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I really like how the convertible the car is

The Volvo s40 is a very reliable, and comfortable car. Perfect for long drives, or just around town. I have had a few issues..but they were just regular maintenance issues, like needing to change the battery or stop lamps. The gas mileage is fairly respectable. The only large problem I was faced with, was the ignition fell apart one day- yet after $50 on a part, and easy installation everything was okay.

- Emma O

Very small and comfortable.

Everything is good. It is very reliable and comfortable. It smells a little bad because the carpets get wet all the time. It is blue and small that what I like the most. It does not consume a lot of gasoline which means it is very cheap. It does not have aux port or Bluetooth but I bought a thing at Walmart for $24.99 so I can connect my phone to Bluetooth. Volume it is awesome. I sounds loud and clear.

- Carolin B

Volvos are expensive to repair, and maintain because the parts are costly.

Some of my favorite things about my car are the heated seats, the sunroof, and stereo system. I feel it's performance is above average considering despite it's high mileage I haven't had to do many repairs. Some cons are there is no auxiliary cord, it requires synthetic oil which can be pricey. Repairs are also expensive, as volvo parts tend to cost a lot.

- Marissa P

My outlook, of being a owner of a 2006 Volvo s40.

I am very pleased with my 2006 Volvo s40. It has great handling ability, for being 12 yrs.. Old. Fully loaded(knock on wood), everything is working great. I am satisfied with fuel mileage at 26/28 mpg. Depends on "we" dive the car. My wife also or is the main driver!! The car is still in great shape, being driven most everyday.

- Terry D

The only bad thing is its white. But it does have a sunroof.

It gets good gas mileage and handles very well. The parts are not too expensive. I have maintenance done quite regularly. My son has done all the work on my car and wouldn't let nobody else works on it except him or one of his coworkers. I really like my car it's got a large trunk and I can fit 3 car seats in the back seat.

- Lora W

The shape of the car is nice. It's not too long or too small.

The car doesn't have as much power as I would like it to. The car has heated seats which is very nice. The trunk space is big. I really like the color. Which is a dark blue. The air condition in it is not strong enough for me though. The shape of the air vent makes it hard for it to blow everywhere.

- Shelby W

My old friend that never leaves me alone

Not bad, however old, the transmission is manual, for sure not as good as automatic. But having it for years and still using it, so I can say it possess high reliability. But since it's old, it's hard to find the parts for the car, they are discontinued or if available way expensive.

- Beni R

A dependable starter vehicle

Overall dependable vehicle. I've had it for 3 years now with only minor problems. I bought it used so some issues are expected. Air conditioning does not work which is a problem during the summer. Also the sunroof leaks. However, performance is up to par with a 13 year old vehicle.

- Kyle B

When it runs, it's great. When anything breaks, your screwed.

It's great until it has issues. Recently, the coolant reservoir cracked, and that was $600 to replace it. A few months ago, the fuel rail pressure sensor broke, and that was a $400 fix. It's so stinking expensive to fix it when anything goes wrong. It really isn't worth it.

- Griffin E

Volvo has a good reputation for safety, and I feel safe when I drive it. I never know when some other driver who is impaired might hit me.

I like the size of my car for being a 4-door sedan because it's easy to maneuver in traffic. It has Good acceleration which is important to me. I don't drive much, and I have 45000 miles on a 12-year car. Volvos are reliable, so I hope it's the last car I have to buy.

- Jim K

I think the most important thing other should know about my Volvo is that it has excellent acceleration.

The things I like about my Volvo our that it has excellent safety features and Volvo has a record of vehicle reliability. Two things that I dislike about my Volvo are that it only obtains 18 miles per gallon in the city and that this model has been discontinued.

- Jim V

It's strong car been in an accident and only the outside was damaged.

My car is simple, I have no real big issues with it. It's an old car so it makes a loud noise when you start it. It's not good to drive in the winter it gets stuck too often.

- Lionel N

It was my moms car. I don't like mercury's.

This mercury constantly floods in the backseat floor board. The power windows sometimes don't work. The windshield is cracked all the way across.

- Janice D

The vehicle belongs to me.

I like my vehicle because the ac blows nice and cold. I also enjoy the reliability of my vehicle. I have never once has an issue with my vehicle.

- Sergio T

You can adjust the temperature fast and warms up easy.

I love the comfort of the temperature, soft leather seats, the way the vehicle drives and is not loud, great mileage as well.

- heather b

Very high safety rating. Rated as safest vehicle on the road.

Great and fun car for a single person. Fast, reliable and great gas mileage. Small interior and definitely not a family car.

- Kimberly S

it has been discontinued.

great ride, very little has gone wrong with it other than wear and tear, with Its age, engine does sound a little rough

- Roy L

Luxury car that drives well.

I like the comfort of my vehicle but I dislike that the air conditioning breaks. I also like the style of my vehicle.

- Mary C

Volvo -a smooth, but wet ride.

I like the power of the engine, how comfortable the car feels and how the car drives. The sunroof has leaking issues.

- Lori L

It has great safety options that will help keep everyone protected

The car is very comfortable. The ride is smooth and provides great performance. Handles well in all weather.

- Josh J

Overall great, not much trunk space, affordable, reliable, safe

Reliable, safe, good gas mileage, stylish, affordable

- Kat H