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It�s a car that is, well, a car. It�s overall a good car.

The car is well, a car. For me, it's neither the most amazing car I've had or the worst car. I bought it almost 2 years ago. It's a 2013 Volkswagen Passat. It has been very reliable and my girls and I have driven all over our state! I haven't had many problems with the car or how it runs. Just the typical upkeep and clean ups all cars have to go through. The only thing that has happened recently is the clock spring is not working. So my steering wheel buttons, and airbag isn't working. I found out about a recall on the clock spring on cars within the same vehicle specifications, so I took it in to get it fixed. The Volkswagen dealership wanted $150 to first diagnose if it is indeed the clock spring. But I have a second Mechanic I go to who is the one who told me it is the clock spring. Anyway, that is the only problem that I have had with my car in almost 2 years. Oh, it is not the greatest in the winter with mediocre tires. It is best to spend a little more on great tires. Overall, It's a good car.

- Elizabeth C

It looks and feels like a luxury car when you keep it spotless!

My model is a 5-speed manual. Since I purchased used at 60k miles, the clutch has always felt slow to grab first gear. Other than that, everything about the car is phenomenal. The candy white paint is perfect, black leather interior still smells like new car 6 years later. The red lighting in the interior perfectly fits my color pallet, and the digital display is very informative (and it looks really nice, too!) Despite it is aggressive (and awesome) grill and lines, the car is not all that fast, but it is just a heavy sedan so it is to be expected. I have had no major issues in my 3 years of ownership! Would recommend this car to anyone.

- Andy W

This Pasta makes a great family car!

We have had no problems at all with our 2013 Passat. We do the recommended maintenance on schedule and the car continues to run smoothly. Currently the car has over 160,000 miles. We get between 24-28 m.p.g. The heated front seats are comfortable in the winter. The leg room in the back seat of this model is phenomenal! Makes it a great family car and I also don't mind inviting adults to sit in the backseat. I love how well I can see out of all the windows. The trunk is SO big and roomy. Plenty of room for several suitcases. The backs of the back seats can be let down for longer items which has come in handy on numerous occasions.

- Karen R

Great features & comfort!

I love my Passat. It is large enough for 5 adults to ride comfortably, has an easy ride and a ton of features like electric heated seats and Bluetooth connection that allows me to play music, make calls and communicate with Siri. I have had my Passat since 2015 and have had no issues with it other than normal maintenance. The trunk is huge as well which has been super helpful since I plan a lot of events and often need a lot of space to carry decorations and food. One of my favorite features is Sports mode which allows you to take off in seconds which is a huge benefit in Chicago when you're trying to merge onto highways.

- Christine F

Great car for the money - withstands the test of time

The 2013 Passat TDI with Sunroof and Navigation is one of the best vehicles I have owned. The interior is comfortable with classy finishes. Navigation system is easy to use and offers multiple options for display. The factory sound system is top notch, integrating easily with streaming apps. The diesel engine is quiet and efficient. Gas mileage is unbelievable and highway driving so smooth. For city driving, I feel switching to manual offers a better ride with less drag in stop and go or hilly conditions. This car has aged well, at 6 years old, still looks and handles like new.

- Patty C

Passat Wolfsburg edition satellite radio and Bluetooth. Stock turbo.

My car is a grey four door sedan with leather seats that warm me up in cold winters. Has a four cylinder engine with stock turbo. You can put regular and premium gas I prefer premium because it does last longer. It has satellite radio. Has large trunk and very spacious in the inside. The a/c and heater of the car works really good although one time I had the a/c break down but manage to get it fixed same day with the dealer and the service was quick and their customer service was really good. I like traveling with my family of 4 and it is very comfortable. It is very reliable.

- Megan R

This car is amazing when it comes to gas! A huge money saver!

As a long term owner of this car, I believe that it is one of the best ones out there. This car always runs smoothly and efficiently. It is also truly amazing on gas. So much better than my previous car. It is a very comfortable and a very spacious car with plenty of room for a sedan. On top of that this car has a great amount of space in the trunk as well. And the front and back heated seats are a huge bonus especially on those cold winter days. I would definitely recommend this car for anyone looking to buy.

- Katie L

Volkswagen Passat are wonderful: I would buy this car again.

I bought this car new and have never had any problems with it. I has been well maintained and is in excellent condition. It has all the safety features I want and it handles beautifully on the road. It also gets good gas mileage. The one feature it does not have which I would really love to have is Bluetooth. But I love how the back seats flip down to create cargo room and my heated seats are wonderful in the winter. A heated steering wheel would be nice but I can certainly live without it. I love my car!

- Michele R

The Passat is an extremely comfortable car.

I have had no performance issues since purchasing the car in 2015. It has been extremely reliable and very comfortable. The back seat is extremely roomy and comfortably fits two car seats. I have had larger people sit in the back tell me the legroom is great. The trunk is very spacious. Easily holds our stroller with extra room. We have packed up the trunk for a beach trip numerous times and everything has fit easily. Seat warmers are amazing and heat up quickly. GPS and Bluetooth are easy to use.

- Sarah H

The best domestic car despite a bad reputation

I love the roominess of the car and the sporty performance. It does make me feel like I have a quality sedan. The interior although its cloth is easy to clean. I hated the expensive nature of the oil changes and maintenance cost. Being an auto body technician, I've learned the difference in the reliability in American cars and domestics. Although this may be my last Volkswagen for a while, I definitely wouldn't mind owning one again in a more convenient time.

- Fidelis C

Volkswagen actually owns many luxury brands such as lamborghini and Audi.

