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It's a Volvo so it's a very safe and reliable. It's also great on gas.

My little station wagon is the perfect car for a small family or a couple starting out. The only complaints I have are it didn't come with the option for a combo cassette/CD player and the light bulbs in the tail lights have to be replaced about once a year.

- Kesha J

It has censor around itself especially in the front of the car.

I like it because of it is functional. Also, it is super convenient to use in the city area since the size is not too big either too small. Plus, I feel confident when driving this car because of its superior safety system.

- Chan C

This car is sensational! It is excellent for the family to use daily! The car is a clean design and it is amazing! This car is exceptional and valuable!

It is a wonderful car, my favorite part of the car is the comfort and convenience. It is really reliable for driving to school and Church. It is easy to navigate on the highway during family road trips in the summer!

- Ashley R

It's reliable! Yes, it requires upkeep and occasionally expensive but it helps make the daily life easy!

For an older car, this car is reliable and will take care of you! It has great gas mileage for example I drive about 25 minutes to work everyday and I only fill up about once every two weeks.

- Alyssa M

It's safer than a lot of small vehicles.

It is so comfortable to drive. I trust it to get me where I want/need to go. I love the design. I can haul a lot of things. I know its safe. I love driving it.

- Mary D

Fuel consumption is great. It can go more than 1100 km with a full tank.

Bluetooth Connection disruption. START/STOP sometimes fully stops the car. It only has back parking sensors

- Robert B

All about the car like model , system . the hard and the electric

Everything I like it in this survey, and nothing I dislike it.

- K B

Its is old. The doors don't want to unlock, the alarm goes off a lot. The seats are torn. It makes lots of noises.

It gets good mileage. It has a knock that I think is a strut.

- Joni B