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The negative and positive aspects of the VW Tiguan.

I do not like the way the brake pedal will go all the way to the floor. But I like the fact that it is compact and comfortable. It has good cargo and passenger space for a compact SUV. It also has a smooth ride and a long list of standard and available technology features, good combination of space, and family-friendly features. Another negative point is that three adults cannot sit comfortably in the back because the seats are too small for adults. Also, its lone available engine has lethargic acceleration and subpar fuel economy. I just read that the VW redesigned the Tiguan for the 2018 model year. The new edition's engine puts out 16 fewer horsepower, but it feels more energetic and gets about 2 more mpg than the old engine. The old six-speed automatic transmission is swapped for an eight-speed automatic. While the previous-generation Tiguan sat just five, the 2018 model is larger and offers a third-row seat that ups seating capacity to seven. The new 2018 model has much more cargo space, a larger infotainment touch screen, and many more driver assistance features, including adaptive cruise control, a surround-view camera, pedestrian detection, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking.

- Carli D

Love what I drive and think you might too!

I've had no major problems so far with my Tiguan, and I find it extremely easy to drive both on narrow city streets and wide highways. The only problem I've had is syncing my iPhone with my car's audio system, and I don't know if my phone is the source of the problem (or if the car's audio system is). Sometimes random music from my iTunes library will play instead of what I was last listening to, and sometimes I'm unable to use Bluetooth to listen to driving directions from my phone. These are strange issues sometimes, but overall I'm extremely satisfied with my car. I recently moved to a state that gets tons of snow, and I've felt very safe driving my car in hazardous conditions.

- Jasmine S

Great for small family with few slight flaws.

None so far fairly new drives awesome. Delay in the computer with backup camera. Little extra storage room in trunk, gas mileage is great for city driving also. We are a small family of three and the vehicle is perfect for us now with more than one car seat it would be a little tight. We wish the car light were automatic we have left it on and completely killed the batteries which is connected to everything including door locking mechanisms.

- Lauren C

This is a great road trip car- comfortable seating and lots of area.

Fun to drive! The seats are easy to clean. Good warranty. I like the sport mode. There is technology like the radio console that I like. I really got into the SiriusXM subscription, even though I live 5 miles from work. I had a small sedan before and did not like road trips- everything changed with this car- I went on a road trip with a friend and we both agreed this is a great road trip car- the seats were so comfortable for a 5 hour trip.

- Scott J

Purchase of used Tiguan: love it despite issues.

The car is really comfortable. It has good Bluetooth connectivity, heated mirrors, and plenty of storage compartments. It is spacious and drives smoothly. It also features a rear-view camera which is super helpful. However, I did buy the car used and a day after buying the car the battery died. My tire pressure monitoring system is also broken. I am not sure if these are issues due to the previous owners care or typical for this car.

- Shannon O

Great for the traveling family!

This vehicle has great gas mileage, we take it on our long family road trips. It has lots of space, we are able to take month long road trips with two dogs and a baby and still have room to fit everything in. We have the roof attachment to add extra storage as well. Only issue we have had with it is that the tire pressure light doesn't always come on. We had a flat tire and were unaware because the light didn't go on.

- Rachel W

Very small and fast for only a 4-cylinder.

I have had no problems thus far since buying my Tiguan. Maintenance is very easy and only occurs every 5 months as other cars are 3 months. It is a little small but great on gas and is very comfortable. It does have Bluetooth and wireless features as well. If any maintenance needs to be done to the car, it will notify you plenty in advance when needed. It is very nice and helpful for the forgetful mind.

- Erin T




Water drains into passenger side.

There's a common problem with the passenger side floor having standing water. There are tubes in the sunroof that are meant to drain water but the nipples on the end get clogged and the water drains directly into the car. There's a nice ease of use for controls while driving in the steering wheel and pretty much anything you'd see on the clock display, you can see on the dash display as well.

- Lauren N

Keyless entry, Bluetooth radio, smart car.

Very comfortable and accommodating. The front seats are heated. Everything is keyless. It unlocks and locks with just a touch of the handle. Very good gas mileage. Gas lasts me two weeks and I only need an oil change every 5, 000 miles. It is very family friendly. The radio is voice activated and is Bluetooth compatible. The vehicle also lets you know when it is time to be serviced.

- Erin T

Lifestyle accommodating small SUV.