I highly encourage anyone to purchase a Volkswagen passat. I have been driving my passat for 5 years now, and haven't encountered any problems. It performs exactly how it should, as long as the owner is diligent when it comes to routine maintenance. This car truly is the pinnacle of reliable. The interior is good, not luxurious, but good. In my opinion, the outside is stunning. This car could be described as borderline luxury for a very reasonable price.

- Claudia B

Easily seating 4 passengers

Very good and reliable car. Plenty of space inside to comfortably fit four passengers. Drives and corners smoothly. Plenty of trunk space to hold any items (I carry tennis equipment). The leather seats are a huge plus from resisting stains or spills. Seats also include seat warmers which work very quickly and is very useful on a cold snowy day. Car is also easily Bluetooth compatible and has several charging ports available if needed.

- James M

Calls on the car so I do not have to take my hands off the wheel.

Runs nice, is not loud at all and keeps the drive smooth like the bumps were never there in the first place. Leather seats are nice and the air conditioning works wonders, also to note the car actually tells me when I am due for a oil change, if there's something wrong with my tires and over all just tells me if something needs to be done with the car. Tells me the miles I have driven which is a plus when I need to keep track of them.

- Dorian H

2013 VW Passat Review- owned by college student

My Passat is so reliable and comfortable. The back seat has so much leg room, it really is a great car for short distances or road trips. The features are mediocre- it's an older model (2013) and my family also owns 2 Tesla's so tough comparison.. the car in itself has great gas mileage, does everything I need it to do, and is super reliable. The VW service department is super helpful which makes owning a VW that much better!

- Emma I

It has good gas mileage and handles well.

I like that it is steady and durable. It also handles well especially in bad weather. German cars in general handle well which I why I purchased a German vehicle. I like the spacious the backseat area is a bit more spacious than other cars. It also has good gas mileage. I have taken many road trips in this car it drives well and fits most of the family. I would recommend this car to anyone. It is definitely worth the money.

- Jessica L

It travels on diesel and goes 38 miles per gallon.

My Volkswagen passat requires diesel, it can go further than any other car. It goes at about 38 miles per gallon. It has seat warmers. Has a sunroof. Has about 150,000 miles on it. Volkswagen did go through a scandal, where they lied about their mileage. However, they offered me $4000 and I could also keep my vehicle. It goes fast the brakes are smooth. The tires have a lot of tread of mileage on them. Contains a spare.

- Robert M

The check engine light is always on but she still runs great.

The car itself is great there’s plenty of room drives really nice. I have had some check engine light issues since I got the car which is frustrating. It is a small evap leak which does not hurt the car but should be fixed. I have fixed it two time now and something still triggers the light. What I love about the car is the size. There’s plenty of room inside and in the trunk. The interior is a great quality.

- Kayla W

The Volkswagen Passat is smooth riding vehicle that has great gas mileage.

The car overall is performing well. It runs smoothly and you only have to worry about getting gas every two or three weeks (depending on your travels). It seats a family of five comfortably. However - putting a baby sit, along with a booster can make the back tight for older children or adults. We are always informed by mail, if there are any recalls, and what we have to do; along with where we need to go.

- Kelly P

The back up camera and large screen for the back up camera.

This car has the fender speakers, it has touch screen navigation, Bluetooth capabilities, turning lights, side mirrors turn with reverse, back up camera. This has great gas mileage. This car is probably the best car. It is safety features are amazing the airbags are everywhere and the seats have warmers and they work amazing. It also has remote start which is great for winter or summer.

- Michelle S

2013 Volkswagen Passat SE Review

I have had no problems with my car and I have owned it for a year give or take. It's very comfortable, I've taken it on road trips that spanned up to 5 hours long in one sitting. The brakes are touchy which is a nice feature in my opinion as it has a quick response. It has heated seats, automatic seat adjustment on the drivers side, Bluetooth connection to your phone, and more.

- Kyra J

2013 Volkswagen Passat s: why you should buy.

The Volkswagen Passat makes for a high-quality cruising sedan. While there are many things the Passat does well, such as maneuverability and fun driving. The vehicle gets great gas mileage and overall is very reliable. The ability to accelerate quickly is a big plus for city driving. I would definitely recommend anybody living in a city to purchase this car.

- Corey E

Good (and roomy) vehicle, but check for known issues

I have been quite happy with my vehicle, with one exception. There was a known issue with the driver side door freezing up, but the dealer did not fix it before I bought the vehicle. After having issues as soon as winter hit, they tried an inexpensive fix that did not work. Finally, they corrected the issue with a kit that existed to fix the issue.

- Danielle D

heated seats. Not too interesting but definitely a bonus

reliable vehicle, works and drives nicely. Uncomfortable for driving long periods of time, average gas mileage, close to the ground. Black interior gets very hot in the summer, handles accelerating okay, good brakes. AC and heating work fine, functioning radio and Bluetooth phone connection. No Bluetooth music streaming options. Built in GPS

- Hope B

2013 Volkswagen Passat- my favorite car.

This car has a touch screen with Bluetooth and a back up camera. It has heated seats and you can have 4 presets for the driver seat positioning. It gets roughly 32 mpg and about 40 mpg highway driving. It handles well and is a smooth ride. The back seats and trunk are very spacious. This is my favorite car that I have ever owned/driven.

- Jamie C

It is a diesel and gets great gas mileage. It still is "cleaner" than many other so called antique cars that are still on the road.

I love this vehicle because it has enough room to haul around four adults comfortably. It also gets great gas mileage. It came with daylight driving lights which is a must for me. I don't like that it has had so many recalls and that VW will not give any compensation to vehicle owners with a standard transmission for their lies.

