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Awesome family van, gets great gas mileage, and roomy.

Love our Routan, I was looking for a SUV. I needed a lot a room for a special need stroller, feeding equipment and our service dog. The SUV did not have the space. I went to a Volkswagen dealership and saw the Routan. It had great room for all the equipment I needed. Seats fold down and if you do not want them all to fold you can pick which one you want to fold down. You can take seats out easily. Heated seat awesome for Wisconsin winters. Has two DVD player with no extra cost and a bonus for us. Came with cordless headphones. Each DVD can play different movies if they do not want to watch the same. Great for traveling to doctor appointments. Easy to get the kids out of the van. Extra plugs for all electronics front and in the back. Plenty of cup holders. Locks for the doors and windows, so kids cannot open them. Floor storage compartments with easy access to open them. Seats are very comfortable and recline back for naps. Fits three big car seats. We have leather seats, easy to clean. The back seats in the van have plenty of legroom. Center of the seat has no seat in front of it, so for an extra tall person there would still be plenty of legroom. No major repairs. Just the basic tires, brakes, etc repaired. We have almost 200,000 miles and it is still running awesome.

- Caroline D

The Volkswagen Routan minivan gets very good gas mileage.

I love the leather seats. I dislike the center council- it is small and too low and wide open. I don't like how low the arm rest is- I am a small person (shorter than 5'3") and it is still too low for me, let alone my 6' husband. I wish that it had stow-and-go seating like the Chrysler. I like the gas mileage and the flex fuel- however gas mileage on flex fuel is not very good. I like that it seats 7 but the space between seats is less than the Chrysler town and country we had before- less room to navigate to the third row and less leg room in the third row.

- Kaylynn F

Our Volkswagen is a blue minivan. It is very spacious and has decent gas mileage.

The Volkswagen routan is very spacious; great for going on long trips. Gas mileage is decent. One thing I have some trouble with is the wide turn radius; it is slightly difficult to make sharp turns. On the inside, there is a large gap in between the two seats in the middle row; it makes it easier to get to the third row seats. I also like extra features like the small movie screen for the kids, the "back up camera" that comes on when you are going in reverse, and the USB outlet.

- Ute P

It is comfortable and useful for everyday life and road trips of all kinds.

My routan is great minivan for a family of 5 or more. It has captain seating which means you can walk through the 2nd row seating. The sunroof seal I believe is not sealed properly so there are water stains on my roof inside and the hinges on my doors are rusty. Automatic door close and open is an awesome feature. Tvs in each row are great as well

- Snezana H

The vehicle is very reliable.

I have not experienced any issues with my vehicle. The vehicle has a smooth ride and is very reliable. I love the fact that it has a built in GPS system and DVD player. The seats are heated. The van computer system let you know when the oil is low, tire low, which headlight or tail light is out and etc...

- Tina T

Nice looking and roomy for families.

I love the comfort and room of the interior. Lots of storage space and cup holders. The downside is we bought this vehicle used and in a month the motor had to be replaced the next month the battery. We've had it less than a year and now it has to go back in the shop because it is very hard to start.

- Michael B

Cool things about my Routan.

My car is very reliable and has some nice features like hands-free phone, TV for the kids, lots of cargo space, heated seats. I like being seated up high and I enjoy the bucket seats for the kids so they cannot touch each other. It also seats 7 passengers so it is perfect for road trips.

- Shannon B

Volkswagens are great vehicles, and made to last for a long time.

Since I complete regularly suggested maintenance, I have not had maintenance issues. I drove 1200 miles or more for several months running, and the gas mileage was good. I am able to travel with my family of 6, and 2 dogs, and luggage, and still not feel cramped.

- Virginia H

Its a van, semi comfortable, it does get us from a to b.

Problems - catalytic converter has to be replaced/ we had to replace the crankshaft. Performance it does ok, the van does have 144000 miles on it. Comfort is ok, its big enough for our family of 5. Features video console but the TV just stopped working.

- Elisha V

Our volkswagen routan is a good, reliable family vehicle.

I like the size of my minivan for driving around my kids. I like the power side doors and remote key lock. I find that it is hard to park it due to its size. We also have a squeak coming from the back tires which our mechanic has been unable to resolve.

- Laurie L

Not very comfortable to be a passenger. Very roomy with lots of storage.

When traveling it is not very comfortable. Drives well but had a transmission issue which makes it shift very hard. There's also an electrical issue when you push the buttons on the steering wheel you get no response or a response that you did not push.

- Stacy S

I love my van. Roomy, Bluetooth, TV, and gas mileage.

My crouton is my first minivan. I love the ease of getting my kids in and out of the car. It drives well and gets around 22 miles to the gallon. It is also flex fuel so that helps save money. My kids enjoy the TV and I like that I can seat 7 people.

- Rachel M

Once in a while engines stops, which blocks the steering wheel.

Love my routan, smooth and fast; however once in a while the engine stops, steering wheel follows and all lights shut off. This happens when driving a 10-20 miles/hr. My husband who s a mechanic has been trying to figure the issue but could not.

- Nadia P

It is dependable and family friendly. It fits the needs of most every type of family out there

I love how reliable and sturdy it is. I have 4 young kids and they are really harsh on it and it has held up. I also love the seat warmers in the winter time. I wish the wipers were better and that the seat had more settings to adjust it.

- Brittney R

It's a roomy and comfortable ride. Great for families.

It very comfortable and roomy. So far we've had no issues or problems. It is a little slow in acceleration, but adequate for what we need. I like the rear air conditioner. I also like the way the seats completely fold flat.

- Leslie I

Smooth riding Volkswagen Routan

I love the automatic doors and hatch. I love the dvd system except we have issues with the sound not working and we can only use headphones to hear it. It's a good driving car. It rides nice and smooth.

- Nicky F

It is easy to drive and easy to learn on for younger drivers.

Other than my car needing a new battery and new hydraulic strut for the lift gate it is been pretty great. It is comfortable and runs great. It is a smooth drive and easy for my kids to learn on.

- Michelle K

The gas mileage is awesome

It has great gas mileage. It is comfortable. It has multiple music availabilities. It can be expensive to fix. The front seat doesn't go back far enough for everyone.

- Shannon K

How smooth it is to drive. How easy it is to operate. And it has tons of room in the back.

I love the leather seats and how comfy they are. I love the fact it fits are whole family. I like that it has media screens for both the 2nd and 3Rd row.

- Megan F

The Volkswagen Routan gets really good gas mileage.

I like the leather seats and lumbar support. I am not a fan of the center council. I wish it had stow and go seating, like the Chrysler.

- Kaylynn F

That it gets good gas mileage and drives like a dream.

I love the space that we have. There is room for the kids and all the things we need to travel. We have never had any problems with it.

- Tracie D

This van is reliable and safe.

I like backup cam. I dislike leather seats.. I like the automatic doors. It's a good van and reliable. Not my first choice though.

- Jen S

that it drivers great and no major issues

i like that it has seat warmers. i wish that i could save the seat info for 2 drivers. i like that it drives like a dream.

- tracie W

It's a really good car, that drives well and is reliable.

I love the feel of it. I like the power. I dislike the chipping paint.

- William L

The van is a "Family" vehicle with enough room for 6-7 people.

Room is great, interior door handles are made cheap -breaks easy,

- Nicole N