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An old car but a working car.

The car is older so it requires more maintenance as oppose to a newer vehicle. The car itself has a lot of material problems, such as a constant issue of water somehow getting into the car and flooding only one side. The driver's seat has recently locked in place, thank goodness it was to my alignment. But the car still does its job by getting from place to place. The car itself is comfortable and during the summer I used it to drive back and forth between north jersey and Philadelphia 3 days a week, so it still is reliable,

- Linda B

What a fun and safe little car!

Have has the usual wear and tear issues with the car, it is over 10 years old at this point. I ended up getting rear ended in this same make and model (the car was totaled) but I barely had any whiplash and there was no damage to the inside of the car whatsoever. I ended up buying the exact same year, make and model and have been driving it since 2014. Absolutely love it. Great get-up-and-go, very safe, and fun to drive.

- Laura M

Seats are easy to adjust!

Overall it is a reliable car. The gas mileage is not the best, especially around town. The car feels safe and secure. The driver's seat is easy to adjust with many options. The car does only has a CD player, and no option for an aux. I had to buy an FM transmitter so I could manually connect my phone through the radio. The seats and comfortable and the trunk is large.

- Carolyn F

You'll only find with Volvo.

It is a Volvo, so it is safe. The front and back windshield views are narrower than a typical sedan. The waterfall style stereo is nice and stylish; however, the only way (without making anything custom) to play your music from your phone is to get an FM transmitter, since there is no Bluetooth , aux, or place for a tape adapter.

- Sarah Y

Comfortable and reliable.

Great vehicle. Good on gas, sporty, compact. Dependable and long lasting. No major problems. Good size, comfortable, has cruise control. Would use protector on seats as they will wear out. Good for traveling long distances. There is some black around window that is flaking off but the car is 13 years old.

- Margaret A

S40 still performs after 12 yrs

It is an older sedan however it drives and handle really well. Some cosmetic issues the sunroof won't open. Other than that sound system is good, engine still rides well, brakes are still responsive. I got it second hand so it still gets good gas mileage. I think it is a good used vehicle.

- Kathy T

It is safe and comfortable. It is not very roomy. It comfortably fits no more than 4 small to average sized people.

I like how it drives. I like how the interior is "fitted" around the occupants. It has a high safety rating. It seems to have quirks that I have never experienced before in a car. There have been repeated dry rotting of coolant lines even when they have recently been replaced.

- Candace W

Volvos are safe and reliable and are just getting started at 100,000 miles.

There have some issues; CD player never worked, the sunroof occasionally leaks and the headliner is peeling. Doesn't have some of the features I would prefer in a new car. I do love Volvos, they seem to run forever.

- Jared R

This car is fun to drive!

I really like my Volvo. It is sporty, fun to drive, and easy to park. The only regret I have is, I wish I had bought the one size larger version. With 3 kids, it sometimes feels too small.

- Audrey O

It is the most reliable car I have ever had as it gets great gas mileage.

It drives very well. I need new tires. I just installed seat covers and new floor mats. The color is red. My mom has the newer version of my car. It does have battery issues sometimes.

- Fred C

The stock speaker system is very underrated. It's the best I've heard in any car so far.

I like the safety features for the vehicle and the speaker system is very good. The car handles well. The only complaint is that the car after a lot of miles needs constant repairs.

- Alex L

I promise you will have no regrets with the Volvo.

My vehicle had. No problems that I can remember, the Volvo is amazing for someone who is just learning how to drive, it will make you feel safe.

- Max R

It has a high safety rating.

I like the safety rating. It is in good condition and has held up well for It's age. It gets good gas mileage. It has nice features.

- Carl C

That this is a great car for people who prefer a well-made and fuel-efficient vehicle.

I really like how this Volvo is well-made, durable, and reliable. This car is also fuel efficient. The air conditioner works well.

- Mia F

It is a Volvo. Holds it value. Sporty looking and well apportioned.

It is a Volvo. Reliable, sporty, safe. Good looking. Turbo Charged. Comfortable to drive. Good resale value. No complaints.

- Karen M

Safe, comfortable and looks great.

I like the size and ease of driving. The headrest make it a little harder to see behind you. Seats wore out quickly.

- Margaret B

It is a good car, volvo is good.

It gets me places, so that is good. Good gas mileage. But it is small, and the doors/windows do not seal well.

- Brooke W

It will go forever and look good.

It have great gas mileage, it is easy to park, it is easy to drive and it is safe. It is expensive to fix.

- Kim G