- Gudrun k

Very comfortable, Very reliable!

I have no complaints about my Volkswagen, it has treated me so well. Handles speed bumps and potholes like a champ. My only real complaint is the cost of parts but that's pretty much a given with any import really. My only regret is not waiting a year to get the 2014 because those have a backup camera and the 2013's don't :(

- Jason B

Sport luxury affordable sedan

I was actually surprised by this car it has nice power passing power. A nice stock stereo. I did notice I can hear outside when I'm driving sounds like windows are cracked but there closed. The paint on the bumpers front and rear peeled a lot. I really like the car I considered buying a new one definitely a fan of Volkswagen

- Cortez D

The gas mileage that the vehicle gets. Knowing that I can get 33+ on the freeway is a great thing.

I like the gas mileage that I'm able to get out of the car. In addition, I really like the luxury aspects of the car, despite the fact that it's a relatively inexpensive vehicle. I'm also very fond of the Bluetooth package in the car that enables me to connect my phone & make calls/listen to music as a hands-free option.

- Eric K

Love how it runs and how smooth it drives. Very dependable vehicle

I have had it for 5 years and have never had a mechanic problem since I have had it. Just minor things like light bulbs and hail cracked my window once and had to get a new one. It drives nice, has leather seats that can be a good and bad thing. The front two seats have heated seats. Plenty of back seat room and big trunk.

- rachel C

My comfortable passat. You cannot go wrong with a Volkswagen.

I love my passat. Previously I had a Jetta that lasted for years and is still going. I was ready for an upgrade and went with the passat. I love the sound of the engine when I start her up. It make me feel like I can take on the world. I do wish I had a sunroof and heated seats but I can always add those on in the future.

- Dawn W

The car is very spacious comfortable and good on gas.

Really have no complaints about this car. It is very good on gas. I get 33 mpg on highway and through town 20 mpg. The car drives really smooth it is very spacious and great for road trips. Haven't had any major problems with it. The car has a spacious trunk good for packing. The car also has a roomy spacious back seat.

- Maria L

I love the high fuel economy of this vehicle.

I love the mileage of this vehicle (39-48) avg. It has a lot of amenities at an affordable price. Volkswagen has also been a great manufacturer to work with. The only drawback is a few common mechanical issues with the A/C system. Other than that the vehicle has been extremely reliable and held its value quite well.

- Shawn M

Be a passat owner. Volkswagen know how to make a quality vehicle.

I bought my 2013 passat used and to date no major issues. I love the 5 cylinder because it has great pick-up and smooth gear transition. The overall comfort and ride of the vehicle far outweighed my expectations. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to friends and family as a great vehicle to purchase.

- Ricardo L

Volkswagen Passat is a great family car.

My family and I love our 2013 Volkswagen Passat. We've had it about two years and haven't had any issues with it, just normal maintenance upkeep. It gets great gas mileage and has a ton of trunk space. It even fits three car seats across. We've been able to do a lot more with this vehicle than our old one.

- Anna W

White Volkswagen passat se drives incredible.

It has Bluetooth connection and speakers play very loud. No oil leakage or burning and gets great gas mileage. I have never had a breakdown or any mechanical problems. The interior is light tan mixed with black, leather heated seats which is awesome for winter. Looks sporty and is white on the outside.

- Ash D

Good fuel mileage, reliable and comfortable ride.

Car is very reliable and hardly ever needs any maintenance apart from normal. Oil is changed regularly and only issues I have had in last 3 years is having to replace battery and GPS sensor. Drives good and is good on fuel. Would prefer it had more power but that is the trade off for good fuel mileage.

- Julia K

Great car, good features, wish it had AWD.

Very comfortable and spacious for being a sedan. The only issue for me is that it is not all wheel drive so it is not Optimal for driving in the snow or bad weather. It rides nicely and the touch screen in the middle is helpful and that, along with the dashboard controls, are aesthetically pleasing.

- Lauren R

Long term value in VW Passat - fuel efficient/trunk space.

2013 Volkswagen Passat is a solid vehicle. however for a 2013 car not very technically savvy(back camera, fuel efficiency). Drives smooth. Easily gets scratches. The trunk is surprisingly large and fits a good amount of luggage. This car is very gas efficient as well and is smooth on the highways.

- Matt W

The car is actually a sports car and a German car. It drives super fast.

Only problems are the prices for oil changes. Other than that I love this car. Performance and detail are a plus. Drive is smooth. Great family car. Lots of space for car seats and strollers. Saves great on gas as well. Love Bluetooth. Almost everything is hands free and great sound system.

- Selena M

My love of the Volkswagen Passat.

One of the best vehicle's I have owned it has 108, 000 miles without a major repair. It is stylish nicely appointed and very comfortable to drive. I would recommend this brand to all my family and friends. I was a used car salesman for Oldsmobile and can attest to my knowledge of vehicles.

- Carmine Z

Love the Passat-happy with features.

I have loved my Passat since I got it. I have been fortunate and have had no serious mechanical issues. It drives smoothly and the features are nice. I just wish I could have apple carplay integrated into the current system. I would strongly consider another Volkswagen for my next vehicle.

- Deborah J

VW Passat is a wonderful car!

Very reliable, comfortable car. I drive 100 miles everyday and feel very safe in the car on highways. The TDI get great mileage even after the diesel fix. VW has great customer service. This car is top of the line, and love the backup camera, and automatic seats. It also has a huge trunk!

