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A practical and zippy commuter

Vehicle is very fun to drive. It is cramped however, but you can still fit a great deal of stuff in it for trips of up to two people, more and it's uncomfortable. Gas mileage isn't great, but it's decent. The car has very few features, except for heated seats and aux, but I find myself not needing more. The seats are supremely comfortable. I hear positive things about Volvo reliability, however in my case there was a massive defect in the harmonic balancer at 70,000 miles that required a long and expensive engine rebuild. The car is also difficult to work on.

- Nick C

Sporty yet safe. The Volvo c30 is a fun ride, and for the price, very good.

The bucket seats are very comfortable, even though the car is small, it is not crowded in the front seats. The back has a surprisingly large amount of storage space and the seats in the rear can be folded down for even more. The look of the car is entirely sporty and sleek while keeping to Volvo's policy of safety. It is definitely a very fun drive and reliable as well. While not a winter car, snow tires go a long way making it easier to use year-round. My only complaint is it has unimpressive gas mileage.

- Hannah B

This car is great on mpg, comfy to drive long distance, has never left me weary.

I absolutely love my vehicle, however maintenance can be expensive at times. I have been in a pretty bad accident with this vehicle and chose to have it completely repaired because of how much I enjoy having this vehicle. It has never broken down, has been extremely reliable, and has been great on gas mileage. Living in Wisconsin, we have harsh winters. My car bares no fear in the snow or on ice. I would buy this car 100 times over before even considering any other vehicle.

- Marquise W

My car is safe and fun to drive at the same time.

I like the fact that my car is fun to drive and has a lot of space to use even though it is small. My only problem with my car is how fuel inefficient it is. I get about 24 mpg, which is not horrible, but it makes it hard on me as a student. Still, I understand that with the mass of the car, it is difficult to make the car more efficient.

- Hannah B

The c30 is a very safe car, and that's important when you are driving your family around.

Volvo has always been the most reliable vehicle I have owned. The c30 is very fun to drive, and extremely safe. When rear ended, I had a scratch, and the other car was totaled, which says a lot

- Megan S

Nice sized hatchback car for the price

Have not had any problems yet and it is very reliable. The engine is very quiet. Love the size of the trunk for a hatchback. The back windshield wipers are a nice touch.

- Ann N

It does not require a traditional key.

I like that it is reliable and does not require an expensive amount of gas. I dislike that the air conditioning is unreliable. I do not have any other complaints.

- Megan K

It is a safe sporty vehicle.

The design and function fit my lifestyle. Is a very versatile vehicle. Gas mileage is not the greatest, but makes up for it in safety.

- Debbie W

Reliable vehicle and fuel efficient.

Reliable, fuel efficient, comfortable seating for 2, roomy hatch area, very small backseat, fast acceleration.

- Stephanie S

It is reliable and easy to drive because it is small

That it is efficient and cute. I like it because it is safe and comfortable. I dislike the small space it has.

- Anayeli C

If you take care of it, Volvo's will last up to 15 years.

The car is small, but can hold a lot. It is good on gas, and is fun to drive. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Meghan L

It is a good vehicle very comfortable stable and good design

This is a vehicle in good condition comfortable and without problems, stable sports and good stability

- Brenda B

That the tires don't last very long and they're expensive.

It's cute. It's zippy. It has a large trunk area. It's unique.

- Amanda G