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Love it! A little young to own a Volvo though.

I love the look of the Volvo s60. Personally, I have the car in black, and I think it looks the best in black after seeing it on the road in other colors. I never have any problems with it other than that the defogger makes the car really hot inside. The other thing is that in the past it has been known as an "older person's car" and as a 20-something year old, I feel a little out of place.

- Irene C

Safe, reliable and sleek, the Volvo s60 platinum inscription is a winner.

The comfort of the s60 is incomparable to any other car I have owned. I have owned three (3) Volvos and I have loved all of them. Two of them have been the s60 and one was the s80. Each one of them has had a smooth ride, responsive pick up and looks sleek. I love all of the various features, and the look of the cars Volvo makes. I have never experienced any problems.

- mich C

Fun, safe car with good sound system.

My car is zippy and stylish. It has great pick-up for a small sedan. The seats are very comfortable. I used to have problems/pain driving more than an hour and I don't have that problem with this car. I like the sound system too. It took me a while to get used to the keyless entry. I forgot the key in my purse the first time I valet this car.

- Diane L

Volvo is hip, reliable and fun.

This is a super comfortable car. The seats hug you. The car drives very well. It's a very smooth ride when you leave it on the default mode, but it also has a sport mode which allows for more powerful acceleration. The tech features are pretty standard, but their design is unique. It's a very fun car to drive.

- Nicholas S

Volvo is ultimate comfort ride!

Well, I drive a lot and love my car! It is comfortable to ride, with all the instruments in a comfortable space. The only complaint is that the factory installed tires were not very good. After 37k miles, I love it! Great gas mileage, too - I get at least 28 mpg. And the climate control is super effective.

- Jennifer S

Love my Volvo! Safe, beautiful and gun to drive.

Great style, smooth leather and interior appointments are user friendly. Great gas mileage handles corners with ease. Volvo thought of everything! Used regular gasoline. Safety has been #1 throughout this vehicle. I would definitely purchase another Volvo in my future.

- Lynn P

Fashionable car with great features such as seat warmers and back up cameras.

It is a great car with great features. It is attractive on the outside. It has a pretty good gas mileage. It has seat warmers. It has blind spot indicators and a back up camera which helps to not hit other cars while parking. I love the leather seats and sunroof.

- Danielle S

It is very safe and has a nice interior. Somewhat of a firm ride. Infotainment is very outdated. Luckily the new model is coming out in 2019

I like the outside appearance and the interior quality. Also like the pickup of the car. Can't stand the infotainment system. Like the Harmon Kardon Stereo but hate the navigation and the connectivity with my phone. Constant complaint with this model

- Thomas B

The comfort and built in features of the car including navigation and adaptive cruise control make it a pleasure to drive

I love my car because the seats are very comfortable and easily adjustable. The sound system and built in navigation system are helpful. There is a lot of legroom for passengers. It has not broken down at all in the two years I have had it.

- Kristen W

I feel safe in it like I have with the other 5 Volvo brand cars I have owned.

It was a downgrade from previous Volvos I have owned. Don't like having to use the key Fob, just like having it on my person. I hate the turn engine off option when car is at a full stop--takes too long to re-start when light turns green.

- donna m

Volvo has a proven track record of providing one of the safest vehicles on the road. Reasonably priced for a luxury car. Service department is amazing.

Best thing about my Volvo is it is a safe car to drive. The s60 I have is larger and sleeker than previous models. The stereo and nav system are great quality. The car sounds so quiet. My only complaint is sometime service costs are high

- Louise C

It is a good car and it is a safe car. It does pretty good for mileage in terms of gas and filling up.

I like the fact that is loaded with the Bluetooth, backup camera and the bliss system for the blind spot. Also, the satellite radio. The only thing that I don't like is the trunk space I wish it was deeper and bigger overall.

- Brian B

It's well made and it gets decent gas mileage. The seat are comfortable and it looks good.

Well I love how it turns corners it's if it it somehow see the corners and glides around them. The gas mileage is decent. I have some trouble sometimes with the navigation but it's nice to have.

- Vickie W

It's a high quality luxury vehicle that drives well.

It is a luxury vehicle for sure, with comfortable seats although the back does not have a lot of legroom. I like the pickup on it, it accelerates well. The speakers are very good as well.

- Michelle A

Great Sedan, Very Happy with Purchase

I love the fuel economy and handling of the vehicle. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of room in the backseat and trunk for my needs.

- Eri D

Very dependable if serviced regularly.

The Volvo is notoriously a very safe vehicle. It also has a sporty look and has good gas mileage. It is fun to drive, handles well.

- Joni S

Volvo S60 the safe alternative

Great safe, comfortable car. Excellent driving sedan which is made to be driven . Volvo and safety goes hand and hand.

- Leo U

It's one of the safest cars on the road.

I like the safety features. I like the dependability. I like the Volvo service. And I like the style of the car.

- Deanna g

It is good on gas. Gives good highway miles.

It handles well. Not too big. Nice radio. I like the color. I like the seats, the headrest and the climate control.

- Sonia N

The most import thing is that the car is reliable and safe.

I like that it is small. It's fast. I don't like that it doesn't have a backup camera for a 2017 car.

- Lidia M

I really love driving my Volvo because it's comfortable and safe.

This is my fourth Volvo. It's comfortable, fun to drive and looks good. I have no complaints.

- Ellen S

If you want a safe, reliable, beautiful car you should drive a Volvo!

Volvo is a safe car. It's also very comfortable. No dislikes at all.

- Minna M

Oil gets incredibly low without warning

Love the style and the way it drives. Kind of expensive to fix

- Kath M

Volvo a very safe car to own and drive

likes:Safety is first.. longevity is second. value is third

- pam P