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My car is comfortable and it has Bluetooth! Yay.

I just bought my car so I haven't had a bunch of time with it but so far it is been great. The gas mileage is amazing especially with the gas prices nowadays. It does great on long distance drives which is great for me because I drive long distance often. It is super comfortable and I love how it has Bluetooth for my music and so I can answer the phone handsfree. Also even though it is a small car the truck has a bunch of room and the backseat is extremely roomy. The only downside is that I live in an area that snows a bunch in the winter and I am afraid that it will not do good in the snow since it is front wheel drive. Other than that it is a reliable car and great purchase.

- Jackie H

My overall experience with the dealer and vehicle would keep me with them.

I have had trouble with faulty airbag once since owning this vehicle. The overall feeling of performance I have not been disappointed with this car at all, handling is very good with adequate tires. Fuel consumption while commuting or traveling is guaranteed 30+ mpg. Reliability has not been an issue for me, I get regular service when the car is due and haven't had any trouble. My vehicle has the leather option and during long trips I have never felt uncomfortable driving or being passenger as well as being an average height I still have adequate legroom in the back seat. My vehicle came almost basic features but I haven't been missing anything.

- Steven H

The Volkswagen Passat is a reliable vehicle. I don't need to worry about maintenance issues & that gives me peace of mind.

It's a very reliable vehicle and gas mileage is not great, but it's good with an average of around 20 mi/gal in the suburban areas I drive in. The navigation system is ok, I've had many times where my navigation via iPhone was more accurate....but I do like having the map up as I'm driving and I try to sync the route on my phone to the nav in the car. I haven't had too many problems with maintenance or issues with the car costing me extra money. All in all, for what I use the car for, it's a good vehicle...although if I had more money at the moment I would consider a newer vehicle.

- Zach W

Pros and cons 2012 Passat. I would buy another one and the extended warranty.

I have had several different issues with mine, trunk lock, windows, a module and a lower control arm (a few more but I cannot remember) but luckily I had purchased a great deal on an extended warranty, which paid for all of the issues. I have always gotten great gas mileage and the Passat is a very comfortable riding car. Next time I would never have light grey seats or interiors they have had to be cleaned frequently, but I would have leather. My son and his wife both have VW's; another Passat and the SUV (Tiguan?) They are much newer and they have had no problems at all.

- Debbie F

Volkswagen Passat: Long-lasting, Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

I drive a manual Volkswagen Passat. I really like this vehicle. It drives much more smoothly than other manual cars I've owned in the past. It has a great sound system with a Bluetooth feature and an AUX input. The interior is simple but functional. I've had very few problems in terms of maintenance. The car has almost 100k miles on it and I have not yet had to replace the rotors, only the brake pads. My only complaint is that oil changes are a bit expensive because it requires 6 quarts of full synthetic. Overall, it has been a great car!

- Laura T

Volkswagen Passat is a great car!

When having to fix a Volkswagen I have heard it's a bit pricey, but as long as you keep update to it, keep it on check it should all be well. I really like that it is a very spacious car unlike other models/makes. Lots of space in the front and back seats. Great family car. Super comfortable. It also runs very smooth. You can connect any device through Bluetooth instead of using a cable. A Volkswagen Passat is a very reliable car. Really recommend it.

- Gabriela S

Surprisingly durable. The car runs so smooth considering what I put it through.

Vehicle exhibits no motor problems.. Light fixtures tend to go out often. Dashboard lights give you faulty heads up. No reminder of oil changes. The parts to order on it are quite expensive. Maintenance itself is quite expensive. It is relatively decent on gas. The tank hold a sufficient amount of gas so no repeated stops to the gas station the car is pretty spacious for a sedan. Drive relatively smooth. Overall so far I recommend purchasing it.

- Edgar G

Diesel car was great in 2012 but not now.

It had great gas mileage until the recall on the diesel. Now it does not get very good mileage. But I like the handling and performance. It feels like it is more powerful than other cars of the same size. I really liked it when it was new but since it is older it does not have features I want in the future. I do not have the camera or any automated features. I also think a hybrid vehicle is the next car I will get.

- Cindy B

The gas mileage is absolutely fantastic. I only fill up every two weeks.

I have found the Passat to be very reliable and the only complaint I have is the tire sensors. All four have gone bad meaning that on my dash I have a low tire warning, but as a poor college student I find that the price of fixing the sensors outweighs getting rid of the warning. I personally love the hands free Bluetooth and have found that to be a very useful feature.

