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My Passat is the queen of cars!

My VW Passat is very quiet when I am driving. We went to Las Vegas and back from San Diego on one tank of gas. It is a medium size car and very easy to parallel park. It has room for grand kids in the back seat and has plenty of legroom in the passenger front seat. The windows automatically roll up and down with a push of a button. The steering wheel can be adjusted for the needs of the driver. We nicknamed our car Queenie. The grand kids like the name and love to go on trips with Queenie. Giving her a name personalise your car as one of the family. The grand kids don't want to ride in any other car because they do not have names. Queenie has soft interior cushy seats for long rides. Grand kids can nap while on long trips. The gas mileage is insane and the best mileage for any vehicle I have owned. Am in my 70s and have owned 10 cars in my life. Three of them have been Volkswagen vehicles. Several young adults have learned to drive with Queenie being the instructor. Now they all want a Volkswagen for their first vehicle. Queenie loves parking garages because she gets to park with other cars. Being social she makes friends with other cars and especially likes big trucks. The grandchildren who are now teenagers get to compare Queenie with all other vehicles by size, style, available colors, interior decor, driving ability regarding turning radius, wheel treatments, dashboard design, interior lighting, and ease of using the steering wheel. We have 16 grandchildren who may all become Volkswagen owners just because of their relationship with grandma's car, Queenie.

- Linda S

2016 Volkswagen Passat. Great family car, very spacious and great gas mileage.

The performance on my 2016 Volkswagen Passat is out of this world compared to my previous cars. It drives like a dream. My particular model is turbo charged and you can be driving at 90 mph and it handles so well you do not even notice it until looking at the speedometer. The car handles the road incredible and in all driving conditions other than snow and that is only because of the location in which I live. The Passat has incredible gas mileage both city and highway. The cabin is very spacious and features a touch screen radio that is Bluetooth capable as well as USB and SD card slots. You can also use your phone through your stereo system. The sound system is wonderful and for someone like me who loves music, you would love this stereo system!! The trunk is super spacious as well and my favorite part is the trunk has a hidden button you can press to open it that way you're not shuffling all your stuff to try and hit the button on the remote. You will not be disappointed if you purchase this vehicle. I am 1000% happy with my buy. I hope you will be as well!!

- Kayla R

Great looking but visibility an issue

I have owned Volkswagens for many years, firstva Jetta and this is my second Passat. I have decided I will not get a Volkswagen as my next car. I have noticed with this 2016 model the comfort of the driver's seat has decreased, especially the headrest. The seat warmers seem to be cheaper and cover less area. The biggest reason for my decision is the visibility issues, I have major problems with visibility due to the overall design of the body of the vehicle. It is extremely difficult to try to view oncoming traffic from the left when trying to pull out. My son refused to drive the Passat for his senior prom and preferred to drive his older, less sharp looking vehicle due to the fact that he doesn't feel comfortable in the Passat because he 'can't see' well. It's too bad, because reliability has been great, the car is sharp looking and I receive compliments on it. I do like the spaciousness of the seating, my 6' 3' brother can sit in the back comfortably. The trunk is also spacious.

- Barb C

The gas mileage is great. I don't know the exact amount of mpg it gets, but with my 2010 Jetta I was refueling about once a week or so, whereas now I'm only refueling about once every 2 weeks of so.

I love the technology options, from heated seats and controls on the steering wheel for radio and more, to Bluetooth and automatic controls for my seat. The moonroof is a great bonus, as are the center console bucket and rear middle seat pull down for an armrest and cup holders. The entire interior of the car and trunk are very spacious, and the leather seats are quite comfortable. The valet key to lock the glove box is great for keeping items safe when I have to leave them in the car, and the digital reminders are very helpful, especially when low on gas and it estimates how many more miles can be driven. The gas mileage is amazing, so I only have to refill about once every two weeks. Also, I love that there are digital numbers listed for the air temp and speed, so it's much easier to tell what each it. Lastly, the number of ports for phone chargers is extremely helpful.

