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This car is extremely comfortable to drive in!

My Volvo has been the most reliable car I have owned. I feel safe inside and very comfortable driving it. The heated seats are the best during the cold winter months. My model has a sunroof which I use daily. It fits a car seat in the back comfortably. My only wish about this car is that it would fit the car set a little better. I have to put it on the passenger side in the back due to the fact that it will push the seat up pretty far. I normally sit close to the steering wheel but when I have my boyfriend driving he needs the seat further back. Overall a great car! I highly recommend it.

- Katie M

Volvo S60 Take Care of it and it will take care of you!

Very reliable car. 17 years old and 280000 Miles. Keeping it serviced religiously on time protects your investment. Parts and service are expensive, however. It is wise to go into the purchase knowing this. After 200K miles the dashboard electronics went out and also the turbo boost solenoid. Replaced them and the car continues to run great. The S60 is a very comfortable car for two people; the backseat doesn't have very much leg room. Spacious trunk can easily hold three sets of golf clubs.

- Betty B

The stereo system is the best thing about it for me in my opinion.

Performs very well. Bought with only 60, 000 miles on it after 10 years. Runs smoothly in front and back. Back seats could have more leg room. There is a winter/ wet driving mode that accelerates the engine more gradually in those weather conditions. It has helped in pa weather for years. The interior is in good repair and nothing is fading, peeling, or falling apart. The mileage per gallon could be better. Depending on how often it is driven it can get about 27 mpg at it is absolute best.

- Evan B

Love the sunroof feature and how roomy the trunk is when it folds down.

Car is reliable. Problem, are the solenoids have to be replaced every year. The check engine light stays on even after are mechanic turns it off you need special tool for that because of the make and model of the car. The car is comfortable inside but the ride is not so comfy love the heated seats too. The seat belts are starting to get stuck and sometimes you get stuck for a few minutes. Passes inspection every year that nice.

- Doreen C

Volvo! I hope you have money! I am glad there's a roll cage built into the car!

I got this car used and apparently on it is last leg, it costs a lot of money for labor and parts, unless you order aftermarket parts and know someone who will not charge for labor. I have had the car for 5 years and have not been able to put many miles on it because I am always waiting to get it fixed. The interior of the car is like new even though it is 16 years old.

- L W

It's costs a lot for parts and labor if anything goes wrong!

This is a great car, handles well and can handle a tree without me even getting hurt! I feel very safe in my Volvo! The bad news, there is always something that needs to be fixed if it's an older car, parts and labor are horribly priced! Lucky I have a brother the is a mechanic and an engineer who can work wonders!

- Lona W

Volvo s60: ultimate dependability.

I love my car, so other than being a bit banged up from driving and wear I have no issues with it at all. An overall great reliable car for anyone to have. My only issue at times is maintenance because it is a foreign car so it makes upkeep a bit more pricier than usual depending upon the issue.

- Reggie H

My car is quality built and made to last. If you take good care of them, Volvo's can far outlast their competitors.

My Volvo S60 is very comfortable for my six foot tall frame. It has a smooth gentle ride. I enjoy all the amenities of the sound system and climate controls. They're layout is very friendly. I wish it got better mileage and it is particular about the gas I use.

- Todd W

The biggest annoyance which is that the Volvo will drain the light bulbs so fast. I'm not sure why but other than that it's a straightforward car.

This car has been in over 3 accidents and still is running great! I have slept in the car with no problem as well. Although the car is rundown and has a few scratches I don't have any problems with it other than it draining the light bulbs so quickly.

- Amanda H

Very dependable brand. Would recommend.

Great car but the parts can be expensive once it starts having issues. I have had it for about 2 years and my uncle had it for 13 years before that and it didn't give him any issues. Great car for someone who lives in places with snow & all that.

- Mary W

The safety and reliability of volvos can't be beaten.

I love the reliability and style of volvos. I love the fact that you can drive them for well over 200 thousand miles. The only thing I dislike is the price of repairs

- Lawrence W

Runs like a dream if you treat her right.

With proper care and maintenance, this Volvo could easily hit a million miles. The only downside to it is my a/c unit is cracked, and not worth replacing.

- Matt B

I love my car because it's reliable, comfortable, safe and fun to drive! My car is the first "luxury" vehicle I have bought and, to me, it was well worth the price tag. It was manufactured in 2002 and has never had a significant problem for the years I've owned it. It's now paid in full, and I know it will go for at least another 100K miles. If I have to name something I dislike about it, it would be the outdated radio system.

Volvo makes luxury cars that are safe, reliable and last for a long time. It is the first brand I would considering when purchasing a new vehicle.

- Jessica S

It has a lot of safety features which are great for new drivers.

I like that it is very well built, hefty and safe and everything is easy to get to on the inside. I do not like that it overheats very easily.

- Buck S

The safety of the Volvo is my number one attraction to this car.

My car is a very reliable car. I purchased it because of the safety features it has. I have a child and I wouldn't want him in any other car.

- Wendy R

My car is very very safe and very reliable on the road

I like it's power and handling. I don't like that the seat can't be adjusted to raise up, and that there are large blind spots

- Mary H

Awesome, reliable and fun to drive

Luxury car. Heated seats, moonroof. Great a/c. Nice cup holders. My favorite car I've ever owned.. ..l

- Beth E

Great family car. Holds a lot and great for hauling stuff.

It a Volvo. It stylish. Has a sunroof. Is me. Its has heated seats. Seats are leather and comfortable.

- Lisa W

It is a dependable vehicle that is sturdy and comfortable to drive.

It is reliable and easy to drive. I wish it got better gas mileage though.

- Nancy W

Reliable and keeps on going.

Solid car that keeps me on the road. Wish it had better MPG though.

- David S