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Volvo makes a very reliable car!

I have had this car, which I bought new, for more than 19 years with minimum problems. It still runs very well. The only small problem I have had is that the trim around the door deteriorated over the years and the salespeople at the dealer never offered a solution when I took my car in for other issues. Maybe they didn't think it was worth it for such an old car but a friend managed to figure out how to replace the trim so I should have several more good years with this car. It's my second Volvo so I'm pretty loyal.

- Irene D

Old Volvos never die! I have my lifetime car.

Used to be a committed saab owner. Got married, intended to start a family, so bought a new Volvo with sunroof, heated seats, all the extras. It is holding up so well I consider it my lifetime car. Unfortunately it has a been a target for neighborhood vandals, and people keep stealing my registration stickers. It is a nice car but not a luxury car, so I do not understand the extreme hostility driving my Volvo evokes!

- Lisa D

Headlights and its gas mileage an it is pretty roomie

I really love my v it's awesome on gas Really great family car and I have never really had any problems with it so far and hope there are many more Road trips to come its gets around 35 miles. Gallon and has all the room I need it's my first car so it's my favorite one I have had

- Drew J

Great winter driving and durable.

It is a great made car and i really enjoy it. It has just gotten to the point it is to old to really be enjoyed. That being said the car has lasted a very long time and still runs despite all the miles put on it.

- Josh K

Volvo is the best car out there, and they last forever if you care for them.

I love that he is a sporty, responsive vehicle. He has a few issues though, his suspension is not what it used to be, and also, my thermostat runs hot, that is a big bother for me.

- Melissa L

It's 18 years old and still going strong, no major issues or fixes needed.

I love that it still runs pretty well for an eighteen year old car. I don't love that half the windows don't work properly. Also the parts can be expensive.

- saige h

This car is very reliable, very safe, great in the rain and snow. Basic repairs such as tires, battery, oil changes have been all that have been needed

Very reliable, only basic repairs needed. Oil changes, tires, battery changed. I have owned this vehicle for 6 years and it has never let me sir

- Amy M

How efficiently it runs despite the age.

I like that after 18 years it still drives as though it is half the age. I dislike that parts are more expensive when things need to be replaced.

- Sage H

Parts are too expensive.

Rides nice. Runs good, but, needs work. Will not pass inspection now. Because of sensor issues. It is too expensive to fix.

- Dave C

Industry safety rating for the 2000 volvo s40.

I like the comfort, performance and mileage.. I do not like cost of parts or volvo repair requirements..

- Jim F

That the manual transmission takes a stodgy car and makes it fun.

Like that it has stick shift, it's comfortable. I don't like that it is too soft a ride.

- Art K