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Spacious and affordable with a luxurious look and feel!

I thoroughly enjoy my Passat. The back seats are very spacious and there is plenty of legroom in the back seat. My vehicle has leather seats and they still look brand new after 3 years. The seats are very comfortable and the front seat has plenty of legroom for both my husband and myself. The heated seat option has been a great feature on the cold Midwest mornings! The vehicle has very good pickup and shifts smoothly from gear to gear. Being able to switch from manual to automatic has been a great feature when traveling distances and on the highway. I feel the look of the exterior has a luxurious look and is comparable to the higher end vehicles.

- Breanna I

I find this car to be wonderful.

I really lucked out with this car. It is good looking (not sporty, but still nice) and performs better than almost every other car I have ever had. I have had no mechanical problems and maintenance has been reasonable. I did not purchase the maintenance package, but I do take my car back to the dealer for service. One problem (which I have solved) was the fact that the leather seats heat up quite a bit in the summer but I put a seat cover on my seat which solved that problem. Car had a roomy trunk and plenty of headroom and foot room in the backseat. I like this car.

- Barbara L

The Passat is an average car.

Overall it is a good ride. Its is smooth and relatively quiet on the city roads. However, it tends to be a bit loud with highway travel, and the Bluetooth is not good at all. It is very difficult to hear. In addition, the air conditioning has been having issues for more than a year now and the dealership does not seem to have any idea of what the deal is. After you drive for more than an hour the ac stops blowing cold air. You have to turn the car off for more than 10 min and the ac will start working again,

- Elisha K

Vehicle highlight for 2015 Volkswagen Passat.

Back up camera, Bluetooth, automatic locks, great sound, good on gas, roomy back seats, great cup holders, big trunk, many cup holder in door. Smooth drive, gas tracker, sport drive option acceleration and handling are 2015 Passat strong suits with good power for passing and merging in all engines and a well-tuned chassis that nicely balances a smooth ride and good handling. V-6-equipped sedans, in particular, possess impressive acceleration, which make it one of the quickest family sedans on the market.

- Joy N

Love the steering lights!

It can be a little bit pricey when it comes to maintenance but it is been a very great vehicle overall. The gas mileage is reliable, there's a spacious cabin & trunk, big windows with clear views all around! The backup camera also comes in handy a lot of times when parking in the city. There's also this really nice feature on the headlights that steer the light towards where you steer your wheels at nighttime! Helpful little tool!

- Vee L

Great gas mileage. Drove to Florida and back with 2 full tanks of gas.

Is a great vehicle. No problems so far. It is really good on gas mileage. Drove from Nashville Tennessee to Destin Florida on a whole tank with a stop at Prattville Alabama. I love this car. I would 100% recommend the Volkswagen Passat 2015 limited edition to anyone looking for a good reliable car. I got mine at cool springs hallmark Volkswagen in franklin Tennessee.

- Jeffrey T

Great investment. Cost efficient vehicle ownership.

Really have enjoyed owning this vehicle. Runs fabulously. Have to watch my speedometer or use cruise control because you don't feel how fast you are going. Needed to replace spring in steering column at a cost of approximately $600 but within 6 months received letter from VW to send in receipts for reimbursement. I plan on keeping this vehicle for a few more years.

- Nancy R

Plenty of room for growing families!

The Passat handles well and is very comfortable to drive. Controls are very conveniently placed, most at the driving wheel. Displays can be changed to drivers preference and are visible. The cabin is spacious and can comfortably handle adults, or teens! In the back with plenty of legroom. The trunk is great, lots of room. Seats can be easily stowed for more room.

- Dawn R

It is spacious and always reliable!

It feels extremely big for a sedan. There is so much space in the back seat as well as the trunk. It is very comfortable. The car is extremely reliable as well. I have cared for it by completing the routine maintenance and tire rotation and it has been wonderful. I put a lot of miles on the car, and it is extremely faithful to take me where I need to be.

- Natalie M

A great, comfortable, reliable classy car for the price!

Have experienced a lot of issues with the Bluetooth, stereo and phone. Loud buzzing noises will start and you cannot shut it off unless you shut the car off. Not so good in the snow with standard tires. Would like if there were heating/cooling vents in the back seats. Other than that the car is great, heated comfortable leather seats, very spacious.

- Jennifer K

Affordable, well designed, and very roomy.

This was a very affordable car. I bought it used for a very reasonable price. I like the greater visibility the car had in comparison to a lot of newer cars. The turbo lag can be slightly annoying and the brakes are very responsive so that was a bit of an adjustment. Overall, I am happy with the vehicle.

