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Volvo s60 review: we like it.

This is the 3rd Volvo in the family and I love it as much as the other two. It drives comfortable and does great in the snow. We are the second owners and appreciate the former owner's pick of the leather and wood grain finish interior. It is beautiful, durable and still looks like a new model car. We bought it with 90,000 miles, replaced the timing belt at 100k and other than routine oil changes and checks - we haven't spent any money on maintenance. The car now has 125k and we're confident we will be driving it another 10 years.

- Chris B

Comfortable ride, expensive to maintain.

Comfortable. Tan interior leather looks nice. Maintenance has been a pain. Once I hit 100, 000 miles, I have run into a lot of issues. Had to replace battery, get a new computer system put in. The Bluetooth stopped working. Gas mileage is decent. Smooth ride. Great safety features -- automatic stop before hitting something in front of me. No backup sensor or video which I do not like. I get a warning if I need to add tire pressure, oil change, etc.

- Morgan R

Spacious sedan enough room to carry around a touring musician!

The leather seats are super comfortable. The steering is extremely smooth, really smooth ride. The turning radius is extremely good, I can turn tight corners when getting out of a parking spot with ease. I am able to rely on my car to not break down. My car is also fast and if I am on the highway needing to get out of a dicey situation (truck cutting in front of me, etc. ), the turbo feature really helps.

- Mckenna F

Volvo - comfort, safety and reliability.

A Volvo is very well made vehicle and among the safest in the world. It gets serviced once a year or every 10, 000 miles. I have not had any problems at all. It is a comfortable and enjoyable car to drive. It seats 5 people, 2 in the front and 3 in the back. The middle seat in the back might be a bit tight but otherwise very comfortable for all passengers.

- Joseph R

My Volvo is still in style, after many years.

My Volvo is a dependable and reliable car with great style. The design is not outdated, even after owning it for many years. It rides beautifully on the road and handles well. It provides great comfort and includes a mechanism to raise and lower the seats, as well as to adjust the lumbar for comfort and support.

- Lynne H

It is foreign made, it is expensive to repair and it is white!

I just spent $4000 having the motor rebuilt because there was a power steering leak that caused it to jump time and practically destroyed the motor. The extended warranty was no use. So now, I am not very impressed with my car. I would not purchase this brand of car or any foreign made car in the future.

- Rae W

The s60 is the perfect marriage of performance and safety.

My Volvo s60 is the perfect combination of sport and safety. The ride is smooth without being squishy. The performance on the road is excellent. It is nimble and responsive. The cabin is quiet, and I love the heads up display. It is a sporty sedan and I believe Volvo goes the extra mile for safety.

- Lisa B

That it gets good gas mileage.

Repairs are too expensive. Did not want a sedan; did not want a white vehicle. But circumstances dictated that I purchase this vehicle. I did get a very good deal and it was a one owner vehicle with low mileage and was in excellent condition. It is newer and had more extras on it than my old car.

- Sandra B

Love my Volvo! Lot more luxurious than my Honda Accord 2014.

I have not had any problems with my 2012 Volvo s60. It is a great car on highway. Acceleration is awesome, feel very save in this vehicle. Heated leather seats are so comfortable. Handles great. I had a Honda 2014 Accord before the Volvo, but sold it because Volvo is so much nicer to drive.

- Gina P

Volvo comfort: yay or nay.

My vehicle has a head rest that is very uncomfortable. It is non adjustable and pushes head forward. Anyone who wears a bun or ponytail will have issues with it. The metal cover for the cup holder looks great, but in Texas summer, it gets incredibly hot and burns my arm.

- Tammy B

The 2012 Volvo 4 door sedan.

It is comfortable, safe and pretty fast. It corners well and it is a nice looking car. The sun/moonroof is a nice feature. The only thing I do not like about it is that they is not very much leg room for the passengers in the backseat. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Barb W

Owning a Volvo can be great, but repairs are costly.

My car drives smooth and is comfortable. It also performs well. It is powerful and picks up quick. The only problem is that it is a few years old and I have had to pay for many repairs. Some just regular upkeep and some more involved. Repairs on a Volvo are expensive.

- Joanne W

2012 Volvo s60 model review.

My 2012 Volvo s60 is the second Volvo I have drive, 2007 s60 being the previous one. I have experienced no issues with either of them and performance has always been up to par with what you would expect from a Volvo. They are definitely worth the money, 10/10.

- Brock H

1st company to offer auto-stop!

The only problem I have had is the dealer recommended I switch to synthetic oil. My engine seized and had to be replaced, paid for fully by Volvo. Drives like a dream and seats are very comfortable. So far (68,000 mi) it has been very reliable. Love it.

- Susan B

I think that one thing that people should know is that Volvo is a safe car, it is filled with safety features.

This has truly been the most reliable car that I have ever purchased. One of my deciding factors was the warranty - all work was covered by Volvo for the first 5 years (including oil changes & brakes). You just feel safe when you are in it. LOVE IT!

- Valerie O

It performs very well, and for the most part only minor maintenance was needed.

I really like how comfortable the vehicle is. There’s also super convenient safety features included into the car as well. However, sometimes the safety features will be activated without the need, but it is a very rare occurrence.

- Chloe B

Volvo allows a person to feel like they are driving a luxury car without the price.

The car drives extremely well and the comfortability factor is high. The safety features in the car allow me to drive faster without feeling less safe. The only issue is the fact there have been maintenance issues over the years.

- Benjamin K

The most important thing is the high safety rating.