This is my 3rd VW Tiguan in a row. I love this small SUV. It is functional, cute, quick and accommodates my large dogs and active lifestyle. The fold down seats give the option of a lot of storage. 4 motion gives me all wheel capabilities for off-road or snow driving. Towing capacity is decent and gas mileage with or without towing is better than most small SUVs.

- Lillian M

New ride seems great to drive.

I have only had the vehicle for 2 weeks. I do like the features: leather seats, phone sync with Bluetooth, seat warmers, rear-view camera, and hd/sat radio. It is a comfortable ride. The chassis is a car chassis instead of a SUV chassis so fits nicely into parking slots. I really will not have a true opinion until after my first oil change.

- Steven N

Small SUV, but fully loaded!

My VW Tiguan has all the features I wanted. It drives smoothly, allows a lot of sunlight into the car through the panoramic moonroof and the back up camera is my new best friend! I was delighted to see the second row of seating not only folds down for room to haul items, but the seat can actually be adjusted for the expansion of leg room!

- Tracy L

This is the way to go excellent car.

Tiguan model is the best car I test drove. The reason I bought it was because it is so safe but also looks nice and sleek. I also enjoy the technology features it came with including a touch screen radio. The leather interior is also very expensive looking but is easy to maintain. I also have a rear view backup camera that is convenient.

- Celine T

The Tiguan is a great Small SUV for families!

I love my car! It's has enough power and cargo space for my needs. The back seat has plenty of legroom for even larger adults. I use my Bluetooth function daily and it has a great standard stereo. I also feel safe driving with my child in it. I was hit from behind on the freeway and had minimal damage done to the car.

- Nicole M

Easy to handle, compact SUV.

The seats are cloth, which in the hotter months can be somewhat uncomfortable. however, everything else is great. The handling makes it easy to drive. I haven't had any issues with it as far as having to get repairs and such. This is my first time owning an SUV and it is big enough to my liking but also not too big.

- Maddie D

Why I love my Volkswagen and what keeps me coming back

My last three vehicles have been Volkswagens and I have found them all to be extremely reliable and a lot more bang for your buck than domestic vehicles. However, maintenance can be a little more pricey and many local shops will tell you to take it to the dealer or an auto shop that specializes in exports

- Matt C

Volkswagen Tiguan 2015 SE Edition

Gas mileage is not the best. It drives really nice and smooth. It is lightweight and easy to drive and would be a perfect car for first time buyers. The light leather interior is nice and the seats are pretty comfortable. The back is roomy. I wish the trunk was a little bit bigger.

- Alexis C

I love my Volkswagen! It is reliable and safe.

I feel safe in this car. The seats are really comfortable. I haven't had any problems with it. The only maintenance I need is oil change and tire pressure. I really like the way it handles on the steering wheel. There is a good amount of trunk space. It's good for families.

- Ali D

The reverse rear view camera is extremely dark and difficult to use.

I like the luxury feel of the interior and the sunroof that events to the back seats. I would like it more if the window came stock with darker tint. The rear view camera while the car is in reverse mode is extremely dark and difficult to see, therefore difficult to use.

- Michelle D

There is a sunroof that spans the entire car and I love that!!

It's a reliable car, a little smaller than I expected, handles really well, great gas mileage, very high tech which I love! The only problem I have had is the touch start button glitching, making it hard to turn the car off and on, other than that, it's a great car!

- Kate B

Quality of the an automobile.

Nice car, fuel efficient room for 4 person, nice ride, compact size, elegant, trouble free. Fairly low price to buy and maintain it, good factory warranty lots of dealer in the area to take it for repair and maintenance good size car to find parking space etc.

- Alfred C

A Family Safe, Compact SUV

It performs well, it is very comfortable. It feels high-end, and has many "new" features. It is a compact SUV, so it has space, but does not feel bulky. The mileage is average. It feels very safe to drive my child in.

- Rebecca K

Speedy maroon Volkswagen 2015.

The VW SUV is great for traveling with family and business wise. I do a lot in my VW and drives great the gas problem since I have heavy foot. A full tank is about $62. But it get you everywhere safe.

- Tatiana T

Owned it 3 years and never had a repairs done. Very dependable.

Back up lights are too small. No inside trunk release. I do like the heated seats. The great cargo space and the ability to seat 4 adults in the car. I would prefer leather seats instead of cloth.

