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Volkswagen supporter forever. I am on #3.

Problems: none yet (knock-on-wood). I have owned 3 Volkswagens and I loved each of them. Sometimes the parts are more difficult to get and more expensive to have replaced. They are such good quality that it is rare you need to. However, some accidents are unavoidable. Performance: amazing! So much power for a vehicle with decent gas mileage. So easy and fun to drive. Reliability: coming from someone who has been in multiple accidents, I feel much safer in Volkswagens. It makes a huge difference when you are in a strong, well-built care. I rely on mine for safety. Comfort: wow. My Tiguan might have some upgrades (not sure of details) but I think it is very spacious for a small SUV! Plus, the back seats can convert into a bed/lay flat. Great for car camping. Features: like I said, mine might have some upgrades. I am not sure what comes standard. I have a huge moon roof unlike any cars I have been in. The stock sound systems are far above average and have great sound/base. Bluetooth and touch screen display. Controls on the steering wheel. And one more favorite: awesome stock rims. Nothing small of cheap looking. This car (and my other two Jetta's) came fully loaded!. In my opinion.

- Allison E

Its extremely responsive and reliable.

No problems yet - bought it used with a two-year warranty that I haven't needed to use so far. Love the wine color and styling - perfect size for me. The Tiguan is very easy to drive with controls that are logical and intuitive. The driver's seat has multiple adjustment options, which is important to me. The center console is very handy and accessible. The moon roof is extremely user friendly with regard to options of operation. The backseat area is quite roomy and comfortable with a center console with cup holder and phone charger. The cargo area can accommodate multiple suitcases with ease and, when the backseat is folded down, can transport large items such as furniture, large pictures, plants, etc. Overall, I am extremely happy with my Tiguan and have recommended this vehicle to others.

- Veronica V

Reasons to be in love with a Volkswagen Tiguan named Maurice.

My Tiguan handles absolutely any type of terrain and always without any issues. I have driven miles upon miles and my Volkswagen has held up tremendously. It is a great sized vehicle and is perfect for transporting lots of stuff, or just friends. It is easy to drive with sensitive gas/brake pedals. The only issue I have had with my vehicle has been the tires. I had to replace all tires, but have had no issues with my car since. The gas mileage is also nice, but the car does better on the freeway than on surface streets. In addition to freeway driving, sport mode is an addition I didn't know I needed! I love my Volkswagen Tiguan.

- Gabby T

VW Tiguan�s Rugged Ride A Pleasure to Drive

We bought our VW Tiguan used and until we reached 70,000 miles, we had no problems. One day, the oil light buzzed and upon checking, we found the oil reservoir was empty. This issue has happened twice. The car uses oil and requires an additional quart between oil changes. This is a known problem with this make and model. Otherwise, it's a comfortable, compact SUV with moderate cargo space. It's warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It's particularly easy to drive in the snow with good tires. I love VW's stiff steering wheel and its rugged engineering.

- Joan M

Small and roomy SUV with lots of turbo power.

It is a smaller SUV, so it is easier to drive, maneuver and park. It is not too high, but high enough that it comfortable for longer distances. It is deceptively roomy with lots of room for storage. The ride is smooth and consistent. The gas mileage could be better at about 25 mpg and takes premium gas. However, it does better mpg on the highway for longer distances. Most everything is manual and simple, which is appreciated. Overall it is a great car and a well-priced SUV.

- Mary K

Great car but costly upkeep.

When I first bought the car, it was lovely. Then 10,000 miles in I had engine issues. It was a lease to the dealer took care of it. Since that time everything in this car has been pretty good. I am having some brake issues but was able to get that resolved going to a specialty auto shop that focuses on European/German vehicles. That is has been my biggest complaint thus far. Maintenance for this car is incredibly expensive, specially if you are having a problem.

- Kiara S

the Volkswagen tiguan is a great car!!

I believe this is a good teen car! it has everything you would need and it is a good size, not too big or too small! The navigation and sunroof are a huge plus for this car, I don't even need my phone out while driving because of navigation and the sunroof is just really nice to have and makes the car appear bigger! however I have had issues with the sunroof visor being ripped while it was trying to be closed and now doesn't work

- Madison L

Family helpful Bluetooth car.