- Ashley S

Audi-ish for half the price!

I had 2 Jettas before, but this is my first Passat and I love it. It's spacious, quiet and very good on gas for such a large car. The seats are firm in a German way and they feel perfect. The structure and chassis is very solid. I feel rich when driving it, I had it at a year end event price and it feels way more expensive that what I paid for. The exterior is very handsome and classy, some people think it's quite conservative, but I think it's looks like a sibling to the A4 which it is. My next car will be another VW or an Audi. All German vehicles (VW, Audi, Mercedes and BMW) are considered premium or luxury products and customers should consider that aspect before purchasing since they will be a bit more expensive to maintain and repair than their Asian or American counterparts.

- Serge

2016 Passat likes and dislikes.

My Passat has been highly reliable. It is good on gas mileage. The interior is comfortable and has excellent legroom for passengers. My stereo system is fantastic and the controls are easy to use. What I do not like is that the tires spin if I accelerate too fast. The torque is too high for the tires that I have. I do not like the exterior look as much. My car is black but feel the design is not sleek enough. I have light beige seats which have been surprisingly easy to keep clean. The trunk is large and spacious. I do not like the interior trim which looks like faux wood. It looks cheap.

- Craig W

Road Trip or Commute You Can't Go Wrong!

Dependable, comfortable and gets the job done. I use it as a commuter car and it gets great gas mileage (around 39 mph!). I've taken it from California to Washington DC, over the Rockies in a blizzard and down in Death Valley in July. No matter what, this car has been comfortable (the back seat is huge) and has handled well. Maintenance is very affordable. My car currently has 103,000 miles on it. I have not had any major mechanical issues, nor have I had to replace the brakes. Factory tires lasted until about 60k. I now have 80k DWS Continental tires on it now.

- Kay P

Awesome 2016 VW Passat features.

I love my car! It is very reliable, and I have never had any problems with it. Someone rear ended me hard and it kept me well protected. It is super comfortable, even on long road trips from NC to IA It has heated seats in both the front and the back. I will say that sometimes replacing small things (such as fuses) can be a pain because they do not release the fuse diagram, so you have to pull each one to figure out which one is the one that went out, but that was true with my Jetta as well. Other than that I love my Passat.

- Sarah O

The Passat is a car for drivers and is actually fun to drive.

The VW Passat is a higher level car than a Chevrolet or Ford and has the perfection of German engineering to make it one of the best cars out there. This is a car for those who love to drive, instead of being a passenger. I like the laser welding of the Passat that is far better done than Hondas or Toyotas (and leaves GM & Ford in the dust). The legroom for rear passengers is extensive, even when the front seats are all the way back and even reclined a little. There are no complaints I can think of.

- Laura G

A no nonsense smooth day and.

Although Volkswagen has always been one of my favorite cars, this automobile was chosen by my husband for himself before our marriage and just is not my thing. I like classical VW from the 50s and the 60s, complete with the triangle windows and all. My first car was a 63 beetle. And this Passat is not even a stick shift. To make things all wrong to begin with, this car has electrical everything. The seats, windows, keys, the rooftop. This vehicle shouts out, upper middle class suburban mom.

- Natasha W

High quality but unnecessary warning lights. . .

For the most part I really like this car. All of the features are high quality and the body of the car feels heavy, unlike a lot of tin car models that are on the road today. The only complaint I have about the car is that I sometimes have check engine lights go off that are not required. Meaning I waste time going to get it checked out only to be told that nothing is wrong with my car and they just manually turn the light off. Hours wasted on this issue.

- Hillary F

I love my VW's they are great cars and even though VW had a problem with their Diesels they are very reliable and provide great customer service. They are usually more reliable than most American cars when they reach higher mileage. A great car to keep and own.

It is a comfortable car that is easy to drive and has plenty of acceleration power when needed. I love the climate controls which allow both front seat passengers to adjust temperature to their settings. I love the hands free phone - I used to get really distracted by phone calls. I wish that it had the upgraded gps package but since my phone does I am okay with only having a backup camera. But wish that media would display on the console screen.

