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Comfort and efficiency in one.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL Premium

The Tiguan sel premium is an amazing car. I feel safe knowing I am in a good, reliable car. There are a lot of key features that help with performance and comfortability. My favorite feature is that it has the birds eye view camera. This helps me backing up, parking, and especially helps me feel safe. I know this is not what the feature was made for but I think the fact that you're able to see what is around you at the push of a button makes me feel more aware of my surroundings. One of my favorite times to use this is when I am sitting in my car alone waiting for someone/thing. (Especially when feeling anxious) I press the button and I can see everything around me without having to turn my head. The way the car drives is truly amazing too. Does not feel heavy while driving. All the different modes including sport, comfort, eco, off road, and snow makes me feel like I could take this car on a road trip around the country.

- Nora L

Tiguan packs performance without minimizing features

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan S

This is my first SUV purchase as I had only driven small sedans before. I was afraid of losing the performance in an SUV that I had in a sedan. Luckily in this car I notice no difference. It still gets to speed quickly and responds well. I also like the shape of the car. It's not too big for city living, but big enough to move large items around. The only issue I had was that sometimes the seat belt would stick and I couldn't get it undone. Other than that, after owning it for over a year, I haven't had a single issue. Apple Carplay is nice for hands on, I really appreciate the backup camera, and the Third row of seats has proven to be helpful a number of times. Overall really happy with the features of this car and it's performance. Will most likely repurchase.

- Shelby V

This car is great and versatile for any size family!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love the style of the 2018 Tiguan, gives you the feel of a luxury SUV for a reasonable price. I purchased the standard model, so I don't have a ton of bells and whistles. I love that even as the basic model it still has “upgraded” features such as Bluetooth capability and apple carplay, and a backup camera. As an upgrade from my previous 2008 Jetta, I am thankful for all of these features! The only feature I don't have and didn't expect is a “poppable” trunk. My truck can only opened manually, even when pressing the button on the key. There is not even a lever inside the car that allows you to pop it. This was very disappointing as any car trunk can be popped. However, despite that, I love my Tiguan!

- Ariel C

Love the vehicle itself, maybe not loving Volkswagen in general

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

Within the first 9000 miles I started having an issue where something in the rear of the vehicle kept squeaking constantly, making me think there is a QA issue. There is a 7 year bumper to bumper warranty so I hope that will cover this issue. I've also already had to have a part replaced as part of a recall which was inconvenient. However, the vehicle handles very well, and I am getting 30 mpg fuel economy which is great for a compact SUV. The vehicle is big enough to have a small family in. When the back seats are flattened, there is a ton of room to haul furniture or whatever else needed to move, as much as my husband's truck.

- Nora M

The gas mileage is great with the vehicle.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love my vehicle, but as of recently the dealership has been holding it for over 2 1/2 months to a huge recall that they still have yet to discuss with me on what is really wrong with my vehicle I am very upset with it, as for all the features with my car they are amazing, I feel like I have an an Alexa inside of my vehicle I can ask to call someone and even play a certain song when she is added onto Bluetooth with my cell phone and the gas mileage for the SUV is amazing, I really truly love my vehicle if only I had more time with my vehicle before it was taken I would surely love more of the features with it.

- Tatiana L

All of my favorite things on 4 wheels

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

The Tiguan SEL has many great features! We love the leatherette seats; they are comfortable and easy to clean. The vehicle has several different safety features including: blind spot detection, cruise control adaptation and a very large display for the backup camera. Another wonderful feature is the panoramic sunroof. My son loves to look out of it while we drive. The VW Tiguan also has apple play. We use/connect to it every single time we get in. It is so convenient to access phone, text, music, audio books, podcasts and such. We have not had one problem with our vehicle while having it.

- Brooklyn U

It is a basic SUV with the best safety features and the new technology.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Base

I really like that this car has apple carplay. It is simpler to use than most vehicles' navigation systems because you do not have to learn a new system since it just mirrors your iPhone screen. It is also better than the usual Bluetooth (even though this car also has Bluetooth) because you can discourse the apps through the car's screen instead of your phone screen. The use of siri through the car is nice and being able to use voice texting is nice. When you receive a text, it reads it out to you and dictates your reply. It is completely hands free!

- Lilly C

Works well in inclement weather!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan S

To begin with I have not had any problems with my vehicle. For it just being the base model it comes with a lot features. Touch screen, back-up camera, Android Auto, Apple Carplay, etc. I love Apple Car Play because your phone screen is pretty much transferred to the cars touch screen. It makes navigation much easier. Also, living in North Dakota we get some pretty bad weather but I have had no problems getting through it. The only thing I wish was better was the mpg. It does get better than what it is rated. Besides that the vehicle has been great.

- Dane J

Perfect vehicle for busy moms.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

This is my second Volkswagen and I can not express how happy I have been with Volkswagen. Both cars drive incredibly smooth, reaction times are perfect, comfort for driver and passengers are incredible. I have never had a mechanical issue and I love that the oil change requirement is 10, 000 miles. That is a huge time and money saver. The car looks amazing, it is very sleek and modern. The extra features such as the Bluetooth and mirrorlink work flawlessly. The radio sound quality is amazing. It truly has been a maintenance free car for me.

- Angie R

The Volkswagen Tiguan is the perfect first adult car.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

My Volkswagen Tiguan is the perfect car for someone who likes to drive an SUV but does not want to spend the money like owning an SUV. My car comes in a few different models based on special features and what you are willing to pay. The se comes with safety features such as the blind spot indicators on the side view mirrors, vehicle breaking for a quick stop like when something jumps in front of your car. The se also comes with a sunroof, seat warmers and an eco engine which shuts off every time you come to a stop to help save gas.

