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One interesting thing about my car is black

The gas is very good on my Volvo! I've had this car since 2004 and it's been working well ever since! As long as you take good care of your car and get the oil changed you are good. The Volvo is a very good family car and I recommend it for everyone. If you haven't test drove one today you totally should. Stop by a local dealership today!

- Brooke M

2000 Volvo that is still modern and runs smoothly.

My vehicle is still in very good shape. The interior is nice and modern. Occasionally there are problems with the battery but we recently got it fixed. There were a lot of problems with one of the headlights but as of right now it is fixed and will hopefully stay that way.

- Savannah B

Since I live in Texas, A/C is important, but my car is older and has a weaker ac system making some days pretty hot

My Volvo is a cute old car, however, it does tend to need regular maintenance and replacements. It has a leather interior which is my favorite part and gets me from point a to point b! It's only broken down on me once and is reliable 99.9% of the time.

- chloe c

Good mileage, strong engine, sound body.

Sturdy car, gets good mileage. The body does not rust, and the engine is pretty strong. . Overall, a good first car. Would recommend it for college kid just starting out and needs a reliable workhorse. Air condition works well, no transmission issues.

- David S

My car is really reliable.

My car has been super reliable for all the years I have owned it. Though it is getting old, it has not given me many problems. The sensors in it are going bad, so the check engine light is on frequently.

- Mikayla C

The same and I would definitely recommend to anyone.

I love the economic value, I love the gas mileage it gets, I love the safety it provides. I do not like the car cup holders, made very cheaply, I do not like the fact that it does not have heated seats.

- Shannon E

I feel very safe driving my volvo. I like all the power features and how reliable it is.

It has held up well. I really like the turbo engine. The body of the car is in really great shape. It is so reliable and I have had to put in minimal money for repairs on it.

- shari r

Its mine. And its paid for.

I don't dislike anything. My car runs good. Even though there a lot of mileage. I love it. There is transmission problems though. And I need shocks for the front and new tires.

- Faye F

it's nothing really important to know i had a good experience with it its overall a great car you wont be dissapointed

it's a really great quality vehicle it drives real smooth and it also has a good mileage to get me through the day i had no issues with it

- Lotoria M

It is made to last about twenty years and is also very reliable.

I love its safety features. I like that the seats go down so I can fit my walker in it. It is roomy and fits my needs. No complaints.

- Maureen Z

That it is old but good and that i have no dim lights lol

I like that my vehicle is very dependable and that the parts are not that expensive and that it is built to last and is made for women

- Melissa W

Incredibly safe for traveling.

Comfortable, safe vehicle. Interior is a bit sensitive, but if taken care of properly Volvo’s last forever!

- Katie R

It only has 80,000 miles even though it's 18 years old

It feels safe when I'm driving and it's very reliable mechanically. The turning radius SUCKS though.

- Sara S

I have a silver car. My car has hand controls. My car is pretty

My car is reliable. My car has a high safety rating. The seats are not as comfortable as I'd like.

- Maryann G

It's a nice size for a small family

It has a massive oil leak. That's what i hate about it. I like the color

- Danielle P

This car not only looks and drives good, but it is one of the only cars that is truly safe.

I love the car because it looks great, almost no bad parts. Drives great

- David S

That It's very good on gas and is clean running and is quiet when running.

I love my volvo. It's the Right size. Good on gas . It has a sunroof.

- Linda M

Vehicle drives fine but has many problems as mileage is well over 250k. Inside is too small and compact for a baby car seat in the back. Perfect size for a single person with a pet.

When taken care it has great reliability and can get decent mileage.

- Alex G

Safety features Sunroof Gas per gallon Mileage per gallon

Love the mileage Love the dependability No complaints

- Cosmo F

It's safe, gets great gas mileage, and only has 200 thousand miles on it.

I love my Volvo. It's the best car I have ever had.

- Pam S