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VW Passat - luxury car without the luxury price tag.

I am so happy with my Passat! I've had another car from the VW group before (a Skoda, which is a European brand), and I was happy with that, but this is MUCH better to drive. It feels secure on the road, even in the heavy thunderstorms we get in NC, and is great on the Highway at 70 mph; but is also comfortable around town. For me, the extra features that come with the vehicle add to the ease and pleasure of driving - collision detection, parking sensors, blind spot sensors and mirrors that adjust inwards when parked; satellite radio, fender speakers, air con for the rear seats, electric seats which memorize different seat positions. Generous trunk space and folding rear seats mean there's plenty of space for luggage (handy when collecting parents from the airport). On top of that, the customer service from our VW dealer was first class, with a 2 year warranty that we extended to 5 years for a very reasonable price. So, would I recommend this vehicle to others? Yes - without hesitation.

- Paul D

Great full size sedan that looks high end.

I love how much space the trunk has, I can get all my kids sports stuff in there without an issue. I love the sleekness of the car, it is visually appealing and reminds me of the audit. I love the reliability and the way it drives. I do not like the fact that I have to get new brakes and rotors on it when it only has 24k miles on it and we're not driving the car hard or rough. I dislike the auto braking system a lot, I feel like it does it unnecessarily and I really dislike that feature and it leads me to believe that could be why the brakes and rotors are having problems so soon. The back seat has tons of legroom which I love cause nobody like to be cramped when they ride in the backseat. The navigation is a little unreliable as well and sometimes that really bothers me. For the most part I really love the passat but I loved my tdi passat I had years ago more than I like this one to be honest.

- Stacey D

This is a perfect vehicle for a family.

Since we have had this car I have only had one problem. The a/c plug wasn't hooked up from the factory so every time I ran the a/c the water wouldn't drain which caused the carpet to flood and mold. Once I found out what the problem was Volkswagen immediately fixed the drain and replaced the carpet no questions asked. I love driving this car. It is super comfortable and spacious. This car is my daily driver because it does so well on gas. I am having a baby and this car will be the baby mobile. There is enough room for me to put him and all his toys, books, pack and play, stroller, and much more. I plan on having this car for a long time. I keep it really clean and well maintained. I was used to driving trucks and Jeeps before I had this, now I love driving the Passat. We got a really good deal from the dealership and I have no regrets.

- Alexandria N

Volkswagen Passat tsi- a great choice for a midsize sedan!

I have had this car for 1 year and it has been a great car. There haven't been any problems with it is performance. The v6 engine is helpful when driving up hills or getting on freeways. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly. The brakes are very sensitive but I like knowing that they work! My favorite feature is the rear view camera. I like that I can see that a small child or an animal is not behind me before I back out of a driveway or parking space. The trunk has ample space for a family of 4. The comfort of the middle backseat is the only negative review that I can give this car. There is a bump where the seat is, which makes it uncomfortable for the person sitting in that seat. Other than that, the Volkswagen Passat is a great family car and I am satisfied with my decision to choose this car.

- Jamie Y

I love my 2017 VW passat and you will love one too!

I haven't experienced any problems with my car as of yet. It has very little miles on it and is still under the factory warranty. It has a lot of get up and go. It does not seem to have any lag time between the engine and the turbo. I bought the car because it has the highest government crash test rating they give and it has tons of sensors, features and warning systems to make you feel safe. It has a very comfortable ride and the cabin is very roomy. I purchased the top of the line premium edition that has more features than most people know what to do with. The car itself is very intelligent and am looking forward to driving it till the wheels pretty much fall off of it.

- Kaitlyn H

R-line turbo with all the bells and whistles

I have had no issues and love driving this car. The turbo engine allows for fun driving while also getting good gas mileage. The R-line package comes with alloy wheels and additional features above the base model yet also give the feeling that I am driving a luxury vehicle. The R-line package comes with leather heated seats (with power for both driver and passenger), backup camera, upgraded wheels, and plenty of space in the trunk. The Passat also allows for more space in the back seats than any other sedan that we have driven or found. Excellent vehicle and I highly recommend it to anyone.

- Jenner W

Beige Bluetooth candy apple

The car drives great, breaks excellent. Warning signs are loud and accurate. The car is very comfort 4 door sedan but it's really a lot of space, especially the trunk space which was what I really need. The Bluetooth feature is my favorite, touchscreen and the buttons but I wish it was more added on the navigation. The tire sensor is my least favorite, it does not say which tire is low just states low tire. Gas is fine, regular is what is needed and takes $40 to fill. Has sunroof and leather seats. Not easy to clean seats but has ac but does not blow hard enough.

