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2007 Volvo s80 - equal parts function, style & comfort.

My 2007 s80 has been great- I bought it after my previous Volvo s80 2006 was totaled in an accident. This accident really cemented my belief in the true safety that Volvo is known for, as I & my family would have been hurt much worse in any other car. I bought my current 2007 model used, and after several years of owning it, so far have only had to have regular servicing, plus replace a battery & a set of tires. Maintenance had been a concern of mine, Volvo being a foreign car, but it is true what they say- if you take the proper car- Volvo’s will last a very long time. Some things I really like about my car: very comfortable (everyone loves the comfy seats), I love the power of the engine in this car- if I need to accelerate quickly to get on the highway, pull out in hectic traffic, etc.- it is very easy to do. I love my awesome sound system, which is really nice as-is, no extra sound system changes have been made with regards to speakers, etc. The backseat is super comfortable & roomy with a nice arm rest & drink holders. The trunk is huge for travelling with lots of luggage, etc. As a woman, I like that the car lights slowly fade off when you leave the vehicle, so you are not totally in the dark when you get out of the car at night. I like that you can display on your dash exactly how many miles left you have to go, before needing to refuel. (the remaining miles indicator always seems to show a little more than what you actually have, but is nice to have the estimate & reminder. ).

- Leigh S

sleek design with lots of space

the Volvo S80 has been a great car and has a really nice touch to the gas and brakes. This makes it really easy to drive with little to no abruptness with the starting and stopping the car. My Volvo has stayed in fairly good shape with very few incidents related to the typical ageing of a car. After over 10 years it still drives smoothly and gets good gas mileage on the highway. The one major problem I have run into so far is that my Volvo goes through oil really quickly. I once felt the engine starting to act up and pulled over to check the oil and it was completely gone. This is after I refilled it less than two months before. When I took it in to get looked at I was told that the car was fine but I just needed to be sure to be extra aware of the oil levels and when they are starting to drop. Other than that I have absolutely loved my Volvo. It has been such a reliable car, and even though it is over 10 years old it does not look dated in the least. The S80 is so comfortable and roomy, especially in the back seat and in the trunk. Despite this the car is very compact, and makes driving in the city and in traffic a whole lot easier. I have had such a great experience with my Volvo and will most likely be a return customer when it comes time for an upgrade.

- Ashley M

It's an amazing car. Get yourself a Volvo. They are one of the safest cars

I absolutely love my car. It's great on mileage. I wouldn't have any other car. Now when I take it to a garage depending on what I need done. It may be a bit pricey. The tires are a bit expensive. I pay $85 a piece for a tire. It has heated seats. The only thing I don't like is it doesn't have 4 wheel or all wheel drive. But it's still a great running car.

- Britt W

The handling and acceleration.

Electric issues with radio, leather seats cracked, sunroof leaked, hard to find a dealer to work on the vehicle, good gasoline prices and mileage, car is very nice I like it a lot car was very comfortable and ran very smooth I have been very pleased with this car I really have no complaints and would definitely recommend this vehicle to another. Buyer.

- Gary N

It is very spacious . Long lasting car and durable.

Spacious and. Comfortable. Very steady. It provides a message if there is a problem in the car. . It is very safe to drive. The car does not have a gps system. It gives a great mileage for its price and a very strong car. . It is durable for all the weather conditions and it will take you a longer way.

- Anjali R

Clean, sleek and comfy to drive.

I love this car because it is nice and simple to use. We live in a high traffic area so having the smaller car is perfect. The is also tons of trunk space. I never have an issue fitting everything I need into the trunk. It is clean and looks nice on the inside and outside. Comfortable to drive.

- Robbie S

Eleven years old and good as new.

I never dreamed I would own such a nice car. My Volvo is solid and reliable. I don't feel like I am driving around a tin can like past cars. I bought it used...11 years old, and I've had zero performance issues. Routine maintenance is higher but well worth it.

- Catherine D

Great vehicle to own and drive.

It is a trooper. Reliable, great gas mileage. Great in bad weather. I feel very safe in my vehicle. Performs great. It is very good in the snow, it handles amazingly. I feel it is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I recommend this vehicle to everyone.

- Elaine E

The DSTC sensor on one of the tires was snapped in half, so we had to put it back together in a weird way.

My car is a white Volvo S80. It runs extremely well, even though it has 150,000 miles on it. There is only one complaint I have with it. The windshield fluid dispenser has never work and it will all leak out. Other than that, I absolutely love it.

- Jacob L

It is very comfortable, and it is also very dependable

I like how comfortable my car is. I don't like that I have to use the more expensive gas.

- Sherry P