- Katie P

Very functional, safe, family vehicle that is the size of a mid-size SUV but drives like a car.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I originally owned a 2014 Tiguan but when I found out I was having a baby it was just too small. I now own a 2018 Tiguan which is almost a foot longer and a few inches wider than the old model. I love the huge display screen and the backup camera is crystal clear. One of my favorite features of the car is CarPlay so I can make phone calls and text hands free. Overall, I love this car - my only complaints are the lack of a power seat on the passenger side and the lack of an automatic dimming rear view mirror.

- Shay V

Great features like an oversized sunroof and large navigation screen.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

I really love this vehicle. The only criticism I can give is that the third row seats can be difficult to get to. The lever that releases the 2nd row of seats sometimes gets stuck, so the seats won't slide forward properly, which makes gaining access to the third row a challenge. We don't use this row much, so it is not a problem for us. Also, the cup holder is a little impractical. In order to use the second cup holder, you need to life the middle storage unit. Otherwise, your drink hits it.

- Amanda S

I don't regret leasing this vehicle!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

I was very attracted to the external appearance of the vehicle but when I sat inside I was even more pleased. The seats are very comfortable and the back has plenty of legroom. Which is very important because myself and my family are all tall. I recently helped a friend move and the truck with the seats down provided so much room. I only have had the vehicle for 6 months and I have had a fog light go out already but my warranty covered the expense.

- Katie L

The sunroof is the best part about this car. It is massive and so fictional.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Base

I absolutely love this car. The Volkswagen Tiguan is an incredibly comfortable car with amazing features. The car allows you to connect with Bluetooth for calls and you can easily connect your phone for directions and music which pops up on the big screen included in the car. I have never seen a camera as clear as the one features in this car. The sunroof is to die for. Practically all of the roof of this car is glass and amazing for the summer.

- Rachel S

The sleek and stylish third row crossover

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

The Tiguan is very reliable, comfortable and easy to drive/ handle. It gets Excellent gas mileage. Spacious for backseat passengers. The sunroof feature is very nice, it extends to the length of the back seat. The technology is very easy to use and I enjoy all of the hands free features. The exterior is sleek. The car also has a third row; although the three row is very small it is a nice feature to have for children/ small adults.

- Casey H

Overall summary of my Volkswagen Tiguan

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan S

I really like my vehicle. It looks very appealing and looks like a luxury car even though it is not. Having trunk room in addition to having a back row with a lot of legroom is great for trips and hauling people around. I love that my car has different terrain settings and performs very well in the snow with its 4 wheel drive. For the price, all in all, it was a great purchase and will hopefully last a very long time.

- Ellie S

A lot of space for little gas.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan S

I love my 2019 VW tiguan! It saves me on gas and very spacious! It has a third row, which I do not really use so have down most of the time, however the trunk space is equally amazing. The only thing I dislike about my vehicle is that it lacks technology for being a 2018 model. Other than that, comfort is great, reliability as well. I have had a little over a year with my tiguan and haven't had any issues.

- Tanya F

Amazing alternative to minivan

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

I love my Tiguan! I have two small children and it's so easy to get them in and out of the car. Plus with the third row seating if I need to take extra people with me, it's not a problem. Also when there is no one riding back there with the seats folded down there is plenty of room for the double stroller and everything else. I really like that it has the turbo engine, it's got plenty of get up and go!

- Roxanne S

Love it, one small annoying feature.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love my truck there is enough room for all the kids, if you have smaller kids you can get 3 in the third row. We have done this once for a small 10 min trip. I could even still get a stroller and two bags stuffed into the trunk area behind them. The only thing i do not like is the curve of the trunk, which makes it hard to stack anything not squishable into the trunk area when you close the hatch.

- Cierra M

2018 tiguan or 2013? We're going backward in features.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

Seats feel hard so I use a cushion. Wish the blind spot detection had an audible alarm. Miss my built in garage door opener. Missing my mute button for radio on steering wheel. This causes more distraction for me to turn down volume while driving. Center console is small but livable. Has android and iPod play for hands free text, nav etc. Nice extra space for third row or trunk space.

- Annette B

My tiguan is the best decision I have made

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

My tiguan has been amazing. It looks classy and elegant but it was affordable. It drives very smooth and it is super comfortable. The only problem it had was a small issue with the washer fluid lid where the fluid kept leaking but we just bought a new one and the problem was solved. No regrets on buying this car! I would buy it in the blink of an eye again if I had to.

- Laura H

2018 VW Tiguan- Surprisingly Spacious

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

The VW Tiguan is a great SUV. It doesn't seem to big on the outside but the interior is surprisingly roomy. It gets good gas mileage as well and is quiet, especially on a road trip. It handles nicely. I'm very happy with it and would recommend it for people that want an affordable, good looking SUV that doesn't look like a tank or a bubble like many SUVs out there

- Nicole N

The best SUV in the market!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

This is my second Tiguan, I've had ZERO issues with this model. It drives well, it's comfortable, steering wheel is firm. I really wanted to get a Jeep. After test driving one then went back to my VW dealership, the new Tiguan style blew me away! I use the USB port to utilize Apple Play everytime I drive! I get about a little over 3000 miles to a full tank of gas!

- Cynthia C

Love the ambient roof lighting and extra large window for the sun and moonroof!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I really like the Tiguan as a whole, a couple things that bother me are the auto stop feature and the GPS system seems clunky and hard to use. It is difficult to program an address or location in, much easier to just use the GPS on my phone. The smaller engine is also different that what I am use too - it gives you a hesitation feeling when you try to accelerate.

- Dorothy M

Overall safe and reliable.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The problem is the whirly sound the car makes when you accelerate. What I like? The safety features are amazing, including the rear camera, auto breaks, sensors for blind spots. It can fit tall people in the back. It is very slick. We have heated seats. The push start button is great and locking mechanism. It has a third row of seats which is great for back up!