- Terri M

2016 Volkswagen Passat turbo.

This car is very reliable. It runs great, has plenty of power in the mountains, and handles amazing. It has all the power and reliability features my husband cares about and all the other features I love. It has heated leather power seats with plenty of lumbar support, a nice stereo with backup camera and android auto and apple carplay. We absolutely love our VW Passat. It is the 2nd one we've owned and will definitely buy another!

- Brittany S

The VW Passat drives like a luxury car and is FUN to drive.

It's a semi luxury vehicle with a moonroof and pseudo-leather seats. I like the color but wish there were more color options that aren't package locked (only certain colors allowed per certain packages). The driver's seat has started to crack, which is disappointing, especially since it has been repeatedly conditioned. Most importantly, the car drives smoothly and one of the best vehicles I've ever driven.

- Kevin G

Great value for the price and fun, too!

Great features for the price. I looked at other similar cars, and this one was one of the only ones with features such as CarPlay and Automatic Cruise Control. The ride is great and the cabin is extremely quiet. The only thing I've not loved is the slight rattle that tends to come from the ceiling near the front driver door. In summary, I definitely think it's a great value for what you get.

- Benjamin H

Bad push back on wheel but good gas mileage.

The vehicle has a lot of push back when going around bends over 20 mph with can be frustrating. The car itself is very comfortable to sit in and the back of the car has plenty of space. The trunk can hold way more than you'd think. Aside from that the gas mileage is decent. The only other bad thing is front of the car is difficult to see at times and can leave you a little blind.

- Isabella M

2016 Passat - my favorite features (young perspective) carplay, sunroof. Etc.

Interior design is my favorite. Touch screen is really easy to use. I can connect my iphone and use carplay which is a big plus for me! The heated seats make me feel like I am in a luxurious car. Lots of cabin and trunk space! Sun roof is also one of my favorite features of this car, it can tilt or open all the way which is neat. The sunroof is a little on the small side though.

- Leslie E

Sunroof. Driving assistance. Cruise control. Spacious interior.

I really enjoy my car because it has so many great features. I enjoy the drives assistance program. I enjoy the affordability, and the size and space that my Passat offers. I do love the color options available for my car. I wish that my particular car had the blind spot detection. I love the sunroof. I love the space in the truck. It is huge!

- Laurel B

2019 v wagon passat se with 1.8 turbo charged engine.

I recently purchased my 2016 v wagon passat se about a week ago. I am loving the car and its 1.8 turbo engine gives it a lot of extra pick up when getting on and off the interstate. I love the technology that the car has like the adaptive cruise control function which really works well in situations where you are in traffic.

- Joshua D

It�s a wonderful car for travel.

It's a wonderful family car. Durable and comfortable great for travel & work. You can fill the tank for $20 & it drives very smooth. It's a 4 door car all white with mesh seating. The cars interior is easy to clean & doesn't hold stains. Parts may be differently accessible because it's a German made car.

- Jasmine S

2016 VW passat, great gas mileage and fun to drive.

Great gas mileage. No problems. Comfortable and fun to drive. Has blue tooth with large screened radio controls. AC blows super cold. Seats are comfortable. Trunk is HUGE and back seat is plenty big for large adults to sit comfortably. Multitude of options you are able to check on dash display. Speakers sound great.

- Martha R

Perfect car with all the things I need.

I always love the look of passat. It is very reliable, very safe. It is fast on the gas and definitely on the brakes. It is very comfortable. I have it for 3 years now and nothing ever broke. I do put good gas in it so it can last longer. I am taking care of it regularly. I would recommend to anyone to buy this car.

- Jasmine H

Roomy and comfortable with extra safety features.

I love my Passat! After 3 years it has had no mechanical issues and is very reliable. It is comfortable to drive and is roomy enough for my wife and I plus 2 grandsons in car seats. I especially like the backup camera, as I often have to back into the street to start an errand. It gives me an extra set of eyes.