- Brennan C

2012 Volkswagen passat se issues.

My VW passat se has treated me very well. I have been fortunate to live close to my work places so I have relatively low mileage. I have only encountered problem. I had a problem with the car stalling at stops randomly and when in idle randomly. It turned out to be a sensor needed replacement and that solved the issue. It is a very comfortable and reliable car!

- Jodi F

This sporty sedan is a good time!

It is a very reliable vehicle. It is comfortable to drive, especially during extended drives. The amenities are great. The air conditioning system is fantastic and the Bluetooth system is fun and easy to use. If I had a complaint, it would be that I t is pretty expensive to maintain. The oil changes are way more expensive than other vehicles I have had.

- Zach B

Reliable vehicle that has made it all over the southern states.

I love driving a stick shift. Manual transmission is fun to drive and hard to come by now. This manual is easy to handle and has a soft clutch. It has been very reliable and has only required minimal upkeep( oil change and usual maintenance). Gets excellent gas mileage. Basic model so basic comforts. Nothing fancy. But overall been a great car.

- Naomi M

Smoothest ride I've experienced

Smooth ride, haven't had many issues besides usual maintenance things like light bulbs, etc. I have experienced some difficulty with getting a replacement airbag when it was recalled, but that's no fault of the car, it's the airbag supplier. Overall, very happy with my purchase and will be getting another vw when it's time to retire my Passat.

- Elizabeth G

Highly recommended vehicle.

I find this car very reliable. No mechanical issues. Very comfortable and easy to drive. Features are very easy to use. The car is very spacious and fits five passengers comfortably. The car drives way better than I anticipated. I would recommend this car to anyone. I find the car performs very well when driving at highway speeds.

- Calvin W

Beautiful design, very conservative gas usage, well-thought out interior design.

I love my car. The only problem I have had with the car is the air conditioning is not cold enough. The dealership stated that it was a side effect of the green technology used to differentiate the car. Otherwise the wheels that came with the car needed to replaced, as they are not strong enough to survive city potholes.

- David N

Great car, just want seat cooling.

The fact that VW cars require special tools for mechanics to work on, I have been turned away before and VW has been a little expense to have. I love the features that my car has although I wish it did have seat cooling since the leather seats can get so hot during the summer. The car is very spacious and comfortable.

- Megan J

A work of art in a vehicle.

This vehicle performs pretty much amazingly. The only problems I have encounter with it have been after an accident and it not being repaired properly the first time. It drives very smoothly and has great miles per gallons. The interior is very well designed and comfortable with a lot of leg space in the back.

- Victoria A

My car is reliable and safe.

My Volkswagen Passat is very reliable and has been a great car to have over the past several years. It gets good gas mileage and has a comfortable ride. My only complaint is that it tends to have problems with the sensors that need to be replaced more frequently than other cars that I have owned in the past.

- Kelly M

Great car with a great amount of space.

For a car this vehicle has a large amount of space and the backseat you can fit tall people comfortably. There is a large amount of trunk space as well. Car drives and handles really well. I have own Volkswagens the entire time that I have been driving and it is the only vehicle that I trust to drive daily.

- Taylor T

Luxury feel without the pricetag

I absolutely love my car and all of the features about it. there are a few small things that I would fix like the functionality of the controls for the radio as it can be difficult while driving. I also would have preferred a different color and interior to what I had gotten but overall it is comfy.

- Katee B

2012 VW Passat- not a long term vehicle.

I have had problems with a gas leak and the bushings. I really like the room that is available in the car. It is very spacious if you have additional passengers in the back seat that are tall. My vehicle currently has 110000 miles. I am noticing problems but I do keep it maintained and service.

- Kim D

Great mileage and easy to maneuver in tight parking spots.

Only issue is tires keep losing pressure. Rims have corrosion that needs to be corrected. Very comfortable to drive and mileage is great. Average 33 to 35 mpg. Mostly town driving. Bluetooth phone reception is not the best will break up especially when outside of city limits. Easy to park.

- Jan P

Great space, mileage and comfort while affordable

Love this car! 4 door sedan with big enough backseat for two teens and a booster in the middle. Great gas mileage and HUGE trunk space. Certainly not your average soccer mom car. Comfortable for longer traveling (frequently travel 6-8 hours without hesitation). Can't say enough good things

- Jenny F

Keep up the routine maintenance. That said, it costs a little to have it done but it is completely worth it. I have had not one single problem with my car since I first brought it home from the VW dealer.

This is my first Volkswagen and I absolutely love it! I purchased it new and now have over 95,000 miles one it and it has been completely worry free and a joy to drive. It is comfortable and roomy for travel and small enough to drive around town with ease. It just a perfect car for me.