- Andrea G

Space, comfort and affordable.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

All the new safety features are helpful, such as automatic brake and lane assist. The car also provides a stop/start option to help conserve gas. I have had horn issues with this vehicle a few times due to a blown fuse but have gotten it fixed since. The Tiguan is spacious and has an option for a 3rd row if wanted. It is high quality leather and hard plastic.

- Rachael G

Great car with great features at a good price

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

This is a great car. Lots of room, great features like connecting to the phone and stops automatically when the vehicle in front makes an abrupt stop. Also has lights that tell you it is safe to change lanes. It has a rearview camera from when you are on reverse. It also has great sound for music. It has 3 rows of seats so you can fit a lot of people.

- maria Q

I love how my car looks inside and out.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Very comfortable. Great on gas. Quick acceleration. Good acoustic. I really enjoy the smooth drive with this car. I think it looks very nice and sophisticated. It really has not just enough speed for a midsize SUV car. With three rows, there is a very small trunk, but I just keep the third row down all the time since I am not in need of that space.

- Danielle S

2018 VW Tiguan is a huge upgrade from the previous year's model.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Luxury at a decent price. It rides so well, switching lanes feels so smooth, and overall so fun to drive! There are different modes depending on what terrain you are driving on (normal, snowsport, off-road) the seats are nice. It is very spacious. I have had tall friends drive and still so much leg room in the back. Trunk space is small though.

- Elizabeth A

It's great on gas mileage and the start/stop engine feature while idling is helpful with that.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

It drives smooth, it's quiet, has comfortable seats and is easy to adjust. It has a good amount of head and leg room and has many adjustable features. The start/stop engine feature while idling to save gas is incredible. It gets great gas mileage too! The only issue I've had is with the warning light for the washer fluid is malfunctioning.

- Sabrina B

Can't complain about the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan. An all around great vehicle.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan S

Love the space of the Tiguan, rides smoothly, & is very reliable. Great car for families or just taking road trips in. Would definitely recommend the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan to anybody. Has good & affordable miles to the gallon so that aspect is never an issue for me. The seats inside are very comfortable and the interior is very nice.

- Anthony M

Absolutely loving my new Volkswagen!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL Premium

Love my new Volkswagen Tiguan! It is super sharp and looks much fancier than the previous years' models. I love the large display screen and the carplay app! Unfortunately mine did not come with a garage door opener, which I didn't even realize until we recently bought a house so keep that in mind when checking the features on the vehicle!

- Rose B

The coolest black truck I have ever owned.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

No vehicle problems aside from gas burning too fast other than that I love my car. I love the clear camera and how easy the steering wheel turns and my Bluetooth options. I am annoyed that I cannot use my Apple home feature in the car. And sometimes the USB does not acknowledge my phone so I can only play music using the Bluetooth option.

- Mariah H

Love my new Volkswagen SUV.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I purchase my Volkswagen Tiguan a little over a month ago. I love the way it handles and the comfort of the seating. There is plenty of legroom in the back seat and surprisingly even has third row seating. From the outside it does not appear very large, but it will hold a lot more than it looks like. Very pleased with my purchase so far.

- Debbie H

TIGUAN - Great size and features

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

The Volkswagen Tiguan is the perfect size. It's larger than the earlier models of the Tiguan which I personally like. In addition, it is high tech inside and utilizes CarPlay. I'm able to connect my phone and view the apple maps on my screen as well as speak text messages to send. It allows me to go hands free which is very convenient.

- Elizabeth H

This is my third Volkswagen, I may be a bit biased on the subject.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

My air conditioner broke soon after purchase and I wish it got better gas mileage. For an SUV it gets good mileage in my opinion as a commuter however I wish it was better. The seats are comfortable and the car is spacious. There is enough room for my family and then some and the storage is awesome. I love the optional rear seating.

- Becky G

Wonderful SUV that drives like a sedan.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan is so easy to drive! The wheel handles well and the vehicle can pick up speed quickly, just like a sedan. The Tiguan is spacious and has a collapsible third row to make more space in the trunk or add to carry more people. The technology is up to date with vehicle sensors, rear view camera and android drive connection.

- Sierra G

The 20 18 tiguan has seven seats.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like that the tiguan 2018 is larger than the 2012 trigger one that I already own and I feel the larger one feel safer for traveling long-distance is and highways. I also like that it has seven seats available. It is comfortable and it now takes regular gas instead of the high test which is a plus when it comes to gas prices.

- Linda P

So far this has been a great vehicle.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Comfortable, smooth ride. It gets good gas mileage for an SUV. Does not feel like it is a big car but there's tons of cargo room. I haven't had it long so cannot say on the reliability but VW has a 7 year 72000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. For an extra 10 dollars a month I got wheel warranty that covers the tires and rims.

- Andrew F

Tiguan 2018 great SUV for snow.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan S

It keeps saying oil change is due when turn car on when car only has a few thousand miles on it. No way to change it. Handles well in bad weather and snowy conditions. Love the backup camera. It is very accurate and helpful. Do not care for when the park brake comes on. Sometimes it is hard to get it off so can move car.

- Ashley F

All in one SUV that is family friendly.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

Tiguan is comfortable for long distance or city trips. Has excellent cargo space and a lot of room for kids in the back. The sunroof makes the car feel more open. Gas mileage is average. The technology in the car is very user friendly. Easy to read and use. Apple carplay is a plus and makes phone connectivity very easy.

- Sarah M

Safety is a huge important factor to me (obviously).

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

It was hard to get a deal that I wanted with the dealership (you know how they can be sometimes) so for 300 a month I got the tiguan. I really do like the car but wish my seats were leather instead of cloth. They handed the car over with some spots on the fabric already which was upsetting. Otherwise, drives very well.

- Sarah O

My Tiguan performance: a very economy SUV

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

Our family case is a Volkswagen Tiguan SE. We really love this case because of its great performance both in the city and in travels across the countryside. It is really an economy car. It requires only few gallons to travel long distances. And also is a very comfortable car for our family. I really recommend it.