- Charles F

Good price. Quite economical. Looks great. Its handling is very good.

It is roomy, has good pick up, looks like a Benz. 4-door sedan, quiet, love the black color, great service from the dealer, 10, 000 mile oil change vs, 3, 000, handles the road very well. I will buy or lease another Passat when my lease is up. And the price is very competitive with cars of similar equipment.

- Rich S

Great value for a base model.

Overall the vehicle performs well, is comfortable to drive, gets good gas mileage, and looks nice. There are no major issues and I would consider getting a new one, for my next car. I have a base model, and the basic features are good on their own. I would probably get upgrades to technology next time.

- Leah B

Comfort Very comfortable vehicle, nice design, spacious

No issues. Very reliable. My car drives really smooth sometimes I forget how fast I'm going. Love that it has CarPlay we're it is compatible with my phone. Very comfortable, nice design, it has lots of room. Especially in the back seat great leg room. Very safe lots of air bags throughout the car.

- Tiffany B

The ups and downs of my 2006 passat.

The only issue is that the oil replenishment lamp comes on as the vehicle is known to burn a quart of oil every thousand miles. The dealer service department stated this is standard. Otherwise it is a great vehicle. At times the GPS is quirky in that it only recognizes the exact intended address.

- Vincent L

Great Car, Squeaky Brakes

The brakes squeak. It's super loud and annoying. It has Apple Carplay which is great. It's a smooth ride and easy to drive. The leather seats are easy to keep clean. It is quick on the highway and easy to maneuver. It's vanilla as styling goes, but that's fine. The back seat and trunk are huge.

- Amy H

Sporty and fun, lots of get up and go.

Overall very happy with the purchase of my Volkswagen Passat. Reliable, sturdy, and a very quiet interior makes for a nice comfortable ride. Great for work and long-distance rides. It is tough to find a Volkswagen that does not have a black interior. The gray and beige interiors are very nice.

- Carol B

VW Passat Has Great Reliability

My VW Passat is the roomiest midsize sedan. I like it because it has very few extras or optional features - less to break. The engine is a 4-cylinder but has adequate power and gets almost 40 mpg on the highway at freeway speeds. 35K miles and no repairs. Comfortable and suits my personality.

- Dwight W

Great vehicle for a decent price

The 2016 VW Passat is overall a great car. The things I like about it include reliability, comfort, fuel efficiency, and technology. If I could change anything it would be the OEM brake pads. They are noisy. I refuse to change good brake pads, so I will live with them until they go bad.

- Nicholas D

My VW Passat 2016 review.

There are no problems mechanically but I hate the credit company. And it's too expensive for such a basic model. I like that only an oil change every 11, 000 miles but everything is so expensive, labor, special oil type, filters, basic care costs are ridiculous. I wish I had a way out.

- Aliyah A

My car is very spacious in the trunk and in the back seat for passengers.

I love my vehicle, Volkswagen Passat. My vehicle is very spacious. Some complaints I have about the vehicle are that the seats are easy to stain, the color shows all the bugs on the front, and the little yellow lights on the front don't turn off. Everything else about the car I love.

- Carie W

Sporty, smooth, and sleek

The vehicle is very comfortable, rides smoothly, and quiet. It is the first Volkswagen I have ever owned and I do enjoy it. The car has speed and really does get up. One downside is the seats stain easy and I found out Volkswagen doesn't have the greatest reputation right now.

- Kevin C

I customized my car to match my personality. Everyone knows my car.

I have not had any problems with the car. Only normal wear and tear. It has been a really good car thus far. This is my second Volkswagen. I love this make of cars. I think the German made car is awesome.. I recently found out Volkswagen is also built by the same as Mercedes.

- Alicia R

2016 VW Passat is the best!

Reliable, quiet, fast, good brakes, good gas mileage, great in snow, leg room, comfortable ride, Bluetooth, backup camera, sport mode, heater works great, excellent traction, large trunk, folding mirrors, well made, great cornering, leg room ample, overall excellent vehicle.

