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How my used Volvo with 35,000 miles is holding up.

My Volvo is a comfortable ride thanks to the leather seats and balanced suspension. However, the car rides very low to the ground, which makes it difficult to approach steep hills or driveways with high curbs. The steering base is quite wide for a sedan, so navigating quick turns can be slightly more cumbersome. Based on the age of the car, there isn't as much 'get up and go' as you might expect from a car that's 6 years old, and it sometimes takes beyond 60 seconds to speed up. Ultimately my biggest concern is that this car, which runs best on mid grade gas, is not extremely fuel efficient. Allegedly it should be getting 23 mi/gallon, but if the vehicle is not kept in tip top shape that plummets tremendously.

- Sarah T

2013 s60 Volvo review from a starter driver.

I love my Volvo. The mileage is decent for the year and make but it would not be ideal for large cities. It is brake is touchy which I personally like. It can stop quickly and accelerate fast. Volvo's have always been known for their safety and the car meets the standard. It will stop any time you get too close to a car and you are under 25 mph. That has saved my family from making careless mistakes. It connects to Bluetooth and aux. I can charge my phone in the car as well. All in all it is very practical while keeping its comfort.

- Andrea J

A sleek and luxurious auto experience

My car is sleek, compact, but yet has room for full sized adults to have adequate leg room. I enjoy the aero-dynamic comfort of the seats. It reminds me of being in a massage chair if it had the ability to massage. It's heating feature almost does the trick. The sound system is first class as well as the Bluetooth, Sirius XM radio, and disc player. There is a great amount of trunk space as well.

- Gabrielle M

This car is durable and will get you where you need to go without any issues.

I have not had many issues or problems with my Volvo since I purchased it new in October 2013. I love the backup mirror, front/rear park assist, heated front seat feature and the dimming rearview mirror. I don't use the navigation system like I thought I would because Google maps on my phone is way better and more reliable. I wish I had gotten the dimming side mirrors.

- Regan L

Fun ride! It corners incredibly well for a basic sedan.

Handles great in the snow and is a comfortable ride. It did have some suspension issues though thankfully they were under warranty. The vehicle also corners well and handles well on the highway. It does have a bit of a sport suspension though and you do tend to feel a lot of the bumps. The only downside is lack of space in the trunk, it is a bit small.

- Angela L

My car drives pretty fast so that is always nice.

My car is decent. I mean as long as it is running it is fine to me but I tend to run across a couple problems like the breaks. Whenever I drive there’s always this squeaking sound and I thought it was my brakes so I got them fixed and my car was still making the squeaking sound it still does until this day never figured out the problem.

- Ash W

My vehicle is a 2013 4 door Volvo S60 T5, dark grey with beige interior

No spare tire on my car due to the year and making of it, that's the only really downfall, other than that it drives nicely, comfortable, more on the luxurious side, I should've gotten darker interior though, good sound system, love that my car alerts me with messages telling me I need maintenance or whatever else it needs

- Alexandria D

Safe, comfortable family vehicle

I feel like the car is very comfortable and has a luxurious interior. It feels like a safe and reliable vehicle. The maintenance costs are high and there are lots of little glitches with the computer aspects of the vehicle, like the vehicle message system. It also guzzled oil and isn't particularly fuel efficient.

- Jessica F

Volvo makes a sporty and solid car.

My car has many amazing features including: keyless entry with auto unlock sensors and keyless ignition. The heated seats and adjustable leather seats are very comfortable. The car has great acceleration, AWD, and is a top safety pick. It has a high ranking in consumer reports and very good resale value.

- Emily C

Rated the Safest car in America for a number of years

I'm very impressed with the safety features on the Volvo s60. The car is very reliable even after 80k plus miles. Still drives the same from when I purchased years ago. As long as you keep the car up to date by servicing and maintaining... The Volvo will last you for years to come.

- Cynthia C

By regularly maintaining the car it will continue to work well for many years

It rides really well for a six-year-old car. The breaks are smooth and the steering is tight. It has a nice, leather interior. I don't like that the trunk doesn't unlock automatically with the rest of the car. I have to manually push the button to pop it to get it open.

- Samantha B

Smooth ride and comfortable.

Love this car. Great handling, nice interior, comfortable seats and lots of space. Trunk is roomie, sound system is nice, seat heaters are a great feature as well. With regular maintenance this car will last you a lifetime. Room for the kids, dog, in laws and more.

- Cathy R

The car has an amazing automatic stop feature

The car is extremely safe and easy to drive. The comfort level is amazing and the automatic stop feature is great. As someone who was a new driver, having this car made me feel safer on the roads. The only issue we have had is with the latch on the doors.

- Taylor G

This is a midnight blue beauty.

Performance is fantastic. It is easy to handle, stops on a dime, and has great pickup. This is the most reliable car I have ever had. And the seats are so comfortable! This year does not have a color display like in newer models but that is just fluff.

- Angela L

This car is incredibly reliable and safe. If safety is a concern, Volvo is the right car for any consumer.

I love my car because it's very sporty. I love the aesthetics. It has a black exterior with rich milk chocolate brown leather seats and leather trim. The performance on the car is good. I'd like to upgrade the wheels though. They need more of an edge.

- Rolando C

I have never had any problems with it and I have put 75,000 miles on it.

