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2015 Volvo S60 Consumer Review

The S-60 is first-class and highly attractive sports sedan. It sets the standard in safety features. It has a 4-cylinder engine with Turbo boost. There is responsive handling and great performance. My model is the front-wheel drive although it also comes with all-wheel drive. It handles great on snowy roads. The interior is comfortable and roomy for 4 adults and one child in the middle rear seat. Heated seats are a must for northern climates and I use them daily. They are fully heated within 5 minutes. The instrumentation is easy to see and navigate. The infotainment system does take some getting used to as it isn't very intuitive. The audio system is clear. It is a sleek-looking sedan. No more boxy Volvo sedans! It has a contemporary front end. One feature that isn't desirable is the smallish trunk. I have had much difficulty trying to fit large luggage for 3 adults into the trunk. I usually have to put one large suitcase in the back seat and the carry-on pieces will go inside the trunk. The maintenance costs are predictably more expensive than domestic vehicles. A replacement battery just cost $280. But that is to be expected for a luxury vehicle. All-in-all, this is a great, safe, good-looking, and reliable care.

- Rachael L

Volvo: that dream car you never thought you'd seize

The look is what attracted me the most as well as the brand. The car screams reliability, safety, and cool - a car that matches my personality. The performance is not as sporty as other elite cars in the field, like an Audi or BMW but the difference in price point also reflects that. For a short commuter, the mileage is great, averaging about 27-30 mpg with various options to either make your call fuel efficient or make it 'turbo' with the simple and intuitive dashboard. I have had a great deal of maintenance in the first 4 years. Sometimes when you travel to different areas with changing humidity or elevation levels, the 'alarm' alerts you that the tire pressure is off. This has happened a dozen times and I've had the car less than 3 years.

- Tiffany N

I love my Volvo & will definitely buy another Volvo.

My Volvo is very reliable. It is also very comfortable, roomy, and has a lot of power. There are 2 things that are, however, annoying about my car. One, when the temperature changes, the tires lose air pressure and I have to go to the dealer or a tire place to get air in them. This happens 7-8 times a year. Once the pressure dropped so much that the tire blew. And two, I wish I had a backup camera. I miss that from my old car.

- Sandra L

Great car, with a nice sporty look.

The Volvo s60 is a great car. It is reliable and comfortable with lots of mice features. The designers paid attention to some small details like vents in the side for rear passengers and heated seats in the back as well. The back seats fold down so the trunk can be used for longer items that don't fit in standard trunks. In addition, it has a heated steering wheel.

- Mikayla T

Great cross country car!!

This car is incredible! I drove it across the country twice and it didn't falter for second. Even when we went across the 118* Arizona summer desert, it ran cool and smooth the entire time. We averaged almost 31 mpg for the trip with premium fuel and would definitely recommend premium for it. The car drives beautifully and was worth every penny.

- Francesca L

Volvos are awesome, and worth every penny.

It's a Volvo, great on the roads in all conditions. Very powerful and fun to drive. Not to mention it is very cool looking and attracts the right attention. My Volvo has a lot of bells and whistles. It is also great for passengers. The back is very comfortable and has all the comforts necessary, plus plenty extras. Very spacious.

- Lillian B

It is a sporty, reliable moms car.

My biggest problem is that the tires pop very frequently. It drives very smoothly, and it is a very reliable car on road trips. The seats are very comfortable. The car features Bluetooth, backup cameras, heated seats, and both the driver and passenger are able to control their own A/C settings.

- Jenna M

Volvo s60-safe and easy driving.

The car is very solid-feels safe. Has a high safety rating. Drives very smoothly and quietly. 4 cylinder with turbo had good pickup. Has backup camera and blind spot indicators which assists driving. Too many buttons to switch from am to FM or fm2 or CD player. CD player is a plus.

- Abby Y

interior is amazing, has tan and black features

classy. Great interior. Drive is smooth. Color is white and looks great. Features are amazing. Interior is tan and black. Has a sunroof and 4 doors. Engine is 4 cylinder. Trunk is nicely sized. Has internet available. Has rear view camera. Has cruise control automatic lights.

- Dominic R

Best vehicle to buy is a Volvo.

No issues with the car. The only thing I needed to do was buy new tires. This is my third Volvo and I would highly recommend a Volvo to anyone. All three of my cars have been very reliable with no issues. The only things I had to replace were things from normal wear and tear.