- Rosario R

Volkswagen is terrific SUV.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

I love my Volkswagen Tiguan sel. It is roomy, comfortable and loaded with features that make it a great vehicle to drive. It handles well, gets excellent gas mileage and looks classy. I have owned many different makes and models of SUVs and vehicles and the Tiguan is my favorite of all the ones I have ever owned.

- Denise H

It can have 3rd row capabilities.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

This is a very reliable car. No issues. I love the ability to have 3 rows since I need boosters. I like the back where I can haul a lot of groceries, etc. I love apple carplay. The middle console is kind of awkward because I have to pull my seat all the way up. I am short. It is very comfortable on long trips.

- Katherine L

The tiguan is the best ride ever.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL Premium

This is the most reliable vehicle I have ever driven. The only complaint would be the auto-off functionality. I would love if this option could be turned off for an extended period of time. This would improve my driving experience because it would maintain the function when running into a store or buying gas.

- Nicholas G

Perfect everyday car for all of your errands with maximum passenger capacity.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

I really love this car. It looks sleek and very comfortable to be in. It is spacious and you don't feel cramped. The third row seating is also convenient for extra passengers. The third row seating folds down to allow for extra trunk space which is awesome. There isn't anything I would change about the car!

- Dana G

The pickup is lacking in this vehicle but it looks good.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like the look of it. I also find it easy to transport my toddler who is in a car seat. I never have a problem with storage as it is very roomy. I disliked the pickup. I also feel like I'm driving a tank and have trouble parking it sometimes. I hate that it automatically turns off when stopped too long.

- Vanessa C

Fuel Efficient, Very Reliable

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

I love my car. It is reliable and fuel efficient. The only thing is the seats are a bit uncomfortable for long trips. It is a smooth ride and has enough room for your passengers and anything else you need to carry. I have been happy with my purchase. The entertainment system is Android Auto and is great.

- Kari M

Best car purchase I have ever made!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Driving is so smooth. There is a lot of space in the back seat. My tall friends fit in there perfectly. The trunk size is small compared to other SUVs but still a good size. The controls are easy to figure out without having to use a manual. It is very fun to drive and the best purchase I have ever made.

- Amber A

My 2018 VW Tiguan. It's a winner!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Not experienced any problems with my TIguan. It's roomy upfront with an additional two rows of seating. The back seats fall down for plenty of room when moving things. Runs very smoothly. Very comfortable to drive. Love the variety of colors that were available. I am very happy with the purchase.

- Barbara T

Committed Volkswagen driver.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Appearance is great. Seats are comfortable. Have not used third row seating for passengers, but having it folded down results in a great amount of trunk space. Touch screen and Apple carplay are nice additions to this model. Acceleration is not as smooth or quiet as previous models of the Tiguan.

- Jennifer C

Perfect family SUV for a growing family.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Love our Tiguan. We upgraded with the panoramic sunroof which is awesome. It is a perfect SUV for starting a family. Spacious and sleek. Only complaints is the number of recalls we've dealt with since owning the car. Had all the chrome replaced, light in the sunroof and oil sticker on the engine.

- Kristen H

Driving this car makes me happy!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan S

Great car, fantastic gas mileage, roomy, comfortable, stylish. Powerful and handles great on the road, roomy with lots of cargo space. Wonderful sound system and infotainment controls. No problems to date other than factory recalls that were serviced at the dealer during routine maintenance.

- Carol B

Love the lane assist feature.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The best thing about my new car I love the lane assist and not having to find my key to start the car Apple play is nice for navigation text messages etc. Car is quiet and runs smooth love the panoramic sunroof I am a little disappointed about the gas usage getting less than 17 mpg in town.

- Barbara L

My vehicle is a 4 door SUV, with a roomy back,

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

Its reliable and roomy, dogs fit in the back, able to take long trips with no problems. The only problem that I have found is that it doesn't have heated seats and it doesn't have a strong take off like other cars, the only other issue I have is that the seats are tan so they show everything.

- Vicki L

Car Description and Maintenance Information

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan S

It's very comfortable, easy to drive, the pedals are sharp and allows you to break instantly, has a radio and air conditioning, it's automatic, and it is much simpler to maintain. It's almost new and is constantly taken care of and has no hassles! It's reliable and there are no difficulties.

- Cassandra M

Amazing car. Will never drive anything but VW

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

Very dependable. Love the large display console for media. The sunroof is unbeatable. The multiple profiles for drivers makes it easy to set your preferences depending on who is driving the car. The different driving modes makes for getting around in the inclement weather so much easier.

- Alexandra K

It is a great vehicle all around, and it has a lot of space whether it is for your family, or to transport large items.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like my Tiguan because it has room to fit a larger group of people. It is fun to drive because it is sporty and runs like a sports car. It has a lot of bells and whistles that I have never had on any other car I have driven. At this point, I don't have any complaints about my Tiguan.

- Jamie M

Very reliable sporty SUV that drives like butter and handles well in traffic.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

It is a cute SUV with lots of space. Nice Audio system with Bluetooth. Very sturdy drive. Seats go down to fit my bicycle. The brakes are anti lock and stop without sliding. The seating is very roomy and comfortable. It has very good gas mileage. I recommend this vehicle as a safe ride.

- Sara C

Fits car seats comfortably.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan S

The new tiguan model is a lot larger than previous model which is why I chose it. I can fit 2 car seats comfortably and a smaller person in the middle. I am not a fan of the gas saving feature of the car shutting off when you come to complete stop, I usually deactivate this option.

- Tamar K

2018 VW tiguan sel 4motion.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

The turbo comes in from a complete stop in a sudden jerky sort of way. Acceleration is not smooth or gentle. The third row seat is almost unusable and does not fold flat to the floor. It does get pretty good fuel economy. Almost 30 mpg on longer road trip, more like 23 around town.