- Pamela S

Reliable and spacious vehicle.

I love that it handles well even in snowy, wintry conditions. The apple car play is really convenient. The trunk is larger than expected which comes in handy when getting groceries. I have only had mine for a few months but it seems very reliable. Good value for the money.

- Brittany A

Bluetooth the best feature

Car length is too long for urban living and the street parking that I have. Love the Bluetooth! The hinges on the trunk make it hard to fit large objects in the trunk. Doors are really heavy and often swing back closed after opening. Good on gas mileage, pickup and speed

- Rebecca L

Passat: for the comfort and stamina on a long drive.

This car has been very reliable, great on gas, spacious (I am 5'10 and a grown man can easily sit behind me) and in my opinion sleek looking. I do sometimes have issues with the car play working and air circulation in back seat could be better, but all in I love my car.

- Annie K

It has a luxury look and has all the specs needed.

I love my VW Passat. I have had it since 2016 and have not had an issue. I like how it drives very smoothly and its very comfortable. It comes with all the specs needed like navigation, Sirius XM, apple CarPlay, it's great. I had a VW before and something great vehicle.

- Elsa C

Comfort and ease of the VW.

I love the comfort and ease of driving my VW Passat. The backup camera is amazing. I have the technology package and it includes a lot of the bell and whistles all within a great total price for the vehicle. I would definitely consider my next vehicle being another VW.

- Kim C

Hopefully I can refinance my loan in the future

It rides smooth, good on gas lots of space I love the bluetooth feature. It drives very well in the winter time, I dislike how expensive A synthetic oil change is, and Walmart never has my oil filter that I need! Gets great highway mileage but not so good city streets

- Jojo R

Love my Volkswagen Passat!! Great all around good looking car!

I love my Passat! It is really nice on outside and inside. Has heated seats throughout. Great speakers. Has apple connect. Has all buttons on steering wheel. Hands free calls and text. Auto windshield wipers. Blind spot indicators. Everything you could want in a car.

- Emily W

Even though VW is known for great cars, this one is a disappointment.

My Passat has some get up and go but it also doesn't run as smooth as it first did when I got it new. My car has less than 30, 000 miles and I feel like it should be running better. I keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance. Never has this issue with my Toyota.

- Tiffany S

A smooth ride that gets the job done and then some.

No problems. Comfort is great and it is rides good. I enjoy the passat very much. Very reliable. Good on gas. Lots of luxury features. Radio is the best. The material used for the car are the best. Driving performance is great. I definitely recommend a Volkswagen.

- Charmaine C

Personal taste in European vehicle.

Car has comfort, ample seating for four adults, good performance and mileage by 2. 2 liter engine, stylish exterior. Standard safety features like back up camera, blind spot sensors, and front crash sensor. The car is European in origin but American in value.

- Jeff M

I Love My Car; Driving My Dream

Extremely comfortable and reliable. This is my second VW and I love it. Drives smoothly, ability to change gears while driving to make the rode even smoother. Lots of legroom, seats easily adjust, car is very easy to handle - taught my teen to drive using it

- Kris C

Comfortable car environment.

Pick up is nice. The car is quiet while driving. Comfortable to sit on for an extended drive. You can set two different temperatures for driver and passenger. Back window defrost works really fast. What I do not like is the side mirrors do not have defrost.

- Monica T

Disappointing problems with Passat.

The technology does not work well. It constantly requires reset to work with iPhone for carplay technology. We have had brake problems, mostly noisy brakes. The seats are not comfortable on long trips. And the doors do not stay open when you exit vehicle.

- Chris B

Passat pleases for the price bit could be even better.

Very reliable. Brakes too touchy though. Disappointed that it doesn't have seat warmers. Huge trunk and more legroom than any other car ever. My tall sons never complain. Also wish it had Sirius radio since that is a paid piece not sure why it doesn't.

- Mary L

VW: enjoying car ownership made simple.