- Danielle G

"A fantastic ride" this car is worth every penny I paid for.

Very comfortable, plenty leg room front and back seats, no major problems, we take this car on vacation for 5 to 10 days a year never a major breakdown, we love music and have Sirius in our car, basically a smooth ride, looks great inside/outside, great maneuverability, I personally thinks it's a great car.

- Annie B

It the best large, family-sized sedan with a sporty feel to it.

I really enjoy owning my Passat. It is exceptionally fuel efficient, looks very sporty, and handles smoothly. I have not had any major problems in all 50,000 miles I have driven so far. I enjoy the turbo acceleration as well. The sound system is pretty good, and there is a LOT of cabin space/trunk space.

- Kyle D

Love this car! Everyone should have one!

VW is a safe and reliable car. It is good on gas, and low costing maintenance. VW also has excellent warranty packages. The car drives smoothly and is spacious. It is a comfortable fit for me and my family. VW was recommended to me by a friend and I will most definitely recommend it to others.

- Monica S

Best car we've ever purchased.

It's a very smooth ride. I was very surprised at how well it handles in harsh weather conditions and how far we can go on one tank of gas. The features are reliable and work amazingly. We love the Bluetooth calls and the quick heating. The overall vehicle is very reliable and comfortable.

- Alexandra R

Sporty or chic, this car is both.

It feels safe, super reliable, 16 gallon tank which lasts, inside is super comfortable ( plus leather seats that are two tone), the car has sport mode which I was hesitant to use at first but now I love it, and it drives smoothly so you do not feel the terrain as much as other cars.

- Alyssa L

More maintenance than I expected.

There are 70k miles. I already need a water pump. Have had to replace tires. Get new brakes. A lot of repairs for a fairly new car. It’s overall comfortable and I like the feel of it. Heated seats are a plus in winter. Overall a nice vehicle. I have had 3 VW before for this one.

- Patricia C

I love that it has monitor. Also backup camera.

I love my vehicle besides cannot drive it in the winter. It skids even with no snow. Very nice looking inside. I keep it clean all the time because it is leader. Looks neat outside too. If I earn more money, I'll probably purchase Volkswagen SUV. So far, it is in a great condition.

- Eileen C

Passion for Volkswagen Passat.

I love the amount of room inside the car and trunk. The seats conform to my body and the 19” wheels provide a very comfortable and smooth ride. The drivers instruments are very intuitive. It gets great gas mileage. The sleek exterior looks sharp and very appealing to the eye.

- Mary H

Foreign vehicle for great price and performance.

No mechanical issues. Very affordable if purchased late august with 0% financing. I have owed a VW since 2003. Upper-middle-class aspirational vehicle, foreign versus domestic. Only drawback is no status. I do wish it had the safety and technology features of a domestic vehicle.

- Adrianne B

VW Passat with leatherette interiors and sunroof.

I really like my car, gives decent mileage. Love the leatherette interiors. Very easily to operate with the push to start. Overall love driving this car. I have had this car for about 3 years now and I have had no mechanical issues so far. It is good for the price on market.

- Charm P

It's durable, and gets great gas mileage, but if you have a bad back, this is NOT the car for you.

I have had problems...the transmission case was cracked from the manufacturer. The car was made in Mexico; I will never purchase another vehicle that was manufactured in Mexico ever again. I hate how uncomfortable the seats are. It's cloth interior, which I also despise.

- Kristina B

Economical. Easy to drive. Nice looking car.

I have enjoyed this car. Just wished I could have afforded the model with heated and cooled seats and backup camera. I have not any problems with this car. I have been pleased with my gas mileage and have enjoyed driving it when I was commuting. I like the large trunk.

- Debbie H

Seat warmers are the best!

I had a Jetta before and loved it so I thought upgrading to a bigger size because my kids are older. I really like the Passat! The features I love seat warmers, large trunk, more room in interior, and color. I wish it had a sunroof! Loved that feature on my Jetta.

- Maria G

Beautiful and reliable car. After 60k miles, I have experienced little issues.

The Volkswagen Passat is a great, reliable car. It runs well, has a quick take off, and the brakes are nice. I did have to replace my battery after having it for a year, and my a/c can act up at times, but I haven't experienced any other serious issues.

- Trisha A

It is economically sufficient yet sleek and stylish a the same time.