- Kate M

Great everyday car but...

It's a good everyday family car but consumes a lot of gasoline. Good part is that it's a beautiful car and carries great technology like. Navigation and voice command.If you are looking for a fun sportive car well this is not the way to go. Although car runs great, it's not very fast.

- Norma G

It is a smooth ride and spacious.

1st time having a German car and I love it! Haven't had any issues, it rides smooth, quiet, very reliable and spacious. I would recommend Volkswagen to others. I made a good choice on my purchase. Expensive parts but they last a long time just keep up the maintenance as any other car.

- Veronica P

Great car with lots of features.

Very comfortable, easy and fun to drive, 5+ years and no problems. Features are wonderful. It has a lot of legroom. Tons of trunk space. Love that the steaming wheel is telescopic and can move wherever is needed. Drivers seat is super adjustable which really helps if you are shorter.

- Lisa W

It's silver, comfortably seats up to 5 people and has a nice aux input.

I don't notice any particular problems with the vehicle. It runs smoothly, I don't normally have to do any upkeep besides the usual oil change. The only issue I've ever had with the vehicle is the confusing Bluetooth system. Sometimes it will take awhile to work, otherwise great car!

- Grace B

The car is spacious and drives well.

I like the tightness of the steering and how much control I have over the vehicle. I also love the space inside the vehicle cabin and the trunk. I have issues with my cruise control and my Bluetooth connection frequently, however. Overall, it is a good vehicle that I enjoy driving.

- Shawnee M

Wonderful family car; reliable and great gas mileage.

This is a great car for families with a couple little ones. It is easy to install car seats and boosters. Has plenty of legroom for adults both in the front seat and the back. There is a huge trunk for travel or a large grocery haul. It is a comfortable ride with good gas mileage.

- Ann D

Low maintenance and reliable.

This car is the most reliable car I have ever bought! With over 120, 000 miles and an oil change every 3-5k miles with regular maintenance, this car has shown no problems so far. Also, since this model has a timing chain, no major expensive 90, 000 mile maintenance most cars have.

- Luke A

Reliable, gas saver, sleek.

My car is very reliable and definitely helps me save on gas... Because I have a older model I do not have a screen display or anything fancy but I love my ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth connection. Overall other than the tech aspects I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Christian M

The engine size and power is wonderful.

My car is an amazing well running vehicle. I believe I have made a great selection. I would greatly advise people to get a Passat. The vehicle has great color and nice body style. I get awesome gas mileage on the vehicle. The other bonus is the vehicle was a certified pre owned.

- Jorge Q

Technologically challenged.

I haven't figured out all of the gadgets yet. I bought the car second hand and haven't had the time or inclination to investigate. I also do not have the technology to use some of the stuff. I am pretty simple and just want to get from one place to another safely and reliably.

- Mary M

I like the features it has like the wheel control.

I haven't had any problems out of the car. I had to get a couple of tires for the front and a couple of oil changes. Other than that everything is just great. I get good gas mileage. It is a very reliable vehicle and it really performs very good. It also handles the road well.

- Steve J

I would think it would be how to keep it maintained.

The vehicle has proved very reliable to date. It has a smooth ride and drives well. I like the options it has. I dislike the fact that I have put way too many miles on it. I have no complaints as it has proved to be a nice vehicle and I have had many compliments on it.

- Desiree K

My beautiful Gray Volkswagen

I own the basic barebones edition and I am happy with it. Great gas mileage, sound system and handling. I travel all over the country and it hasn't failed me yet. If you are looking for a car that can handle a ton of miles and drive as smooth as butter then you're in luck

- Brent H

Good storage. Good steering. Easy parking. Great gas mileage.

Lots of legroom. Great gas mileage. Good trunk space. Riding smother. Great car. Good body. 5 cylinder. Unleaded gas. White. Good strong body. No rust. Drives great. Bluetooth. CD player. Good storage space. Two Bluetooth hook up. New brakes tires. Central air. Good heat.

- Janice D

Passat is a great car for a great price

Volkswagen Passats are so reliable and well-made. I feel like I'm driving a luxury car for the price of an economy. Smooth driving, lots of room, a powerful engine, and the biggest trunk I've ever seen in a car! I am a Volkswagen fan for life! I highly recommend a Passat

- Rhiannon J

Smooth luxury ride. I also have tinted windows. A must in my states weather.

My car rides smoothly. I have had no major problems with it for the two years I have had it. I like the fact that all I have to do is push the button and the windows go up or down with no more effort on my part. I also like that the doors lock automatically when I drive.

- Betty G

2013 Volkswagen Passat SE

I got the car from the actual Volkswagen dealership and everything was good. After a couple of months the tire light turned on, I eventually got new tires thinking the light would turn off but it did not. Also, the oil change is more expensive because it's a foreign car.

- Sara L

My Passat is very reliable.

I really enjoy my car and it was a great purchase. It is comfortable and I like the heated seats. I also like the spacious trunk since we travel a lot and need room for luggage. It is also very reliable. We haven't had any work done besides normal maintenance like tires.

- Kate F

Nice features, and runs very smoothly.

Purchased my used vehicle, was in great condition. Have had it for about 4 months now, has not given me problems. Runs smooth, and has very nice features. This is my first Volkswagen vehicle, and I must say I am not disappointed. Would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Margarita B

The VW Passat is an excellent car for the value.

The car is spacious, even for bigger people, and looks good. The power and handling is good for a family sedan, with a broad range of options. I really enjoy driving it. This is the only car I've owned that needed a major repair, which is the only significant negative.