No problems, comfortable, good gas mileage, plenty of standard safety features(rear camera), blind spot alert. VW service goes beyond regular service. Besides mileage service, all fluids are topped, tires rotated and brakes adjusted, and car is washed.

- Jeh M

Perfect Passat, the style, power and fun in a sedan package.

I love my Passat, the comfort, style and performance are my favorite features. This car gets tremendous gas mileage while still having enough power to make it a fun drive. The interior is stylish yet simple and all round it's just a wonderful vehicle.

- Kyle R

It's almost a mom car, cops do not notice it as much.

I like how the turbo engine gives me a pick-up-and-go whenever I press the gas. I also like how the car has seat warmers for when it is cold outside. Finally, I like how I do not have to insert a key, I only have to press a button to start the car.

- Emily P

It is solid, reliable, and you get the mileage it states on the sticker.

The phone interface is difficult - drops, and sometimes caller cannot hear me unless I disconnect from the Car Connect feature. The kick to open trunk has never worked right. Brakes squeal and repair guy says known issue with this model year.

- Joanne B

Great car, but when leasing it, the car insurance is expensive than the other cars, so consider this when leasing the car.

When driving through the corner, it slows down automatically. The gas pedal is very sensitive, so the car goes immediately when I press the pedal. The brake is sensitive, which is good at emergency stop. The car design itself is also pretty.

- Grace H

Comfortable, roomy, and a good value. It also gets good mileage.

The car is comfortable inside, but pretty basic overall. I like the large interior and the external styling is nice. I like the rear camera and bluetooth features. The mileage and reliability are nice so far, but it only has 24k miles.

- Richard V

A highlight of my vehicle is how smooth it drives, even on bad roads it drives very smooth.

I purchased my new car almost three years ago and I've never had any problems with it. There are very many pros to this car which includes great gas mileage, it drives smooth and it has a screen inside so you can see what's behind you.

- ShyAnn H

Vw Passat is very good value and safe.

The car is quite luxurious and it's cheaper than other German alternatives. It uses faux leather, giving it a high end look and feel. It's exterior also looks quite clean and sleek. I've had no trouble with it maintenance-wise.

- Sherry H

This car has a technology package with keyless entry and start!

I have a technology package. I really like the keyless start and the keyless entry. I wish it had remote start, especially considering the heat hear in Texas. I like how it drives and it feels like luxury without spending 50k

- Adam F

It's not about the car and more about the dealer. The dealer has consistently upgraded us to a new model, while leaving the payments the same and costing me nothing. That very likely means that the car resells easily due to low mileage and good demand.

The car has squeaks that have been difficult to correct through service. It also could have a little more technology. Otherwise, the car has been fine. The ride is sporty. The car accelerates well and shows well as a midsize.

- Michae L

It squeaks and the squeaking cannot be stopped through service or repair.

The car has performed well, but has curious squeaking. No matter how many times the car has been taken to the dealer, the squeaking reoccurs. Comfort is fine for the midsize vehicle and features are generally good.

- Michael L

It is comfortable to drive and ride in and is a perfect midsize car.

I really love my Volkswagen Passat. The trunk is extremely roomy and fits large suitcases. It drives very well. It comes with navigation and Apple carplay. I would not hesitate to buy another Volkswagen.

- Leah L

The most important thing about this car is that it's reliable and spacious.

I like that it's new, it runs smooth, and it does not need much maintenance. It also gets pretty good gas mileage and has a lot of space inside. No complaints, I just wish I had a more luxurious car.

- Eric N

I love the ability to control the radio from my steering wheel!

The Passat I own is very user friendly. My elderly mother is able to use most of the electronics and extras that are part of the Media and Radio area. It is quite reliable and gets great gas mileage.

- Sandra O

It does take some investing in maintenance.

Passat is a very reliable car. It can be expensive to keep up with routine maintenance, however, the safety and reliability of the car make it worth it. It is fun to drive and has so many options.

- Rebecca J

It is german, so it is quality.

