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The Volvo c30 is strikingly beautiful without sacrificing reliability.

My Volvo c30 has been very reliable over the years. The car is a 3 door: two doors and a hatchback. In the 7 years that I have owned it, I have not had a problem other than a dead battery once, which has little to do with the reliability of the vehicle itself. It has needed no repairs or part replacements. The performance is great. It has a 2. 5 liter, 5 cylinder transversely mounted turbo charged front (straight 5) engine that makes about 230 horsepower. The average mpg is 25 between the city and highways. While there is a little turbo lag, it has plenty of get up and go for a car weighing 2900 pounds. The unique design of the car grabs attention and I am always getting compliments on it. Mine is a rusty orange color, which I love and also makes it stand out. My particular model, the t5 r-design, is the highest trim level and has many nice features. It is very comfortable. The leather seats are plush and supportive. It has cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music and handsfree calls while driving, electronically adjustable seats and mirrors, flashing brake lights, adjustable steering wheel, high quality sound system, keyless entry, and much more. My favorite feature of the car is the rather large moonroof that makes the small car feel very spacious. The car carries 4 people comfortably with enough space in the hatch to carry a weeks worth of groceries or gardening supplies home.

- Ashley H

By performing basic maintenance, at 8 yrs & 122000 miles I have no issues.

I love my car. I bought it used in 2015. It had a lot of miles but I felt it was a good value. I have had no manufacturing issues at all. I live in the southwest desert so my environment has caused battery and dry rot issues but that is normal here. The only thing I don't like is the high cost of parts and repairs for this car. I hit a post and the headlight replacement is exorbitant. Looking at the engine compartment, I dread any major repairs because just getting to parts will be an involved process. A simple battery replacement involves removing various surrounding pieces. As long as you take care and maintain a Volvo, it is a safe, reliable vehicle.

- Carol G

The vehicle is a Volvo from 2016 it is on the small side.

The car drives really smoothed it has proper safety measures. It is a little outdated being made almost 8 years ago and it has very little leg room. But it is a solid car. The seats are stiff but comfortable it is easy to put the seats down and the beeping to know when cars are near is very helpful. There haven't been many problems.

- Megan W

I am very happy with my car.

I enjoy my Volvo. It is safe, small, but provides enough room for whatever I need to bring due to the foldable back seats. Overall, I could not be happier with my vehicle. I hope my car will last me many years to come. It is definitely built to last.

- Nathaniel D

The car is sporty, but it's still practical for someone without a family.

Good car for 2 people, but not comfortable for more. Hatchback design fits a lot of stuff. Car handles great and is a comfortable ride.

- Stephanie T

A nice car to use everyday

Overall, the car is quite nice. Does what it needs to do and is very safe to use with its good quality materials

- Nathaniel R