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Good overall SUV with decent gas mileage for an all wheel drive.

We got this small SUV when our first child was born. It is great for the cold weather climate we live in, has no problem with the snow, but is also small enough to not be a problem parking in the city. This is the first SUV I have owned, previously had small station wagons or hatchbacks and it is great for space. We also have a few dogs and it has become our dog car for taking them on walks in the woods. Good over all car with decent gas mileage for all wheel drive.

- Bill C

Decent gas mileage, enough room to haul medium sized items.

The Tiguan is the perfect size SUV. I have been driving one for 6 years. Mine is a turbo, so it does burn oil; I am told this is normal for a turbo. This small SUV can handle tight turns and is easily maneuvered in crowded areas. I have low mileage, but the power window panel has some failed operations. The gasket on the bottom of the door came off and now there is some noise and I am concerned about interior temperature.

- Christy T

Amazing car, superior manufacturing with very few issues.

This vehicle is awesome. It rides well, very smooth with great pick up when needed. The Bluetooth is super easy to set up and use, and the navigation as well. Heated seats, panoramic sunroof and XM radio are major pluses. However, the engine can gunk up after about 70k miles so running an engine cleaner every few fill ups is a good idea. Maintenance can get expensive, but worth it for the quality car.

- Gina E

Volkswagen Tiguan is a great mid-size SUV for young people.

The previous owner did not take proper care of it so I have had to invest a lot of time and money into it. German cars can also be more expensive than say American or Japanese cars. Overall the car's performance, minus the maintenance problems due to the previous owner, is really nice. It drives smoothly, has great perks (i.e. Panoramic sunroof) and has relatively good gas mileage.

- Colleen M

My white pretty car that drives smoothly.

It is comfortable, smooth, and convenient. It is very easy to drive, however it uses gas up very fast. It is big and can fit a lot of people and stuff. It is my favorite car to drive because its white as well and the seats are comfortable. I can take many people and put many groceries in the car. It breaks down a lot.

- Daisy T

I think the most interesting thing in my vehicle is the panoramic sunroof.

My vehicle has a very few problems but when it does I do not mind fixing them. I feel my car is very reliable. My car comes with a panoramic sunroof and heated front seats, as well as large amounts of space for my kids and I. In my opinion my car is very reliable and comfortable for my family and friends.

- Amira F

The tiguan, like all other volkswagens I've owned, gets incredible gas mileage.

I really enjoy my Tiguan, mostly because of the great gas mileage. I can drive to and from work (20 mins each way) all week and only pay $20 in gas. The heated seats are another one of my favorite features. I have really never had any serious problems with my Tiguan after owning it for about 2 years.

- Rachael K

It feels good to drive. Compared to the Nissan Rogue and the Honda CRV of the same year the Tiguan just feels good. It feels like a luxury vehicle.

My only complaint is the mpg. Also the sunroof leaks, though it is a magnificent sunroof so I can't complain too much. The leather interior is very nice and the bluetooth is reliable. I get lots of compliments, which is good, since I'm paying $250 a month for a used vehicle and it better be good.

- Michelle B

Ideal compact SUV: Volkswagen tiguan.

The Volkswagen tiguan is a great compact SUV. It gets good gas mileage and is fun to drive. There is plenty of room for groceries, luggage, or whatever else you need for a road trip. Plenty of room too for passengers. Lots of features are also available like Bluetooth for phone and music.

- Leah F

2012 Volkswagen for our family.

Small compact little wagon. It is very fast though with the turbo. I use the Bluetooth option all the time while driving. Love the safety options with the car. Not a lot of trunk space which is a bad thing for our family. It is great on gas though. Pretty high tech for a 2012 vehicle.

- Christy H

White sunroof. Heated seats and leatherette material. Bluetooth and navigation.

Had to put in a new turbo. Had to replace the transmission. Very expensive repairs. It drives very well and is very comfortable, and I love my heated seats and leather at material. It is a very pretty car. I wouldn't recommend on a budget. But it is very nice to drive.

- Casey M

Nice but room for improvement.

Semi comfortable interior. A/c unit is not as powerful as I hoped. Drives semi-smoothly but shakes a bit when driving. The biggest drawback is that it takes premium gas. It also does not have some of the upgrades I would like such as a sunroof and navigation system.

- Jessica L

Silver SUV that is fun to drive.

Expensive to maintain but overall a great car. I haven't had any major issues with the car other than wear and tear. They keep telling me to write more information but I cannot because the Volkswagen car is pretty good. Oil changes once a year but expensive.

- Michael P

My car can easily hold 5 people and has all wheel drive.

I love the fact I can move the backseat back and forth for more legroom or more trunk space depending upon my needs. The car is practical and sporty. I am upset that my turbo went out at about 65K miles. The Volkswagen brand has been reliable for me.

- Brandy S

Great car but some things need to be fixed.

I love my tiguan for driving performance. However, I think VW needs to reevaluate the UV screen they use on tiguan models. The screen is not durably made and is very expensive to fix or replace.


