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Safety and its reliability.

The safety record for Volvo makes me more relaxed when driving you can feel the weight of the car I love the heated seats options they are leather and have good support and are very comfortable like you are sitting in your recliner it drives very smooth and handles very well since it is an older vehicle but well taken care of I like the message center to let you know when servicing needs to be done and what issues are needing attention I love my Volvo and would definitely buy another one.

- Debbie E

2007 Volvo s40 turbo luxury edition.

Beautiful luxury vehicle with tons of personalized options. The only issue I have had so far is with the alternator! Its very hard to find a reputable mechanic who knows the correct type of alternator to install (oem numbers, diode charge). Otherwise runs beautifully, averages 25 miles per gallon, turbo makes for quick pick up, lots of trunk space, lots of leg space in back. All good things to say as long as you take care of this car, it will last!

- Alexis P

Good car with a few quirks!

Pros: very safe & reliable. The car is very nice to look at. Even with its 'small' size it is very roomy. Cons: they do not have an option for defrost and heat on features at the same time, and to make it work you usually need to have the ac running as well. The back wheels are aligned for performance so your tires get chewed, and need replacing very often.

- Liz L

Definitely a Volvo customer for life.

My 2007 Volvo s40 t5 is nicer and fancier than a brand new 2017 car I had prior. Leather seats, automatic seats that are heated, a great sound system and it is great on gas. I was reluctant to buy a 2007, but this car is great. For the size of the car, it had a decent size backseat, and a large trunk. It is extremely comfortable and drives smoothly.

- Ashley S

Pretty good car for the basics

The indicator light for regular maintenance is always on even after taking it to the auto shop. At one point, the sound system stopped working and the only way to fix it was to restart the car, and sometimes that wouldn't work either. It's a fun little car and it gets me around, the leather is definitely hot in the summer though!

- Grace D

2007 Volvo Review. Overall a great and reliable car.

My headliner has fallen off. I also have to get a new a/c compressor, rear suspension and a couple other things. However, this is a pre owned vehicle. I truly do love the size and handle of the car. It is very good on gas mileage and handles weight very well. It is very reliable and my favorite car I have owned thus far.

- Lindsey D

2007 Volvo s40 - reliable but not modern.

Constantly have check engine light on. Not very aesthetically pleasing anymore, stained seating and poor construction of fabric. Reliable but sometimes makes bad noises which are questionable. The gas mileage is okay. I have driven other cars and I would like to get something more modern because the Volvo is outdated.

- Elizabeth E

My Volvo has a beautiful detail of the seats and on top if that it has a sunroof.

Volvo's are excellent cars for the busy family. They are reliable and very trustworthy cars, their body has outstanding results in an accident. I would recommend this car to anyone with a huge standard in car buying experience. Also it is a beautiful car that will last a lifetime if you take care of it.

- Leticia B

Pretty, good on gas, drives well and has a lot of miles but is fine.

It is great and I really like it. My complaints are the turbo has weakened and it is rough on bumps. It is pretty though and I enjoy driving it. Another complaint in that is it is superbad in the winter, will not go up the smallest of inclines! Very wimpy in snow. Better in warmer weather.

- Leah M

Reliable, and durable. Lasted a very long time. Great condition, still.

It is reliable, but old.Color is nice. Windows are good. Tires are new. But, the engine light is on. But, overall, it is reliable. I would like to update it to a much newer model. However, it gets us to point a to point b. So, cannot complain for having it this long, for so many years.

- Athena B

Overall great car to own!

Very reliable, makes noise when you back up in the rain. Sometimes the radio doesn't work when you turn vehicle on if you start it too soon after previous trip. You need a code for the radio after the battery gets disconnected. Overall a great car. I love the sunroof and seats

- Amber Z

Great car I would buy again

I love my car: it's got a turbo engine and handles very smoothly. It's also built very solidly so I feel safe driving it. The downside is that I don't think it gets great gas mileage, and I fear it would be expensive to repair if something seriously goes wrong with it

- Erin H

The car is reliable and runs smooth.

The ac needs to be replaced. I love the color and the make of it. The windows are dark. The wheels feel nice on the road. The maintenance is a little bit more than Toyota, or Chevy, but I still love my car because of the great quality. I would buy a Volvo car again.

- Jennifer D

A nice easy ride, perfect for a first car.

This car is very safe and very easy to drive. It hugs the road like a tiger. The only thing is it does not accelerate very fast, and does not have a lot of storage space. Other than that it is very nice and comfortable. Decent mileage, no major problems yet.

- April H

Great vehicle that has kept my family comfortable and safe for many years.

No real issues with it. Good gas mileage. Not fussy. Very comfortable for every day commute or a road trip with my family. Has kept my family safe. Now that it is an older car, very few mechanics are authorized or have Volvo specific tools to work on it.

- Melissa A

Easy car to drive. Very good gas mileage.

I love the size of my car. It is very easy to drive. I dislike that there is no aux cord. They stopped making s40's and that is very disappointing because i love my car type.

- Sarah W

It is got a very good safety rating!

It is reliable, safe, easy to drive! No complaints. When this car gets old and I need to replace it, I am literally just going to buy another Volvo s40.

- Erica A

Silver s40 in great condition

Great reliable vehicle!!! Getting a little older now but still runs great with normal upkeep. I would highly recommend this brand to drivers

- Gabbie B

My Volvo s40 (2007) is a very dependable car.

My Volvo s40 2007, is very dependable, stylish with a nice interior. The only thing I do not like is blind-spot when looking behind.

- Melissa M

One thing a buyer should know about this car is the parts are expensive.

I do not dislike my car but it is an ok car. The parts are a bit expensive. Some places do not have instruments to fix my car.

- Tabatha R

I like how the seats are comfortable it is. I don't like how small it is now that I have a child. I like how cheap gas is. I don't like my key fob or my trunk latch breaking.

Good gas mileage and comfortable seats. Compatible and small for a single person, or couple.

- Sara B