- J A

The wonderful value for the price.

This car is absolutely fantastic. I love it so much that when my last lease was up, I went in and literally got the same car but of a newer year. I rarely have issues with the car, however, the rotors seem to fall short but that may be due to the rough roads in my area. The gas performance is fantastic, average 400 miles per tank, even more when doing efficient highway driving. I feel comfortable driving in this car, safety features are definitely great, and I love the luxury features like the leather seats, and the sunroof, and digital radio as well.

- Sally T

The Passat: A Vehicle Built to Grow With Your Family!

The Volkswagen Passat is a reliable and safe family vehicle. It provides plenty of cabin space for all passengers. In terms of the maintenance on the vehicle, there is minimal, with oil changes every 10 thousand miles and routine check-ups provided to you through the electronic dash. This vehicle also features updated technology with the Apple CarPlay system that allows for seamless use of the phone, Spotify, Apple Music and Maps. The leatherette material in the car is comfortable and resilient against the wear and tear of two kids ages 6 and 10.

- Summer B

Five stars for the Volkswagen Passat r line.

I have owned the 2017 Volkswagen Passat r line for over a year and I love it. It is such a smooth riding car and has enough room for my two children to be comfortable in, on long car rides. We travel a lot and this is the perfect car if you love to travel or just look stylish going to work or even the supermarket. Best part of the car is it is futures. Everything is automatic, has a touch screen and even offers serious am. The trunk space is incredible and is perfect for all my sons baseball gear. I highly recommend this car. Five stars.

- Wendy M

The Volkswagen Passat: Great feel and great look

The Volkswagen Passat is a very good car for the price. When driving the car, it is very smooth and not really "bumpy" or "rough". It is fairly quick and can get you to speed up to a comfortable speed in a reasonable amount of time. It's a very comfortable car with very comfy seats. Has a great exterior design as well as interior too. The only problem I have with this car would be, whenever hitting higher speeds, the car can sway a little more than I was used to with my older car, most likely because its suspension is higher.

- Nicholas H

Strong engine. Beautiful outlook.

Known as the new midsize sedan () before its unveiling in January 2011, this model was designed for the north American market, replacing the b6 Passat sedan and wagon for the 2012 model year in Canada, the united states and Mexico. It is also sold in china, alongside the Passat lingyu and magotan. North American, middle eastern and south Korean models are manufactured at its chattanooga assembly plant, [26] while Chinese market versions are built by shanghai-VW in 2011. [15].

- Nguyen N

Great ride and feature in a car.

It is very spacious and plenty of room. I love the heated seats and the dual temperature control. I live the Bluetooth features and hands free phone. It drives smooth and easy. I have the warm weather package and the side view mirror have the defrost. Also the safe feature that has the blind spot in the side mirrors are very handy. The back up camera makes it easier to see in back of you because sometimes it is not so easy to see while backing up. It is rides like a dream.

- Tina D

Brake assist. Very roomy.

Heated seats, backup camera, Bluetooth, I have never had an issue with any Volkswagen I have owned. Very roomy backseat, very big truck space with easy lay down of back seats for added space. Has break assistance which has come in handy. Very fast pick up when you accelerate. The VW version of leather which is more resistant to cracking and stains. You do not have to constantly do oils on them to keep them from cracking. They also do not get as hot as leather in the heat.

- Sandra A

The Passat is great car. Good gas mileage, terrific handling.

The Passat has great pick up and it handles well. It does not have however, the latest technology features. (it has an actual clock as opposed to a digital readout) it is a great car overall, and we love it. We just wish it had a few more advanced features a lot of cars seem to come with standard these days. The back up camera is really good though. We had a rental for a month before we bought the Passat and the back up camera was garbage. You couldn't see anything.

- Carrie B

Very specious, stable and safe car.

I like my vehicle. So far I have not had any problems with it. It's very stable and has a lot of space. I have to little kids and they have plenty of space in the back seats. Also, carry two strollers in the trunk at all time and they fit perfectly fine and there still room left for more stuff. I've been driving this car for two years now and the only I had to do is change the oil, and do the regular check ups. I would recommend such a car.

- Me Y

Thank-you VW - I really like my car.

It works really well gets good gas mileage, has good a/c and heat, handles well, good radio and CD player, defrosts quickly-. I do not like that the radio shuts off when the engine stops -I like to listen to the end of the song or sentence. I like that I can easily adjust the height and closeness of the driver's seat-my husband and I have quite a difference in height and VW makes the transition from one driver to another easier.