- James B

2013 Volkswagen passat se review.

It is fairly reliable but in the few years I have owned it I have had to have the brakes fixed on 3 separate occasions. It gets fairly decent gas mileage and is quite good in the rain and snow, no complaints there. Aside from the brakes the car has been pretty decent.

- Justin F

Very reliable and comfortable ride! Love my Passat.

The inside is spacious. I do not like the radio very basic and looks just like older versions of my car. Smooth ride. Has a huge trunk. Minor things I would change but overall car is great! I have had the vehicle for 6 months and haven't had any mechanical issues.

- Katrina R

VW Passat is good on gas but has some issues.

My VW Passat is a fairly decent car. It gets good gas mileage and is pretty comfortable. It also looks pretty nice. The problem I have is that there seems to be something wrong with the internal computer. The lights go off for things that do not need to be fixed.

- Alex M

Good gas mileage, very roomy, trunk is very roomy.

I have not had any problems. This car is awesome. My car is very roomy, v6... love the leather interior. CD changer is amazing, my newer car does not have a CD player. The truck space is very roomy. I don't have to put anything in my car .I have had no car issues

- Heather L

I got new tires and my windows tinted for Christmas. Makes the car look great

This car has been great. I've had it over a year with very little issues. It drives very nice with a good pick up.I hope if you purchase this car that you have good luck like I have. As long as you keep up with the maintenance, this car will last you a long time.

- Lauren Z

Would recommend this car to anyone! Best midsize sedan on the market.

This is my first brand new car I ever bought. I love the roominess in the back seat. Lots of legroom. It is fun to drive and very dependable. Plus the savings of fuel in the tdi is great! The trunk is large and easily accessible. The ride is smooth and I love it!

- Kimberly W

White 2013 Volkswagen Passat diesel.

I had some recalls because my car was part of the VW diesel recall, but besides that I love it! Love the sound system and the sunroof. The car is very sleek and sporty. Perfect for someone my age. I would consider buying another Volkswagen in the future as well.

- Tessa M

A vehicle with exceptional performance.

It is a very reliable car with very little issues. It is very spacious, and the seats are comfortable bucket seats with wide range of mobility. The car all together performs with excellence. It gets very good gas mileage and drives very smooth on every terrain.

- Cara D

Great car for city or rural

The Passat's city gas mileage is amazing. Seats are very comfortable. Auto lights are very convenient, but headlights don't turn on when wipers are triggered. Has great sound, but antenna does not have very good range for FM radio. Great suspension, as well.

- chelsea P

Lots of room for growing families.

A very reliable car. Lots of room for growing children. Large trunk and rear seats easily fold down for ease of making more space. Controls are easily within drivers reach and great displays which can be customized for each driver. Seat warmers are heavenly!

- Dawn R

My car has great gas mileage. 40 mpg highway!

I bought the car used.; within three days the check engine light came on and has stayed on for six months. The dealership could not fix the problem. Other than that the car is great. The car has amazing gas mileage. It is a great, reliable motor vehicle.

- lindsay M

German parts are expensive but it looks nice.

It is too large and it does not handle very well. Also I cannot see over the front end to park appropriately. Also. The seats are made of a non washable material and this is a problem if you have dogs. But otherwise it is pretty and has good gas mileage.

- Hannah E

the best car I have ever owned.

I love my car. It rides really smooth. I love the sunroof and the sound system is really good. This car is really made for the road it's a great road trip car. I would recommended this car for someone to purchases. It is a very good and reliable vehicle.

- Miguel A

The bold and sophisticated car.

I love how smooth it drives and how it functions. I love the sunroof on a hot day. I love that it has an alarm. I love the leather seats and how small it is. I love how it makes me feel and look. It expresses my personality. It is bold and sophisticated.

- Victoria J

Great vehicle, but not for city driving.

Interior is very spacious, but it is difficult to parallel park due to length. Very comfortable for 4 adults. It is somewhat loud inside, difficult for some people to hear me while using Bluetooth. I have had no reliability issues or performance issues.

- Erin M

4 door sedan with leather seats.

Bought this car new and the interior looks the same as the day I bought it! Love the heated leather seats. Vehicle runs great, no major problems since owning it. Drives smooth and has plenty of interior room for kids, dogs, etc. Spacious trunk as well.

- Emily M

2013 grey VW Passat with sunroof.

Great car. I really like how the basic package came with so many features (pleather seats, Bluetooth, satellite radio, heated seats, sunroof). There is also plenty of storage space in the back seat and trunk. The car handles well and is not too large.

- Matt R

I love the interior, it�s very simple and not bulky at all

No problems so far, very reliable, only problem is in the winter water get in the driver seat door and freezes it shut and I have to crawl in the passenger side door. Other than that my 2013 Volkswagen is a great car. No complaints. Love it. Reliable.

- Cat H

It has really great gas mileage. It gets around 35 miles to the gallon.

It is a really nice vehicle. It has leather seats and the seats have seat warmers in them. There aren't any complaints that I have about the vehicle. It is a really nice car and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a dependable vehicle.

- Adam S

don't buy one, WV doesn't stand behind their product.

It always breaks, never had a car with this many problems. I bought it new. The turbo blew with less than 10, 000 miles, the front right lower control arm was blown with in 30, 000 miles, and the whole diesel emission issues was a joke.

- Ronald B

It is good for driving on long trips; there is lots of space inside and there is good fuel economy/cruising range. Vehicle is also very safe

Vehicle gets good gas mileage and good cruising range, lots of interior and trunk space, and has lots of safety features. The only issue is that some of the electrical components have been acting up on occasion (and have been addressed)

- Steve W

It will last you a long time.

