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Requires a lot of maintenance but at the same time is looks and runs great!

My 2010 silver Volkswagen Passat looks great, runs smooth, included leather seats, is also provided with seat warmers and does well on gas. Unfortunately, parts of my foreign car are expensive, along with tons of maintenance required. The car has died on me twice in the last year 12-18 months, which makes me question what's really under the hood. With that being said, the car is not as reliable as I would like it to be. However, I do enjoy driving my 2010 Volkswagen Passat.

- Louis M

Family Friendly but Can be Costly to Maintain

I love how well our car fits our family of four. Car seats are a little snug against front seats when rear-facing but the hatchback is large and can fit a double stroller, as well as suitcases, toys, etc. on long trips and family vacations. If I could change anything, I wish that repairs weren't so expensive and that it was easier to find a traditional mechanic who could work on it rather than just the dealership.

- Julie K

Great car expensive gas and repairs.

Volkswagen passat is a great heavy car, well center, drives well and quietly problems are it takes premium gas and seems to rust near wheel hubs quickly especially in blizzardy cold and icy north east repairs are costly. Gas mileage decent, enjoy foreign cars we'll built German.

- Jay S

That this vehicle uses premium gas.

Like the room inside the vehicle, driving the vehicle is easy, the look of the vehicle and how I can fill the back with all sort of things since it is a Passat wagon. What I do not like is the repair costs even a oil change is more than most cars and it uses premium gas only.

- Lisa L

Volkswagen passat 2010. Love it but it has problems just like every other car.

Parts can expensive but they last. Cheap parts break quicker. Can't replace parts yourself unless you know how to work on German made cars. The computer sensor in the tires is off so tires are lower than what it should be. And can only be taken to Volkswagen car dealership.

- Shelby L

I love the anterior and how smooth it is to drive.

I really love my car it is the best it gets me to school and back I love the interior, the brakes are sensitive so I can brake fast slow down fast the driving is smooth I love my car and would recommend it to anyone especially for a first time car it was a great choice.

- Serena M

My favorite feature is the storage capacity when hauling a variety of things.

The car has performed beautifully with minimum maintenance. I still drive it quite a lot with total reliability. The features of the car are great although technology has gotten a lot better in the last few years and it's likely that I'll replace it soon.

- James T

Volkswagen Passat great car at a great price.

Great car overall. Rides great and has great pick up and acceleration. The interior is spacious and easy to maintain. The radio and navigation system is great and easy to use. Bluetooth makes it easy to listen to your favorite songs right from your phone.

- Brian T

It is a very reliable car that's great for work, school or travel.

I love the great gas mileage I get on my vehicle. I travel a lot and my car is great on gas and wear and tear. Plus, there were a lot of features that were standard on the car that I just love like satellite radio, heated leather seats and a sunroof.

- Erinn P

The pros and cons of a Volkswagen Passat

My car has a turbo engine which is good for acceleration, It's reasonably comfortable, but we had a number of problems in the first few years of ownership.

- Robert S

Very comfortable and Great solid quality construction.

Great car well built, handles week great center of gravity. Repairs are costly, beware of the rusting around wheel hubs. Takes premium gas.

- Jay S

There's plenty of space for those that don't want to go for a full SUV or van.

It's a VW Passat Komfort Wagon. Nice and roomy, easy to transport my dog and bikes. It's not very fun to drive though.

- Liam B

Comfortable, reliable sedan. Perfect for families.

Very safe, 100% reliable. Seats five comfortably. Rear seats fold so you can haul longer items.

- Kevin Y

Volkswagens run forever and hold their value. It is a great car.

I have had this car for eight years and it is still very stylish and is dependable.

- Cheri L

the car is safe and reliable.

VW are reliable. they drive smoothly and don't use a lot of gas. No complaints.

- kim M

Cannot take to regular service places for service, must take to Volkswagon and very expensive.

Fun to drive. Expensive to have any services done. Wish I had an SUV.

- Michelle S