- Ruth V

A pleasure in many aspects but disappointing in others

My 2017 Volkswagen Passat is a reliable vehicle and I like the interior design. The technology is also a wonderful feature. My problems with this vehicle is that it is of lesser quality as far as the body. The paint is easily marred by washing. The vehicle has numerous whistle sounds when driving on windy days and the feel of the vehicle is not the solid quality feel of the 2014 I owned before this one.

- Teresa P

Great gas mileage, reliable car.

I have had no problems with this car. I take it in for regular maintenance and oil changes and never have issues. It handles the road well and the drive is smooth. This is a stick shift and it's easy to drive in my opinion. It's also a diesel and I love that I forget the last time I had to fill the gas tank. I get great gas mileage in this vehicle and have saved a ton of money with it being a diesel.

- Sam M

Beautiful Passat w/vegan leather seats. Quality is slipping.

My VW Passat is beautiful but there are a few problems with it which was disappointing considering it is a new car. One for the window buttons lost some of it decor already. The passenger seat is not automatic like the driver seat is. The max ac option take about ten minutes to cool. It is a lease but I am sure I'd be more upset about it if I owned the car. One of the reasons I like to lease my cars.

- Monica R

My VW Passat. Had to but it 2 times.

This is the second VW Passat I have purchased and I love how its great on gas rides like a luxury vehicle and easy on the eyes. Very reasonably priced so you get a lot of car and features for you money. Other mid size sedan are smaller and not that great gas mileage but my car is great on the space and gas mileage. The trunk is even spacious. Would be very likely to recommend this type of car.

- Della B

The VW is a great performing car and an excellent value.

Previously owned a Jetta and loved it. Bought a Passat because I like the performance and they're solid cars for the price. It performs great in its class, and has plenty of room. I have heard complaints that it is nice fancy enough for the price, but it does not bother me. Would rather have a well-running car than trying to impress other people. Buy an Audi if that is your angle.

- Michael C

Issues I have with my VW passat.

Issues that I have with my vehicles are the brakes, they squeak and are very touch when you apply brakes the car stops quickly. The interior upholstery is a light grey and everything stains them even which is normal but even cleaning with water stain the upholstery. Also the interior carpet is very hard to get pet hair out so I cannot take my dog to vet or groomers in my car.

- Lisa R

VW Passat: all the luxury you want from a German car without the hefty price tag.

There is no better car in regards to style, quality, performance, technology, etc. For the price. The added warranty is a must too because VW has exemplary service and the warranty helps you take full advantage of it to best take care of your vehicle. The Passat has a timeless, classic, classy look that is always in style so the car always looks good and drives even better.

- Erin S

Handles great in rain and ice. Has dual weather controls. Comfortable seats.

Very roomy back seat and large trunk. Has a locking glove box. Beautiful color--charcoal. Gets good gas mileage. Easy to handle. I do not like that it does not have a compass. The console could be more user friendly if the cup holders were moved more toward the front. Awkward trying to reach cup when driving. I enjoy driving my car though. Proud to own a VW.

- Wanda W

I love the seat warmers and sports mode.

Love the seat warmers, rides very smooth. Is quiet and has push button start. Soft leather seats and Bluetooth radio, as well as sports mode that is quite a rush! If you are someone that likes to travel or you just are a very busy person, this vehicle is the right drive for you. The brakes are awesome and the car itself can get you across town in no time.

- Evelyn S

Adaptive cruise control will change your road trips!

It has blind spot monitor and brakes for me if I don't brake quick enough. It is so safe! The sound system is awesome. The car is fast and so smooth to drive. The adaptive cruise is the best feature I have ever had in a car! When on a road trip because of the adaptive cruise the gas mileage is exceptional. Even around town the gas mileage is amazing!

- Katie R

I love the way it connects to your apple devices.

I really like Volkswagen and the passat has a lot of space. The driving is great and had no major issues with the car other than changing the battery etc. The only thing I think they need to improve is to include lights when you are viewing yourself in the mirror. I know that probably the newer models have this feature but mine came without this.

- Yvonne H

Great car with a few design flaws.

Low tire pressure warning system does not specify which tire is low. You have to check all 4 tires every time, and then press a button in the glove box to reset the system to the current pressure. A/c temperature is inaccurate and is relative to the outside temperature. 68 degrees is cold when it is hot outside, but only warm when it is cold out.

- Chloe M

Drive in comfort and safety at an affordable price.

