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It is really reliable and an excellent running car.

I mainly love my vehicle because all around it is a really excellent car. I am pushing over 240 thousand miles with regular maintained and she is still running strong. One down side I would have to say would be the battery location on the vehicle and for some reason the trunk slams down so very loud and is extremely heavy.

- Britney S

It's reliable, and that's pretty much all I can say.

It seems to get flat tires more often than most vehicles, but I think that's just my fault personally. It's served me well and hasn't ever broken down, so that's good. Also It's brake pedal makes a weird sound on occasion, but the brakes work fine.

- Daniel M

This car will always get you where you need to go without any worry. It is the most dependable vehicle I have ever driven.

I really like the vehicle. The back seat is a little small, and the noise from the outside is a little louder than I am used to, but it is dependable and gets great gas mileage, so I would definitely consider another such vehicle again

- ian a

Volvos are the safest cars you can buy, but they're also a luxurious, fun ride.

This make is expensive to maintain, but it's literally the safest make of car one can buy, so to me the added cost is well worth it. It's a smooth ride. The styling is classic and not trendy, which fits my interests well.

- Kristina L

It is a Volvo and I am proud to say that it is a reliable car.

It is a good car and fully paid. Since it is almost 118 years old, it does not look so pretty anymore, but it still works. Moreover, it has only 97,000 miles to it and it still works pretty.. Good..

- Maria P

It goes fast and doesn't feel like its traveling at a high rate of speed.

I like the looks. I like the way it rides. I hate that the fact that the seat is manual to slide up and backwards as I have a bad back and it's hard for me to move it.

- Valerie F

It is good I am gas and can take you somewhere.

Makes too much noise. Cannot drive it on the highway. I only drive it to work. The locks do not work. Only good thing is about taking the car to work and back home.

- Diana M

The gas mileage is fantastic.

I like the amount of space my vehicle has. It roomy on the inside while still being able to fit into small spaces. It is easy to drive. Gas mileage is amazing.

- Molly T

S60 volvo it's yours come.

It's a reliable inexpensive on fuel economy capable car. Air conditioning unit works great the car is great all around

- Jerome C

Nice car for drive, comfortable.

My vehicle works very good, I save a lot of gas. I feel comfortable when I drive, the chairs are very comfortable.

- Liliana V

Safety is the most important feature on the car.

I love the safety, sturdiness, and design of the car. The only complaints i have is the amount of gas it needs.

- Jenna C

very durable model. looks fantastic and runs with no issues

solid as the day it came off the line. comfortable and in great shape. notorious for its safety as a vehicle

- bill r

I don't think it's spacious enough and there's some kind of design flaw in the sunroof where the water pipes get clogged up and have to be cleaned out. I do like that it's a good looking car, and I do like the gas mileage it gets. Also the brakes have never been right, always way too sensitive or too loose.

It's a cute car with good gas mileage, but not comfortable for five adults.

- Brooke T

Hot red color. Powerful engine and runs very well.

Classic sedan, runs well. The only complaint will be the AC system.

- Emma S