I think that this car model is very good for families. It has a good leg room, especially in the back seats. The only thing I dislike is its brake. I do not think it is sensitive enough, but it might be just the malpractice of my car.

- Sherry W

Fantastic car at a fantastic price

The car is spacious and comfortable. It feels like you're driving a luxury vehicle. Ample trunk space as well as great gas mileage make this a fantastic car for commuters. Very easy to drive; I'd recommend it for new drivers as well.

- Julia C

My VW Passat is a very fun car to drive, it has the feel of a Lexus or Audi.

For the price we paid, it's a very solid, quality feeling car. Compared to similarly prices cars, it has more of a luxury feel in my opinion. One thing I don't like is that it seems to be more expensive to maintain than other cars.

- Ben K

The safety feature of the middle roll bar is great. It helps protect your children in the case of a roll over accident.

I love the touch screen navigation, radio and media player. The Truck space is amazing and could hold a lot of stuff. The Safety features were why we purchased the car. The back seat is roomy and fit three adults comfortably.

- Jessica C

This vehicle is fuel efficient even though it may not seem like it at first. Also, five cylinders is pretty good too.

I love this vehicle. At first, I was worried about the running lights, but I have found them to be beneficial. The Passat has a HUGE gas tank, so fill ups are expensive, but the gas lasts for a while. So, it matches up.

- Keisha K

Passat are a great family car.

I like our 2013 Volkswagen Passat because it is reliable, comfortable, and easy to drive. We've made no repairs to it except for routine maintenance like brakes and tires. It is also a spacious car with a huge trunk.

- Katie F

Its longevity and low cost for maintenance.

The Passat is fun to drive. It has great power and lots of bells and whistles. I only wish it had an in-dash screen for navigation and backing-up. Screen stereo system including Bluetooth hands-free phone capability.

- Cherry M

Great commuter car, doesn't do well with poor driving conditions and roads.

My car has been very reliable, but any repairs do seem to cost quite a bit. It gets decent gas mileage and drives great on freeways and highways. It doesn't do great with any kind of bad weather (snow, ice).

- Carrie S

Don't dare pass on a Passat !

Great car with amazing features - warmed seats are a plus ! Smooth ride and very spacious. The sunroof is a very great feature! We love having the ability to control the radio from the steering wheel

- Rhonda S

It's been very reliable and great on gas. I've loved the VW brand

I love how large the gas tank is. I rarely have to fill up at the pump and it has been very reliable. I dislike the base model. It's missing a few features that I will upgrade to with my next car.

- Tessa K

It is a white Volkswagen, tinted windows, leather seats, digital dash, 160mph,

I only have a few problems with my car and it is my tires that is act up all the time. The car tells me what's wrong with my car and it is a wonderful car. Good on gas, and miles are wonderful.

- Darrell J

It handles very well and drives amazing.

The seat controls are weird and not favorable. Also the mpg isn't as great as rated. The car has great performance and plenty of space. The nav system is awesome and the real clock is nice.

- Zac B

It gets good gas mileage for highway driving.

The parts are very expensive and you cannot do any work yourself. Not even change a light bulb. VW makes all their own tools to access parts to the car. The car rides very nice.

- Jennifer H

It does not feel stable on wet roads & will slide when turning or trying to stop.

Slides in the rain. Alignment always off. Needs new tires every two years. Will not stop quickly if needed. Slides in the snow and gets stuck. Will never buy a Passat again.

- Lauren G

It is a safe car and has great rating for safety. It drives great, smooth, comfortable

It is a very nice looking car. I love the way it drives, accelerates nicely, great gas mileage. Key Fob doesn't work great. Can't erase old owner's iphone out of system.

- Gail R

My Passat has more room for sitting than most other cars in its class. Very passenger friendly

I love that it has a ton of space in the cabin and the trunk. It is very fuel efficient for a sedan as well. I also love my sunroof and haven't had many issues with it.

- jim G

I like the way the Windows roll down with one push

I really like this car it gets great gas mileage and also it performs well on the highway. It's really a comfortable ride.I haven't had any problems out of the vehicle

- Ronald J

It is an excellent choice of a vehicle for families.

It is extremely comfortable for both short and long distances of travel. It has many excellent features such as heated seats and a sun roof. It is also great on gas.

- Amy A

It seems to be made for taller people. I feel like I sit very low and can't see out properly.

The VW Passat is very roomy and comfortable. I don't like how I sit so low in the driver's seat. I have to raise the seat all the way and I still feel like I'm low.

- Annie W

It gets good gas mileage.

For the most part it has been a good car. I had to replace the tires after only a couple years. The windshield sometimes makes a cracking sound and ac is just okay.

- David C

It is a very reliable car.

I love the gas mileage. I love the room in the back. I love the space in the trunk. I don't like the plastic under the cars, it blew off driving down the highway.

- Madison T

Diesel. Runs well. Very fuel efficient. Good leg room.

Good mileage, comfortable, a lot of legroom. Really good stereo system. Can fit large people easily. I do not like that it does not have the backup camera device.

- Allie R

Passat is a reliable, easy to drive car

The vehicle runs well. Comfortable to drive, has many features and amenities. However, it is a bit small on the inside for my family of 4. Reliable, safe car.

- Julie S

It has a great amount of space for a midsize vehicle.

I enjoy the space, sound system, and smooth ride. I also like the amenities like the moonroof, auto windows, and security system. I don't have any complaints.

- Tami J

Volkswagen makes a good car. It's very dependable.