- David C

The VW Tiguan is a very comfortable yet classy car.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love that my Tiguan is an SUV but not huge or bulky. It seats 5 people comfortably but has an option to be a 7 seater if needed. The gas mileage is pretty good for a mid size SUV and it is very comfortable. I wish it was just a little roomier but it's still great for it is size.

- Nina K

It love the new body style that gives me a larger vehicle without the expense of a full size SUV.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love my SUV, but this year VW changed several features, including the body style. I love the body style. However, I am not a fan of the auto/start system to save fuel. I do not like that feature, and would prefer to permanently disengage it. I also miss having a CD player.

- Patrina P

The VW Tiguan is a good car on fuel and is fun to drive.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

Great on fuel reliable and comfortable. The car is so comfortable with leather seating. It's easy to drive and you can shift gears or drive automatically. No issues just have a little more space. Smart technology with stop and get too close to cars. Has a lot of safety features

- Rachel S

Great price and very reliable.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

My car is very good on gas, dependable, easy ride. Love the carplay option and touch screen. Loud speakers. Three rows of seats to fit multiple people and or big dog in the back. So far we have not had any problems. The price of the car was very reasonable for a family of 3.

- Danielle R

A safe and spacious vehicle

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan S

My vehicle feels very comfortable and reliable for any of my needs and preferences. It's auto assist breaks and lane detectors help keep the driver and passenger safe and out of harm's way. It's spacious enough to transport semi-large objects and passengers simultaneously.

- Nolan B

A unique and rare car on the road

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

Remote start works when it wants to. Very reliable and fuel efficient. The front cruise adapt sensor does not work in snow or heavy rain. Other models have a leaky sunroof but mine has been problem free. I do wish it had a little more power, more torque for freeway speeds.

- Matt F

Volkswagen gives great performance.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

This is the second time I have leased a Volkswagen Tiguan and I literally have almost no complaints. I love this car so much and I cannot picture myself driving anything else. The only complaint I have is that the middle console is not that big. But I barely even use it.

- Kate D

Heated seats and car accident senor

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

My car drives like a drive l love it and would recommend to anyone the heat seats are a great thing to have the sensors to control accidents are a plus and many more options please buy a car like this so safe. Reliable and not bad on gas very roomy car front and back

- Stacey O

Summary of 2018 VW Tiguan

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Base

I'd like the vehicle overall but the auto start/stop is really annoying and there is no way to turn it off permanently. I also wish the headrest come off and it would be nice if there were overhead vents for the back rows of seats. CD/DVD player would also be handy

- Ashley S

Love that apple carplay is included.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

Great! Drives amazingly, very smooth. The technology features are user friendly. So far I have not had any issues, have put 14,000 miles on it, have had two oil changes, tires rotated, and alignment fixed. Love the car and would buy another tiguan for another car.

- Jordan C

Surprisingly powerful turbo for the size SUV.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

My tiguan is very comfortable and the perfect size for me. Plenty of cargo room for larger purchases. It has been completely reliable and great performance in New England weather. I love the apple play feature. The turbo power is amazing for this smaller size SUV.

- Debra R

Great space as a family vehicle while still being small enough to maneuver with ease

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love the size of the SUV. It still qualifies as a compact, but is roomy inside and fits my large car seats easily. The standard amenities are top of the line and the vehicle can drive economically or sporty. The gas mileage isn't great, but it's good for an SUV

- Lea A

It's industry leading safety features.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I have no complaints for my vehicle. I'm losing my sight and I love the adaptive technology that helps me stay in my lane and the emergency braking system to prevent a head on collision. Not to mention all of the sensors and cameras to help me see my blind spots.

- Kolby R

Does very well in the snow for an AWD.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL

Very reliable and comfortable. Great gas mileage and does well in the snow. Nav system works very well and the sound system is amazing. 3rd VW I have owed and it is the best by far out of the three. Would recommend the vehicle to everyone who wants a midsize SUV.

- Brandy K

Great car for a family on the go.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SEL Premium

Great in gas mileage. Plenty of room inside for road trips. Great access to back for grocery and other shopping. Features are fantastic and all tech gadgets are user friendly. Cruise control operation is smooth and easy to use. Blind spot warning is a life saver!

- Desire M

All around good car, but do not buy for the use of the third row!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The third row is much too cramped, even for children to sit back there. The automatic start stop feature is more of a nuisance than anything as we turn it off every time we start the car. It is a beautiful car though, exterior and interior and drives really well.

- Alison S

Overall the tiguan is a good vehicle.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen has very good gas mileage. The tiguan SUV rides smooth. I dislike when I try to turn on the back windshield wiper and it sprays fluid. I also do not like the fact that it did not come with window tint. Overall a great midsize SUV. I would recommend.

- Logan M

My car is amazing and comfortable. It�s luxury at a good price.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

My Tiguan is great! Has all the features I want and love. My dogs got comfortable in the back, and I like the convenience of third row seating. I like the leather heated seats. The radio/console is very high-tech and I can use my phone for Apple CarPlay.

- Elise W

Great just wish AC worked better and seats reclined.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan S

Love the car, however, hate that the seats don't recline. The AC is pretty weak on highest setting so air seems to not circulate as well as my previous vehicle. The space in the vehicle and the way it runs is perfect, enough room for car seats, luggage, etc.

- Emily W

New 2018 Tiguan can fit 7 passengers.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

I love my 2018 VW Tiguan. It's easily my favorite vehicle I've ever owned. My Tiguan is a seven passenger. It has plenty of cargo space and is a lot of fun to drive. The Tiguan was redesigned in 2018 and is now 10 inches longer than its predecessors

- Matt D

Too much hassle, the older models are better

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Base

I've only had my vehicle for less than a year and have had several issues. I have a leak that Won't stop. I had to replace my battery 2 weeks ago. My visor came out of the roof and I can't get it back in. Again, I've only had this car for less than a year

- Danielle E

VW is an Awesome Buy And Value

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

No problems with the vehicle. Love VW. Very reliable car and well made. Quality vehicle. Excellent service when purchased the car and when I go into the service center for maintenance. This is my second VW. I look at VW first when looking for a new car.

