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Comfort during long road trips.

My Tiguan is a very fun and comfortable vehicle to drive. We often take my SUV on our road trips, as the seats are extremely comfortable, not just for the drive but also for all passengers. There is plenty of storage space in rear compartment, and the rear seats are easy to fold down if we need to load large objects. I also like the responsiveness of this vehicle; I live in a large city and occasionally need a quick burst of energy from my SUV to stay safe.

- Brenda S

The Volkswagen Tiguan is an affordable and dependable SUV.

I like the size of this SUV and the dependability. I purchased it certified pre-owned with low mileage 6 years ago and have only had to do regular maintenance on it (oil changes, wiper blades, new tires and brakes) so the cost of driving it has been very good. It also gets pretty good gas mileage, especially on the highway. One of the only complaints I have is that the trunk space is a little "short".

- Sandra P

Great size, many mechanical problems.

I have had several problems with this car since purchasing it in certified pre-owned condition. Oil leaks, engine problems, electrical problems are just a few of the issues. I discussed with the salesman that I needed 4 wheel drive but this car does not handle well in the snow. I love the size of the car. I feel comfortable driving on highways and back roads even though I am a nervous driver.

- Kerri W

This car is a small SUV with all wheel drive so it's nice in winter.

I love that my car has AWD, that's very handy during winter. I also like that I sit higher up than a car since it's a small SUV. What I don't like is that it's very basic, there's no bluetooth, no way to charge a cell phone, etc. But I feel safe driving it and that's most important.

- Michelle F

The Benefits of driving a Volkswagen

My vehicle is completely reliable to get me from point A to point B. I have hardly spent any money on repairs. The gas mileage is great for long distance. It has a great sound system and is truly enjoyable to drive. I could not ask for a better car.

- Brad K

It rides very smoothly. I also enjoy all the space.

I love my Volkswagen Tiguan. It gets around amazing in all kinds of weather. I have leather seats and the seat warmers are so nice when it is cold. The trunk is really spacious. It fits four people comfortably.

- Laurie F

it has a lot of parts that are recalled on it. You have to put premium gas in it which is expensive.

It is an awful car and I would not but it again. Ever since i bought it i have had problems with it. I just put a new engine in it and my check engine light it already back on.

- Brianna L

Did not put a lot of money into it other then general maintenance.

Well made good quality was a good investment would buy another one depending on price considering a purchase in 6 months.

- Steven D

It's a crossover. It is a good car for small family. It has good safety ratings

I like the size of my car. I like the overall drive. I do not like how expensive it is to fix and gas is not that great.

- Sarah w

Saves gas in mileage and is very comfortable and is great for a big family

No issues very roomy fit kids comfortable gets good miles and is very fast is one of my favorite cars i've Owed so far

- Jen B

It only takes premium gas so filling the tank can be a little more costly.

This car is modern for a 2010. It runs well and I have had few problems. The look is nice as well.

- Monique S