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Performance is good. Driving is nice. It is comfortable.

I do not like the way the air conditioning works. On a very hot day , like 90 degrees and above, it does not get cold. It is ok, but not completely comfortable. Also , the way the a/c vents face in the car is very odd. You can't adjust them to go exactly the way you want. Also , the radio always reverts back to a standard volume. Every time I turn off my car I have the volume fairly low , when I go to get back in , it is loud again, so every time I get into my car I have to adjust the volume. It is annoying. And another thing about the volume, there is not in between sound. I would like to listen to something between the quietest and next segment up , but there is no in between. I do like the performance. It is a fun car to drive, just needs some tweaking.

- Wendy W

Overall beautiful sporty look and great size car.

Overall I love my Tiguan. I haven't had any problems with it other than it is really expensive to change the oil. It's really comfortable and sits up pretty high. Great space in it and it is great for my wife and I and our 2 kids. We do plan on having another which we will sadly have to upgrade to a bigger car. The speakers are great and so is the back windshield wiper on it. I also love the rain sensored windshield it came with. The Tiguan just has this sporty look to it and picks up pretty fast with speed so I thinks that is why I mainly got it.

- Jordan G

The turbo Tiguan is a great car.

The only problem I have noticed is when I turn my car off, it sounds like my engine is overworked and makes a lot of noise as if something is wrong. Other than that, I think the Tiguan is a great car for a young lady such as myself. It is the perfect size, not too small not too big. I'd say it is pretty comfortable and easy to drive. My one complaint about this car is the ac. There are several small vents, however, on a hot day I feel like the wind blowing out of it sucks.

- Sarah K

Review of my Volkswagen Tiguan.

I have had no problems with the vehicle. It is comfortable to drive, reliable and has apple carplay which allows me access to texts, music, podcasts and directions. Maintenance is very reasonable for oil changes and other necessary maintenance. This is the. Second Tyquan I have owned and I really would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a crossover.

- June K

Excellent family car, good for tall parents.

Really nice interior, plenty of room in back seats with front passengers, wish the trunk was a little longer to accommodate the stroller plus groceries. Enjoy the apple carplay feature and Sirius XM satellite radio. The “faux” leather is really nice and cleans easily. Drives well, doors feel heavy and I feel safe driving with my baby in the car.

- Jenna B

Amazing car must have for anyone who cannot afford a supercar but wants a good.

Man let me tell you about this car. This car is the best car I've ever owned it runs smoothly no start up issue unlike the dinky Dodge nitro I was stuck with beforehand. It also looks absolutely gorgeous in grey it's such a wonderful car spacious and the seat material is comfortable and does not get overly hot in the sun.

- Josh J

Love my Volkswagen. It provides me with a comfortable ride.

Drives well, comfortable seating. Love connecting screen to my smartphone. Like the fact that oil change is only every 10,000 miles. Exterior looks good, distinguished-looking. I get free car washes for life of car. It can seat five people comfortably. Second row seating can be folded down to accommodate more cargo.

- Adel T

Comfortable reliable seats 5 people.

Comfortable reliable. . . Handles well looks cool, love the color the only issue is that this car has to take premium gas as per the manufacturer. . . So it costs more in gas. . The warranty is good the service department. Is good. . . Handles well comfortable roomy the seats go down to transport lots of items.

- Pat M

Nice car and fun to drive.

My car is very comfortable, roomy and is very nice looking. It looks much more pricey than it was to purchase. The Tiguan is one of the nicer styled cars on the road these days. . I like my car very much. It is really nice to drive. The car is two years old and there have been no problems with the car.

- Judy S

A high tech SUV which is safe, reliable and extremely comfortable to ride in.

Technology, comfort and reliability. I enjoy that I can access apple carplay. My car has a lot of space and is enjoyable to ride in. It also drives great in snowy conditions which is important when living in New England. I am also glad that I had leather seats put into my car by Volkswagen.

- Laura O

It is in perfect shape after almost one hundred thousand miles.

It's a great car. Fun to drive, very comfortable, lots of great features. But VWs are fussy. It's not easy for the mechanic to get to some parts so garage work adds up quickly. You can only use a special type of coolant, special light bulbs etc. and that can be a huge pain in the butt.

- Stefanie T

Great car! Highly recommend.

I love my car! It is compact, but still has enough space for my friends and I all to fit. I also love how the music system is also set up with apple CarPlay. The only downside of the car is that sometimes the seats squeak together because of the fabric but that is probably any car.

- Marina A

Best mom of two mini SUV you can buy.

I love my Tiguan! I have 2017 white with tan interior. It is sleek and modern looking. The rear view camera is a must. The panoramic roof is a must as well. It is roomie enough for my family of four, even with two car seats. The trunk is perfect for a stroller plus groceries.