The leather seats make cleanups very easy since I have two small children in it on a daily basis. Mpg is amazing, the radio is Sirius XM capable, only issue is tire pressure which is really due to my crappy city’s upkeep with the streets/highways.

- Kayla M

That it is a dependable vehicle and gets me where I want to go.

I like the size of the vehicle, but I seem to have trouble adjusting the mirrors for driving. I'm rather short and I have to have the seat all the way up to the steering wheel. Also the front interior carpet is starting to get worn.

- N D

There is a lot of room and even the most stocked car is so nice.

I know they say that Volkswagen is excessive to fix once they do start needing repairs, but I absolutely love my car. Good on gas, fast speed pickup but good brakes. Everyone says it has a super roomy backseat which is always nice.

- Julia A

Roomy interior, great as a family car and good trunk space for storage and carryons.

I love how roomy my car is. It doesn't break down and has taken me where I need to go. The gas mileage on the vehicle is good. The only dislike about the car or more the brand itself is that its expensive to maintain vehicle.


A great riding and looking car.

Great looking car. Rides so quiet you don't hear it. The interior is so very comfortable and good looking. It has a complete tech package with Bluetooth. Heated seats and heated side mirrors. Great warranty.

- Nancy H

My car is one the best cars I've had, I would recommend this car to everyone.

My car has been working extremely well in the last few months. It drives very smoothly, has bluetooth, and picks up speed quickly. It is pretty gas efficient but I would like if it were a little bit more.

- Valeria N

Diesel gets 45 + mpg without sacrificing anything

VW Passat TDI, yeah the diesel VW got in all the trouble for. WHO CARES, gets over 45 MPG and I'm an Uber & Lyft driver so mileage makes me money. Fantastic car with tons of room and great amenities

- Dennis H

High Mileage, Great Legroom, Quiet Ride, Comfortable

It rides smoothly, but handles like an American car (versus the older German made VW's). It is very quiet, has great mileage numbers (up to 39 mph on highway) and has great leg room (I'm 6 foot 3).

- John R

Resale value is low. I would avoid buying vw again.

I like that it is loaded: leather/heated seats, touchscreen, etc... I hate that it is resale value is incredibly low because of the emissions lawsuit they had, even though mine is gas, not diesel..

- Sea K

2015 VW Passat Wolfsburg Edition

My vehicle has very low maintenance. It has just hit 50k miles. Has heated leather seats, back up camera, four doors, and hold 18 gallons of gas which will make a trip about 600 miles til empty

- Hailee F

It performs well gets me where I need or want to be.

Like: color, back up camera, performance. I also like the interior. Rides very smoothly. I do not have many complaints but the seat belt is difficult to get- must twist way back to reach it.

- Carol S

Great on gas breaks down to fast

I have had this car two years. It's great on gas looks very nice but it seems everything is going wrong with it. Air went out the first year. Window motor, wiring harnesses you name it.

- Mindie H

Volkswagen is the best car you can have.

My vehicle is beautiful and drive well, so it does not give me any trouble. I like it because it drive good, is not lord and the color is the best. I do not have to wash it every time.

- Rachel R

It has good gas mileage and is roomy and a comfortable ride.

I like the standard amenities that come with a Volkswagen. I like the trunk space. I do not like that the Bluetooth cuts out and they do not offer premium sound systems anymore.

- A M

It is really reliable, secure and very comfortable.

I like the comfort and the space it gives us. Gas consumption is rather economic. At I like features seat heating and car phone. The exterior design is a bit too conservative.

- Andrea B

Ready to save on that neverending rising gas prices?

I love my car other. The only issue I have is the major recall for it being Diesel engine. Since it is diesel the take off is a little slow other than that great on mileage.

- Natasha V

It feels very sturdy, and feels like a quality automobile.

I love it because it feels sturdy. It feels like a quality car. It has heated seats and a cool sunglasses holder. It tells me how many miles left on the current gas tank.

- Elizabeth H

Passat has great gas mileage

The car is roomy for a mid size car. The back seat is one of the more spacious back seats I have seen. It is good for travel and gets great mileage out on the road.

- Debbie S

Feels very safe to drive. I would recommend this car for my friends to buy.

Comfortable ride smooth & dependable. Good gas mileage practical price good ratings, easy to upkeep I really have nothing else to say other than really like our car.

- Kris W

It will run forever as long as you keep it serviced.

I like my Passat because it comfortable to drive gets good gas mileage, and I look good driving it. I haven't yet discovered any dislike with my Passat as of yet.