The style and the comfort and reliability of the car. The car drives well. I especially like the computer in the car that lets you know when it is time for the maintenance of the car or when something is wrong with the car. The car has a lot of legroom and passenger room as well. It feels very luxurious like I am driving a higher end car.

- Judy G

The car has a very spacious trunk. My favorite part is the sunroof and radio.

Sometimes the Ac doesn't turn on quick enough, especially when it's really hot out. So that's the only downfall. Besides that I love the sunroof, the space it provides, the leather seats, and amount of gas it uses. It is the perfect car for long car rides because of its comfort. I would 100% recommend this car to any one of any age.

- Gabby C

Volkswagen Passat: just ok. Needs a little more pep.

I preferred the Jetta diesel, however I had to trade it in due to emissions tampering software from Volkswagen. The diesel had much more pep and was sportier. The Passat is not as smooth, however it is roomier. The Passat is more comfortable in the seats and the pseudo leather seems to be able to stand up to more wear and tear.

- Kim H

VW awesome car, all you need in one car.

No problems at all, good in gas and big trunk for lots of stuff. Good room inside for passengers and different options on the type of technology you need. Touch screen, all touch. Leather seats available, easy to clean. Good room for a high chair for little kids like I do. Has the option for satellite radio it is an option.

- Maria V

Amazing ride, good value, need to try it!

This is the most comfortable car I have driven. It is reliable, economical, and the features are easy to use. The backup camera has come in real handy. The longer I have the car, the more I depend on the camera. I said in the beginning that I did not care about the camera, but it is now the best feature of the car.

- Rebecca D

Reliable, road trip friendly car.

This car drives great and gets excellent mileage. I have taken mine on several road trips and never had any issues with it. Even the back seats have plenty of legroom. My only issues with it are the seats, the fabric occasionally pulls my hair, and the lack of a good place to put my arm when driving on long trips.

- Allyson H

Ready for the new passat!

Haven't had any real issues. The car is very smooth and good on gas mileage. Stereo is ok. Could've been better. Not much trunk space. Very spacious in the back . Its 1 annoying thing with the car and that's the wind blow in driver window where it's so loud it's annoying. Other than that everything else is great.

- Eric C

Easy to see out of and drive. Has backup camera.

Car handles really great. Gets great gas mileage. Is very roomy and comfortable. I have driven it in ice without any problems. Of course, I was careful. Has Bluetooth so I can talk on phone without holding the phone. The interior is very pretty and I love the charcoal exterior. Proud to own a very dependable car.

- Wanda G

VW Passat: comfortable and fun to drive.

The car drives well, has nice technological features (rear camera, blind spot, heated seats), and is comfortable. The fact the car has adjustable heat/air on both the driver's and passenger side is nice as well. It also has heated mirrors, which comes in handy when it is cold outside and the mirrors are frosted.

- Lacy A

Reliable and cute car that will last you forever.

Extremely reliable. It is comfortable with a large cargo area. I only wish that it had heated seats. But it drives smoothly and I do not have a lot of mechanical issues with it. The gas mileage is really good. It has a digital clock on the display and an analog clock on the dash. It has an all digital display.

- Leslie B

2017 Passat certified 4 year bumper to bumper warranty.

Technology pkg. Rear cross traffic, blind spot warning, lane departure, collision warning and automatic braking, navigation system, self parking, sunroof. Only dislike power mirrors controls ride is smooth and comfortable 4 cylinder has enough power to merge safely while still getting good gas mileage.

- Doug M

Volkswagen Passat is lived by my whole family!!

Love my Passat! I have also owned 2 Jetta's in the past and loved just as much! The technology is great, hands free phone, the back up video sensor, the side view mirrors warn when not to merge over. The seat warmers are nice on cold mornings. Volkswagens feel safe, comfortable, and the ride is smooth.

- Leah H

All the features- a complete package.

The Passat is fun to drive. With the added features of the trim level at an affordable price I can enjoy the sunroof, leather seats, satellite radio and more without breaking the bank. Then there are the safety features like blind spot indication and frontal crash avoidance. It is a complete package.

- Jessica H

Beautiful vehicle and super comfortable.

The Volkswagen passat r line is an exceptional car. The body style is beautiful and the inside is comfortable and spacious. The a/c works perfectly and the heated seats make for a great winter. It drives smoothly. The cupholders are convenient. The radio is great and the Bluetooth is easy to use.

- Veronica C

Best car at its price point.

