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Do not buy a pre 2010 Volvo s80.

Electrical issues, front end parts always needing to be replaced, a/c and heater always stop working. Even with regular maintenance this car has degraded quickly for it is continued ebb value. Leather interior did not hold up to elements. The only nice thing about the car is the size, the mpg and the sunroof.

- Bill Haynes H

Volvo s80 the best in comfort and reliability.

The only thing I have done to this car is change the oil over the past 4 years. It's comfortable to drive love the heated seats and is fast when you need it to be thx to the turbo. Good on gas. Love it! Message center comes in handy letting you know things like low washer fluid etc.

- Colleen P

My vehicle is a used 2004 Volvo s80 sedan and holds 5 passengers.

Its a used vehicle, and its reliable. Very well made and gets only 15 miles per gallon local driving. It does have a catalytic converter issue when I diagnose the check engine light. The seats are leather and it fits 5 passengers. It is a gold colored sedan.

- Olga N

It's very safe to drive and has a lot of power that you wouldn't necessarily expect by looking at it.

It's in very good condition for its age. The previous owner clearly took care of it, so it still runs very well. I'm not crazy about the relatively poor gas mileage, especially with the engine requiring premium gas.

- Ramon M

Safe, reliable, comfortable, clean.

I love my car! It's very safe and drives very smoothly. It has high miles but I have lots of faith that it still has a lot of life left in it! I love the power seats and the heat works very well too!

- Juliana W

It is a safe and reliable vehicle!

Volvo is a safe and reliable car. Although maintenance can be expensive, the car is overall durable and built to last. The electrically adjustable seats and seat heaters are excellent.

- Olivia W

Reliability, great gas mileage, smooth riding all electric seats, mirrors locks.

Rides smooth, never had any problems love it. Very reliable. No electronic problems. Great on gas. Am very pleased with my purchase.

- Rene D

Safe driving and handling engineering.

Handles well, safety features, comfortable, economical. High cost for maintenance items and limited sites equipped to maintain. .

- Ed P

It is a luxury car that has pretty good gas mileage

It has an ABS light on. I replaced the brake control module and it has a slow oil leak.. It rides nice and has nice features.

- Steve B

Being a foreign car, the parts can be expensive if need replaced.

I like how my car runs. I really like the way it drives. Parts are rather expensive. Other than that, it is a good car.

- Carolin S

It is safe. Easy to drive, stylish and comfortable. I recommend it highly to everyone.

I like the interior. 4 wheel drive is great. It had been reliable. Dislike how the leather seats heat up when hot out.

- Michael B

This car is a very reliable and it is great for a family.

The maintenance can be a little costly at times but I do like that when taken care of, the volvo will run for life.

- Danielle J

It is a sturdy vehicle. I never have to worry about breaking down.

It's reliable. I feel safe while driving it. I like the leather interior. I've never had any issues with it.

- Leah K

Does not have maintenance issues often but they tend to be more expensive when they occur.

Body is excellent, issues with electrical, ride is excellent, have had tire issues, overall a solid vehicle.

- Myob A

It has a guaranteed safety record. Volvo has built their reputation on this fact.

I like the safety. The car is easy to drive and has 4 wheel drive. Color and options are satisfactory.

- Michael L

no turbo, saves a lot of $ in repairs

car is getting old, almost 190,000 mi, still relatively reliable, gets me where I need to go

- Dwight H

It lasts for a very long time. Very family friendly.

I can't stand the leather. But we bought it used, and it was nice at the time.

- JoAnne P

when something is wrong you should fix it right now

it's a great drive, a little expensive to fix but great

- Erib S



- lavonne u

it is a safe car to drive and i keep good care of it

it is a safe car to drive and needs minimal upkeep

- lavonne B