I have no major issues with my tiguan thankfully. The vehicle has low maintenance. The performance of this vehicle is better than expected for a SUV. The vehicle is very comfortable for a family especially those with car seats. The Bluetooth feature makes driving and streaming music easy. I use this feature every time I call so I am not using my cell phone.

- Ashley N

I love it, very reliable and comfortable

I love the vehicle. The one feature that I feel it is lacking is GPS. we drive so much and it would really be nice to have the feature. We did buy the car used so we have had to do some maintenance on it but we still love it. The vehicle isn't too big or small which leaves us with space to have our adventures. I think the car is great all around.

- Jennifer J

It�s not a big SUV, but not a tiny compact car, & fits 5 people comfortably.

When going from intense heat to intense cold temperatures, it took a toll on my car. Randomly, the Car would run, and if I automatically start driving after I turned it on without letting it sit, it would shut off and the battery light would turn on. I would have to put the car in park, shut the car off completely, and then turn it back on.

- JC A

Excellent snow vehicle in compact size.

I love the Tiguan. It is big enough for our needs- toting our dog around, traveling for the weekend, etc. but small enough to easily park in the city. My favorite thing is that the Tiguan handles so well in the snow. We previously had a Jeep Cherokee and I prefer the Tiguan in the snow - I feel like I have total control and very safe.

- Raven F

Great decent car to have for new driver

I have a Volkswagen tiguan s 2013, it is a used car but the mile was low. It is very nice to have a car that feel wide and have big space but looks small at the same time. I like the design the color. I have a white one which is very pretty. The only thing I am considered is sometime when I stop it have a sharp sound but very rarely.

- Sasha T

Great car. I love the sunroof and I love all the space in the back seat and in the car back.

I love my car. I've had to 3 years and have had no problems. It drives very well in the city and on the interstate. I am shorter and the driver seat really gets me close and low enough that I can reach the pedals without feeling like I am sitting right in the steering wheel. All it is very comfortable and fits all my needs.

- Casie C

A few problems, but not a bad car.

Had to be towed after four months when I first bought it. Door latches broke after 5 years and costed $800+ to fix. Axle broke after 5 years and had to be replaced without warning. Car is great for a person in college or that is looking for a small SUV. Drives well, but takes synthetic oil, which is very expensive.

- Nikki S

Picks up speed quickly and is very. Comfortable and reliable to drive.

Very reliable and comfortable. I have had no issues with it. I get regular maintenance done such as oil changes every 10, 000 miles, I have replaced the tires and air filters and battery once. I currently have 108, 000 miles on it and bought it with 5, 000 so it is truly been a great car! Driving it is fun to.

- Erica W

Space and comfort in the VW with 4 wheel drive.

This vehicle is very comfortable on long drives. It also helps when you have a lot of luggage or want to stuff everything in the trunk for a beach day. Very spacious. The stereo is amazing and also plays my phone calls crystal clearly. The four wheel drive aspect makes me feel safe and helps to drive easily.

- Emma H

An excellent mid range suv

The vehicle is extremely comfortable with leather seats. The sun roof is above standard. The vehicle performs great and never had any problems as long as you maintain it properly. Back seats also provide plenty of legroom. Vehicle and interior colors are also very enticing and come in a variety of options.

- Sarah F

Spacious car with great trunk space.

The Volkswagen Tiguan is fine. For a 2013 it just does not have the technological advances I would like. Definitely needed to be updated. I bought used so car wasn't as clean when purchased. The car is very spacious and has great trunk space. I was able to get large items such as furniture in the space.

- Monica H

VW tiguan 2013. A favorite commuter vehicle that's fun to drive.

It is peppy and uas great handling. The seats are very comfortable which is a big deal for me since I commute. Visibility is very good and all wheel drive is exceptional. The only thing I would improve is the quality of the speakers. They are actually quite poor in quality, unlike the rest of the car.

- Hilary C

Turbo and great mileage. Compact yet roomy.

It's a great car and it looks good. Roomy, fast, safe, smooth, and comfortable. A turbo with tons of room, a mommy missile if you will. So far this is the best car I ever owed. My wife and son love it too. German engineering at its finest. Nothing but good things to say about this car.

- Jesse C

Very sporty and attractive during travel for a small family.

The durability of the seats does not last long. It is comfortable and drives well on the road. It would have been better if it used 87 gas instead of premium. Warranty should be bumper to bumper. It would allow more people to purchase instead of going to someone on the outside to fix.