Uses premium gas only but great highway mileage.

Car drives really smoothly, I purchased mine used so there were a few problems with the coolant tank but otherwise the car is great! Love the Bluetooth hookup and handling. Very comfortable.

- Agnes F

Air lock brakes, very sensitive if you never used one before.

I love the air lock brakes. Love the hands free Bluetooth option that connects to my phone, if someone called me, I can safely answer it. I hate the cup holders, and the backseat air vents.

- Sarah S

It is very expensive to maintain and does not run optimally on anything but Premium gas.

I like the pickup it have now that I replaced the turbo charger. I dislike the cost of repairs, that I have to use premium gas and the gas mileage I get from a full tank.

- Tina D

It costs a bit more than similar vehicles but is reliable and fun.

I like my car because it is fun to drive. It drives like a sports car but I can still haul lots of stuff. It is good looking but you don't see one on every corner.

- Sylvia A

That it is a Volkswagen Tiguan. Most people would never guess that is what it is.

I really have enjoyed my VW Tiguan from the start. It is just the right size and fits my personality. It is a classy little Sub SUV that rides well and great on gas.

- Bryan W R

Overall great car but is high maintenance.

Problems; emergency brake, cooling system. Great performance, leather seats, adjustable with the press of a button, heated seats. Navigation system, hands free call.

- Victor S

It is sporty and fun, and accelerates fast!

I have a white Tiguan which I do like very much. It has a beautiful leather interior and a moonroof. The only thing I dislike is that it is expensive to fix.

- Dana R

The sunroof comes unglued easily.

I like the color, style and features. I do not like the fragility of the sunroof because it is already come unglued. Other than that, I love everything.

- Stephanie C

Love the extended moonroof!

My favorite features of the Tiguan is the extended moonroof, great gas mileage, and the turbo feature. It takes premium gas which can get expensive.

- Nicole T

I feel very safe in my car. I don't have any worries when I drive.

My Tiguan is very reliable. We have snowy, icy winters where I live and I have never had a problem getting around. It's a very comfortable ride.

- Nadine C

It has turbo and gets decent gas mileage for the turbo and size of the vehicle.

I love the size and comfort of the vehicle. Maintenance is minimal. The only thing I do not like is that it requires premium fuel which cost more.

- Kristen B

It is a reliable and inexpensive car.

The car is reliable and works well. I like the size and the Bluetooth feature. Do not like the basic features that come with manual transmission.

- Mary C

It's great in the snow, handles well and gets me where I need to yto.

I like the size and the amount of cargo i can haul. The gas mileage is also pretty good for an all wheel drive. It's also great in the snow.

- Jen K

People should be prepared to keep up with the fixes and recalls

I like the size of the car and when I first got it I loved it. Recently I've been having a lot of issues that are expensive to fix

- Jaime G

It has good line of sight all around. Seats are comfortable

It has low miles 40k. The only problem was when the squirrel chewed through the fuel vapor line. Cost of repairs was $1600.

- Stephen T

It is the most fuel efficient car I have ever owned.

I like the color of my vehicle, which is a blueish color. I like the compact size. There isn't really anything I don't like.

- Stacey R

This car is great for a small family, efficient, and dependable

This car is reliable, comfortable, a smooth ride, perfect handling on back roads and has plenty of room for my kids.

- Amanda N

It fits 5 people including the driver.

This vehicle works great. The gas mileage is outstanding and it is just a really great car to have for daily use.

- Caroline S

It has Bluetooth and it gets great mileage! The volume button works on streaming wheal

I love the gas mileage and the Bluetooth features, and the fact that it has room in the back seat and the trunk

- Alyssa B

Run engine cleaner through the gas tank after about 60k miles, every 3rd fill up.

It gets great gas mileage. It handles well and has very good power. However, the engine does tend to gunk up.

- Gina E

It is great on gas. The amount of gas needed isn't expensive

I love how compact it is. I love that it drives smoothly. I hate that there have been several recalls.

- Lana B

I love the vehicle with exception to the following two aspects: 1) high grade gas requirement 2) limited trunk capacity

Great reliable vehicle if you can get past the high grade gas requirement and limited trunk space

- Mary H

It is reliable and dependable. It has good pick up. Trying to get to 50 characters

I like the quality, gets good gas mileage, reliable. I dislike maintenance costs and gas costs.

- Aimee B

It is a great family car and has a lot of room. It also gets wonderful gas mileage for the size.

It is a great family car. It has a good amount of room. I wish it was a little bigger.

- Sarah P

Perfect small SUV for everyone.

I love the large back window. I fit perfectly in the seat. Perfect amount of storage.

- Becky t

Overall reliable vehicle. Good road trip vehicle. Decent mileage.

It gets me from place to place reliably. Repair costs are high. Comfortable ride.

- Anne S

It's important to me. I'm try to take care of it and service it regularly

I like the way it drives. It's doesn't consume that much gas. Fun to drive

- Phil A

You feel safe driving a Volkswagen,

I have no complaints. A very smooth ride. Great gas mileage.

- ben C