- Alice P

The quality and craftsmanship are excellent. It feels like it's built to last

I love how it looks and how it drives. It has great quality and is very reliable. Things that I dislike are that it doesn't have a USB slot, a heated steering wheel and that it uses 93 gas

- Brooke B

Gas mileage and turbo lag and boost.

It could get better gas mileage, a lot more options and the turbo lag is strange sometimes it's fine other times it wants to go like hell and sometimes it falls on its nose on take off.

- Mike P

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is safe.

My car is very easy to handle. It is also very spacious, but not too big at the same time. It is also Bluetooth, so I can make hands free phone calls right from my steering wheel.

- Maddie D

You should buy a VW tiguan

I love my car. The only problem I have with it is that you need to use the expensive gas and the transmission has stopped working and I've only put 40,000 miles on it

- Shelby P

It's comfortable to drive

I like the look of it, the feel, the drive. I don't like that as like every VW I've had, the transmission gets weird and fuses for lights are always glitchy.

- Rachel A

Compact and sleek design.

It drives rough at times. For it to be a 2015 under 40000 miles, I thought it would ride a little smoother. Maintenance has been completed as necessary.

- Tia H

There is not much cargo space.

It is a very quiet and smooth ride. Really good on gas. Plenty of room for a small SUV. We love Volkswagen for it is dependability and features.

- Sarah B

I love my golf! It can fit so much inside of it and still gets great gas mileage. I wish it had a little more engine, I would probably like the gti better because of that, but you just can't beat the gas mileage. I also wish it had apple carplay. All in all it's one of the best cars I've had.

It fits in a lot of gear and tools (we packed everything we needed for a summer internship with a baby) but still gets great gas mileage

- Christina j

2015 VW Tiguan with plenty of comforts at affordable pricing.

compact SUV with navigation, satellite radio, heated seats, leather steering wheel, turbo engine. makes my driving easy and comfortable.

- Jennifer m

It's a spaces good riding, driving and handling suv.

I like it a lot everything works great on it ride is great. The only things I don't like the turbo lag and the gas mileage isn't great.

- Mike P

It drives very smoothly! You hardly feel any bumps.

I wish it were just a little bit bigger. I would like more cargo space. I also wish the air vents were shaped and placed differently.

- Kat K

Reliable car but small for an SUV

reliable, comfort, clean looking, kinda small for an SUV but good as a single person vehicle, I wish I had push to start but I don't

- ally t

Guarantee, cover protections, payments,

The begging issues with the camera and sound, is a lease, was my second car. I don't thinking take again the same dealer.

- Roger L

It quiet and comfortable and I love it.

Love the size. Love the r line tech. Do not like the gas. Love how I can connect my phone and play my music from sporty.

- Joyce D

Volkswagen makes very reliable vehicles that lasts.

I like the size and how easy it is to drive. I would love it even more if the gas mileage was just a bit better.

- Laura P

It feels like a compact SUV, but it drives like a sports car.

It's great for a small SUV/ hatchback. It takes premium fuel, but has great gas mileage. I love the versatility!

- Elizabeth G

It needs premium gas for a non sports car which if I knew I wouldn't have bought it

Rides very well, more like a car than a crossover. Love the all wheel drive. Don't like the speakers in it

- Kristin S

Great driving, fun, easy to pack.

Very reliable. Drives smooth. Very spacious. Seats fold down easily. Decent gas mileage. Very updated. Love.

- Megan B

Great driving, spacious, volkswagen

Very reliable. comfortable. Relatively good gas mileage. Very spacious. Seats fold down easy. Fits my dog.

- Megab B

Not sure what to tell you.

I very much enjoy my car. It is extremely comfortable and looks great. It has plenty of get up and go too.

- Michelle C

It's very reliable and safe.

It's great for space. It's very reliable. The all wheel drive is a life saver on the highway with snow.

- Carrie M

Love most everything about it including how it handles and smooth ride. However trunk space is limited and the mileage is not good only around 20 mpg.

Overall good vehicle, reliable, looks good, drives well, lots of good features.

- Mary G

It handles the road well. It has heated seats. It gets good mileage.

I like the heated seats and how it drives. I like how it handles the road.

- Jamin S

Is reliables and keep its value Is comfortable and is not a gas Guzzler

Size,comfort, economy, go romy. Good looking keep value well

- Alfredo C

It's reliable, it's affordable, and it's a fun car to drive.

It's a great compact SUV, not too small, not too large.

- James A