I like the safety and reliability of my Volvo. Having had a Volvo xc in the past I find the low ground clearance to be problematic in the snow on the model I currently drive. I also think visibility could be improved.

- Lisa V

The safety features! It has multiple airbags (front, curtain and side for the driver & passenger; curtain for rear passengers). It has auto braking, which could prevent a serious accident.

I love the turbo charged engine, the color, the heated leather seats, sleek design, dual temperature control. I don't like that the trunk looks "short" from the outside - it makes it looks compact or "squatty".

- Stacey V

Volvo: A Great, Safe Family Car (That Can Be Expensive To Fix)

I really love how safe my vehicle is and how smooth it is to drive. It is also very comfortable. The only bad thing is that repairs can be costly. Recently, I had an oil leak that cost me $2,000 to fix.

- Kathryn O

My Volvo s60 combines sporty performance with Volvo safety.

I love the sporty yet secure feel of my Volvo s60. The handling is responsive, I also like the enhanced safety features of automatic lane drift notification, heads up display on interior windshield.

- Lisa S

No matter the model, any Volvo is extremely sturdy and I feel safe driving in one.

I like that it has a USB charging port and does not require a car charger. However, it requires an AUX cord and does not have Bluetooth. Besides that, it is fairly low maintenance and drives well.

- Miya P

My car is extremely safe, Volvo's can withstand impact of hitting almost anything

I like that I feel safe in the car at all times. I like that it does well on gas mileage. At this point in my life, I am tired of the sedan design and would like to eventually go to a crossover

- Kate R

I love Volvo, that's a summary

This is a very attractive, well built, safe vehicle that has been trouble free from the beginning. I love Volvo, it's the only brand car I purchased for the last 35 years.

- Denise D

My car is a dependable like my best friend, and good-looking as well!

It is reliable, comfortable, looks good and performs well. I get reasonable gas mileage and has all the features that I want in a car. I like the size and styling.

- Esperanza A

Woman drives Volvos for 44 years

I have owned Volvos for 40 year and chose them initially for their safety features. Maintenance is expensive, but I remain loyal to the brand. Viva Volvo.

- Carol N

Volvo car gets great reviews

My vehicle is a 2012 Volvo s60 and I have not had any problems with it in the past or currently. It drives extremely smooth and is a good looking car.

- Payton S

Volvo S60: Safe and Reliable

I love Volvo's safety features including side curtain airbags, and brake assist. The seats are very comfortable and the sedan size is perfect for me.


T5 turbo. decent gas mileage and great HP.

it is a very reliable vehicle. Though it is 6 years old I will drive it until 10 years. I have had problems with it but have an extended warranty.

- Frank P

2012 Volvo S60 Luxury appeal

It handles really well, and with proper maintenance it lasts a long time. The mid level interior is very comfortable and adds a nice pop of luxury.

- Kourtney R

Just about the safest car you could own.

Love the power and safety. Amazing to finally have Bluetooth connection in my car as well. The only dislike is the cost to have it worked on.

- Mark E

Volvo are not worth the cost

Had to replace heads. Very expensive. After that one thing after another. The car is nice and comfortable but any repairs are expensive

- Dawn D

No get up and go when driving. It is hard to enter on the highway on an uphill.

Best car I ever owner. Fast stylish still drives and looks like new. Two bad features - rear blind spots and large turning radius.

- Geoffrey D

Safety factor is huge with this brand.

A/c consistently does not work. Seems to be problems consistently. However, car rides very smoothly, and has many perks.

- Benjamin K

My S60 has an amazing sound system.

Too low to the ground in Jackson. I've hit potholes and scraped bottom of my car. I've had to replace three wheels.

- Laura R

Adult four door luxury sports car

I have the R-design model. It's super responsive and handles like a dream. It just goes where you tell it to go

- Steve L

Love my s60 - gent car for family and performance

Sports car hiding in a family car. Amazing performance but very safe. Has all the features anyone could want

- Mark B

It is a very safe car and will last a very long time. They won't have to fill it up as often. But if you need to change anything that will cost a lot

I like that it is a very safe vehicle. I like that it has great gas mileage. I can fit my whole family in it.

- stephanie n

It's safe and built to last many years. The ride is very smooth.

It's sporty, safe and I love the interior. It gets excellent gas mileage on the highway. It's built to last.

- Frederic F

It is very safe and makes me feel secure. Very little damage when hit from behind.

It's safe fast and has good accessories. It accelerated quickly and drives well on roads and highways.

- Christie H

It is six years old, but it is still very modern and aesthetic.

I like it because it's small and sleek. It has bluetooth. And it has good gas efficiency.

- Paul R

The Volvo car that I own is a very safe car. I feel very secure in it.

I like the color. I dislike the outdated technology inside. I like the safety features.

- Zev M

Fun to drive! It is zippy and responsive in traffic.

Small size easy for city driving. Comfortable. Good gas mileage.

- Sarah L

Its has great safety features. There are front, knee and side airbags. There is an escape mechanism in the trunk. It is built to last.

It is safely constructed. Poor fuel economy. Seats are too low.

- Michael Z

Very dependable Fun to drive Worth the money Only car I have owned for more than 5 years

Drives smooth Reliable Nice lines Fast and fun to drive

- Danna G

the most important thing about my car is that is it paid off.

very safe car. gets good gas mileage. no complaints.

- bill S

Volvos are built with safety in mind. There are many safety features such as the engine in an impact, instead of going into the cabin it slides downward and away from the passengers.

Love Volvos because of their safety and the styling.

- Nick P

It is a safe car. My last one saved my life.

Volvo saved my life. Dependable car. It is sporty.

- Heidi b