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Volvo, an engineering marvel on performance, safety, luxury

Very safe and dependable car, very comfortable seating with sleek design built for long trips. A bit of a gas guzzler, have to buy the 90 plus octane, I love the handling and suspension with an amazing sound system plus sunroof for really enjoying long or short trips, I love the sleek design of the s60, very sporty with enough punch to satisfy any racing enthusiast with that of a world renowned safety record, this Volvo will probably become a driveable antique after 25 years, rarely had problems or arising issues other than your normal timely oil and tune ups and tire changes, I never have the feel that I need or want a different vehicle, Volvo nail it with its s60 series, I would highly rate and recommend the s60 to any young family starting out or anyone that loves the style and standard and the stand out performance of a Volvo.

- Carlos E

This vehicle is functional. The front passenger, back seats fold down.

The Volvo s60 2,5T vehicle is a powerful, smooth acceleration. When taking off. The comfort of the seats hugs your body with a five way adjustable height and length. The only problems I have had with the vehicle is just having to replace the original parts, other than that the vehicle is excellent. The body of the car is very solid and heavy which I love. You maintain the regular maintenance of the vehicle you are good to go.. I highly recommend this vehicle

- L G

Great long-lasting vehicle.

I really like how smooth it drives. I feel like when I accelerate, I do not have to push too hard on the gas and it is not jerky at all. I haven't had any major issues with the car either and it is over 10 years old now. It is a very safe car, as the brakes work great, especially in the rain or other weather where I might have to make a quick stop.

- Olivia B

Volvo S60 - One smooth European ride

The S60 has been a very reliable vehicle for me. Only basic maintenance I.e. oil changes, tires, brakes etc have been needed during the first 100,000 miles. It is a very smooth and quiet ride which is nice on long road trips. The awd works really well in winter conditions and keeps me planted firmly on the pavement.

- Adam B

The amazing little super Volvo s60.

The struts break down on this car really fast. Over all it is good on gas has heated leather seats, sunroof, it is a safe car. It has small trunk space, the battery is in the trunk. Tilted steering wheel. I have not had many problems with it, just the struts and the ball joints.

- De Rae E

Nice car. Shop for best price.

Comfortable. Great acceleration. Reliable. Bought used but have only had to change oil and fix timing belt. Maintenance expensive requiring synthetic oil and premium gas. Mileage could be better. I have had some issues with cold-weather starting. Nice sound system.

- Brian R

It's old and run-down. It's definitely showing Its age.

I don't like the color of my car. I also don't like the functioning of the key fob in terms of locking/unlocking my car. The truck is roomy which is convenient. Also the seats are nice and comfy.

- Shauna r

I have to replace bulbs so frequently, it's kind of annoying.

It is a safe and reliable car. I like the feeling of how it drives. There are some blind spots around where the windshield meets the door that do not exist in other models (I used to have a S70).

- Toni R

It has a semi-manual mode if you adjust the stick slightly

My car is white which I really like despite it looking dirty more easily, I just clean it more frequently. I think the leather seats are very comfortable and it drives well.

- Elizabeth M

Safety is my first priority. It is built strong.

Love that it is dependable, comfortable. It is sporty and has a lot of get up and go dislike that the AC takes too long to get cool and it is hard for me to get out of.

- Pam R

I like my vehicle because it is very reliable. It is my favorite color. It has enough room for me and my kids. I love how smooth it drives. And also it makes me feel safe

It's a very safe car. You have to be careful when you drive it because it drives so smooth that you won't notice how fast your going

- Faith J

My Vehicle is Very Reliable

My vehicle is quite old now but the performance of my vehicle is excellent for it being so old. This vehicle is quite reliable.

- Cyan C

It is super safe for kids. My two littles are well protected in my car.

My car drives and rides like a dream. The driver seat has great back support and passengers always comment on how nice it is.

- Brittany L

It has a odd color, like a reddish/orange.

The car is solid and drives well. But it is kind of heavy and the turning radius is very small. But I got it for free.

- Ben G

It is very dependable and reliable. It is also a very safe car.

Very comfortable but a few minor mechanical issues.

- Todd K