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All wheel drive Volkswagen.

My 2011 Volkswagen tiguan is a great car. It is a 5 seater with all-wheel drive which is great for snowy and harsh weather conditions. If you enjoy listening to your own music, this car provides Bluetooth audio. It also has voice activation and am & FM radio. As a used 2011 model, my tiguan often needs repairs but that is not the case for all tiguans. There is also a panoramic sunroof which is a huge plus, especially in the summertime when it is warm and/ or sunny outside. The trunk has a sufficient amount of room to pack up with suitcases and such as well. One con is that the 2011 tiguan does not include a backup camera, which is not a problem for me but if you are used to a backup camera this might not be the car for you. Another con to the tiguan is that it only takes premium gas, which is a bit more expensive than regular gas, so if gas prices are a worry to you I would recommend going with a different car. However if it is not a worry this is a great first car or a great 5th car.

- Trinity A

Reliable, safe small SUV great for anyone!

Very reliable and safe car. Love the color and perfect size for buying an SUV for the first time. Very compact and small and not hard to see surroundings when driving. Not many problems other than regular maintenance. Can be pricey to fix/ get regular service. Required premium gas and high quality oil and fluids but well worth it. Good gas mileage and will get you far. I have traveled quite a bit in this vehicle and it is very reliable and pretty good on fuel. Overall I love my car! Comfortable interior that fits a good amount of people and plenty of trunk space! Would definitely recommend this vehicle to first time SUV buyers, first time drivers, or even someone who just wants a small SUV with good gas mileage. Perfect family car.

- Makayla A

I love my 2011 Volkswagen!

personally, I love my car. I like that it is an SUV/ crossover which makes it easy to get in and out, especially getting the kids in and out of their car seats. We have taken this car on many camping trips and there has been plenty of room in the trunk. We have recently been experiencing issues with the car and it seems to be one thing after another, which I hear is an issue with Volkswagen cars in general.

- kristin M

It's a great suv for those who want the height but are not looking for an extremely large car.

Overall, I love the car. It is a perfect size for my small family of 3. It handles well and is very comfortable. I wish the trunk space was a little bigger because it can get cramped when having to haul a larger stroller around. I've had my car for almost 8 years and have only really had to make 2 repairs...one of them being replacing the air conditioning system, which was very expensive.

- Joanna K

The perfect SUV that allows full control and comfortability at all times.

The only problems that I have had with my car is that the brakes burnt out a while after I purchased the car. I purchased the car used, so I assume that they had been worn down. I love the openness of the front seat, I do not feel claustrophobic and I feel like I have plenty of room. The vehicle itself is very easy to maneuver and I feel like I have full control at all times.

- Hannah A

Perfect small SUV/crossover for young active female.

I love my Tiguan, it is the perfect small SUV/crossover size for a young working professional. Accelerates super fast and feels very sporty. Super comfortable interior and looks really slick and clean. The only issue I have had is I had to replace the accelerator sensors. For a small car the back seat and trunk are actually very spacious. Fits 5 people very comfortably!

- Chelsea W

The spacious and quiet ride.

I have not run into any problems with my current car. . The car runs smooth, has a very quiet ride; which is great for out of town/state trips. I can highly depend on this car for every trip I take. . My friends always recommend my car for trips, for all the features from the quiet ride to lots of space to seat 4 people and a medium size dog.

- Taylor C

Cute all wheel drive Volkswagen Tiguan.

This vehicle is a very fast car as it has turbo. I have the s version so no bells and whistles but it does have Bluetooth. I am only able to answer calls though as it does not understand me and calls the wrong people. Performance wise it is a great car. I wish the trunk had more room but for a AWD crossover it's a good car.

- Christine M

Airbag light remains on, Volkswagen will not stand behind their product.

I really like my car the only problem is the airbag light is on Volkswagen has tried to turn it off four times I have paid for it three times and it still on bugs me. Everything else is fine I feel like Volkswagen is not standing behind their product when they will not turn it off and just seem to blow me off about it.

- Charlotte W

Tiguan: the perfect mix between car and small SUV.

I like how responsive the gas pedal is and how the inside has the same space as a small SUV. I like how it gets better gas mileage than small SUVs. It has had quite a few recalls on different parts and I have had to replace the water pump and a few other things that were not under recall which has been annoying.

- Sarah M

Bluetooth is my favorite feature.

It is a very nice car it has Bluetooth and in car navigation system, seat warmers etc. Keyless start engine, has been super easy to drive and maintains very well. It is silver on the outside with light tannish colored leather on the inside, I have tinted back windows and the leather has held up.

- Ka M

The Bluetooth audio is nice along with the remoteness key.

It is a great car and drives smooth I have had a few minor problems with the vehicle but probably due to the older age. Other than that it I'd great and comfy for a few people. My car is silver and has Bluetooth audio for music streaming or to take phone calls which I personally love.

- Kay U

Volkswagens are very dependable cars

I've had my car for over 5 years now and have never had any major issues with it. With regular maintenance and service checks my car has well over 100,000 miles on it, and probably plenty more to go. Volkswagens are very dependable and I couldn't imagine driving any other vehicle.

- Sara B

Interesting shaped daily driver with a sleek compact crossover appeal.

From an overall standpoint the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan is a solid daily driver. Somewhat of an almost compact SUV crossover design it has enough room to seat 5. Runs generally well and drives incredibly smooth. My only gripe is it doesn't have the strongest air conditioning system.

- Carl A

Best detail of the car is the sunroof!

The only bad thing that I can say about the car is that they are known to have sunroof leaks which can be very costly to repair. Other than that it is a very smooth and comfortable ride that gets really good gas mileage. Also very roomy for families with children or pets.

