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2008 VW Rabbit is great mechanically, but has electrical issues.

My car has a 2.5L inline 5 cylinder engine and an automatic transmission. It has sport mode, which increases performance. I mostly use it for passing. Around 30 mpg highway. I have had it for several years. I have not had any trouble with the engine or transmission. I have had to replace each headlamp bulb at least twice. It is common for the 2008 VW Rabbit to have electrical issues. Thevl electrical issues the my car has are as follows: various window control issues, hatch sometimes will not open using switch on door, fob, or latch, car tends to lock itself, when locked with button on fob driver door can be open and alarm sounds, interior lights sometimes dim with radio use. Other issues- poor radio reception, car has very low ground clearance, plastic protects the undercarriage, aforementioned plastic breaks off easily. I am pleased with the car's mechanical performance. Electrical issues are annoying. Not enough ground clearance for the town I live in.

- Jamie R

My car specifically or Volkswagen in general? I would probably say the issue with finding a mechanic. Perhaps other areas are easier to find decently priced VW mechanics, but Northern Indiana is not a good locations for that.

For the most part I do like my vehicle, My make dislike is the trouble it takes to find a mechanic who works on Volkswagen. Because there are less mechanics in my area willing to work on Volkswagen the options I do have are more expensive. The only other thing I do not like is that my front passenger seat has a wheel that needs to me twisted in order for the seat to lay down for the passenger to rest. It is very annoying trying to crank the wheel around when you are trying to lay down. I would prefer a lever or automatic switch like what I have for the driver's seat.

- Corissa F

Great long lasting ride. Reliable to get you anywhere you need to go.

The rabbit is a good vehicle for getting to where you need to go without draining your wallet with the gas money. It has been a pretty reliable ride through the years I have had it. Now it has over 100,000 miles and it still running great for me. That being said I am a college kid and have put it through some harsh conditions and it still runs great. Driven many long trips with this car are well and it still holds up. Hard to control in the snow because of the 2-wheel drive. Have to watch out for standing water because it can take the car in any direction.

- Ben P

Super fast VW Rabbit 5 speed

My car is fast. It's only a 2.5 liter but it goes. The hatchback is very convenient and has a lot of storage. The seats in both the front and back are very comfortable. I have even slept in the backseat with no issues. The lighting inside the car is okay but could use a few more lights. The only things I don't like about my car are the issues with the tires and rims that I've had. I also don't like the huge blind spots the car has. It was very hard to see and get used too.

- Adrianne L

Very good little family car.

My husband bought the car used not a long time ago with 105.000 miles, and surprisingly was the car in a very good condition. It came with a little problem with the suspension but we fixed it for cheap. The performance is exceptional. Not an economic car but it is very comfortable little family car. Is manual but it is very easy to handle. The car is reliable. What we only miss is the sunroof! I give 4 * just because of that.

- Greta V

Zippy, stylish and roomy little hatchback

I love this car. It is a roomy four door hatchback. It's roomy and the back seats fold all the way down creating a large space to haul and move things. It has been a reliable vehicle that I have not had any problems with. It is a zippy little car, and one complaint would be that it doesn't get that great of gas mileage for how small it is. I love the heated front seats and the blue color of the interior dash lights.

- Megan M

Green rabbit, aging but comfy.

I love my vehicle. However, oil occasionally leaks and the tire lights come on in the winter and refuse to go off. Now that the car is getting older the windows are slow to roll down and sometimes the driver's door will not unlock with the electronic key. The comfort and function of the car is great though. It has heated seats and the hatch back with collapsible back seat allows me to transport a lot of stuff.

- Kendall R

Stop beeping at me I already love you.

I really like my car. It is comfortable and has driven well for all 10 years that my family has owned it. We have run into problems with the drivers seat not going forward enough so my mom has problems reaching the pedals. The sensors are also really sensitive when the temperature drops and the air in your tires compress, but I figure better safe than sorry.

- Shawn M

Doesn't get as great of gas mileage as one might think.

I've had this car for about 10 years now and have enjoyed it a lot. The only real downside is people often make fun of me for driving a smaller car, but I don't really care. It also gets around really good with these Iowa winters. I've only ever gotten stuck once and that was in an unplowed alley that had a layer of ice under 6 inches of fluffy snow.

- Josh P

Something interesting about my vehicle is how easily it turns.

Good car with no problems mechanically. The only problems are purely cosmetic. The engine runs fine and has never had any problems but the car is falling apart. It is missing hubcaps and the lining in the roof is sagging. The car has almost 100k miles on it and I'm sure I will have it for years to come.

- Laurel T

It�s a very reliable car.

I've had a few issues with the airbags and engine. It is over 10 years old so it's not bad. I've had other issues that do not have to do with the car specifically. Issues with the tires and alignment. But overall it is a very reliable car. The gas mileage is great as well and not extremely expensive.

- Lexie S

It is small and compact, two doors, easy to drive, turn, and park.

I really like the size and compactness. It is small, easy to turn and park, close to the road which I feel that helps me drive better. The only problem I have encountered is the trunk door has sometimes lost its ability to stay open automatically, though this was fixable.

- Hannah W

A compact hatchback with plenty of storage, a great sunroof, and sleek design.

My vehicle is pretty spacious for it is size. I have had a 6'2'' male in my car and he had plenty of legroom. Extremely reliable. I have had no issues with the battery, transmission, or anything. The sunroof is amazing and I love the simplicity in the design of the car.

- Melanie O

Sporty, economical, and dependable midsize hatchback that's comfortable for passengers and spacious for hauling.

It's very reliable, with only the occasional maintenance issue outside of regular services. Lots of storage and interior hauling space, especially with the back seats folded down flat. 5 cylinder engine gives it plenty of pep while still being fuel efficient.

- David E

That it has decent mileage for being an older car and can fit quite a bit of luggage.

I like that the car has great gas mileage and that I can fit a lot of stuff in the trunk. As the car gets older there has been issues with the suspension and the calipers which fell under warranty but the dealership did little to fix the car.

- Ruri H

It's a great smaller family car. It's able to carry a lot of stuff and fits 4 people comfortably.

My 2008 VW Rabbit has been great. It's roomy and able to carry a lot of stuff in the hatchback. It's going on 10 years old now and still running great.

- Derek S

It's a great car for a college kid who's going to be traveling to school!

I love the size of the car, and especially how much it can hold. I like how it handles in snow, however the car seems to need maintenance frequently

- lauren m

My car is my favorite nice thing I own.

I love how my car drives. I love the color and how my car is associated with speed and sports cars. Its small so parking is much easier for me.

- Riley W

Compact yet spacious, reliable, efficient, and sturdy

I love the storage it offers while also remaining compact. I love how consistent it's been throughout much use. Great gas mileage.

- Sara K

It is great on gas mileage and looks very attractive on the eye.

Nothing is really wrong with my car, it is just an older car so there is some performance issues, but other than that, it's fine.

- Christian B

Madewell, small but safe making it easier to drive.

Dislike: headliner coming off. Like: size, shape, look, comfort, ease of use, style, engineering/quality.

- Jennifer M

It only has 2 doors which can be annoying.

It is a little too old and doesn't have the latest technology

- Molly C

Good gas mileage and very comfortable to drive.

I love how spacious it is and the engine is great.