- Tamara G

It's a lot of car for a great value! For the price, there's a lot to it. Built well, too!

It rides like a luxury vehicle. It has great gas mileage. Being 3 years old, it doesn't seem to have aged, in style, at all. It is still stylish and looks good!

- Shantelle B

I have the freedom to come and go as I please without depending on any one..!.

I like the comfort and space in front and the back, very comfortable seats, enough leg room. Enough trunk space for a long road trip(vacation) for my luggage.

- Annie B

A good sized car with features that make everyday life easy.

I recently purchased this vehicle and am in love with it. It has a backup camera, wonderful touch screen system, and cozy. Plus, the gas mileage is wonderful.

- Allyssa P

That it's a Wolfsburg edition.

I like that it is spacious and has good power. However it does suck up a lot of gas which is the only downfall. Other than that it's a good reliable car.

- Shawn B

They are expensive to maintain.

Love the gas mileage and how it drives. I do not like the suede like seats, they stain easily. Love the Bluetooth radio and all the simple technology.

- Kari W

This car may be higher in miles than I wanted, but it's fully loaded

Has every option I wanted. Love the large screen and the push button start. Wish the system started up faster. Can't wait to test the heated seats

- John M

It is a good car cannot beat the price.

Car is responsive and has the features that are important to me. Gas mileage is reasonable and right now, the mirror broke and that is a minus.

- Barb L

The vehicle is very reliable!

I haven't had many problems, but when I do, they are very expensive to fix ($206 for a battery that can only be installed a the dealership).

- Christine A

It get great gas mileage and is a very comfortable ride.

I like the smoothness of the ride, the great gas mileage, and the capacity for storage. I dislike that the sideview mirrors aren't heated.

- Jessica M

Very affordable and great buy for the money.

I love the gas efficiency of my car. The inside is simple but has everything I need. Affordable parts when something needs to be replaced.

- Jessica J

It is the best size for a family, for camping adventures, and decent gas mileage.

The car is decent on gas. A little to small. A lot of electrical issues with it, I like the back up camera and touch screen for the radio.

- Lori S

That its turbocharged and fast.

I like the fuel economy. I like the power. I like the turbocharger. I like the beautiful interior and tight handling. I dislike the color.

- Daniel T

I would say the most important thing about my car is that it's safe and reliable.

My car is a wagon. I like the extra space. I also like the features of the model. I don't like how much it costs to fill it up with gas.

- Sway A

The fuel efficiency is really good.

I like the ride comfort, space and power of the turbo. The handling is tight around corners and the quality of the interior is nice.

- Seamus G

Looks good and great performance!

We love our Passat! It is a great ride, handles well and we've had no maintenance issues. The large truck has been a lifesaver too!

- Alison B

It is fairly easy to drive and it is reliable.

Its seats are not super comfy. It drives smoothly, however and it also has a good sound system. Its does not turn smoothly though.

- Miranda B

It is made in the usa and is reliable.

Made in chattanooga, I am supporting the local and state economy. It has given me no problems. But I wish I had a larger vehicle.

- Laura W

It drives really well and has good gas mileage. It has nice interior

It could have more modern electronic details and they could have version where i could updates on my phone on maintenance issues.

- Cassandra A

It's a great car for the money and drives well.

Like: gas mileage, value for the money, low cost to maintain, decent exterior, reliable. Dislike: speed and pickup is not great.

- Mason E

Dependable reliable good on fuel mileage.

Good on fuel mileage. I love I do not have to hear any road noise. Love the color. Dislike I do not have anything I do not like.

- Leaf G

It is better not to buy a car just based on what you expect from its outside.

It is too slow. Has no punch and it is too small. Repairs are expensive because it wasn't made in the usa, so parts cost more.

- Tree C

The most important thing is if you take care of the car it takes care of you!

Drives smooth. Very reliable. Have had no problems or complaints out of it so far. Great on gas. Good Bluetooth sound quality.

- Stephanie J

It is just a good car to love.

Awesome to drive. Equipped with everything you need. Very spacious and comfortable family sedan. German brand is its quality.

- Robert L

It rides very well and gets great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage the leg room. I dislike the armrest which sits too low. Also there is no blind side avoidance feature.

- John F

It is for my kids to get them where I have to go.

Love how it rides hate expenses to fix it. But overall it's a great car! I hope to keep a long time at least after paid off.