Four door family car. Gets about 35 miles to the gallon and 550 per tank of gas. Leather seats that are heated. Bluetooth radio. Six disc CD player. Sun roof.

- Jimmy D

A Honda pilot is a safe vehicle.

It's a great car. I like all the bells and whistles. No complaints. It gets great gas mileage and is fast. It is big enough to have adult's in the back seats.

- Adam R

Good Vehicle but needs more safety features

I love the power and it is fun to drive. It is very comfortable and dependent except for short battery life. I would like more of the new safety features

- Patricia B

You need to have at least 2 keys.

I love the look of the car, its a sporty but still classic look. I enjoy the interior, it is wide and comfortable. I also enjoy the gas mileage of the car.

- Deja L

There is very little road noise from the doors being insulated and high quality materials

I like the interior. I like the audio quality. I love that the sound is insulated so that the ride is quiet. I love that nothing rattles or feels cheap.

- Anthony B

Maintenance is expensive.

I like the upgraded features like leather seats, bluetooth and such. Maintenance is expensive and things seem to break more often than a domestic car.

- Cole W

Volkswagen's are very safe and drive well and are comfortable.

I like my car because it is very safe. It runs very well....no problems. good on gas and comfortable. I can't think of anything I dislike about it.

- christina s

2013 Grey Volkswagen Passat

Great car. Love the standard features it came with (leather seats, sunroof, heated seats, satellite radio). There is ample cabin and trunk space.

- Matt R

If you purchase a German made car, check into the cost of repairs and parts first.

I like my Passat due to the safety rating. It does look like a luxury car. I don't like the costs of the repairs due to being a foreign made car.

- Mary W

It's a great car for the price! You get a lot of bang for your buck!

I wish my car had better gas mileage. It's not horrible, but it could be better. I wish there was a little more leg room in the front of the car.

- Esther L

Diesel is a great fuel option.

It rides nice. Has a lot of extras, satellite radio, etc. Diesel fuel so great gas mileage. Emissions issues was a pain to have to deal with.

- Kerri B

My car is a very good vehicle and that it should be bought.

It is a vehicle that is efficient. Even though it was recalled. It has very good gas mileage and hasn't really made me any more efficient.

- John P

With being a six cylinder it can get you in trouble with speeding.

It is a very comfortable car. The two things I do not like about it is the passenger seat is hard to adjust and there is no backup camera.

- Zac D

I would buy another one without any hesitation! This was my first VW and I'm hooked!

Reliable, great mileage, fun to drive. My complaints are minimal. The seats are not very cushioned which makes long drives uncomfortable.

- Michelle W

It's a reliable and comfortable car that runs smoothly.

The car is reliable and runs smoothly. I have had no major issues or repairs. Its design is classy. The interior is very comfortable.

- L D

The capacity to accommodate passengers and spacious trunk.

I love my car because is very spacious and comfortable, very smooth to drive and the sound system is excellent, no complaints at all.

- Cecilia C

Reliable, well engineered.

It is comfortable and easy to drive. Nice looking, and a smooth ride. It is dependable transportation, and well built and engineered.

- Deborah H

It drives well and has a luxurious feel to it.

I love the features of the car and how it drives. I don't really have any complaints except some mechanics will not service the car.

- Deborah J

Great value for your dollar!

I love how roomie the back seat it. The car accelerates great and has pretty good gas mileage. I wish the trunk was a little bigger.

- Esther N

It's on recall for faulty screws

I dislike that my car is on recall for faulty screws in engine. I like my car because its my favorite out of all the ones we have.

- Sarah P

VW makes the kind of car I want to drive

The car drives very smooth. Tight steering which I like. Very roomy and comfortable inside. Only downfall is, maintenance is pricey

- Denise n

The car handles very well it I very comfortable to drive and to be a passenger in.

Car handles very well, good gas mileage, safe,reliable, comes with adequate accessories. The only issue is it is already rusting.

- Meaghan D

Good gas mileage (regular gasoline), comfortable ride

Nice mid-size vehicle. Rides well. Like the features such as Bluetooth and options like Sirius radio. Comfortably fits 5 people.

- Stacy M

Just be careful with riding in sport mode it can mess with you gas mileage.

I love my car. I wish the passenger seat was earlier to adjust and that there was a backup camera or sensors when backing up.

- Zac B

Great solid engineering with east of handling.

It handles beautifully and gets good mileage. No rattling or exterior noise. The HP could be higher for my usage and taste.

- Reed P

It is a good family car and does well with gas.

I love the car in general. I like the way it rides. It gets good gas mileage. But our particular model seems to be a lemon.

- Stacy L

That diesel engines give you better gas mileage, even though it is more expensive per gallon.

I love my car. Its a diesel motor, so i get great gas mileage. The only issue is the exhaust system that was on recall

- Jill N

It has an expensive and strict maintenance schedule that can be difficult to keep up with

Comfy and reliable gets good gas mileage and gas decent features. Minimal service required and expensive maintenance

- Jas C

It is fun to drive but will be more expensive to operate than a Toyota or Honda.

It drives great with good handling and acceleration. Repairs are expensive, though. The AC went out and it was $1200.

- Steve C

I love it! I like the synthetic oil.

The safety is rated at the top. This is important to me. Very durable cars, the last for years. Little maintenance.

- Kelly L

It's got a good amount of space, considering it's mid size sedan. It can fit three car seats across if it's the right kind of seat.

I like that it's easy to drive, and comfortable. The sport mode is a nice option. It also gets decent gas mileage.