- Lady M

The perfect size, mid-luxury SUV

My vehicle is the perfect size for city life in the suburbs and lots of driving. It is comfortable. I have had problems with the sunroof because I live in a hot climate and the glue has melted and warped. I find the car is great on gas. I do find there are some blind spots however.

- Ashley H

Tall people and those who love to drive need this car.

This car is so much fun to drive! Its big enough to where you feel safe while driving, but small enough to easily get around. The drive is super smooth and is very quiet while going at high speeds. The head room is great, my friend is 6'5 and can comfortably sit in the back seat.

- Sophia B

I love my car. It is just the right car for my needs.

My Volkswagen vehicle is perfect for me. It is not too big and not too small. It is good on gas, easy to drive and park. I love it! I get good gas mileage and rarely need servicing outside of normal upkeep. It is also very attractive. The size is perfect for a woman to manage.

- Julie L

May look like a soccer mom vehicle, but so much more.

I thoroughly enjoy my vehicle. It is extremely reliable, comes in a great variety of colors interior and exterior, and fits five people comfortably. I would highly recommend to anybody looking for a reliable car to go from point A to point B. It is also a great first car.

- Anna J

Best features of my car for you.

Love it. Only wish it had nav for the radio. It is very comfortable to ride in and had a ac vent in the glove box for cold stuff. It has a full panoramic sunroof. Only downfall about it is that when it's cold if you leave the ceiling open it will make the car colder.

- Amanda J

Small durable and smart SUV.

It is good looking white in color with moon roof and can be set on cruise speed. Good mileage. Easy to handle family size SUV. Durable. It's mileage is awesome and we take it on long trips. It is all wheel drive with grip tires. One of the best driving Volkswagen.

- Karuna U

Volkswagen lil SUV- good for antiquing

The Tiguan is a good reliable gas conservative sport vehicle. Hold a lot w fold down seats! It does however utilize more coolant in the summer months when running air. The back air vents are not sufficient when 3 passengers are in the backseat, good cargo room

- Mag S

Good car for young people or for families.

This car is great for a young single person. I can also see myself getting married and having a kid or two and still being able to use this car. It has decent gas mileage and drives very smoothly. It looks good, without costing an insane amount of money.

- Gavin B

She rides just as smooth as a 2018, if you take care of your car it will take care of you.

First of all I love my Volkswagen Tiguan, she has a moonroof. I have leather heated seats and heated side mirrors.and I also have navigation. She is red and very comfortable. My back is roomy and comfortable. She rides very smooth with No problems.

- Michele M

Reliable and fun car that is safe for the whole family

It has many safety features that make me feel confident driving it with my two young children. It is spacious enough for our whole family, while still being sporty and fun. My only complaint would be that It's fuel consumption is a little high.

- Beth G

It is really comfortable to drive and accelerates/drives really easily.

I love that it is smaller/shorter, but I can still pack it for camping/hauling items. It is also really comfortable and drives very smooth. I also love the big moonroof, bluetooth capability, and other personal adjustments that can be made.

- Kelsey B

Overall love having a VW!!

Overall the car drives smoothly and I enjoy having a VW - LOVE the heated seats and fill sunroof! My only complaint is when my cars "needs serviced" (wheels, oil, etc) it doesn't specifically tell me which.

- Kelsie B

It a very reliable car. I have never had any problems with it.

Great vehicle! I have never had any problems with it. Very reliable and versatile with being an active person on the go. I usually have my dog, paddle boards or bike in the back. Also very nice and fancy.

- A D

It is a great car if the parts are working properly.

My car unfortunately is in the shop getting fixed. It has a problem with the transmission and I am quite discouraged. I am not happy with the dealer who after three tries was unable to find the problem.

- Donna S

That overall it has great features and is great for traveling except for gas mileage and the type of gas it takes.

I like the sunroof that it has and overall it has been very reliable. I don't like the gas mileage on it and that it only takes premium gas. I also wish that maintenance and parts were cheaper on it.

- Brent S

Maintenance is very expensive and premium gas only can be a bit costly!

It is a blue 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan. It has black faux leather interior with heated front seats. A panoramic sunroof ! Satellite radio with Bluetooth for phone calls or music ! Built in navigation.

- Akintunde S

The turbo makes it fun to drive, but it still has practical efficiency.