- Anthony J

Airbag light, that Volkswagen will not fix.

Love the car, only problem is airbag light is on. Paid Volkswagen 2 times to turn it off. Still on and they want more money. Do not seem to stand behind their work. Otherwise no big problems. Like everything else about the car, just do not like the customer service.

- Charlotte W

Volkswagen Tiguan, a Car that Will Last Forever!

I had one slight electrical problem when I first bought the vehicle, but I bought it used. Besides that, everything has been amazing! This car is perfect for a single individual, or for a family with children. It is comfortable to sit in and it drives very well.

- Alexis K

It has a turbo engine, I guess.

I love that it is a manual transmission. It drives so smooth, and has a turbo engine. It is a good size. I do not like that if you open the rear windows only, it has terrible reverberation. And since it is the basic model, no sunroof or steering wheel controls.

- Becky M

Airbag light, that Volkswagen will not turn off.

Love my car, airbag light is on in the car. Volkswagen, will not stand behind their work, paid them 3 times to turn it off, still on bad customer service, think before you buy. Keep trying to say it is this not that, probably given them 600, just gave up.

- Charlotte A

No issues Worth mentioning at all.

There has been a small electrical problem with the dome light, but otherwise no issues at all. I did have to have some engine work at around 75k miles. That was because of some long distance driving I had been doing* with the vehicle. It cost $1800.

- Dennis G

Great comfortable car with lots of features

Car runs smoothly and has great features - stereo, heated seats, moonroof, etc. It has been fairly reliable but the driver's door handle has broken and was an expensive fix. It is very comfortable but the truck space is insufficient at times.

- Carrie K

Reliable and my car just crossed 150,000 miles and I have had very little work done to it since I got it.

I love the size and the feel of the seating inside. It fits 5 comfortably, which not all 5 seaters do. I am no thrilled with the gas mileage though and since I drive so much for work, it has really been impacting my wallet.

- Ashley A

This car is very easy to drive and very comfortable, very little adjustment period.

I really like this car a lot and it is very reliable. I like how smooth the car runs and how well it drives. The only thing I dislike about the car is that it takes premium gas which raises the cost of having the car.

- Tyler R

The good and the not so bad

I love the features of the car. Bluetooth technology. I love the moon roof, the car has good handling around corners. I just don't like that parts and labor are expensive and there's not very much room in the car.

- Kathia H

It's the perfect size for a smaller family. Great for long or short distances, as it's very comfortable, but fuel efficient.

It's big enough to carry everything I need, but small enough to not be overwhelming. The only thing I wish it had is a backup camera. The giant moonroof helps makes my commute brighter and not feel so boxed in.

- Barbara B

The Big Little SUV. Compact in size but performance of an SUV.

I like the all-wheel drive functionality especially in inclement weather.i like the variable speeds when you need them most. It is versatile allowing me to carry things pin the back and cargo area when needed.

- Heath P

I love the heated leather seats and the moon roof. My kids love it too.

Bought this car off a used lot, she's a beauty, but I've nothing but problems with it. All the parts are very expensive, and most of the time you have to go to a VW dealership to get the correct parts.

- Heather M

I feel safe driving or riding in this vehicle regardless of weather

Great crossover vehicle. Very few mechanical issues other than recalls. Handles and performs well especially in winter weather. Good gas mileage. Only drawback is heater takes too long to warm up

- Sheryl W

Great multi use car with ample room but a very sporty feel

I love it , great car with great features. Not a big fan of the push to start and getting stranded when the battery in the key fob goes out . Best vw I have ever owned and I have had many vws

- Christine W

Drives great all year round.

Great power and space for moving things around. Very comfortable ride all year round. Expensive to repair, but worth keeping as there's no problems other than general maintenance.

- Serena H

Although The 2011 Tiguan Does Have Its Share of Problems It Is A GREAT Vehicle

Our Tiguan Gets GREAT Gas Mileage, Has A Fantastic 2.0 Turbo Engine and Great Pickup on the Highway. A Few UnExpected Problems Have Come up Along the Way.

- Marcy N

That it is spacious and comfortable even though it is a small SUV.

I like that it is a compact SUV yet spacious on the inside. I like that it is fuel efficient. I do not like that it is gas powered and not electric.

- Sarah M

It is a well made sturdy vehicle.

It is a well made vehicle though we are paying out the ear for it. It is roomy enough for hubby and for when we go camping. Gas is expensive. .

- Rosalind G

Repairs are expensive and not everyplace has mechanics that know how to work on VWs

I loved it until recently. Now the headliner is sagging. I also have an issue with my water pump/coolant leaking. Repairs are expensive

- Stephanie B

It is good on gas mileage.

I like the size, dependability and gas mileage. I also like the moon roof and the GPS. I dislike that the car requires high octane gas.

- Patti O

Good but not great for a growing family.

The vehicle is really good but is a bit too small for a growing family. I have three children under three and they barely fit.

- Rick P

maybe my cars big size is really convenient and safe.

i like its size, its big for a family. i dislike that it can only be used with 93 gasoline, which is quite expensive

- viola z

Drives well in snow and gets great gas mileage.

Great car gets great gas mileage. Have not had to do any major repairs. Drives and handles well in the snow.

- Cede M

I can't think of just one thing. It's all good.

This is my 3rd VW. I love: the way it drives, the space in the hatch back, looks great, reliable.

- Danielle S

The vehicle goes very well on snowy roads. And the gas mileage is pretty good considering it is all wheel drive

It has been a reliable vehicle until a few weeks ago when the engine blow up

- Kim K

It's a very reliable safe car, that's great on gas.

I love my car, I do not have any complaints or dislikes.

- Melanie C