I like the smooth drive, mpg, safety, backup cameras. If there's anything I do not like, sometimes it is a little loud on certain surfaces- but mostly that is just me trying to find a negative.

- Kristen C

It is spacious, there is room for everything.

It looks too momish. Basic trim. I do like how large it is. The trunk is huge. I like VW. I wish it had leather. I wish that it looked cooler. I like the sound system. Back seat is huge.

- Danielle M

Feels like a heavy car and a very safe vehicle. The ride is very smooth.

The ride is smooth and quiet. I like the feature that slows the car down while using cruise control when you get too close to the vehicle in front of you. I also enjoy the keyless entry.

- Renee L

Enjoyable silver vw passat.

I have a silver vw passat, wolfsburg edition. It runs well, drives smooth and up to this point we have not had any problems with it. We have black leather seats and they are wonderful.

- Angela L

The 2016 Passat is SO roomy, perfect for small families.

I love that it has individual thermostats for driver/passenger. The stock stereo system sounds incredible. And I love the leather, perforated seats that can heat up to various levels.

- Dana L

It could be a better performer.

Not enough horsepower. I wish it could go faster when you press the gas. It is good on gas and overall a good performing car. I also think there needs to be a better radio.

- Whitney H

The car definitely saves on gas and it feels safe.

The car performs perfectly, only had one problem with a recall. The car is fantastic on gas and is pretty comfortable too. I love the bluetooth and the radio in the car.

- Jerusha R

Great car at a Great Price

After owning BMWs and Volvos, the passat was a fantastic surprise. I have all the advanced features I want at a very reasonable price. Great quality and dependability.

- Dabug W

Very good on gas and automatic windows.

My car is very good on gas and it rides smoothly on the highway. It is a V6 but I wish the traction spread were better. It is very roomy and comfortable inside.

- Whitney J

I got it because I know the parts won't be too expensive and that the car last long.

Features it has a sunroof which is nice a backed camera which is helpful, smooth driving and so far not much problem with it. I only had it for a month now.

- Christina D

You could fall asleep in the heated seats, no problem.

The car is a sedan. It has heated seats, which I love!!!! That's pretty much it. The seats are comfortable and the car is a nice size for a family of 5.

- Dionna W

It gets great gas mileage and looks good doing it

This car is our second volkswagen we have owned. It drives like a dream and has all the latest technology. It is also a very comfortable ride.

- Pam S

It handles really well. The backup camera comes in handy when your parked beside larger vehicles.

I like that it has navigation. I also like that I can use my phone through Bluetooth. My only complaint is the amount I'm paying every month.

- Frances B

It's fun to drive plenty of pep.

I have not any problems with this auto. This car has been a pleasure to drive on either sort drives or long road trip.It is very comfortable.

- David l

It's very affordable and gets good gas.

What I liked about my car is it comes with a rear view camera. I don't have any complaints. My one dislike is how low to the ground it is.

- Jimmy H

It is a Passat and it is very fast and also it is in a very very good condition in overall.

My car has some problems with lights system and also has some break problems and when turn on right side makes noise of cracking for 2 min

- Alex S

They long forever. The mileage is low.

I have no complaints. I love my vehicle. It runs great. The size is perfect for four passengers in the back. The colors are awesome.

- Anna B

It is a medium size sedan but it has great legroom in front and back.

It's a very roomy sedan. Great for tall people like me. Very affordable and it gets great gas mileage, over 40 mpg on the highway

- Scott H

Brakes are very touchy. I do not have to step on brake pedal very hard.

The brakes are too touchy. The car is to big for me. Does not sit high enough to see over steering wheel. Car drives very smoothly.

- Jo Ann H

It's such a comfortable ride.

I love all the premium options, like the heated seats. They are great when my back is hurting. I don't really have any complaints.

- Katie M

2 things I don't like about my VW Passat. . . It does get great gas mileage.

Blind spots, ad the camera view are difficult to use, also, the window controls are such that I always roll the back window down.

