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Passat 2006 transmission issue.

I bought my Volkswagen Passat 2. 0 t in 2012 with over 100, 000 miles on it already. The vehicle was running fine for about 3 years, never had to take it to a mechanic. Starting 2016, I started to experience a lot of issues with it and I was told that the vehicle is over 100, 000 miles that is why; but I was not convinced. After a lot of trips to the mechanic, and a lot of research on the internet, it looks like the main issue of this vehicle is the transmission. I could not believe it at first because the vehicle was working so fine in the beginning, but I have to come to the conclusion that I have a transmission issue. On the freeway, the vehicle would drive fine, but when driving in streets area, the vehicle shakes and stop and go like it is struggling to go back and forth from 1 to 3. Now that I have the confirmation of the issue, I was told I would need more than $1000 to fix it.

- Paul T

It is very fast and helps a lot with gas.

The power steering can get real complicated, but you need to check on the car every week in order for you to have it running smoothly. Sometimes when the lights flicker, just turn the car off then wait two minutes tops then turn on and it should be okay if not call a mechanic. In order to keep the interior maintained you should use a specific wipes for the seats, everything in the car is electrical so if it messes up then you will need a specialist for Volkswagen. If not then the mechanic can send it to a known person. It will not be cheap though, it rounds up to 600$ and more.

- Tracy V

A fun car with decent performance.

The car is very affordable, compared to other cars in the market. It is front wheel drive, with pretty decent performance. Though the engine size is relatively small, it is a direct injection turbo engine, so the power may not be a lot, but it is instant when accelerating. It is a comfortable car and can drive long journeys in it, like taking road trips and drive state to state. There really are not any serious problems with the car, do to being on top of the maintenance scheduling.

- Daniel E

Very comfortable ride and fun to drive but too many issues.

Car has been reliable up until this past year. It is a 2006 and has 175000 miles on it. Wear and tear is starting to add up and it seems like it has constant issues. I like the way it drives, it is very comfortable but right now it is not worth it and I want to get a new car very soon. The heat and ac do not work very well and it is constantly fogging up from the inside. The car is constantly burning about half a quart of oil every 1000 miles.

- Jim F

Blue 2006 2.0t value edition VW passat.

Good city car, does great highway mileage. Country mileage is not that great. I have experienced common VW problems like coolant sensors needing replaced. Timing belts do need replaced in VW. Good engine. Is comfortable for small family of 2-3. The sunroof is one of the nicer features however they are notorious for leaking. Leather seats are nice however they made some without the heaters in them which can be inconvenient in the winter.

- My C

Very quiet and comfortable ride!

It has not really had a whole lot of issues. The engine is leaking a little bit of oil right now, but it is likely just a gasket issue. It also had a problem with burning out my headlights a one point. It has great handling and performance. It is also usually fairly reliable. The only thing I dislike about the car is how expensive certain maintenance can be.

- Isaiah C

Great gas mileage whether in town or going highway speeds.

I like that I have lots of storage space in the trunk and in the main vehicle. I also like that it came standard with car seat hookups and has easily accessible storage compartments from the driver seat. Don't have many dislikes other than now that it's getting older the interior is slowly wearing out from sunlight or where it regularly gets touched.

- Genevieve T

The car runs very smoothly and the breaks are reliable.

The seats are very comfortable and the inside model is sleek. I think the car drives very smoothly and the brakes are reliable, if put in a close situation. The only problem I have found is that the back left door locks on its own so it is a pain to open at times. The speakers work super well also. The only other downside is there is no AUX cord.

- Emily D

It is surprisingly roomy! We've traveled a lot in this car because we can all sit comfortable and it stores a lot in the trunk.

It is a nice and roomy vehicle, but I expected more from this car. We have had a lot of issues with the car engine light being on and the pressure in our tires being misread. But, I really enjoy the heated seats, and the mileage is pretty great for this kind of car. I would recommend a VW, just maybe I got a defunct vehicle.

- lauren h

German engineering is really excellent. Comfort, stylish, & runs smooth.

The reason we bought the car because of the reviews of reliability. It is very comfortable, a lot of legroom, heated leather seat, great heating and cooling and really stylish. Even we are the second owner we feel that we got a great deal. The downside is parts are a bit expensive being imported but it is understandable.

- Ela B

VW Passat- comfy and functional!

My 2006 Volkswagen Passat is a super nice car, considering its over a decade old now! It runs smoothly and has never had any problems. It is comfortable on long road trips, and it is comfy for short drives too. I live in a place where it snows a lot, so having the car heat up fast is important to me.

- Ashleigh P

Probably the best car you clung buy

Volkswagen are very expensive to maintain but, they hold their value. Ex. Synthetic oil changes and premium gas. My car is old but does not look like it. If you can afford to do so, I would definitely suggest buying a Volkswagen. Can't believe my 2006 is keyless. Looks just as good as a new car.

- Ashley B

Stylish interior and exterior beautiful ocean blue color stylish trim.

The car has minor electrical issues door electronics is poorly made but the car is a high performance car it rides like a beast on the road quality German engineering if regular oil change and maintenance is done on time Passats are highly reliable and recommend it drives well on icy conditions.

- Roger G

Good car but not excellent.

Great car good gas mileage about 30m/gal. Not much maintenance required. Setting in the sun caused the headliner glue to dry so hard that it came off and cost $400 to replace it. Air pressure gauges in the tires are a pain when the weather changes. Electric brake failed and is not worth fixing.

- Jim P

Great ride and car that is smart and safe.

Drives well. Good mileage. Great that it tells me when gas is low, tires are low, when oil change is needed. Expensive repair fees but I have a good and trustworthy mechanic that knows how to take care of the Volkswagen. It fits 5 people. The trunk is pretty spacious. The car is reliable.

