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Used cars are a pain in the pocketbook, buyer beware.

I love the size and look of my car. It is very sporty. It gets excellent gas mileage. I would like it even more if it didn't have so many mechanical issues. I bought it used and should have known, that was why they got rid of it. I have already had to replace the engine and now it is back in the shop. I couldn't even turn on my emergency flashers when the car stalled on me yesterday. I have replaced them twice with different parts that buzz constantly as I drive down the highway.

- Cathy Q

The gas mileage is great.

Initially, the car was fine. I was 18 and it was my first car, so I was excited, of course. I cannot say for sure if the car had problems because of the brand or the previous owner, so I am not a good example for that. Since most car places around me don't specialize in Volkswagen's, they don't do a great job and still charge a lot. Most of the parts have to come straight from Germany, so if you live in the us like me, that takes a while.

- Alexis W

Make sure that you always follow the vehicle maintenance plan given to you when you buy a VW Passat. And, make sure you keep all the vehicle systems up-to-date and working. Always make sure to get the requisite oil changes and fluid changes, as the car doesn't work that well when the maintenance plan is not followed.

My vehicle is a Volkswagen Passat sedan. I like it because it has lots of legroom and hip room in the seats. I also like it because it has lots of power and accelerates really well when you are trying to get on the freeway or pass another car. I dislike that it has had a lot of major problems with the spark plugs and the vehicle electrical system, which have been too expensive. It gets okay gas mileage, but could be better.

- Paula O

Volkswagen Passat pros and cons.

I love Volkswagen vehicles. They are highly reliable. They also have great performance. The Passat is a comfortable drive and great for long distances. I only really have one big complaint for Volkswagen and that is the cost of repairs. It tends to be on the steep side since it is German. I haven't had many issues with the car besides the normal issues you would have. Only issue I have had besides normal is leaking oil.

- Kelly M

Repairs are an expensive headache! It's a really nice car while it works, but heaven forbid you need to fix anything.

We got it used, and for the first three weeks it was wonderful. Smooth ride, powerful, very nice interior. Then we started having transmission issues, then we had to replace all the rubber pieces on the undercarriage, then something with the engine that cost over $1,000 to fix, and now the locking mechanism is broken. It's been one repair after another, and being a Volkswagen, they aren't cheap fixes.

- Kate P

It was very reliable in the weather as far as starting and handling on the road.

It is very reliable in all aspects of use. This winter it was reliable as far as starting and road handling. I have had very little work done on this car and have had Volkswagens ever since I started driving. I started with a beetle and have had Passats plus a diesel over the years and have had no trouble with them except the usual wear and tear usage items that can go wrong.

- Bonnie C

Very reliable on gas! And comfortable to drive.

My Passat is a great car for going from a to b. Perfect for students in high school and college. Plenty of legroom for those that are tall. Great on gas about 28 mpg for me on the highway and 25 city. I have had some minor electrical problems in regards to headlights and tail lights. Overall a very reliable car.

- Jordan R

Cute, comfy, and convenient!

It is got plenty of room for all my hobbies. Affordable, convenient, and reliable. Drives well and is very comfortable. I haven't had any problems with it other than minor wear and tear, no expensive fixes. The a/c has gone out, but it is just a small leak. It also has nice roof racks to transport large items.

- Katy G

The traveling grandma mobile.

Reliable and durable. Gets around great in the snow. Many features include seat warmers and mirrors. Lots of room in the wagon for all my stuff. My grandkids have lots of room on the back seat. Awesome traveling vehicle. Its old but I still get comments about how clean it is.

- Cindy M

This vehicle is very fast. It is definitely great on the highway.

I bought this car used. And from what I can tell it wasn't well taken care of. However this is a great vehicle. It is designed nicely and when maintenance is kept up it runs really well. Much faster than any of the other cars I have owned thanks to the 1. 8 liter turbo.

- Demi R

Good commuter car passat but nothing special.

Safe. Cooling system has been an issue. I have spent a lot of money repairing that. Also the parts are sometimes hard to find. Gas mileage is not great but fine. We used to have a manual passat and it was much better gas mileage. Fine commuter car. Wouldn't but again.

- Matthias N

Old, well loved, with lots of damage.

Has electrical issues, warning lights coming on when they shouldn't, electric windows do not work, ac only sometimes works, suspension issues. ABS system is failing. Alarm randomly goes off, manually have to lock doors, back passenger window does not roll down.