- Michael R

Greate car and reliable at all times

It very roomy and comfortable. Economic on gas. I have this car for 2 years now, and I haven't have any problems whatsoever

- Ericka L

The first the time the rotors go bad, do not use stock ones to replace - but good ones!!

Rotar issue, replaced many times know issue. Love the options that came with the car, very comfortable and great on gas.

- Joanne C

It is the perfect car, it looks very nice and it works perfectly.

I love it, the color, the shape, everything I like about it. I like my car. It does not have any problem, it works great.

- Ana N

How luxurious it feels and its ride is so smooth you'll feel like you're in a limo

It feels very luxurious and is affordable. Has great leather and the handling it very nice. It gets good gas mileage.

- Julie M

Plain but comfortable. Not for looks.

I love how big the vehicle is. I wouldn't choose white again. It is really plain. It is comfortable. It is reliable.

- Danielle M

It has all of the most desired safety features available today

very nice style and size-runs well-have had no major maintenance problems-large trunk-loaded with safety features

- harv c

It is reliable, it is very fast.

Great control great quality. Sturdy and reliable. Great on gas, excellent sport mode, fast little get around car.

- Ali R

Well, I think is the post sale customer service.

It is reliable and comfortable. Just that it is not for me. It looks like a car for an old person. . . Sorry.

- Marcy Z

Great gas mileage with comfort and style

The VW Passat is a great riding and performing vehicle. Comfort and style, and great gas mileage. I Love it!

- Paul L

Drives like a dream & so comfortable!

My Passat is comfortable and reliable & it gets great gas mileage. It drives with ease and is responsive.

- Amy D

Volkswagen Passat reliable car.

No issues very comfortable reliable car. Second time purchasing would buy another Volkswagen Passat.

- Desmond G

Fits 3 car seats in the backseat. A large adult can sit in the backseat comfortably. Comes with lots of features, great attention to detail when making this vehicle.

It is very spacious for a full size sedan, would recommend buying if you do not want a van or suv

- Kay M

Very good build quality for the price, and great gas mileage.

I like that the car feels more expensive then it is. I dislike that it is expensive to maintain.

- Nicholas S

Perfect car for business people. Drive save and powerful

Very good car with good equipment, good safety, powerful, stylish. Only the price is not cheap

- Bjoern G

The car is a medium-large size. It has plenty of room for comfortable trips, nice AC, and good speed and shifting.

It's a very nice vehicle inside and out. The look of it is slick, and it drives very smoothly.

- Marie J

Safety rating on this is really quite amazing and I always feel so safe

I love my car so much. It has a good speed control and breaking. Very good safety rating

- Elizabeth B

safety features inside and the limited warranty it comes with

i love how it drives. i do not like some of the interior functions. i love the camera

- Lauren B

Bright lights and good safety features

I love the styling and how it looks and rides. It's a great car and rides great.

- Joe S

It's reliable and a great value for what I paid for it.

Its comfortable. It gets great gas mileage. It has awesome speakers. Its fast.

- Chelsea B

Great ride and great mileage

Gas mileage is 35 mpg. Quiet ride and plenty of room. No complaints!

- Michael R

Reliable, not to many issues or repairs

My car is reliable. My car looks presentable. My car is a good value

- Doriana Y

Good on gas, especially for the size. The leg room in the back seat is huge.

Reliable, attractive. The car looks & drives great. No complaints.

- Sue R

Safety features are top notch. I was rear ended by a drunk driver going over 50mph while stationary. I walked away with minimal injury.

My vehicle rides smooth, is reliable, and gets great gas mileage.

- Barry M




Has the best technology, Offers the best quality, prestige

Quality, Modern, Different, Prestige, Innovation, Attractive

- Emmanuel A

Dependable and low maintenance. Gets you where you want to go safely

I get great gas mileage. It is sporty, safe and reliable.

- Robin R

it is reliable and great gas mileage. comfortable ride

this is the most reliable vehicle i have ever owned,

- Rachelle P