Elevated vantage point compared to a car, but better gas mileage than a typical non-hybrid SUV. The extra ground clearance makes it easier to drive in snowy conditions. It has a turbo.

- Sam C

All mechanical issues are very expensive to fix since it is a foreign car.

I like the size and the storage room in the trunk. I like how it is big enough for a rear facing car seat. I do not like the ongoing mechanical issues we have had with the car.

- Kelly B

Affordable luxury, a vehicle that will last a lifetime.

I love the full length sunroof. I love the dependability of a Volkswagen. The only thing I dislike is the trunk space. I often find myself needing more room for stowing.

- Piper S

Compact & Petite from the outside but comfy & roomy from the inside!

I just love my car! it looks compact & cute from the outside but it's actually very comfy & roomy inside & the engine runs super especially I use the simulated manual

- Patrick T

That it should be fueled with premium fuel, otherwise, the lines can be clogged easily.

I really do like my vehicle. My only complaint is that it is not my dream car. It is reliable and with almost 100,000 miles on it, it truly has had minimal issues.

- Kelsey E

It is very reliable and the service when it is in the shop keeps it running.

I like the small SUV feel, and how it handles in weather. I wish it was a little bigger, but the new ones are, so when I am ready, I will get a new one.

- Nicole C

It handles very well and minimal blind spots.

Rides good. Handles good. 4 motion.. I got the grandkids i. I got to the. I have been a lot. The best thing about you guys. Yep i'll be there tomorrow..

- Edward K

Great features for the cost, maintenance is normal.

The 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan is a great value. The car has a comfortable interior and advanced technology features such as Bluetooth and GPS.

- Taylor R

comfortable ride with easy driving can go fast without feeling jerked around

i love the way it drives. i wish it more had more features and handles better in the snow but it handles the roads and is comfortable

- maureen c

It's a fine car with all the aspects of it. I rate it as one of the most fine cars I have ever owned

I like the dependability of my vehicle, the great traction in the snow, the looks are fine. Gas mileage is terrific. No complaints

- David C

Great car that feels like an SUV without being too big.

I like the size, color and interior. Dislikes include the maintenance and gas mileage. Overall i am very happy with this vehicle.

- Taylor R

It's a fun car to drive, but the maintenance can add up fast!

It's a complete blast to drive! But it takes premium gas, which adds up with my commute. And maintenance is pricey as well.

- Michelle H

Easy to drive good looking. Great to park in a small spot

Very easy to drive. Not to big a car. Great to park. Higher up then a regular car . Great to drive long distance

- Beatrice T

A great highlight is the Bluetooth capability

Very comfortable, plenty of room and all the options you need. Great turning radius and extremely smooth driving

- Linda M

It has to have supreme gas.

I like that it has Bluetooth. I also like that it has turbo. I do not like that it does not have heated seats.

- Ali C

Peppy Car Yet Very Safe!!

I love the size of it as it is an SUV. It's very safe however very peppy which is a huge reason I love it too!

- Peyton S

Good performance and good size for family.

This vehicle is very good. It has a good gas performance, and enough size for my family. It has a good engine.

- Nick N

Hard to see out back window.

Wish had more room for growing kids. Blind spots out back window. So far has been reliable and comfortable.

- Tammy G

Get the services done! Spark plugs, coolant flushed the major things.

Love the car! Great gas mileage! Great pick up from 2. 0 turbo and absolutely love Volkswagen as a whole.

- Meghan H

It can be very expensive to fix but it is so worth it.

I love how fast it is and the style. It drives really well and is great quality. Expensive to fix though

- Elle T

4 wheels drive, comfortable seat

I like it is 4 wheels drive and it's not too big just enough for family use.

- Shirley R

The front seat does not recline fully and it's not very comfortable.

I like the size. I like the sporty-ness. I don't like It's hard suspension.

- Jung K

It's a nice compact suv and gets good gas mileage.

I love my car. It has been a good family car and get some good gas mileage.

- Meshia C

it's a very reliable and comfortable car. It's streamlined and good looking

it's reliable, it's good looking, it's comfortable, got plenty of space

- Brigitte B

good german quality. Lots of space for passenger and cargo

no dislikes, no complaints. I like everything about that car

- Ray B

Reliable, affordable, comfortable, stylish, classy

Style, size, reliability, comfort, gas mileage, color

- Molly P

The perfect compact - spacious, reliable and fuel efficient.

- Hayley R