- Steph F

Volkswagen tiguan, best in class.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

No issues at all great fractures, lots of extra bells and whistles, solid performance, turbo engine has great get up and go for quick acceleration. I have been very satisfied with the purchase. And will probably buy the same model again in the future.

- Ricky N

Great car, spacious and great value!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan SE

It is a fantastic automobile. Great gas mileage and offers great features. It has plenty of room for a family of four and offers an incredibly smooth ride. In cabin is very spacious and the system is user friendly. Would certainly recommend to anyone.

- Josh W

There really is not anything important to know about my car.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love the 4motion it makes me feel safe. I love the space in the trunk and passenger space for legs/feet. I dislike that the front seats do not have pockets on the back of the seats for back seat passengers to put magazines or books.

- Danielle H

Flexible! It has the option for a 3rd row seats if you want to fold it up.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love my Tiguan. It's the first vehicle I've purchased after a truck I drove for 16 years. It's a good size and the basic model came standard with lots of amenities like reverse camera and Car Play app. It gets good gas mileage.

- Mollie M

Great gas mileage Great family car

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

My car is very comfortable and fun to drive. It is extremely spacious and a great family car. I do wish it were a bit taller and not as low to the ground. Overall I would definitely recommend. It also gets fantastic gas mileage.

- Pattie R

That for an suv it is great on gas. It's rare a suv is a four cylinder and not six

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

There are a few things I dislike first is the windows need rain guards. Second the third row seating needs venting and lastly the windshield fluid light pops on after two uses. Other than that I love the space and the comfort

- Tiffany K

The one most important thing to know about my car is its great safety features. The car has blind spot detectors, a rear view camera, and is a very sturdy vehicle. I always feel safe driving my Tiguan.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I really love my VW Tiguan. It has an amazing sound system, great sunroof and is very easy and fun to drive. My only complaint is that if it hasn't been driven in a few days, the engine can get testy and difficult at first.

- Becca R

My car doesn't have a CD player and that is annoying because I have and like CDs.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like that it's new and has Bluetooth. However, I do not like that it doesn't have a CD player and I also don't like the placement of the air vents. I do not like the touch screen or how the car accelerates either.

- Sarah J

There are SO MANY safety features on the car. The interior is amazing and the screen is large.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The sound system is great and I love the moon roof. I like the kick open hatch since I have a baby and not searching for keys while holding him is amazing. I have no complaints but better gas mileage would be great.

- Joanne D

I like all the safety features. Also all the options it comes with.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The automatic shutoff. It's annoying that it shuts the car off everytime I stop. I wish when you turned it off it would stay off but everytime you turn the car off and go to drive the next time it turns back on.

- allison g

Volkswagen Tiguan is a fantastic car that is great for the whole family.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love my Volkswagen Tiguan. It is very fun to drive. I love the technology features. I really love Apple CarPlay. The display screen is great. I also really love that it has a third row of seating.

- Rachel C

It is safe and affordable for a family.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like that its very spacious and cargo space. I also like there is safety features on the vehicle. I do not like that it takes time to go faster. I also do not like that there is no side assist feature.

- J C

This is the perfect car in my eyes.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

My Volkswagen Tiguan is very reliable. Has never broken down or had any problems. It is very comfortable and spacious. Has great acceleration and fantastic brakes. I would definitely recommend this car.

- Oliver W

You get 6 years 72000 mile warranty.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

We only bought the car a month ago, and so far there have been no issues. It is very comfortable and having seven seats is very useful. A lot of stuff fits in the trunk when the back seats are down.

- Fred A

My vehicle has a feature that tells me when my next oil change is due.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Extremely reliable, great gas mileage. Plenty of room in back seat with third row seating option. Features include backup camera, heated seats, panoramic sunroof, leather seats, and apple carplay.

- Katie N

It's a small SUV with a very surprising amount of room for both passengers and cargo.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love the style, options, and general engineering of the vehicle. I don't like the cost of repair and the slight increase in insurance. I also think the fuel efficiency could be a little better.

- Rich G

It is comfortable and safe.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like that it is new, clean and roomy. I do not like that it is not the most efficient in fuel, it does not make for a great commuter car. However, I think it will be a great family car someday.

- Hayley F

Good vehicle with a few issues.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The car looks great and is very comfortable. The only issue I have is that there is a lack of power and the vehicle does not feel like it accelerates as well as some other vehicles out there.

- Josh T

People should give volkswagen a chance. It is a very safe car.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I am leasing this car. I have only had for one month. I absolutely love it. The engine light did come and had to replace the secondary air filter. They gave me a loaner and replaced everything

- ester m

It is a reliable name in cars.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love VW. I recently traded in my VW Jetta for a new VW Tiguan. They are reliable and comfy. Attractive car. Good price point. Just did not like the dealership where I bought the Tiguan.

- Pamela V

The interior space is impressive for s compact SUV.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I used to own a 2004 chevy pickup truck. the truck had very high mileage and was dying, so I test drove numerous vehicles and bought the Tiguan. It is very roomy and affordably priced.

- Ken D

Volkswagen love - lifetime customer.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Incredibly reliable, comfortable, perfect size. I love the Tiguan so much this is my second one, and I still have the 2010 my husband drives now. I would buy another VW again.

- Tracy M

Drives and rides like a dream.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

It drives smooth and gets great mileage. It is just big enough for family with plenty of legroom in the rear seat. It has plenty of space for storage and the a/c is amazing.