- Hannah B

Repairs are an expensive nightmare.

I really liked it until a month after we bought it (used) and all the parts started breaking down. Now we're dealing with very expensive repairs because It's a German car. When it worked properly, it a pleasure to drive. Now It's a headache.

- Aaron B

Perfect for everyday use!

The car I drive is over 10 years old and it has absolutely no problems, except for a bad muffler. It is great for everyday commute to work/school. It looks small but is actually very spacious. I think this is a great car.

- Lily M

If you are looking for something not to big, not too small this car is perfect.

It is very comfortable car, seats 4 people which is perfect for my family, not to small and not to big. It is very reliable, no big problems, and the small problems I have are not expensive a all to get fixed.

- Malaysia G

It has a V6 engine and runs very smoothly. It has tremendous power and cargo space

There are no real problems, apart from the fact that rubber parts are starting to get old and give way. But this is a problem with any aging vehicle. Apart from that, things are fantastic mechanically.


It is very functional and meets my needs.

The acceleration is very good which is important when driving in traffic. It is comfortable. It is compact without being too small. It has a classy style.

- Pat D

So far it has held true to the good reputation of the VW brand.

It has held up really well. I do not have to put a lot of work into it. The car was well maintained when I bought it and the brand has shown its integrity.

- Dawn P

Passat 4motion AWD wagon

comfy and v6 power. roomy and practical withe the wagon and awd. there've been some minor electrical issues but it's a good replacement for my old subaru

- Bob H

Volkswagen makes cars that are reliable and can be trusted with families.

I love that the car has a sunroof and is easy to drive. Also, the car is not too big for me. My car is reliable and can be trusted to not break down.

- Cassie S

It's been our most reliable vehicle out of all the cars we have owned.

It's is fast, reliable and it gets great gas mileage. It's small, but also provides space for car seats. We also like the plentiful back cargo area.

- Tegan R

Car was bought brand new so all the wear and tear has been personally done.

Constant electrical problems with warning lights, windows, and alarms. Engine problems regarding dust filters. Old and makes freaky noises.

- Hannah B

It has leather interior. Great sound system.

I love my passant. It is great on gas and feels like a luxury car. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to my friends and family

- Jody H

was nice now it is getting old and having more problems

its ok for short distances wouldn't take on long road trip works for getting to work it as problems like a slow leak in antifreeze

- Rebecca S

It is a 5 speed so I get great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage, drive like a beauty. Very easy to get parts for. Interior is very up to date and it is a 5 speed which I love.

- Austin B

It has great gas mileage and it is a car that will last a long time.

great on gas, has had electrically issues. nice leather seats with heated seats feature and runs great and not too bad in snow.

- haley t

Great vehicle. Highly recommended.

No significant problems. Comfortable. Reliable, rare that it would have issues. Lots of space for transporting my many hobbies.

- Kathryn G

It's an ok car, could be worse.

It's ok. There's some kinks like in all cars. I found that the most annoying thing about the car is it being turbocharged.

- Moliquia F

i recommend this type of car. it's well made and reliable.

I love my car. it has a moonroof and decent storage in the back. i don't like that oil changes for this car are expensive.

- Ang D

It is a good car but has a lot of kinks.

The car runs ok. There�s been trouble with the turbo boost and a problem with the initial acceleration of the vehicle.

- Lewis S

Comfort of the ride not a lot of road noise

It gets really great gas mileage drives good smooth ride. It has a diesel turbo engine which gives it some get up and go

- Shannon W

It is a safe reliable car.

I find that this station wagon model is peppy and roomy but not for me, as I want an electric or fuel cell vehicle.

- Carl M

white 2004 Volkswagen Passat

It is a gas killer, it isn't good when it takes off. it needs constant upkeep and it doesn't bring you much comfort

- melissa c

It is a European/foreign vehicle.

I dislike how old it looks now, and no leather seats. I do like that it is a European car and how fast it is.

- Taylor D

It is very reliable, it has nice leather seats, and it is very spacious.

I love my car, it is reliable and that is what I like, what I dislike is that it is not gas efficient.

- Andrea H

Volkswagen is a really good car actually and can be very reliable.

It's a used vehicle but I feel like there is some problems with the design of the car.

- Savannah G

I really love my Saab 9-3. It drives beautifully.

Not really. My Passat isn't as cool as my Saab 9-3.

- Carolyn F