- Gloria R

My little Passat is a turbo & it zooms.

It has a turbo engine. It is ok as far as a car goes. I had no choice but to buy a car after an accident & only had 3 days to do so. This is the first car I looked at so I bought it. I wouldn't buy another Volkswagen though. I prefer Japanese cars. At least the car gauge is not backwards.

- Karen R

Turbocharged, the sunroof is amazing in the summer.

The parts are very expensive. Volkswagens are all electronic making it hard to get the lights (engine light, parking brake light) off the dashboard. The performance is good but the 2006 passat is very loud. The oil goes fast, and the car is expensive gas wise because of the turbo.

- Emma C

THE CAR TAKES PREMIUM GAS. With current gas prices, I think people are primarily concerned with the type of gas their future car takes. This is super important for people to know if they're considering purchasing this car.

I really love the look of my vehicle. I think it looks classy and really sleek. I don't like that the parts are so expensive to repair because it's a foreign car. I also don't like that it takes premium gas. But it drives super smoothly and the features are great.

- Christina A

Love the pearl paint job and 17 inch six star rims.

For the most part I have not had any problems except the brakes. The car itself handles well. The car has seem very reliable since I bought it. The car is very comfortable considering the heated leather seats and there is lots of lighted features inside.

- Anthony Z

Luxury travel with frustrating maintenance

Fun to drive and really easy to operate. The interior is incredibly comfortable. Repairs are a huge pain and Volkswagen has made it nearly impossible to work on from home. The electrical system also shorts out a lot.

- Danielle S

It has great mileage, I can make round trips to long island on half a tank

It's a very reliable vehicle, I hardly have any problems with it. It performs perfectly and keeps pace with even some newer cars. The only downside is how expensive it is to maintain on a regular basis

- Mark L

The vehicle rides well and makes a good family car.

The vehicle runs well and handles well. The check engine light stays on. After multiple trips to have it serviced the cause is undetermined. Parts of the interior are peeling.

- Janet R

You will love it, but it is pricy to fix.

I love the sunroof and the different features with the car. I enjoy stepping on the gas pedal and going. I dislike the cost to fix things when they go wrong with my car.

- Cass S

That It's a great car for traveling. And it get excellent mileage.

It runs great good on gas. The maintenance is affordable. Except when the fluids need exchanging. You have to take the car to the dealership for the transmission. ?

- Maria. Y

That it is costly. It cost more to maintain. The oil gas everything cost more.

It is expensive the parts to fix cost more. Have to use premium gas I do not like that part. I love that it is fast. I like the way it looks. I like the interior.

- Stephanie S

It is big and very sturdy.

I like the performance. The interior is comfortable. Love the heat warmers. Love the 5 disc CD player. Dislike that I can't plug my iphone in to listen to music.

- Susan G

That it is expensive to maintain.

It is always breaking down. Maintenance is expensive. Nobody knows how to work on foreign cars. Work almost always has to be done at the dealership.

- Taylor B

Great fuel economy in city and on the road.

Love the performance and I love the design and the features like heated seats which are perfect for driving in the winter. It's also fuel efficient.

- Antoinette D

This car has great gas mileage, you can fill it up for less than 40 dollars and it will last you a week.

It's small, but packs a punch. It is cute and sleek. It is comfy and fuel efficient. My only complaint is that the interior is not of high quality.

- Caleb P

The motor and the way is running the condition and what kind the oil he use

I love my car..I don't have any problems my car..is a little bit a spences but is a good car.. the parts is spences..and the motor is perfect

- Edna S

The amount of gas required to be paid. And that my car is reliable.

I love the interior of my car. The exterior of my car is sleek and beautiful. My only complaint is the amount of gas i have to spend.

- Carlos A

Volkswagen delivers a perfect blend of performance and luxury.

The vehicle has needed a new catalytic converter as well as a new A/C compressor. Otherwise, it has been very reliable car.

- Hollie R

Reliable good gas mileage. . Good car in spite of age and mileage.

Reliable, good mileage comfortable to drive. Rarely needs servicing. Older car nut keeps on being dependable to drive.

- Jube M

It has excellent gas mileage.

The thing I hate dislike is that the radio does not work l. The thing I like about the car is that it saves gas.

- Ernesto G

Very beautiful and comfortable.

Expensive to buy new parts and hard to find original. Uses up a lot of gas. But reliable for long distances.

- Olga K

The performance is great!

I love the performance and reliability. Although, maintenance can be expensive and exclusive for Volkswagen.

- Ky J

High maintenance vehicle very expensive to upkeep.

A Lot of recalls on the car. Very expensive to maintain. Uses premium gasoline. Uses a lot of gas per mile.

- Alida R

It drives really well and the VWs last quite a long time.

Dislike the cost of repairs for VWs. I also dislike that the car requires premium gas.

- Ama A

The roof lining has begun to fall down but everything works and is still in good condition. The car has done very well over the past 12 years.

The Passat is a safe, reliable and affordable car that requires minimal maintenance.

- Jeanine L

It's pricey to maintain because of all the speciality parts.

It's nice. I wish repair was less complicated. Everything requires extra steps.

- Jamie H

I like that it has a great pick up for pulling out in traffic. The heated mirrors and seats in the winter. I don't like that the relay for the moon roof is faulty and needs replaced.

The VW Passat has great head and legroom for tall people like my 6' tall son.

- Kris W

It's a great vehicle for a small family. It's also great for long trips.

I like the size of my vehicle. It has great gas mileage. It is comfortable.

- Emily L




Powerful & safe car, good German engineering.

- Nancy G