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My vehicle is awesome and the way the black paint shimmers.

Very reliable and always gas friendly. The day was cold and the breeze was silent I didn't really like how much people looked at my car. But my car is sweet like a fine wine and doesn't like to be touched a lot. I drive everyday and it has never broken down or ever wanted to die. I love my car and all car buyers should want to drive my car because it is so beautiful I love it so much. Do you ever just dream about your car all day and want to drive it. that's my car its great.

- Matthew D

Good car good amount of space

The car is very reliable but I bought it off a friend so fixing the car cost more then the car itself I feel very safe in it although you can't do uber in my model because it's to old it's not to big and it's not too small a family of 5 and smaller should do the trick great trunk space super easy to clean good car rides the highway great comfortable seats seat belts are a bit tight if you're a larger person

- Chadaye B

Volvo v70 2002 super sleek.

I have had a few issues with the radiator and transmission but other than that, the car has held up very well. Overall, I would say that the car is very comfortable and clean looking. I like the look of it very much and love using the turbo and my sunroof. It also has excellent speakers and overall sound system.

- Caroline S

2002 Volvo wagon. Silver paint, sunroof, and a few dings. It is a great car!

A 2002 Volvo that holds 3 babies and groceries. It is an oldie but a goodie. It can hold all our groceries, still has a great stereo and I feel safe driving it. Sunroof makes for a nice touch and it sure is fast! A Volvo wagon is one of those cars you hang on to for the long haul.

- Samantha T

Volvo v70: nice roomy family vehicle.

This car has been very reliable and though it has many miles (over 200, 000) is still a very comfortable, roomy ride. The driver’s seat electric motor is a blessing as I am not even 5’. The biggest issue we've had has been a false flag about the engine overheating.

- Patricia K

What can I say?? My car runs fine.

None. don't really have any complains about my car. Very reliable. Have been very useful. don't really understand what else you guys want. You guys want me to say things that not happening. What part you guys don't understand. My car is good for the year it is 2002.

- Rhonda A

Good and bad with my Volvo

Electrical issues in the steering column. Seems to do its own thing. When you put the car in drive from reverse it makes a loud noise, sometimes not always though. The car does a very large tank so when filling up costs a arm and leg but will go 480 miles

- Leslie B

Volvo's are very safe & protect you if ever in an accident.

I like that my vehicle has 5 star safety rating - for real! Also, Volvo's can last for a very long time. And they look sharp. They are my favorite daily-use vehicle.

- Christine A

My vehicle still has power.

The vehicle is older, and has lost some handling ability, the interior knobs and steering wheel are worn and sticky. It also has some banging of the transmission.

- Fletcher D

That you should not pull out in front of people because it is very slow to start out.

It has a really good air and heating unit. I don't like that it does not run right if it is turned off then back on. I like the room it offers.

- Grace a

Volvo is one of the safest vehicles made, I feel very safe in it.

I love the handling, fuel milage and the space I have in my station wagon.

- Stephanie B