- Cara C

02 Volkswagen Passat review.

My car has good gas mileage, ac, and radio. I have problems with an evap leak and have had to replace brake fluid and shock plugs but the car was used when I got it. Other than that my only complaint is manual lights. It has good turbo engine and great visibility. I generally feel very safe in the car.

- Alison B

It can go fast. It is durable. It is gray. And has been worked on.

I like my car because it has all the bells and whistles. It has a/c, power windows/locks, heated leather seats and a moonroof. I like that is has the "4motion" transmission. It is a strong car with heat gas mileage. My only complaint is that it has a sealed transmission and its expensive to maintain.

- Cara C

2002 VW Passat owner review.

Started off as a great car but right not I am having issues with the engine. It is a foreign car so it is more expensive to fix. Pretty sure it is the engine mounts that need to be replaced. Also all the flights need to be changed and when I turn on the heater I can smell exhaust fumes.

- Gary O

Had to put money in but still reliable.

I love how spacious it is especially the trunk. It is a little old and of course that comes with issues. I have had to put more money into fixing my car than it is actually worth. But now it is very reliable to take me long distances. Does great in all types of weather, even snow.

- Rae Y

Drives and handles extremely well, but be ready to pay a premium at the pump

My passat has four wheel drive, six cylinder engine, heated seats, and climate controlled interior. I like all those things. What I do not like is all the repair work the car has needed despite regular maintenance and being under 100k miles, and that it burns premium gas.

- Cameron C

Reliable car needs exterior and interior better and better on gas that's all.

Wish the heater works and it was better on gas. . . Need better interior and the exterior also should be better and got some dent on my car and maybe better tires but everything else of my car is reliable and gets me to point a and to point b so I am great with it.

- Maria H

The spare key unlocks and starts the car but you can not actually drive with it.

I enjoy the leather seats, sunroof, and the interior lights that come on and the car is also very spacious. I dislike that because it is a foreign vehicle parts are a little pricey and certain tasks can only be done at the Volkswagen dealer.

- Monica M

While it is a very nice car, prepare to probably have to replace a lot of parts.

The car drives really well. There have been a lot of parts that have needed to be replaced, especially in the first few years. The car is sized perfectly, you can fit three people in the back without being too cramped.

- Victoria C

It is overall a good you just have to keep a eye out for the small stuff.

My car is overall a good car u have to be careful the thermostat is a big problem with that kind of car and can cause many problems also the plastic hoses on the car will go bad if they are not taken care of properly.

- Bianca W

A solid good handling large capacity car

My Passat is a wagon, which they do not have in the US anymore. The storage capacity is great and it has always driven wonderfully. Good handling, safe, good power and I haven't found another car I like better

- valerie c

Volkswagen's, to me, are one of the most reliable vehicles on the road.

The most common issue with Volkswagen's, especially Passat s is the glove box sometimes either gets stuck or just Won't close. But as far as performance and vehicle quality, they are a solid, well built vehicle.

- David H

Reliable Car - Lots of bang for your buck if purchasing an older model

I have had my 2002 VW Passat for about 5 years. While more complicated to repair than US made vehicles, the car has required minimal maintenance even with the miles reaching 200K

- Bailey C

It doesn't have a lot of power, but it can get you where you need to go

I bought the car used, and am so far satisfied with its functionality. It's a little inconvenient to have worn done on it because not everyone is trained

- Wakita P

Volkswagens are great cars, but with everything going electric during its time period it has issues. My airbag light has come on for the last nine years.

So far it's been a really sturdy car with few problems in the engine. Also, it's a 4 cylinder manual, so it's just fun to drive with great gas mileage.

- Victoria B

It looks much newer than it is.

My vehicle is very economical. It is easy to take care of, gets good mileage Even if it is 16 years old, people think it is a much newer model.

- marge w

It is a comfortable vehicle and it is safe. It gets good gas mileage. Oh and the heated seats are awesome.

I love the slick sharp curves of the body. The comfort and user friendly interior. It drives so smooth. It is sporty but safe.

- Natalie G

It's a great daily driver and handles like a dream!

German engineering. It handles great, durable, and a great value. Repairs are expensive so that's the only negative.

- Leslie S

it is reliable and doesn't cost much to maintain

it is a 4 cylinder fuel injected with power windows,steering.it is starting to act up as it is almost 20 years old

- steve G

It is a fun car and has a nice design.

It has a manual transmission. It handles well and is fun to drive. I do not dislike anything about the car.

- Steven G

Even though the car is good to drive, it is in need of a paint job.

The car gets got gas mileage. It is very easy to drive. It has good acceleration. It is easy to park.

- Mark P

That has good gas mileage and it is spacious.

The seats are not too comfy and the air conditioning needs work. Wide view mirrors could be improved.

- Marcos O

That it drives really fast and is a durable car. It drives like a tank.

My favorite thing about my car is the acceleration. I dislike that it drives like a tank

- Marissa H