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My Volvo xc60, a pleasure to drive.

I really love my car, it is very comfortable to drive, and has a lot of features that make driving safer and more convenient. I love the backup sensors, they give me an added level of security when I am having to reverse. The only thing I do not love about driving my vehicle is expensive to maintain, as it holds more oil than any other vehicle I have driven, causing oil changes to cost more than double what they have in previous vehicles.

- Melissa P

Turbo: love the gas it and I fly!

I love the way it drives. No problems in the 5 + years I have had it. It is turbo and I live the get up and go. It is very comfortable. The air conditioning is probably the worst thing. It does not blow very hard compared to my husbands Chevy. It is white with tan leather looks awesome. . . Live the heated seats as well!

- Michelle S

It is a good, safe car. It is everything that I wanted in a car.

Very reliable, safe, comfortable leather seats. I enjoy the smooth drive that it has. I like the way it drives. The performance is one of a kind. Even though the car is second hand I have no performance or car issues at all. One of the things I enjoy about the car is that I do not have trouble driving in traffic.

- Cassidy B

Happy owner of Volvo xc60.

My Volvo xc60 is extremely comfortable to drive & accelerates well. I also enjoy the size. It is easy to park in tight spaces because of the camera and space sensors. It is beautiful inside & out. I am also really happy that I own the car instead of leasing it.

- Catherine L

It is a very safe and comfortable vehicle. It will do what you need it to do without trouble.

I like the vehicle since it is big and safe. I also like the fact that it is fuel-efficient. However, maintenance is expensive for the vehicle, which is the main dislike.

- Julian C

Sturdy, front wheel drive

Sturdy crossover SUV. Not too big or too small. Front wheel drive. The only thing I wished it should got a 4 wheel drive instead as where we live had a lot of snow.

- Trirat H

It is good on gas when it comes to far distances but different in closer places.

Can have a lot of mechanical problems but very spacious for all family to fit in. Foreign car so takes longer to fix but good on gas.

- Cara G

the car is reliable, sturdy, comfortable. I would recommend it-

love the body style and color. Love the safety aspects of the Volvo brand. love how spacious it is while still being a small-ish SUV.

- Megan H

If you keep it clean and repaired it will last a while.

The car handles and drives very nicely. I like the fuel economy. I wish the Bluetooth allowed music to be played through the radio.

- Max K

Volvo drive great! They are one of the safest cars.

It drives great! It is comfy and it has a lot of space. I do not like the color of the color. The leather is broken.

- Sam J

Love the design and reliability. The built-in booster seats are great for the kids. The trunk space is a bit limited though.

Volvo for life. Volvo stands for safety, and with a family of 4, we want to be able to travel with a peace of mind.


The most important thing about my car is the level of safety it provides with computerized updates and safety features.

It is a very dependable car. Well designed. Despite being 8 years old it is still stylish and not dated.

- Angie H

very durable. I'm about to make 120000 miles and still runs like a top.

Great car. Safety above all but with good performance. Gas mileage very lacking for this model year.

- Edward D

It is fun to drive and goes fast.

Safety, size, leather seats. Dislike only 1 dealer in my city and expensive to maintain

- Brenda F

Volvos are reliable and with numerous safety features.

Great visibility, good gas mileage, fabulous maneuvering.

- tom S

Amazing mid-size SUV with great safety features!

- Kelly B