- Donna C

It is a good strong car. It has an extra steel rod in the sides so it can withstand an accident better than other cars.

Love all the little things like cup holders and it is very spacious in the front and back. The trunk is huge. My brakes are very squeaky and have been ever since I got the car. I have had electrical issues with the locks too. I've had the locks fixed several times but it keeps happening.

- Deborah R

This vehicle has terrific take off power when you need it.

I have never had any problems with this car. Do maintenance as required and you will not either. This car is easy to drive great turn around radius. Definitely a comfortable family car with large trunk. I get reasonable gas mileage for city driving and close to 30 mpg on the open road.

- Brenda L

Comfortable and does not waste lots of gas.

The Passat is a very reliable vehicle. Mine has a little problem and it is that it makes a noticeable noise when I hit the brakes. Has done it for awhile now and I still cannot find anyone that can fix it. Other than that, super comfortable and great for teenagers to start driving.

- Victoria D

Great Passat! Couldn’t be happier!

I love my car. I have over 100 thousand miles and have had no problems. The only slight issue I have had is that the tire pressure light will come on periodically for no apparent reason. Other than that. I have not had any issues and am so happy with the performance of my vehicle.

- Amber H

My car has a diesel engine and great mileage!

I love that my car is a diesel engine! I only spend $40 a month on diesel fuel and I get great mileage! However, when repairs are needed to my car it is hard to find a mechanic that will fix my car, I have to end up taking it to the dealership which ends up costing a lot.

- Kayla F

It is not as high-tech but is very comfortable.

The Volkswagen Passat is a comfortable, fuel efficient, and a family friendly car that has a lot of spacing. It is excellent for tall people as they do not have to worry about not having enough space in the back. For the price of the vehicle it makes it reliable as well.

- Marc M

Passat a Great Choice for Reliability and Comfort

My Passat has been extremely reliable and has had almost no repairs needed other than basic maintenance. I love the way it handles and the comfort of the ride. My only complaint is the back window which I think is not pitched correctly and water and snow gather on it.

- Vanessa B

Great car, not perfect but still great.

Just the brake light needs to be repaired about 3-6x a year. It serves as the blinker light to use that ends up out too. My other major complaint is that all repairs for a German vehicle cost so much money and sometimes the local repair shops are not willing to do it.

- Melissa Rachel M

Great quality and value. Drives wonderfully.

Love that it is roomy, well-made, feels more luxurious than you’d expect for the price, simple and classy design. Dislike that the interior materials smell like old crayons. Other than that, no complaints at all. I love my car and would buy a Passat or vw again.

- Erin F

Review of the Volkswagen Passat sel.

I haven't had any issues with my Volkswagen, the Passat has a large a roomy back seat and a large amount of trunk space. The leather seats with the inlay keep the seats from getting too cold in the winter or two hot in the summer. It has been a very reliable car.

- Taylor C

Long-lasting and fun to drive.

My Volkswagen Passat is comfortable and easy to drive. It handles well in all weather conditions. It is held up well in all the years that I have owned it. The seat heaters work extremely well, in comparison to my husband's car which is from another manufacturer.

- Nancy R

That it is an automatic car.

What I like about my vehicle is that its very high tech. It's also a very nice in color & shape. It has a lot of space in the back seats which is great if you have passengers in the back seats. Very comfortable car. Don't have any complaints about it at all.

- Gabby S

Great looking car and drives nice.

Rear light and blinker has had a few problems, would like more trunk room. I like the color and power. The seats are ok wish was leather. I like the look of the car. The car is very clean looking, I wish the front window heated up faster in the winter time.

- John P

What to know about the 2012 passat Volkswagen.

Takes up a lot more money to keep a full tank. Does not have that much mileage per tank. Apart from that love the car, it is super spacious and classy looking on the inside. The model has nice leather seats, Bluetooth, automatic auto hold and parking brake.

- Emma P

Loving my Volkswagen Passat.

My Volkswagen Passat is a great car, lots of space, runs very smooth & has great amount of features. Like any car, if you keep up to date with it everything should be good. So far I haven't had or found any problems with it. I love my Volkswagen Passat.

- Gabriela I

Why I love my volkswagen.

Best car I've ever had. I get good gas mileage and was able to drive it cross country with no issues. Very comfortable, safe, and easy to maintain. Drives smooth, has excellent stopping and acceleration. It's well built overall. Very pleased with it.

- Charlene H

Volkswagen Passats are reliable cars with great features and smooth driving.

The Volkswagen passat is reliable and very comfortable. It has a nice interior leather with heated seats in the front seats. It has been reliable enough in the Midwestern snow. It has a nice touch screen and I utilize the Bluetooth feature every day.