- An W

Electric mirrors, electric seats, heated seats

I enjoy my vehicle. The leather seats and heated seats. I like the nice smooth driving it does and electric seats.

- Julia H

Great miles per gallon on hwy.

Has space for tall people. Reliable. Great mpg. Looks sleek. Affordable. Quick enough to make a quick adjustment.

- Don K

This car runs smooth and very dependable.

Like -color, roomie, size, ride, trunk size, Bluetooth. Dislike not much fickle technology and expensive upkeep.

- Brittany M

the Passat is a really great car for commuting, it gets great gas mileage.

it's a great commuter car. the car runs great with proper maintenance. it also gets really great gas mileage.

- george s

Good value for the money and very reliable.

I like that it is newer, starts up in the winter months, gets good gas mileage. No real dislikes at the moment.

- Taylor M

How much it is worth and the Kelly blue book on it.

It is has a turbo kinda fast drives very smooth leather seating Bluetooth stereo beat speakers and a good car.

- Maurice S

Volkswagen Passat 2013 Review

The car had some problems but when the problems where fixed it became a very decent car for what I got it at.

- Haj S

Passats are great cars well worth every penny

It's a fast car, gets good gas mileage, has heated seats for those cold months. Has a really good warranty.

- Tosha J

bad on gas and oil changes are crazy expensive

great driving, bad on gas , nice trunk , tons on space, nice design, expensive oil changes , easy to wash

- Sara N

Extremely safe in an accident. I've been through two large accidents with passats and I was never injured even a little.

I generally love my Passat. My only qualm is the frequency which I seem to need to replace my headlights.

- Brianna S

Amazing MPG - 43+ Tons of torque and great handling

Great car, to bad VW screwed the pooch with "Diesel Gate" But i got 3 nearly free years of use out of it

- m M

It's efficient but still trendy. It is zippy without using too much gas.

I love the system it came with. I love how zippy it is without using too much gas. I have no complaints.

- Erica B

A great value for the money

Mileage great. Styling is great. Value is great. Reliability is great. Maintenance is not that expensive

- Frank M

It is a pretty decent car. I feel safe driving it.

The air conditioner takes a while to work efficiently. Not as sporty as I would like. That is about it.

- Chris S

It's a moderately affordable vehicle that's great for everyday driving but is always sleek and stylish.

It's an extremely reliable car that's also very fun to drive. It's a very smooth ride and handles well.

- Mariana E

Volkswagen passat compared to other vehicles I've owned

Its super spacious. Awesome on gasoline. It also has bluetooth and you can never lock your keys inside

- Lenita F

The inside of the car is amazing.

I love my car everything about it is great the inside and the outside. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Jasmine H

It gets me where I need to go and is affordable. Decent mileage.

It is dependable. Good transportation. Good be a little bigger. Extend the warranty.

- Gene B

The car is very sturdy to drive. It feels as if you are driving a tank.

Love the light blue color. Gas mileage is very poor. Rides like tank which is good.

- Mike Y

I love all of the heated seats and powered windows.

It is very comfortable. And I feel very versatile for people of all life situations.

- Emily K

It gets great fuel mileage, over 43 mpg at highway normal speeds. I also love the comfortable interior.

I love the fuel mileage I get. I also love that the car is quiet at highway speeds.

- Tom M

I like this car because it is large, therefore it is a comfortable ride. I am also a huge VW fan so you could hand me any VW and I would find something I love about the way it is built. The passat is also newer compared to my last two VWs! 2001 and 2003, reliable into the 200k club!

It is like driving a land yacht, extremely roomy, comfortable, and a smooth drive.


It runs like a sports car! I love it. There a drive gear and a super sport gear

My A/C is broken. Volkswagens are high maintenance cars. And I have a base model.

- Jill J

Durability is key for me, as I work in very rough terrain areas.

It is 5 years old and things are starting to break. But it gets good gas mileage.

- vicky s

It's large on the inside than it looks like on the inside

Has all the bells and whistles but has had some issues that come came up.

- Jenn T

It's really fun to drive.

I like the way it handles when driving. I like the size of the trunk.

- Canda S

It's a size of a boat. A big blue boat that is the size of the car

It's a station wagon. Its okay in the snow. It's the size of a boat

- Desie F

Very dependable and good gas mileage especially on distance trips

Great gas mileage. Nothing but routine maintenance. Drives smoothly

- Jane S

It gets decent gas mileage and has a lot of space. Plenty of room in the trunk and lots of legroom

I like the my vehicle has leather seats and gets good gas mileage.

- Haley B

reliable transportation and good on gas

Drives nice. Could have more leg room. Dependable transportation

- Luke P

It has a huge trunk. Which is definitely a plus for traveling

I love my vehicle.it is great for traveling. It is good on gas.

- Madison B

Safe and comfortable. Great features. Good size for family

Love the size. Love the features. Love the heated seats

- S S

well built and built to last

it is a very reliable commuter car with lots of cargo room

- ade k

Solid and dependable car with minimal maintenance requirements

Would like a few more comfort features like power seats

- Mark C

Good gas mileage and spacious but expensive to maintain

Good gas mileage Expensive to fix mechanical problems

- Jon H

It is reliable. It works well and it gets me from point a to point b.

It is sleek and modern and does what it needs to do.

- Lauren M

It is a great car and nice to drive. It's a good family car.

It is nice to drive. It's not too big or too small.

- Melissa K

i like my car, because is super comfort and economic in gas

i love all, good in gas, big, I love my car

- joselina s

It's reliable and has needed minimum repairs.

It is maroon and I like the way it rides.

- EC J