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Reliable Commuter Car With a Few Quirks

My 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit has been running very reliably for the past 5+ years that I have owned it. The only huge issue I have had is that the air conditioning has gone out, which is a symptom of some bigger issues with the car. I have put almost 100k miles on it, and the a/c is really the only issue I've had. Lately I've been averaging gas mileage around 24mpg, which is okay, though it could be better. The car is very comfortable and has a surprising amount of room for how small it is. Sunroof and heated front seats are also pretty cool features on this car. The multi-disc cd changer is finicky at times, but also a plus.

- Emily W

The amazingly simple Volkswagen rabbit

Comfortable soft seats that are adjustable. Some problems are the air conditioning features, a lot of things break easily and are not easy to fix. Overall, the inline 5 cylinder has enough kick to get the car moving. The gear shifting is really smooth and the clutch is easy on the leg. It does not have a lot of body roll given it's a big hatchback, it is really stable and also comes with traction control that kicks in fast when needed.

- Alberto P

2007 VW Rabbit, 2 door hatchback

185000 miles and no issues except for the headliner. Regular oil changes, alternator replaced, water pump and belts/pulleys, suspension. Still original clutch on it. I will miss it once it's gone. Heavy but safe vehicle. 28 mpg highway with a range of about 400 miles per tank. Ability to use regular unleaded is a big plus compared to a BMW or Audi.

- James R

The Volkswagen rabbit is an affordable nice car!

It doesn't run so smooth compared to a lot of cars. It is a two door car, the trunk has a lot of space surprisingly, and has six way adjustable seats, it is a small car but pretty roomy. It has mp3 capability for the stereo system. The adjustment for the driver's seat is pretty quick compared to battery powered adjustment, the sports mode is nice.

- Marwa A

Fun to drive and plenty of space.

I enjoy my VW rabbit overall. It is fun to drive and very easy to maneuver. It is speedy and accelerates at a nice rate. Despite its small size, it can store a lot since the back seats fold down. Overall this is a very good car and I am happy wit it. There have been some maintenance issues, but that can probably be attributed to its age.

- Laura H

A fun, fast car - great for daily drivers.

Excellent performance and reliability. Comfortable and fun to drive. A fast, zippy car that is fun to maneuver. Holds up surprisingly well in the winter despite being a small car. Gas mileage is fine. Back seats fold all the way down, giving the car plenty of space. Two-door car but does not feel cramped.

- Laura H

VW rabbit: reliable and convenience.

My Volkswagen rabbit is over 10 years old. It has a few dents but is still reliable. It can still go on long drives and requires minimal maintenance. The hatchback feature is very convenient. Although it is a compact car, there is plenty of cargo space once the seats are folded down.

- Anne C

My vehicle has definitely had wear and tear but still operates really good.

There is some rusting on the wheel well but it still runs really good. The seats are comfortable but it is a little small for transporting more than four people but again that is okay. Has heated seats but the steering wheel is wearing away. Performance and gas mileage is great.

- Lily P

It's 12 years old and runs without any major issues associated with Volkswagens.

What I like about my car is the fact that it's almost 12 years old and hasn't needed any major repairs, besides the normal maintenance. Back when it was first purchased, I fit my needs very well, was at a great price, and is actually very fun to drive.

- Luis A

What I do love about my vehicle is that it has always been very comfortable and fun to drive

I've had my car for about 8 years now and most of those years I really enjoyed it. It has been always comfortable to drive but as it has gotten older in age the transmission slips more and more

- Carlie P

Great small car, good on gas.

I really like that my rabbit is good on gas. The size is perfect for me and the hatchback makes it convenient to get things in and out of the car.

- Rachel K

It's quick and not too inefficient. Fun to drive, handles well, feels safe.

The oil lines have serious issues but a lot of that has been resolved. It has run beautifully for a couple years now with no serious maintenance

- Griff A

Great vehicle it is small with plenty of room.

I do not have anything that I dislike about my car. Runs smoothly handles well, great radio. I would buy it again if I had the opportunity.

- Angela D

Reliable and somewhat comfortable

Very reliable only has broken down once. Somewhat comfortable but could be more comfortable. Used but very few problems

- David F

It is very low to the ground.

It is good on gas and it drives easily. I do not like how low to the ground it is. I also like the interior.

- James H

There's no way to stream music. The door handle from inside is loose. The hatchback is hard to open. Great gas mileage.

It really holds up with a lot of driving- streets and on country roads.

- trish s

there isn't much space for more than 4 people. Airbag light doesn't work well

Vehicle has been doing doing well but starts failing us at times.

- Mary B