Accelerates like a V6, extremely comfortable ride. Radio links to my phone so I can play MY music while I drive. Smooth driving, easy braking, power steering, SPORT MODE shifting. Manual shifting paddles on the steering wheel for when I need to get around people who can't drive. I love my car.

- Eric H

Feels like a luxury vehicle for a reasonable price.

Handles easily, very reliable with a comfortable interior and excellent gas mileage. Not too big and not too small -- a good family car. It feels like a luxury vehicle without the associated cost, and I especially appreciate the Bluetooth compatibility and useful steering-wheel phone controls.

- Paul V

Tire pressure issues but still recommend.

Love this car. Only issues I have are air pressure in tires always change when weather changes and I can't get the light off unless I take it in to the dealership. They're always helpful though to fix without a charge. This is the 4th VW I've owned and would recommend to anyone interested.

- Beth H

Review for my first Passat r-line

It is great on gas! I can fuel up a full tank and it goes all the way up to 560 miles of gas. Only thing is you can feel when the car needs to switch gears, almost like it should be a manual car but it's automatic. Other than that, it's great & I would highly recommend as a first car!

- Mercy C

The superb steering and handling.

The car is very roomy- and it is not good on gas- the interior was beautiful and soft and plush- the car drives smooth and the handling on the expressway is very good- the best thing I think about the car is that when I am driving on the expressway it feels like the car is gliding on air.

- Robert B

Largest trunk I've seen in a sedan.

Pros: The best part is the deep trunk which allows us to fit our double stroller and groceries easily. It has good brakes. There is comfortable leg room in both the front and the back. Cons: The glass fogs easily. Once the automatic brakes caused us to stop on the railroad tracks.

- Rachael J

My VW passat that serves me well and all the time.

It is a really great car both on the road and in size with potential to carry lots of people to different places with great highway gas mileage and minimal maintenance required all the time to keep you on the road as long as you like. I really love going on trips and enjoying the car.

- Daniel M

Good product, Needs a bit of improvement in the new features.

Good and bad on the Passat- It drives like a dream and is very comfortable. Has a great roomy trunk and my 6'2" son fits easily in the back seat. However, my AC went out and it took 2 weeks to fix. And the front sensor (tells you to stop if you are too close) has been replaced 2x.

- Sueann D

I feel I just did in the previous post.

It's a great ruby red color and extremely quiet and smooth ride. I have the power drivers seat that is even heated! Love the feature especially in a long commute with a stiff back. However, I do not think I will lease this model again because it's my second and I'm bored with it.

- GL G

Good investment, great value and has a great body and color.

I have no problems, they just did a recall, but the dealer will fix it at no charge. It runs very nice, the air conditioning is very cold and nice, never breaks, is very comfortable and do not make any noise. Performance is nothing to complain, I love my car, it runs super good. .

- Pablo D

My new car - love it just as much as my old Audi.

It's a great car, reliable, comfortable to drive. Passengers are comfortable as well. Reminds me of my previous vehicle (Audi). Great hands free phone system and love that I can have Sirius XM in there also. Great car for a family. Good for long trips or short rides around town.

- Nicole S

Great car that I would purchase again.

It has leather seats with great seat heaters. It looks sharp and drives nicely. It gets great gas mileage and runs well. It is front wheel drive and gets around in the snow well. The Bluetooth works well with our phone. The radio is great. This is the third one we have bought.

- Chris E

Luxury yet sport. Built for pleasure.

My car is very nice to drive as well as to appreciate in looks. It is very up to date in technology. Touch screen dashboard, with rear view camera. Elegant interior. Very spacious both for the passengers as well as the trunks. Fuel efficient, does not run out of gas quickly.

- John B

Good dependable car with good gas mileage.

My Passat is a very reliable safe car. It has all the bells and whistles I need. Cruise control, Bluetooth etc. It has enough horsepower for the highway and good gas mileage in the city. The price was reasonable and within my budget. I will get another Passat in the future.

- Mark B

Best car to buy would recommend highly.

Love this car, no problems, performance is exceptional, reliable, comfortable and feathers are great this is our third VW and would buy another gas mileage is great in the city and on the road was involved in the diesel scandal and VW came through with flying colors.

- Margaret C

Great gas mileage with modern features

The computer needs to be reset every once in a while. Also the Assisted Cruise Control randomly just stops working on long car rides. The car is perfect otherwise. Gas mileage is terrific. Would highly recommend to economical drivers. Love the German engineering

- Sean H

There really is not anything to tell anyone. It is been a good, reliable car.

