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Greatest car I have ever owned.

The tiguan is very comfortable. It is easy to get in and out of. The front driver's seat moves forward and back and raises and lowers to fit the driver. The gas mileage is good, especially on highway drives. You do need to use the highest grade gas. Car has a turbo engine. It does have a blind spot when backing up.

- Elizabeth B

VW Tiguan 2009 - amazing!!

This car is amazing! I bought it used close to 2 years ago and there has not been a problem once. I have taken it on long distance trips and it is extremely reliable. Got into one accident and the other car was totaled, but mine only had a dent. Therefore it is extremely safe. I absolutely love this car!

- Emma H

It is a fun sporty car that wipes down the road smoothly:).

I bought my vehicle used for a low cost with high miles. That being said I absolutely love my car. VW Tiguan is a fun little car that has room for four, maybe 5. It gets me around town and it makes me feel cool. I love all the features from. The sunroof to the heated seats. It is sporty and functional.

- Jessica H

Volkswagen Tiguan sporty SUV review.

It is a very nice, clean looking car. I bought a used one last summer and we encountered some engine problems but we got it fixed and I love driving it today. I love the size as it is not too big and not too small. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in a small, sporty SUV.

- Erin S

Third Volkswagen I have owned.

Purchased this with 70k miles and at 77k miles have had to replace my timing belt, and a new battery. The fabric has come off the inside of my sunroof. However, the gas mileage is good and my ride is comfortable which is important since I spend most of my time in the car commuting.

- Amber B

Great car, but expensive if needed to fix.

Always has issues, Volkswagen's are difficult and expensive to fix because not everyone can work on them. Granted, I bought mine used. It drives smooth and after fixing all of my problems it is a great car now I hope it lasts me a few more years.

- Annette P

This car drives extremely well. The comfort while riding is better than what I have had in the past.

I love the look and drive of my Tiguan. It's a small SUV that works great for my lifestyle and gets decent mileage. The bad thing is that the rear main seal seems not to be the best as I have had multiple issues with it.

- Josie M

It handles like a sports car.

Recently purchased used. Had issues with vehicle overheating and leak in panoramic sunroof. The car handles great; very responsive. It is very comfortable. Love the multi-function digital display.

- Hilary P

Perfect midsize SUV that's easy to drive and handle

My Tiguan has been the perfect crossover for many stages of life. Plenty big to fit carpools of people or moving to a different state. I've never had any problems so it's as reliable as can be

- Ali S

The fuel injector system tries to reclaim unspent fuel for efficiency, but it causes engine to coke up. You're going to have an expensive maintenance to get that scraped out.

I love the car's handling. I love that you can carry almost anything in it, even though it's pretty small. I hate the fuel injector system that causes coking in the engine.

- Stef B

Volkswagen Tiguan aren't reliable

I've had nothing but problems since i bought the car. I've replaced many parts and the fuse box keeps burning the fuses out. All around horrible purchase

- Sue L

Timing chain tensioner are a huge issue and VW won't cover them

Has issues with timing chain tensioner, parking brake fault, interior falling apart and the wheel well trim fell off. Other than that it's ok.

- Lauren B

It has so much space for passengers and storage.

My car has had an awful lot of things go wrong. It has cost me a lot of money. It takes premium gas. I like it as it is an SUV.

- Pat R

The car is very easy to drive and parallel park.

I love how the car has a lot of interior room. I dislike having cloth seats. I wish that the car got better gas mileage.

- Caitlin P

I find that my car is very comfortable for all-weather urban driving in Boston. The upholstered seats are comfortable and supportive, and I find this car lifts me up out of traffic in a way I appreciate on tricky terrain. The car has been very reliable, even as it ages, requiring nothing above very routine maintenance.

Reliable, comfortable, and sporty car drives equally well for weekends in the country and daily life in the city!

- Clare P

It feels very safe and has all wheel drive.

I like the way it drives and looks. I dislike the amount of maintenance and repairs that have had to be done.

- Mackenzie O

It has heating in the air and the front seats.

My car is good because it has a good air conditioner and it is not cloth inside so you can clean it easily.

- Evelyn E

Prone to mystery oil leaks.

Likes; comfy drive. Tows well. Convenient. Dislikes; very expensive to maintain. Prone to mystery problems.

- Lenor S

It has an awesome amount of space.

That it gets good gas mileage. What I dislike about it is that it only uses premium gas (so expensive!).

- Yvonne G

Expensive oil leaks are common. Oil changes are $200 ea. Feels nice to drive though.

It tows great. But it is very costly to repair, and i have had to do a lot of erratic repair work to it.

- Lenore S

is comfortable and fun to drive, feels safe and secure

Has power for the small engine size, handles great. dislike that it takes premium gas

- Jeanne N

great suv to have if you are wanting something bigger than a car but not too bulky.

I wish it was sportier looking like the newer models

- Courtney D