- Karen A

Panoramic sunroof is bomb!

Very comfortable, roomy, and reliable. Love the panoramic sunroof and keyless entry features. Feel sporty when driving it. Also has a good sound system and rearview camera which I use all the time. Decent gas mileage as well. Overall, I love this car and feel safe in it!

- Christine P

This is a great car from VW.

This is a fantastic automobile. Great handling, steering, a/c. The choice was quite simple once we saw the Wolfsburg edition. The only downside is that the power seats do not have a memory. The radio needs a subwoofer (or better one) as well, but that is just nitpicking.

- Andrew M

It has great safety features and a lot of room for seating and storage.

I like how easy it is to drive - it's a very smooth ride and has automatic lights. I don't like the CarPlay hooked up with my phone as it tends to go slower. I wish the seats were a little more comfortable as I do a lot of driving and they are not that soft.

- Karoline P

Volkswagen, reliable and pretty.

I love my car, the Volkswagen is roomy, comfortable and reliable. I feel safe in it and have one child and 2 dogs who ride comfortably. The back has slidable seats to make a bigger truck area which I find helpful for shopping and carrying extra baby stuff.

- Julie S

it only take premium gas and that is something everyone should know because it affects the cost of ownership of the car greatly

it only takes premium gas which i would have not bought it had i known. It only gets 250 miles on average for 55 bucks which sucks because it is like driving a truck . i do like the amount of umph it has though and i enjoy the turbo engine

- Jennifer M

It really doesn't have a lot of trunk space for groceries and other things, but despite that it's perfect for a small family.

We've had the car since June and have had no problems with it since we got it. It runs well, the sunroof works, and it's easy to drive. It is smaller than our old car so we have less space for groceries, but we're enjoying it.

- Brittany P

It's sporty and fun-looking.

I love how fun my car is to drive. It has a very tight suspension that picks up every movement of the wheel. It gets good gas mileage and handles great in the winter. I like the AWD and sitting up higher than a sedan.

- susan R

Easy handling great air heat. Lots of legroom.

Easy to get into. Easy to start. Safe entry as long as it’s on you door opens. Locks quick. Navigation. Good gas mileage love trunk and seats fold down. Very comfortable seating. Bluetooth. Just a little too small.

- Bertha N

My car is very convenient for traveling.

My mini SUV is a pretty good car. I don't really have any problems with it other than the gas is a little more than my probiotics car. It is comfy for long trips a bit to big but big enough for a small family.

- Nicole G

It's a great first time buy for a young professional.

The 2017 Tiguan is reliable, leather seats, full moon/sunroof, heated seats, and Apple carplay. Only downside is that the radio waves can get crossed - the car has needed two pieces put in to correct.

- Meg K

That I feel safe driving it, handles well in all situations. Did not want a large suv, so the size is perfect.

I like the way it drives, mobs quickly when needed. Like sitting up higher than a sedan. Like the size. I think the seats are hard and uncomfortable. Also wish it didn't burn premium gas.

- Pauline M

The mileage is phenomenal both in town and on highway.

I absolutely love the mileage and look of my car. My only complaint would be less storage room than I initially expected it to have as tire compartment takes up a lot of trunk space.

- Sarah G

Great Vehicle to consider!

Excellent experience with no mechanical problems whatsoever. Very impressive with the interior and exterior design and details. Great performance in highway and city driving.

- Stanley K

It's bigger on the inside that it looks. The back seat is actually very roomy

It's perfect for the utility I need it for. It is high enough off the ground that I don't feel like a bug but also small enough that I don't feel like I'm driving a mom car

- Meghan C

It's a good entry level SUV that's on the small side but cost-effective.

It's a little small for SUV but it's pretty comfortable. Good price as well. It doesn't have much horsepower so it starts kind of slow. For us it's a fine vehicle though.

- guimei h

It is very safe and reliable.

It uses more gas than I thought it would. It handles well and is fun to drive. It has room in the back and the seats lay down to provide even more room for cargo.

- Anastasia W

Reliable, very important to have vehicle I can depend on. Warranty is also important.

A small suv makes it easy to more in traffic. Gas mileage is not a good as I would like. It is a comfortable ride and with a turbo has the ability to move.

- Terry P

That it is sturdy and you will feel safe.

It is just not what I expected rides a little rough. I do like the style and the color also has a nice roof rack just wish it had a automatic rear door.

- Joanne P

It's very spacious inside and it has a third row in the back.

I've only had the vehicle about a month. The only thing I do not like is that I have to turn off the automatic engine stop every time I drive the car.

- Gretchen D

Compact SUV, but there is plenty of room for my family of 4, and things in the back.