The car looks and drives great but has had many issues. Airbag failure & front assist failure in the first 6 months. Now my brakes are squeaking and they told me to just slam on them really hard and that should fix it for a few months. I got this car brand new.

- Destiny S

Great highway car, comfortable, upscale feel, stylish, dependable.. This is my second passat and I would consider buying another one. When the next generation arrives. I would give it more horsepower and led lighting should be standard on a car in this segment.

- Scott C

My 2017 Passat is wonderful.

My Passat is wonderful. It has lots of comfortable features and seats 5 people very well. It drives very smoothly and has a very good stereo system. It gets pretty good mileage for gas. It is also pretty quick for a standard Passat, it can really get up and go.

- Gage G

It is great for road trips.

It has both carplay and Bluetooth connectivity, it is great to have a choice. The display in the dash for parking is fantastic. Interior is gorgeous and easy to clean. Performance is great - what's not to like about thus car? Great for long trips!

- Gretchen G



- Sherice B

The back up mirror was what i wanted most.

Love the backup mirror the navigation is great, it is comfortable and very easy to drive. Easy to park and fun. No complaints, except not being able to change navigation while the car is moving. If the passenger could do this, it would be better.

- Carol C

It has luxury features at an affordable price.

It has great mileage, large trunk, excellent features and a sleek design. The braking sensor has been a very helpful safety feature. It handles well in rain and icy conditions. My only complaint would be the low ceiling height.

- Stacey P

That it gets better gas mileage then some of the other gasoline cars

I like my VW this is the second one that I have had and it has everything that I want on the car and not interested in other electronics that are no standard. It drives great on the highway and local and good gas mileage.

- Linda S

It's a solid car, a good value, but doesn't have a lot of power and isn't as great on gas mileage as I'd hoped.

It's roomy and comfortable with a lot of standard features (heated seats, rear view camera), and the right size for me and my family. The one thing I dislike is that it doesn't have as much pick up as my last car.

- Joanne F

It has air bags all over the front and sides of the car ,

I love the color . It is a very safe car from the German engineering and all the features that come with it. It has built in navigation . The gas consumption is great as well. It also has a backup camera.

- Kristen S

the car is very safe, it protected me in a head-on collision; I came away with only a strained neck.

The Passat Red Line is a beautiful sedan, large enough to hold my family but still a bit sporty. Very sleek. Very safe as well. I was in a head-on collision in a 2015 Passat and the car saved my life.

- James B

Technology features are wonderful and easy for me to use.

This is a very dependable car and is roomy for tall people. The exterior is difficult to care for an doesn't do well in car washes. Not a solid, tight car. More road noise and windy days has whistles.

- Teresa P

It's sophisticated and stylish.

I love the ability to connect to Apple Carplay. The heated seats & mirrors, sunroof, and leather interior make it comfortable during the day. The seats are comfortable, even after an 8 hour drive.

- Katie M

It handles like an expensive German vehicle, like a Audi or Mercedes.

I like the looks and the German handling. I also like the interior set up and spacious backseat. However, I wish it had a more powerful engine. Fuel efficiency is not that important to me.

- Justin S

Handles better than any Japanese car, feels like a sport vehicle

Very good performance, reasonable fuel economy, fun handling and a good look. What do I not like about it? All the complaints about water pumps and electrics running bad in a few months.

- Zaid F

Midsize car with great gas mileage.

I like the roominess and technology package. Gas mileage is great. I wish they would have included the self-parking feature in the SE with technology and the smaller engine.

- Cheryl R

It's a Volkswagen, it's what you've come to expect.

It's an excellent full size commuter car. It gets great gas mileage for Its size, allows me to pack plenty in the back with the seats folded, and the interior is great.

- Jon B

affordable minivan that is comfortable but lacking in bells and whistles.

Like that it is roomy and comfortable, easy to drive and see out of. Car looks good inside and out and I feel safe in it.. Do not like that it does not have a compass.

- Wanda G

I think the amount of space is key. No matter if it's full the car still makes it feel comfortable for all passengers

I love how the car drives. It's very smooth. It looks very expensive on the inside and outside but was affordable. And it offers a lot of space on the inside.

- Alyssa B

It does run good and have not had to put much money into it.

My Passat is very reliable in my opinion. Containing up to date technology I am very happy with it. It drives smoothly as well. Inside it is not loud at all.

- Siena G

It's the safest car to own

I love the safety features of my car. The automatic brakes stops my car before impact. The side view mirrors lets me know is something is in my blind spot.

- Arlene I

They should test drive it.

I love how fuel efficient it is. Love the ride. Love how comfortable it is. Love that the agency where I leased it is near my house. Love the rear camera.