- Maureen S

Starter Issues with good gas mileage

Stiff suspension. Starter connection issues. The trunk space is limited. Otherwise the brand is pretty decent. Not quite sure I would purchase this particular model again. I do like the stylish outward appearance. It gets pretty good mileage but premium gas is required.

- Ronald W

Start/stop feature is bothersome to active drivers and can be easily turned off.

The Volvo s60 is fun to drive. The drive-e model is more fuel efficient than I expected while still delivering high performance. Exceptionally comfortable and stylish. Repairs are expensive but if you take care of this car it will take great care of you.

- Desmond S

Great reliable affordable car!

Reliable car and very smooth drive. One of the few cons are you have to purchase Volvo on call to have the option to have automatic start your car. The interface for navigation seems antiquated and does not have a lot to offer. Not a lot of trunk space.

- Ash V

Love my Volvo, you will as well.

I have had no issues with my Volvo. It is reliable and provides a very comfortable ride. It also has many safety features. Overall, I am very satisfied with this car and would buy it again. I have nothing further to add about my opinion about this car.

- Gerald T

Smooth ride with good mileage and comfortable seats. Small but roomy.

My nice Volvo has nice leather seats and smooth acceleration. It is compact enough while still fitting 5 people comfortably. I wish the trunk were roomier but the seats fold down so things can fit in the back if need be. I like its start stop feature.

- Melanie H

Four door sedan, smallish car but what I need.

Comfortable inside, smooth ride. Not many problems so far. I had little things like the windshield wiper fluid would spray over the car, but the dealer fixed it. It's still kind of new (30k miles), so it's good so far.

- Edmund B

The car has great safety features!!.

It has great safety features such as rear camera and side signal that helps alert driver to vehicles in blind spot.. It is comfortable and roomy.. It can carry a lot of passengers and stuff.. I have no complaints..

- Larry M

It's great to drive and a very save car and has excellent handling.

I like the smooth ride and the technology and the safety of the vehicle. There isn't much that I dislike except that the interior could have some wood and be a little more luxurious.

- Diane S

I am refined and have grown up. My taste in cars has evolved.

I like that it is safe and comfortable. The white on white is the look that I have been looking for. I prefer a more toned down look than the aggressive looks of the past.

- Anh N

A super safe vehicle with a bit of a rough ride

Very nice comfortable vehicle with great gas mileage. My only complaint is that the ride can be a bit stiff and rough. would like a smoother ride.

- chris f

Volvo’s legendary safety is very important to all.

Volvo is outstanding in reliability and is a very comfortable car for both driver and passenger. Up to date technology is an outstanding feature.

- Judith L

It is a very dependable car. Also, it is the best car in the market.

My Volvo is the best car that I have bought so far. It's ride is great. I love it. Good on gas too! It is sturdy and I like that.


It is very safe and secure

I like how safe it it. It is very dependable and has lots of nice features. The navigation system is a handy feature.

- Brandon F

It's a very safe vehicle. Volvo' s are known for safety and this one doesn't fall short.

Vehicle is very reliable and safe. It has all wheel drive with nice features. The sound system is also amazing.

- Chris P

Great car for individuals or families.

Excellent gas mileage. Very reliable. Comfortable to drive. Also comfortable for passengers, even tall ones.

- Ann P

Comfortable car and very safe car for families looking for a car

It is an S60, I love it as I feel safe when using it and have not had any issues with it mechanically.

- Luigi R

Awesome car. Very safe and reliable.

Been having issue with tire pressure sensors lately. Overall, good car. Very comfortable and reliable.

- Sarah H

It's great for a petite driver, very comfortable ride

I love my volvo- comfortable seats, smooth ride. I also have it in silver, and think it's pretty!

- Beth s

Has great safety ratings by consumer reports and other car reviews

Gets amazing gas mileage. It is so comfortable to ride in. Also, it is very quiet in the cabin.

- Stanley W

I love the reliability of the Volvo. I also feel very safe in my car. It looks great and has all the conveniences that make my ride more enjoyable and comfortable.

You can't beat the safety features - the headrests are awesome and award winning.

- Anna C

its excellent with gas, i normally only have to get gas once a month

my car is really good on gas, it drives smoothly and is fuel efficient

- morgan p

It is a very safe car and a pleasure to drive, The seats are very comfortable

I like the safety, however I dislike that you cannot check the oil

- Linda S

My car is very dependable and has given me very few mechanical problems.

It is very reliable. Gives me a feeling of security,

- Betty P