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My minivan is affordable and provides the necessary room for my family of five. I love the sliding doors and folding third row seats.

I had to replace the battery twice within the first two years of owning it. I like the captain seats in the front and the second row and the fold down third row seating as this provides plenty of room for our family. There is a whistling noise that happens when I'm on the highway and I believe it's from the caliper wearing down my brake pads which I've had to replace twice in this past year.

- Rachael K

Most comfortable vehicle we have ever owned.

I have loved my Routan, it is comfortable and convenient. It was a DVD player for the kids with headsets so I can still listen to music or talk to a passenger. Seat heaters are a huge comfort that I cannot go without. Drives so easily like a car. Never had a problem with our vehicle. Lots of storage and leg room. I have two teenagers and they are comfortable also. We have loved this vehicle.

- Jamie L

The doors slide back with the push of a button, so parking close to other cars is not a problem. This also helps when I am carrying the baby in the car seat. Grocery pick-up is so easy with the auto raising rear door too.

I bought this car used from someone else. I like the features it offers for the price I paid (much less than brand new). We have had to fix a few things so far, but that is because it is already seven years old. I really love the auto doors (for my new baby), the temperature control for the front and rear, and how the seats fold down into the floor making room for my large dog.

- Chris s

You get your money's worth when you buy it.

I love my vehicle. It has enough seats for my whole family and friends. There is plenty of room for all of the things my family needs. We have talked it on many long vacations and it is still holding up really well considering the amount of miles it has on it. The only downside is that it is not four wheel drive and not very good in the snow.

- Lauren M

My amazing car Volkswagen routan 2011.

It's everything good with the car, all in the car is ok, I have the luxurious edition, so it has a lot of extras, everything is automatic, is a pretty nice car, we love to travel in that car. Specially when we go so far, that is so comfortable, we have four kids and all of us feel good.

- Fran N

Automatic sliding doors are the best things to happen to cars EVER.

I love my car. I love the automatic sliding doors and the dual video screens. I love all the features and the design. But, from a mechanical standpoint, it's an expensive nightmare. We are constantly fixing something and I had that about the car.

- Stephanie M

The car is roomy but lacking in the engine department.

The engine isn't as strong and responsive as my other minivans. The sight lines are excellent. The Routan is roomy and has been a good family van able to carry lots of people and stuff. We were able to bring two kids to college in this vehicle.

- jeff w

This car has great automatic features! It simplifies life with a touch of a button.

We just bought it! The car runs well. Has two DVD screens (and maybe players?), one for each row. Love the automatic stow and go third row seats. So easy to push a button! Gas mileage isn't great (24 mpg highway) but the tank is huge!

- Leslie W

2011 Volkswagen Routan is a spacious van that is fun to drive.

We named our minivan Routine. I love that it has the power gate and doors that open with the push of a button. It drives well lots of room for groceries and kids. I don't like that the navigation does not update automatically.

- Stephanie W

It has the finesse of a VW with added bells and whistles but has a Chrysler engine on the inside.

I like that my minivan has power side doors and a built in navigation system. All seats are heated which is nice in winter as well as the remote start. The double DVD player keeps our kids entertained on long road trips.

- Melissa D

Amazing travel space for families and out of town guests. Very comfortable for short and long trips!

For a family of four, that travels a lot, it has great space and store. I love that the back seat folds down into two different configurations. It has adjustments for air and lighting in every row.

- Kim M

It is a great car for the price. It came lots of extras that I would not get in a similar van.

I like all of the extras that I have in my car especially the dvd player. I dislike how things are starting to fall apart and stop working. My biggest complaint is the transmission.

- Allison S

It may say Volkswagen but it is no different than a Chrysler

I love my van. It has all the room that we needed for a family of 5. I wish that Volkswagen would figure out a way to offer vans again now that their contract with Chrysler is up

- Joe L

It has good gas mileage and drives well.

Great van on options and space. It is drives smooth and it quiet with road noise. Some of the materials are inexpensive in the DVD system so it can rattle on bumpy roads.

- Season T

The cargo space is the one of the best parts. We often put the back seats down for luggage when traveling.

I like my van, the cargo space is wonderful. It is a comfortable car and fulfills the needs of a family of 4. The heated seats are my favorite part!

- Abatha B

2011 Volkswagen van for family

Gas cap warning comes on all the time. Also the tire pressure light comes on for no reason. Plus when we first got it the transmission needed work

- Stephanie M

The fact that not very many 2011 Routan made and that mostly it is a Dodge Caravan made at the Dodge plant.

It seems to have a few a short in the dash and we've had issues since we bought it. AC went out & there was an issue starting for a while.

- Gayla N

In the floor storage, great for extra space.

It is a fantastic car for me and my family of four to get about in our day to day life. Lot�s of room for storage and extra groceries.

- Emily E

It is very easy to maintain, not a lot of maintenance is involved to take care of it. It has lots of room for storage as well.

I have bad knees and it is very easy to get in and out of my vehicle. I love the design as well. A comfortable ride.

- Diane D

It is great. Roomy and drives great.

All around great vehicle except for the fact it is a big gas hog and does not have the room a minivan should have.

- Brandon D

It is a Chrysler engine not VW.

It is the perfect mom van. Drives great and is lasting well. The stow and go is hard to do, clips get stuck.

- Marissa M

made of german, nice equipment, very comfortable for family, have big space for family, and its very nice van

very comfort, good machine, has on two dvd to entertained of our kids. Van is very nice and fit to all

- Agnes S

That it has low mileage. Very clean and has been maintained by the VW dealership only

It is nice looking, just has mechanical issues that the dealership has never been axle to fix

- Paul S

Very comfortable, good on gas

I love the design. Kids love the TV and Dvd Very comfortable

- Isabella P

I had to get a new engine around 17,000 miles but it was replaced for free. Three brakes are not that good but the car holds up to a lot of abuse.

It's got a Chevy engine. So it's not a Volkswagen engine.

- Shana S

It's has good safety features And a DVD player Space for kids

I like the loading kids are easy No trunk space dislike

- Lb B