- Emily T

My car is stylish and comfortable.

My car has all the bells and whistles but wasn't as expensive as similar cars. It is very comfortable and stylish. I also love the sound the engine makes.

- Adrien P

The most important thing about the Past is that it gets great mileage.

The Volkswagen Passat is a great car. I have not experienced any issues with it. The car is very reliable and gets great gas mileage on the highway.

- Taylor P

Stylish and Comfort in one

Smooth ride. I love the look of it - it's sporty, sleek and the features are really need. Additionally the most comfortable car seats I've ever had

- Nothanks N

Quietest, funnest and fastest car I have ever driven

The seats could be more comfortable. Other than that this is a great car. This one has a turbo engine so it really goes when you want it to.

- Trevor Y

Dependable, comfortable, and safe. An excellent buy for the money.

Excellent vehicle. Solid. It replaced the diesel Passat I had to trade in. Great car for the money with plenty of whistles and bells.

- Bill D

Good mileage on highway driving.

My Passat is reliable, both front and back are roomy and comfortable. Have had no problems since we purchased the car back in December.

- Shelley V

Very comfortable and roomy heated seating.

comfortable and roomy seating. Very reliable. Great gas mileage. Heated seats and Bluetooth stereo . Touchscreen stereo. Easy to drive

- Skylar W

My hidden jewel amongst the rest.

I love that its gas efficient, roomy, and sleek. I also love that I only have to change the oil every 10, 000 miles. That is amazing!

- Danielle L

It's an all around great car and suits the needs of our family.

I decided to purchase a Passat after having one as a rental car. I was impressed by the comfortable ride and easy to use features.

- Jen F

It has a very high safety rating.

It has a lot of bells and whistles. It has a very smooth ride. It has a very large back seat and trunk. I like having a sunroof.

- Leonard K

It is a great car for little money. The dealership is also great!

It has lots of extra features for a little price. It is easy to use and so far has few issues. I like that it is easy to drive

- Jules W

It is a smooth ride and handles great. Also it makes you feel your under control.

I love the way it handles. I love the interior and its features. I don't like the key because the alarm on it goes off to easy.

- Tim M

Sport car runs fast drives better then any car I ever had

Great car everything been good with it since I got it in feb 2017 brand new it drives great if u love sports car this is yours

- Brittany B

Volkswagen Passat are overrated

The car has electrical problems. Dashboards don't light up at night. I also has an engine air leak that requires attention.

- Cynthia I

The Passat is nice family car that is sporty enough.

Car looks good and drives good. It could use a little more power though. The wheels are nice and there is plenty of room.

- John M

IT is a great value for all the features

The car is great. No issues.. I recommend it highly. a great ton of features on the select model. USB doesn't always work

- Chris M

It was built by an underhanded, cheating car company that got caught. VW has probably done other sneaky things like the emissions truck and just haven't been caught yet.

It is a very boring, run-of-the-mill car. It runs okay, but doesn't get very good gas mileage. I wouldn't buy another.

- Mich T

It is a very dependable and safe car for my family.

Family owns all Volkswagen and have had many in the past 7 years. Great gas mileage. comfortable. will highly recommend.

- Tara K

Volkswagen makes very reliable autos.

This car is comfortable and has great features to make driving more pleasurable. It is very reliable and gas efficient.

- Lisa B

That it is very safe and comfortable.

I like its level of comfort and the onboard safety tech. I dislike that it does not have as much power as I would like.

- Russell H

I think it is fun to drive.

Most of all, I like that it is reliable. I also like that it is very comfortable. It is also technology friendly.

- Charles g

Good gas mileage is very important to me because I commute an hour each way to work.

I like the gas mileage. I like the size that it is roomy on the inside. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Amy H

2017 VW Passat with technology.

Has as all safety features plus navigation. Comfortable on long trips and android auto for great entertainment.

- Doug M

The car is 1.8t and save the energy. It is very safe when you drive with children

Very beautiful car I owned it is the first car I have save money for gas every year compared to my friend's car

- Helen Z

It goes fast. It looks sharp. And I want another one.

I like the reliability and style of my vehicle. I enjoy the gas mileage I get. I wish it had lighter interior.

- Chuck F

very nice ride at a reasonable price.

overall, a very nice vehicle. performance is good and so is gas mileage. the ride is very smooth and quiet.

- jane k

Reliable, easy to maintain, quality car.

Very clean looking, good gas mileage, big trunk, big back seat. Very good price. Second passat we have owned.