- Nancy M

Great safety ratings for its class. This makes it a great family vehicle.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love the cargo space and styling. 3rd row seats are tiny, only for small children. I do not like that the base model comes with so few features unlike other base models.

- Taylor H

It is safety features and engine. It does a good job keeping noise down.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

It is spacious, has big tires and reverse screen. It can connect phone to screen and has good sound system. I like the safety features on it and it is economical with gas.

- A D

It has excellent cockpit. It protects the occupants very well.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Love our Tiguan. It has great gas mileage (35 mpg average) and a very comfortable ride. The warranty on the vehicle is one of the best of all makes in the us and foreign.

- Bob D

Good gas mileage and comfortable ride.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The car seats 7 people, but is compact and comfortable to drive. The car has comfortable seats with lumbar support. Easy to drive and smooth ride. No complaints so far.

- Debra L

You really have to watch the speed.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The car is small yet spacious with lots of legroom.. The great interior and leather seats makes the car look more polished.. I feel safe driving my child in the car....

- Samantha A

It has a third row and still has space to fit in a stroller in the remaining space.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like that it is affordable and isa compact SUV with a third row. I dislike that it constantly runs out of windshield fluid. It also stalls when you break sometimes.

- Rosie T

It has great gas mileage for a SUV.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

For a SUV, it has great gas mileage. It is a great size SUV for someone who does not want a sedan or a large SUV. The trunk space is really great for a smaller SUV.

- Christina H

My car is fun to drive and we feel very safe in it.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love my car! It is a really fun car to drive, and it is very spacious and roomy. It also handles nicely in inclement weather. I would definitely recommend VW!

- Sarah L

The 3rd row seating is optional but fits all my grandkids very well.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Love the features and benefits. I especially love the two tone colored seats. Great warranty. Only wish it came with some free maintenance. Price was good too.

- Victoria M

Great family car, spacious, has great features. Easy to drive, but lacks engine power.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I really enjoy the space and interior. The exterior is very modern and looks nice. I wish the engine had more power and had a smoother transition between gears

- Dan W

I love my little SUV! It is cute and comfortable!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love my car. It is a small SUV but just perfect to haul small items. It has seating for four or five people. It is good on gas and very comfortable.

- Mary M

It is reliable, you feel safe inside.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like it because it is reliable, good looking - I have always liked the look of the Tiguan - and convenient with 3 kids. I do not dislike anything.

- Virginie G

Great ac and gas mileage.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I wish I would have gotten another color. The white shows all the dirt. I love the coloring inside. The axis amazing in it. Great for texas summers.

- Nicole K

A lot of space for your kids, luggage, groceries or sports equipment!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love the third row seating, it is very spacious and drives great. Seating is lower to the ground than the older model, which I do not prefer.

- Jennifer V

Has great power even though it's a 4 cylinder. Trunk space is great!

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I absolutely love my Tiguan. I had a Ford Edge prior and this truck is so much more fun to drive. Great room for everything I need. LOVE IT!!!

- Jackie K

I like the take off. Great mpg.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Having no problems its a new car and I take good care of it. It is very comfortable it feels like you are flying. Has a lot of trunk space.

- Wendy J

That it has everything you need in a car. Space, comfort, safety, and it's beautiful. I plan on keeping this car for a while

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I absolutely love this car! It's elegant, spacious, and clean. I love the big touch screen, the blind spot feature and how smooth it drives

- Vicky S

Bigger than it appears with a nice zip.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I really love this car it has a third row and it averages about 28mpg. I like the room inside, my friend is 6,6 and he still had head room.

- Rudy C

It is a lot of car for the money! I think it looks a lot more expensive than it is.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love the size and interior space. The infotainment system is great too. The only problem is some of the materials are easily damaged.

- Eric C

People underestimate just how big my car really is. There's three rows of seating, which can all be lowered.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love it! The gas mileage is incredible, I love the touch screen entertainment screen, leather seats and the fact that it's a big car.

- Katy P

It has room for tall passengers and trunk space is amazing for its size.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love my Tiguan, it's peppy and has great space. I am amazed by the space for this crossover. It's easy to maneuver and great on gas.

- Jackie P

It can fit a lot in the hatchback. I have carried all my sons college stuff.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I wish there was more space in the back. I like the screen and the way the interior looks. The back seats air system could be better.

- Elizabeth E

Tiguans are very safe and reliable, and make great family cars.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I've always liked Volkswagens in terms of design, and I love the the amount of storage space that comes with purchasing a Tiguan.

- Olivia D

It is compact and fits the family well.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Have not ran into any major problems at this time. Getting use to the size of the interior, it is smaller than last vehicle.

- Sandra W

It is okay but i think there are smoother driving SUVs out there.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like sitting higher, i love the large screen for gps viewing. I dislike that it drives like a truck. Not terribly smooth.

- Ellen M

it's roomy and the gas goes well.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

the car is big and has room for all 5 of my kids.the gas goes for a while.and with the kids out the car the seats let down.

- Shaun S

It has way more space then you would expect it to have for it size.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like that it is a small SUV but has a lot of space. It has good pickup and goes a little quicker than other SUV i tested.

- Ang s

It has a lot of turbo for such 2WD

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love the vehicle I have. just wish I spent more time evaluating the features within before pursuing the purchase phase

- Khadija A

For the price, it is a very attractive/fun car to drive with great trunk space.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Love it. No complaints. Very useful vehicle. I really have nothing else to say. I love my car. The ride is comfortable.

- Judy S

Design. Strong build. Brand, mid-sized suv at good price.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Fully Loaded. Very strong and sturdy. Liked the design a lot. Only dislike is power as per it's capacity and a mileage.

- Adesh L

It is elegant, comfortable, easy to maneuver. It has extra leg room.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

It is a beautiful color. It has enough leg room in the back seat. It has foldable last row seats for extra trunk space.

