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Got the lemon in the fruit basket

2017 Volvo S90

I am a Volvo "enthusiast." This review isn't 'sour grapes' from someone who tried Volvo out and didn't like it - the 2017 S90 is our 4th Volvo in 6 years. We loved the first three. I had no hesitation when the S90 came out, and promptly traded my 2015.5 S80 for the new car. It's an Inscription series with all the bells and whistles, and because we were so recently into the S80, my husband looked at me and said "are you SURE you are going to want this car for 6 years? Sure??? There's NO trading this one in in a year. " I was crying happy tears and definitely SURE. It wasn't a pinky promise to say yes. I was in luuuuuuuurv. Whatever. A couple months later, the leather dashboard lifted. Then the trim started coming loose inside a door or something similar. Then, the entire infotainment system shut. down. while. driving. Yep. I'm rocking along singing my heart out to my Bowers and Wilkins audio package when it starts making this loud noise and then the whole thing goes black. My daughter fortunately happened to be with me and got it on camera. That was the beginning of the end. It's 2 years later. I got a copy of all my service records last week, and my car has been at Volvo of Fredericksburg 23 times in less than 2 years. Mostly for the same issues over and over, some of which they pretty much think I am making up though I whip out my camera any time it is safe to do so. I have posted the videos on YouTube. That's just the local dealership. The car did the same thing with the infotainment system shutting down while I was flying through the Wasatch mountains on my way back to VA from Seattle. After the car had been in for repair at Volvo of Seattle as well, because I can't be somewhere for a few weeks and have my $70k car NOT need repair. At Volvo of Seattle, the warped brake rotors needed replaced. Of course they screwed something up so when I got it back, the sunroof and windows wouldn't auto-open and the proximity sensors weren't working anymore. Or the BLIS system. I actually got in a low-speed fender bender their "city safety" system should have prevented but it wasn't working correctly because of Volvo of Seattle. I had called them to try and work through the issue remotely as I couldn't take it back in that afternoon before they closed, and they never called me back. Out a $500 deductible and a "carfax" record of an accident now on the car history because I hit someone else's bumper when that's *exactly* the kind of accidental impact their system is supposed to help you avoid. All those commercials showing these systems preventing mayhem are great, but don't actually rely on it and get soft in your awareness. That's my fault, 100%, I will never again trust the car to keep me out of trouble. In any case, this has gone all the way to Volvo's "field reps" and nothing has been done. They've repaired the issues, but in Virginia you have to make the complaint about a Lemon within 18 mos of purchase, and the last time the car seriously failed while I was in Seattle, it was juuuuuust over the 18 mo mark. So they know I have no legal standing to force them to make it right. But they promised they'd keep fixing it, so I'm good right? Well, at least until the warranty runs out. Then I'm screwed. They are only shorting themselves. We would have been Volvo owners for life, and both our kids as well. Our 23yo son drives a 2012 S60 he was planning to trade for the new 2019 S60 (and in cash, no less, we raised a good egg). Our daughter was shopping for the V series for herself. Until they made it clear I'm stuck with this lemon until the loan is paid off and I can get rid of it. So that's what will happen. I will get rid of it, as soon as I can trade it without a ton of negative equity and get an Audi. We are all switching to Audi. And all the people around me who've seen constant "new" Volvo cars in my driveway (all the loaners) are laughing at Volvo and getting the message never to buy one. Seriously, my neighbors were considering one until I started having so many issues with mine. The Volvo jackets and shirts and key fobs and glasses and pen and journal and umbrella and anything else branded with Volvo in our home is also going in the dumpster. I understand every new car body style has issues when it first comes out. I should have waited for the 2018 and let them work the kinks out first. But I'm sick with an illness that's chronic and will take my life sooner than later, so hubby wanted to give me the "dream car" I couldn't stop talking about. It was emotional based purchase which is always stupid. I should never have signed a contract on a car we didn't have equity in. NEVER get into a negative equity purchase, unless you literally have NO CHOICE. I had a choice, and went with what I wanted instead of what was smart and that is on no one but ME. However, the car issues are on Volvo. This car has had everything from mechanical issues like warped brake rotors to software issues like a failing infotainment system and the world in between. I'm not exaggerating when I say it has been in the shop here at home 23 times (some as long as a week to ten days), and twice in states other than Virginia when I was traveling. It has 26k miles on it, and it should still be purring like a kitten. It's a GREAT car, when it's working right. I love it. I love the way it handles, I love the way it looks, and I'm completely emotionally attached to it. However it's a dumpster with nice paint, and now I can't ever trust I'll get a "good" Volvo again. So I'll never buy another, and I caution all of you to make sure you know the limitations of Lemon law in your state. I should have taken it back when it was in the shop for the 10th time and rolled over the "month total" mark to qualify where I live. But I couldn't imagine back then that I'd wind up stuck with a failing car and a company that doesn't care. Do your homework. That's all. I would have been a Volvo "enthusiast" for life. It would have been so easy to keep us happy and buyers for life. Instead we will divest ourselves of the Volvo vehicles and move on. Sad.

- Shannon

Sweden is Back and Better than Ever!

2017 Volvo S90 Momentum

I love the exterior front design and that so many features light LED lights and navigation are standard. The best feature is the complimentary 3 years of service. That alone saves me hundreds of dollars over the course of the lease compared to other companies

- Jeff W

That the car runs smoothly and sounds likes a kittens purr.

2017 Volvo S90

My vehicle is great. I haven't gotten any problems with it yet. Runs great, feels great, one of the best things I've ever driven.

- Philip A

It can help to prevent crashes with animals on the road.

2017 Volvo S90

The Volvo has some of the best safety features. We love its simplistic technology and its sophisticated interior.

- Gabby E

It is a computer on wheels.

2017 Volvo S90

Performance and reliability good. Comfortable. Stylish. Roomy and accommodates passengers well. Enjoyable drive.

- Jackson R

The greatest car that was ever made. You need to by this now

2017 Volvo S90

great on gas, built like a tank. Very comfortable and spacious interior. It takes minimal maintenance

- brian w

It's a very nice car for a affordable price. Best deals are on Volvo's.

2017 Volvo S90

This is a great car. I love how when I put gas into it, it's long lasting. Great color and quality!

- Mia C

My car is very reliable and never fail

2017 Volvo S90

I do love my car but It's very old. I feel like it could be newer because i had it forever

- jill s

The Volvo offers great Style and safety at a reasonable price

2017 Volvo S90

Great style, interior and safety, Offers luxury at an affordable price.

- stewart c

I like the feeling of safety. I also like the very good view of the road that one enjoys in this car. I am saddened by the cheapening of the interior feel of the car.

2017 Volvo S90

It is a very roomy, safe car. And it is one of a dying breed.

- Pat A

Good at. Very easy to drive. Very comfortable for traveling

2017 Volvo S90

No back up camera. Rey easy to drive. Mileage not great

- Robert R