- Courtney D

It has a ton of space for what looks like a small-medium sedan. The trunk space is huge, and you can lay the back seats down too.

My Passat is a great, dependable car. It fits my 3 kids when I need to transport all of them, even with a car seat. It is sporty but comfortable, and looks good too. I don't feel like a boring mom in it.

- Tara R

Safety and comfort. Excellent in the snow.

Very nice vehicle. Gas tends to be a little pricey and dashboard it's a little crazy sometimes. Is my first car and I like it but I will not recommend this car as a first car, is a little to expensive.

- Maria Z

My car is stylish but inexpensive.

My vehicle is great on gas, drives smoothly, spacious but not too large, easy to maintain. I only wish I had navigation and a back up camera, but I understand that it's because of the age of the car.

- Liane B

Don't trust any car from Volkswagen to be a quality purchase.

I would never recommend a VW TDI Passat. The car had no issues until the emissions recall happened, and now, even though it is less than 6 years old, something goes wrong every 6 months or less.

- tara h

I love my car because it has been very reliable. I have had it for years now and it's still running.

I like that my Passat is cute and trendy. It fits three car seats in the back. I'm not happy that if something breaks it costs a lot of money and the part always takes a long time to come in.

- Sarah B

I find the car being family friendly very important.

It would be nice to have navigation. I hate that I can't be heard on the car Bluetooth if the air on. I wish I had seat coolers since there are leather seats. I love my car though over.

- Quila F

The gas mileage on this car is great.

I never had any problems with my vehicle. It drives great, never had any problems. The gas mileage is very good getting around 32 mpg I only have to get gas once a week which is great.

- Bobby K

Well built, always dependable. Fun extras.

I love my car! Volkswagen has always been a reliable car. This car was definitely made with the driver in mind. It is fun and has some get up. The design is sleek and so functional.

- Mary C

It's an amazing car, but it is expensive to maintain.

Volkswagen is very reliable, and comfortable. The car gets good gas mileage and is a long lasting car. But repairs and oil changes are relatively expensive compared to other brands.

- Taylor K

My car has been very reliable for me and my family.

I have a wagon and the space in the back is really helpful when carrying large things, they fit when folding down the seats. Other than that, it's not as comfortable as I'd like.

- Matthew M

It runs very well and I am happy with my purchase except for all the recalls

We bought it used and my husband really liked it. It is white and has white interior which I don't like because it's hard to keep clean. It also has had a lot of recalls

- Fran b

Can't do better in a reliable, well designed and constructed car

It gets great gas mileage. It handles well. It has a comfortable ride.Interior is nicely designed with very little plastic. The car is reasonably priced. No complaints.


My car is a 5 cylinder. It's fast and provides everything that I need.

I like that my car I essentially helpful in my basic need. It provides speed and its luxurious. The gas per mileage is too much considering it's a small compact car.

- Lilo G

It is a solid ride. Ok I do not know what to say more about the car.

I am fine with my car. I wish I had bought one with a moonroof and gps. Otherwise, it is fine. I do not have much else to offer aside from what I said previously.

- Todd L

It is fun to drive and has great gas mileage and is very comfortable

I like how the car handles. It has great gas mileage. I don't like the fact that the ceiling interior is coming undone. I wish this model had a back up camera

- Kristine C

Nothing really that comes to mind.

It's a good family car. Wish there was air vents in the back. Love the seat warmers. The gas lasts for a while which is good for me since i commute to work.

- Holly D

The gas mileage is great.

I love the sound system and the way it drives. There is plenty of room but it is still a smallish car. I love the fact that it has great gas mileage.

- Sadie M

The number one feature for me is reliability. Very rarely have I had a problem with this car after owning it for almost five years. I know that it's going to get me from point A to point B with little to no trouble, and the AC always works!

My vehicle is safe and reliable and I love that I can connect my phone to the car and stream music/audio, as well as talk to people while driving.

- Jessica G

Awesome gas mileage highway miles.

Car is extremely reliable & dependable. Gets excellent gas mileage, especially highway miles. Can go nearly 500 miles on a tank of gas trip wise.

- Barbara R

A lot of interior room, off smells

The interior size is great! Comfort level is great and performance is good. There is a known problem of a smell that we have and is bothersome

- Sara G

It's reliable, and incredibly safe. It's a great car for new families.

It's a wonderful car, I have had no problems with it. The speakers are excellent, and it's easy and comfortable to drive for long distances.

- Joe C

It's German engineered and it's a very safe and dependable vehicle.