I lease it, but it's been awesome! It is big enough for my family, but not to big. I've always owned VW, they are very reliable, and handle very well.

- Kaylee K

This car is really safe. Vw's have steel cages and it makes me feel more secure.

I love my car. It feels really safe with the steel cage. It also hooks up to my iphone which I like. There is a lot of space for my son's belongings.

- Marissa M

Easy to drive, and is fuel efficient for an SUV. It does need premium fuel.

This vehicle is easy to drive. I like the options of the vehicle's "bells and whistles". Easy to take care of. Has a good amount of interior space.

- Tara L

It gets great gas mileage.

I love that it's all wheel drive, and that its spacious, that the seats fold down, backup cameras. I hate that it doesn't have cruise control.

- Crystal H




You'll love your Tiguan!!

I love this car because it has a lot of power as well as it be a great looking car inside and out. The interior is particularly nice.

- Keith T

I've only driven Volkswagens and find them to be very reliable.

I like that it's a small SUV and has a beautiful interior with great features. Also enjoy the turbo as I drive to the mountains often.

- Devery T

VW Tiguan with panoramic sunroof.

Gas efficient and very comfortable ride. Great features.The quality of the vehicle is very impressive and definitely worth the value.

- Mary P

It drives beautifully! It's reliable. It's good on gas, it's smooth.

I like how easily I was able to transition from a sedan into a small suv. I wish the trunk and backseat were bigger. We have 2 kids

- Thea N

It handles well and looks good. It is gas efficient making long trips easy. It is a comfortable car with style.

This car is perfect for all my needs, no complaints. It is reliable, gas efficient, and comfortable for front or back seat riders.

- Kathy S

Great family car, seats 4 to 5 passengers. Love the heated seats, and there is even an a/c vent for the backseat.

Great in the snow, moonroof is large, and love the screen to keep the Sun's rays from getting too hot. Fairly good on gas.

- Suzanne K

It has a turbo engine and push start.

I like the full sun roof and protective screen. I like the light leather interior. I dislike that it is only a 4-cylinder.

- Amanda M

The back seat has usb chargers.

I absolutely love my Tiguan. It is a very dependable car. I have never had any issues with it. It gets great gas mileage.

- Taylor S

Excellent safety and air bags.

I like that it is all wheel drive and has a nice interior. I dislike that it is a four cylinder and the exterior color.

- Amy R

It's a small kinda fast little thing that has a turbo

It rides pretty smooth . Everything in the car works nice. But I really need a truck plus I just don't feel right in it

- Chris G

Black Clean VW Tiguan rides well

Not sure what you want me to say....I like my black SUV and have not had problems. It runs fine and I would buy again!

- Dan F

Good suv is the vw, it is a good size family ride

I love my suv, it's nice and up to date on everything. The downside is it's a gas hog. I would recommend getting a vw

- Teresa P

its 4WD/All wheel drive which is great in the snow.

I like the size. I like the foldable seats to make the back bigger. I like sitting up higher than my old car.

- Natalie H

Good way to travel & enjoy driving.

Good space have plenty of room. Like the pick up power, easy to park, good mileage, plenty of passenger room.

- Lawrence M

The Volkswagen Tiguan Limited (generation 1, Mk1 body) is fantastic

I like the drive ability and ride comfort. Passenger space is great. The fuel economy could be better though.

- Johnny L

It is a Great car for the value

Great car, beautiful interior. The car runs great and is smooth, good pick up. Tires are bad though

- Gail C

It is a good suv for a good price. It is a very smooth ride.

I like how it drives. I like that it has a lot of space. I like that it has the apple car hook up.

- Jamie D

good fuel mileage and easy and comfortable to drive

i like that it's a bit bigger and sits higher up. i dislike that it has little trunk space.

- heike j

The ride height is sweet. I also like the sound package.

I like the ride and durability of my vehicle. I do not like the gas mileage of my vehicle.

- kenin b

Lots of room inside for passengers. Good ventilation in back seat and lots of trunk room

Drives nice and smoothly. I like the 4 wheel drive for winter weather .very roomy inside

- Kris W

It is very roomy and have all the safety features you would want to have.

No complaints. I love my car. It has all the functionality I need and very comfortable.

- Kristi F

Affordable and a great car. It gets me to where I want to go and I'm not worried about it breaking down.

Fits my lifestyle. Drives great. Love that I can hook up my phone to the car.

- Erin W

Not good. Too small bad ride in the back seat

I don't like it because it Is too small and the seats are not comfortable

- Angela B

Feels very safe. Height is good to see the whole road and surroundings

Safety features. Navigation. Bluetooth. Height. Sun roof. Turn radius

- Perri G

Tiguas are wonderful for new drivers!

- Lilly C