- Yvonne C

It is fun to drives especially with the turbocharger in it

Our Passat has been fantastic. Stylish fun to drive comfortable. I honestly have had no issues with it since we leased it

- Nathan I

The car has very touchy brakes and if you need to slam on the brakes, you feel like a whiplash victim

The only thing that I don't like about my car is the view is not as clear on the sides of the car when i look to back up.

- Jennifer B

Lost of legroom, high gas mileage.

Great gas mileage (up to 39 mpg on highway, 25 city), rides smooth, comfortable seating loads of legroom for my 6-3 body.

- John F

It gets good gas mileage.

I really like it! I keep it maintained and have had very few problems. It is comfortable, easy to drive, and looks nice.

- Chris H

The turbo in it works well.

Dislikes- no sunroof, backup camera, when Bluetooth is on map direction are not audible. Likes - Bluetooth, cup holders.

- Lori W

Great gas mileage and super comfortable!

It is supposed to be good for 10k each oil change and never is. Interior fades easily if windows are not tinted. !

- Melissa Z

It's a very reliable, dependable car for daily use that can fit 5 easily

Spacious backseat that fits hefty teenage boys. Sturdy, reliable, good on gas. Very practical car for everyday use

- Nina B

The Volkswagen Passat TDI is comfortable and reliable.

No problems. This car is the most reliable car I have ever driven. I loved it so much I am now on my second one.

- brenda h

The most important thing about my car is that it is good on gas.

I like my car because it is pretty good on gas. I also like my car because it retains its value after 3 years.

- Winston P

That it gets good gas mileage and it has no performance issues

I like the gas mileage that I get from the vehicle. I like the size of it. I like the storage space i have.

- bradley h

Nice car with really good mpg

The car it's really nice it has a really good mileage/per gallon (in high-ways it's amazing, around 38 mpg).

- Eduardo V

Vw is a reputable company with good customer service.

Great gas mileage! I guess the color(gray) is a magnet for accidents. I have been hit 3 times in this car!.

- Stephanie S

It gets good gas mileage. It has a comfortable interior.

I love the car. I just wish it had a sunroof like my Jetta did. It has more interior space and trunk room.

- Cristina G

Great gas mileage. The car is excellent

Great gas mileage! Smooth ride. The care has been reliable so far. I have had no engine problems so far.

- Nicole R

It is fast and responds quickly. Fun to drive.

It is a v6 and has awesome speed. It is sporty. There is a delay with the radio system that is annoying.

- Karen L




Reliability, spaciousness.

It is very loud and somewhat uncomfortable but spacious and reliable. Not bad in gas and acceleration.

- Dave J

Best car I have ever owned.

It is absolutely hands down the best car I have ever owned. I feel safe and it is incredibly reliable.

- Michelle C

The reliability of the car has been amazing. Have not have any major issues.

The vehicle has been really reliable. I like the color and the drive as well. Has been really good.

- John P

Good value for the money. Engineering is the best.

Rides well. Stylish and comfortable. Purchased 2 months ago and so far very happy with decision.

- Kathleen W

It's a great car. Not bad to drive and gets good gas mileage. It has plenty of space for all of us and LOTS of trunk room.

GREAT gas mileage! I love getting as good or better than a hybrid car with a non-crunchy feel.

- Theresa B

That it is dependable and they should give it a try.

I love the mileage and also how good it looks. The car also been dependable and fun to drive.

- Jonathan T

It gets good mileage and is very comfortable and easy to drive.

I love my vehicle as it gets good mileage. It is also very comfortable. Easy to drive

- Sue M

Diesel engine And gets great gas mileage Over 750 miles on one tank of gas

The car gets excellent gas mileage with diesel fuel station side Drive drives well

- John A

Very comfortable and nice to drive. Lots of safety features. Loaded with lots of extras that make driving it nice.

It seems to be a very sturdy and safe car. The safety features are incredible.

- Heidi T

It doesn't have everything most people want, but it's OK for me.

It's comfortable. It gets good gas mileage. I got it at a good price.

- Joan G

It is very spacious and works great

It has pretty good power but I wish it had a manual transmission.

- Ben C

It has Sirius XM and Bluetooth. It has heated seats.

Like the features and the style. Maintenance cost is high.

- M K

So far no complaints but would like something better

It's a family car for 4 very comfortable and drives smooth

- Isela V

It is awesome and i love it.

I love my vehicle. I would not trade it for anything

- melissa j

It has a lot of power in the transmission.

Volkswagen Passat 2015 Diesel SEL (Fully Upgraded)

- Charlie C

2015 VW passat handles soccer mom tasks well.

- Dee B