It's a reliable and dependable vehicle. I have very few problems with maintenance. If I had a newer model it would be absolutely perfect.

- Jeremiah J

It is reliable and made with quality.

Like: power features, stereo system, space inside, interior color. Dislike: paint color, automatic transmission, lack of a sunroof.

- Brittany R

Good gas mileage and a lot of power. It is fun to drive.

I like that it is fun to drive and gets good gas mileage. I haven't found anything that I dislike. Everything has been good so far.

- Doug H

It has a v6 engine, lots of power.

My Passat rides smooth, and is very classy. Big enough for my family but at the same time the right size for one. I love the power!

- Connie F

It is a standard transmission.

Love the interior. Love the transmission. Love the heated seats, beautiful interior trim. Hate that it does not have a sunroof.

- Chelsea O

It is reliable. Will run well for a long time.

Never had a major issue. Car is spacious and reliable. Used as a commuter car and has only needed tires and normal oil changes.

- Johanna C

It's baby blue with black interior

Drives great, looks amazing from the inside to the outside, no serious technical problems since I've bought the car in 2016.

- Jasmine W

It is fun to drive. It handles well... The vehicle travels well..

I like the ease of handling this vehicle provides... The vehicle is sporty and attractive.. The v hockey holds it is value..

- Janet N

The transmission gear box is not good,ride is not smooth. The brake is making too much noise making the drive uncomfortable

The brake has been making a lot of noise since the first day I bought it. The dealer is unable to fix it after six years

- Kevin M

That is has lasted very long with almost no issues. It drives incredibly well.

It has all the features that I want except cooled seats and blind spot detection. Unfortunately, it is black on black.

- Taylor R

Value for price with a great warranty.

Good gas mileage with great handling. Comfortable and quiet to drive, I feel very safe due to all the airbags.

- Pam S

great car must buy no problems

love my car it has been the best car I have driven so far no issues and concerns drives smoothly across states

- shika D

The vehicle is very reliable and very enjoyable to drive.

I like the styling of the Passat. It has wonderful handling and performance. It is a great family car.

- Michael G

Reasonably priced nice car

I bought this car used and if has been pretty much problem free. Drives nice and comfortable seating

- Sheryl E

2012 Volkswagen Passat Black

I really love my 2012 volkswagen passat. it is the best car I have ever driven and is very reliable.

- Bailey G

It is very comfortable. It is stylish and does not show age as much as other brands.

It is a black Passat. It is very comfortable to ride and take trips in. I am very pleased with it.

- Mary L

Comfort and good gas mileage. Great for long car drives

I like that he gets great gas mileage. I don't like that there is no a/c in the backseat.

- kristine c

It is inexpensive yet very modern and easy to maintain.

The interior and exterior design is great, I just wish the seats were more comfortable.

- martha m

It has a lot of power and it is fun and easy to drive.

Has good gas mileage and a lot of power for acceleration. Have not found any dislikes.

- Dave H

It's awesome. It's really good on gas and it's a reliable car.

I dislike that it's not an suv. I like that it has black exterior and beige interior.

- Paula P

Easy handling, fun to drive and gets very good gas mileage.

It has good gas mileage. It has a lot of power and handles well. It is fun to drive.

- David H

It gets the job done getting me from point A to point B safely

I like that it is fast I like that it is a reliable car I like that is affordable

- Andre W

Cheap car, wouldn't buy again. The gas mileage is not that great

Since I have purchased it the sensors continually are having to be replaced

- Kathy Z

It rides so incredibly smooth. The trunk has of space for travel!

I love the streamlined appearance of the interior and it is so comfortable!

- Miranda L

It's easy to drive and looks great all cleaned up

I like the look and the comfort. It is low maintenance and good gas mileage

- Kim M

It has high ratings on safety. That's important i think.

I like the safety rating and features. I like the size and look of it too.

- Diana D

It gets good gas mileage, so it helps the environment.

I like the gas mileage. I dislike the leather seats. They get too hot.

- Diane M

That it is roomy and stylish

I like the size and the ease of handling as well as the style.

- Mary S

It's paid for, we would buy it again, it has traveled across country.

Comfortable ride. Has good pickup. Has been very reliable.

- Jean K




Runs great, starts every time I need it. Very dependable. Plenty of power and great gas mileage. Comfortable car for road trips. Always performed regular maintenance.

You must keep up with suggested maintenance schedule.

- Dan H

Comfortable, good fuel economy, 5 cylinder engine.

Good fuel economy, responsive, great audio system.

- Darren H

nothing special about it just good transportation

smooth ride roomy handles well decent gas mileage

- paul h