My volvo s60 gets good gas mileage. It.. Has a quality interior. I have never had a problem with it. The tires are inexpensive to replace. Although it is older it still looks up to date. It is quick, reliable, and one of the safest vehicles to drive..

- Noelle M

Volvo's are extremely reliable and are a great luxury car to own.

I enjoy driving my vehicle because of the way it performs. Volvo's are very safe cars and are built like tanks. Since I have owned my car I have not had to put any money into my car. It is well made and drives like I am floating in the air ..

- Jennifer G

Volvo is safe and fun to drive.

This car is very stylish and powerful. It is very reliable and technologically up to date. The car handles very well on curves and with front wheel drive it is very steady and safe on snow.

- Albert A

This is most safe vehicle you will ever own.

I love everything about this vehicle. Most of all, I love the safety of this vehicle. After having wrecked one and drove away from the wreck, I am a believer! I dislike nothing.

- Roxanne H

It was rated Top in Safety when I bought it! It is very heavy.

Love that it is very heavy so I feel safe! It was rated top in safety. I love that it uses regular gas. Only negative is that it makes wide turns. Best car I have ever had!

- Melanie T

My car is safe and that is very important, as my family is my treasure. I like to keep it clean and a pleasant safe place for everyone

I like the safety features of automatic stopping and the general safety features of Volvo's. I don't like the price of maintenance or parts or the body style.

- J B

Luxurious feel, good quality parts and service from the dealership. Powerful engine makes it easy to accelerate.

It's easy to drive, very comfortable to ride in. Backseat passengers have room, but the car isn't too large to handle. Trunk room can be small at times.

- Joyce L

My car is a dream and life saver.It's great in the winter and looks good.

My car is a beauty and drives so smooth. It is clean and has a great stereo system. It's all wheel drive which is nice for the winter. I love my car.

- Deborah F

Safety with style and comfort.

Safe and dependable. Quiet ride. Hugs road. Peppy car. Very stylish and is very comfortable excellent gas mileage. Sound system is excellent.

- Jim N

My car had the best crash test rating in the year 2012.

My vehicle is a black Volvo S60. It is the perfect vehicle for me as it is very safe and looks great. I like pretty much everything about it.

- Cristina H

The car is very safe. Volvo is known for making safe cars, and the S60 shows it.

My volvo has been one of the best cars I have ever had. It has never had any problems. It has good power for a sedan, and quite comfortable.

- Thomas B

Volvo S60 is Comfortable and Fantastic!

The Volvo S60 is a turbocharged 5 sedan which provides a lot of pickup (when you need it), is very comfortable and a very safe vehicle.

- Peter D

It has all of the typical Volvo safety features, yet it is not your father's Volvo.

It is a very nice mid-size sedan. Has nice amenities and excellent creature comforts. It is very safe and gets excellent gas mileage.

- Nick T

classy, stylish and reliable

overall very happy, comfortable, reliable and stylish. a wheel problem that no one seems to be able to fix is frustrating .

- denise l

Volvo S60 is a fun car to drive and easy

It is a really nice car. It drives really nicely and it looks sleek. It also has some power in the engine and is fun to drive

- Jim M

Well built, comfortable, responsive engine.

Does not have backup camera. But love everything else. Very comfortable especially on long distance and freeway driving.

- Maggie C

Secure, safe, stylish vehicle.

No problems, great technology in the vehicle. Very comfortable seats. Only thing I would add would be a backup camera.

- Kendall K

It is a very safe car and made very solid. It has lane detection mirrors

I love the way it handles, the sturdiness, the safety features. I do not like that it does not have a backup camera

- Diane M

The secure feeling of when driving how safe it is.

My Volvo has been dependable, comfortable ride, I always feel safe in the car - I can feel how strong the car rides.

- Diane R

I have not had any issues with the vehicle and has proven to be reliable

I have owned the car for 3 years and have not had a single issue with the vehicle. It has been incredibly reliable

- Ashley P

It is very safe and advanced. The Volvo S60 is sporty and stylish.

The vehicle is stylish and modern. It is very powerful and technically advanced. It is also very Scandinavian.

- Albert A

I have never had mechanical issue other than regularly scheduled maintenance.

it has a smooth ride. it is mechanically reliable. the heater works well. it has comfortable leather seats.

- Russell B

It is fast and has a tiptronic feature.

The vehicle is high maintenance but drives well and I enjoy it. It has a powerful engine and runs well.

- Anna J

it is a wonderful automobile totally perfect in every respect.

i love my volvo. it is dependable. it is very fast. it never fails me even in the worst weather.

- cat c

It is very safe, yet not your father's stodgy Volvo.

Nice mid-size sedan. Has good creature comforts and utility. Sporty looking with good gas mileage.

- Nick T

Safety car. Fast. Very comfortable. But not for young people. They will not appreciate all value of Volvo.

Safety, Fast, Reliable. I love Volvo. I'm with Volvo cars 8 years already. I trust only Volvo.

- Igor F

It's expensive to maintain, but gets pretty good gas mileage.

Comfortable car. It gets decent gas mileage. It has had some expensive and strange issues.

- Tammy F

That it's one of the, if not the safest cars out there.

It's a great car. But the maintenance on it is quite expensive.

- Violet E