- Katarina V

sports mode safety features convertible seats

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

fuel efficient car, can be converted to 7 seater when needed, lots of space, sports mode make it comfortable to drive

- prisha P

Tiguan is short for tiger and iguana

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

the ride is excellent, visibility it excellent gas mileage is excellent love the sunroof passengers have lots of room

- tom h

Seats 7 most comfortably and drives like a dreamboat.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The silk blue color is beautiful. The Apple care play is divine. The seats are comfortable. The turbo is amazing.

- Stephanie H

the price was low for all the options that were included

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

drives well. comfortable. nav system when not hooked up when I purchased the vehicle. otherwise i'd give it 5 stars

- keith k

The Tiguan is the perfect size. It has a small third row. Although, I do not use it often, it is nice to have the extra seats. It has a good amount of space in the back for groceries or whatever you need to haul.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

It is what I wanted in an SUV. It's not too big or expensive. It rides smooth. Oil changes only every 10,000 miles.

- Megan W

Safety features are amazing.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Loaded with options. It is size and comfort. The ease to drive it and the safety features. Also colors and rims.

- Karen K

Best vehicle I've owned. Amazing power and comfort

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Incredible gas mileage. Performance is surprisingly good. Great power. Roomy. Good sound system. Easy to drive.

- Kiersten B

It drives well and is great for a small family.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

The car is great - drives smoothly, is small for an SUV and easy to park. I love the backup cam and apple play.

- James D

My amazing white tiguan..

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

My car is very cheap but also very luxurious. My model is a white wolfsburg tiguan. leather seats. drives well.

- Alexis S

Don't let the outside fool you. It is big and fairly spacious.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love the size. So deceptive. If you are looking from the outside you would have no clue it has a third row.

- marie H

It is fun, safe, reliable and economical to drive.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

It is roomy enough to transport large items. It is fun to drive. There is room for the whole family on trips.

- Philip C

All the safety features. All the airbags. The rear camera. The front camera. The warnings. The automatic braking.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love the handling and the 7 seats. Comfortable ride. Not a huge vehicle. Same length and width as a sedan

- Ann B

It's redesigned this year and larger than previous Tiguan models

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Handles well, smooth ride, perfect amount of storage space. Very sleek exterior and interior. Love this car!

- Liz W

It has a lot of legroom.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like that there is a lot of space and leg room. I like that it runs smoothly. I like that it is hi-tech.

- Corinne N

Decent opinions on volkswagen tiguan

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Vehicle is great. Have used it daily with no problems. Gas tank fills at around 30$ regular gas. Its great

- Jonathan J

Full Loaded Mid-Size SUV with all features in good price

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Very Stylish design. Strong Built. Very Sturdy Full Loaded with all features. Mid-size SUV in good price.

- Adesh b

The most important thing about my car is its dependability.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love the turbo engine and the space. The speed is nice for kids. However I hate the crappy gas mileage.

- Avery B

Poor acceleration but great safety

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Poor acceleration, great safety, new and edgy look, the vehicle brand is well respected, very reliable

- Mark T

its comfortable and practical, its stylish and roomy

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

its practical, roomy, comfortable and stylish. its somewhat sluggish pulling away from a stop light

- phil c

Safety, good on gas, smooth ride, and maintenance can be slightly expensive.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like the smooth ride and the gas efficiency. I wish the car had a sunroof and a back up camera.

- Chermaine M

Luxury feel, economy price.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love my VW Tiguan. It has everything that I want in a vehicle plus more. Highly recommended.

- Jason A

Gets great gas mileage. Has 3rd row seating. Large storage area when all back seats are folded down.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I love my car. I love how it handles. Low road noise. I love how it looks and the gas mileage.

- Kim F

The rearview camera? The cargo space? The car is perfect for me so depends on what people are looking for.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Love the size. Love the feel of the drive. I love color and amenities. It's everything I need.

- Caitlyn B

I feel safe in it. It hugs the road and takes turns very well.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Easy to maneuver, I am short and can see over the steering wheel, the cargo area is spacious

- Shirley C

safety feature is most important thing about my car.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

my car has more tech than before. It has reasonable price. It also consumes less gas.

- Meng J

That the drive is very smooth and it is pretty fast

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I enjoy the space and the smooth drive. There's nothing I dislike about the vehicle

- Victoria L

Looks great and drives even better. Saves money on gas too.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

New design is awesome. Drives beautifully and comfortable seats. Good cargo space.

- Chris D

Very spacious in both front & back seats. Can comfortable fit 3 in back seat.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Lots of room. Radio is nice as well as touchscreen. Many places to charge phones.

- Patricia H

It's a great mid-sized SUV. I bought it because I now have a son and it has plenty of room for his stroller and all of his other accessories. There's a third row that can be pulled up if you need it. It drives smoothly. I was scared of it being too big since I'm not used to an SUV but it's a good size.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

It is very spacious in the front and back seat for the size of the car.

- Briana B

It takes a lot of money to pay for the fuel because it takes premium

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

I like the large interior. I do not like the break system, it studded

- Mike K

Very spacious comfortable fun to drive. Enjoy the 3rd row option.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Stereo system does not work properly. Very smooth ride lots of space

- Jennie G

The pickup is very slow but the price is a great deal.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

It has great features. It has poor pickup. It has Third row seats

- Amiee R

It has up to 35 Mile per gallon. It's comfortable on trips, It has a 3rd row set. It has a back up camera and has automatic braking. Depending on where you live I would recommend the all wheel drive.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

It is in the one of the ten vehicles for safety in an accident.

- Bob G

The car gets good gas mileage. The car gets good gas mileage.

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

Do not like having to always deactivate stop/start feature.

- Marcia C

my car is fun to drive, it has many different features

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

my auto I like a lot it has many added features

- richard l

good gas mile, design very nice

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

safety, comfortable, fun to drive, look good

- H N