- Shirley K

It almost never needs repairs, it's built to last.

I like the mileage. It's got a lot of power. It's comfortable. I don't like that the seats aren't automated.

- Kelly R

It has a high safety rating. I like the sunroof and leather interior.

I like the very large interior and extra large back seats and large trunk.i like the up to date electronics.

- Leonard A

Safety and reliability of the car.

Like the safety and reliability of the car. Like the way it drives. Like the upgrades and features as well.

- Lindsay W

I feel very safe in it when I am driving.

No problems. Great mileage. Drives as well as a BMW. Love all the extras but haven't even tried them all.

- Barb N

it gets great gas mileage. i usually get 24 around town and 32 freeway

i have the R line package so it sporty. i love the great gas mileage i love the room even in the backseat

- jana B

it has high tech settings, a backup camera, will let you know how close you are getting to car.

no problems, very reliable, never have had an issue. I have been with Volkswagen since I could remember.

- Gabby P

black good on gas and drives wonderful

the way handles the road the gas mileage roomy inside nice car my wife loves it so now I can get a truck

- donald h

It is a smooth ride with plenty of room for backseat riders.

This is third VW I have leased and have been extremely satisfied with performance, service and quality.

- Molly C

Love the radio and back up camera features even for a basic model car it feel luxurious

Comfortable, nice design, reliable so far, feels luxury, large trunk space, lots of back seat leg room

- Molly D

2017 VW Passat S w/ turbo

Comfortable and smooth ride. Brakes are a bit touchy. Accelerates well. No problems to speak of yet.

- Elizabeth R

It is very economy and elegant.

Comfortable. Economy. Elegant. Has a lot of features. I do not have anything what will disappoint me.

- Michael D

Comfortable, great on gas and ride smooth

Love the gas mileage I get. The only thing I really don't like is the controls on the steering wheel

- Paula S

Extremely reliable German engineering throughout.

Roomy, great technology and safety features, good highway mileage. Dislike: not great city mileage.

- Allen F

The car is very spacious and drives nicely. It is also very fuel efficient. There is a pretty severe blind spot that I am not crazy about. But overall it is definitely worth the money spent.

For being a base model it is nicely equipped and has some similar features as the higher models.

- Carrie M

Gets good gas mileage and it's a pretty fancy version.

I like the speed and gas mileage. The tires aren't great for snow. AC takes awhile to get cold

- Jennifer H

It is a very safe and economical vehicle that I enjoy driving.

It is a very comfortable vehicle. I feel safe while driving it. It is reliable and economical.

- Bridget C

It is very roomy. The Passat is the next best thing to a Jetta. More size than it.

VW is a great brand. The Passat is so roomy compared to other cars. It drives very quietly.

- Kim B

It's reliable and although not flashy and doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, it's safe.

It's functional. It's not very flashy. It's reliable. Exactly what I wanted for the price.

- Joe F

It will actually work. It's easy and inexpensive to own.

It drives easy, has good mpg, and has had no major problems in the time i've owned it.

- Liz S

Has blind spot detector, lets you know when you can't switch lanes because of blind spots.

Very comfortable and roomy. Love that I can connect my phone and use google maps.

- Lucy M

Rides quiet and Its features are really good including navigation system and backup camera.

It is a 4 door sedan like features and convenience of the vehicle. No dislikes.

- Nicole C

Roomy and comfortable on highway and city

No complaints. Surprisingly roomy and very responsive. First VW I have owned.

- randall T

My Passat is both classy and stylish. It's practical and gets great gas mileage. It's also the most comfortable ride I've had for an 8 hour drive.

Passats are safe, comfortable, and stylish. The carplay features are great!

- Katie A

Great gas mileage.that will give you nearly 600 miles between folks

I like the handling, gas.mileage, trunk size and size. I dislike the ride.

- Ray S

It's really economical car. 34 miles per gallon. 19" rims.

It's nice car. Like interior. It's R-line which makes this car beautiful

- Mihail D

Smooth riding vehicle Quiet inside Engine is highly Responsive Car Handles Extremely Well

Very reliable and responsive on highways as well as local streets

- Robert H

Navigation system. The smoothness of the drive. The accessories within the car.

Smoothness in the drive. Accessories in the car/navigation.

- dan k

The impressive technology and smooth ride. Good gas mileage. Vehicle comes with outstanding warranty.

Smooth ride. Technology galore. Awesome sound system.

- Michael H

Great on gas mileage comfortable for long road trips

I dislike the feature the breaks the car by itself

- Carlos S