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Volvos are extremely safe vehicles. Volvo is not only doing their best to keep passengers safe in the event of an accident but they're also working toward finding ways to help prevent accidents.

I can take my vehicle for granted on a daily basis. It is extremely safe which is most important to me. It rides smoothly and isn't bad to look at which are added bonuses. Plus it takes regular gas so that's great. I had no maintenance costs in the first four years and now using an extended warranty. Only recently had to replace original battery, tires and brakes. Excellent vehicle.

- ashley B

Safe and reliable is the Volvo xc60.

I have never experienced any problems with this vehicle. It is as reliable today as it was when it was new. The all-wheel drive performs flawlessly in the rain and snow. The ride is also smooth and comfortable as the day I bought it. I originally bought it because of its safety ratings and have never regretted it.

- Paula K

That it is safe, one of the safest vehicles on the road.

I love that my vehicle is a compact SUV. It is fun to drive and looks super sharp. The safety features are amazing and to this day is ranked one of the safest vehicles on the road. I Do wish the middle seat was adjustable like it is on the XC90. If it was, I don't think I would ever buy another type of vehicle.

- Aimee M

Safe, comfortable and trendy car.

It is a very comfortable, safe, and stylish car. The only problems is navigation system which always takes you to further routes or weird routes. And also after 5 years of owning the car, its logo stickers on the wheel and the front fell off. That should not happen to luxury cars like Volvo.

- A M

Great car with a few quirks.

It is a comfortable car but at times the seat setting will move without touching any buttons. When I look to my right side to see if there are any cars coming up on my right, it is difficult to see. It rides very smooth and with the right gas it has good pick up.

- Colette C

Volvo SUV review a great ride.

The car is extremely reliable and comfortable. The only issue I have experienced is maintenance and repairs are expensive. Thank goodness I have had very few repairs! The interior is spacious, and the ride is smooth. Gas mileage age is excellent. No complaints.

- Tina A

Volvo XC60 used vehicle purchased in 2017.

The Volvo XC60 overall is a great car, very safe, nice looking, dependable. I purchased the vehicle when It was about four years old. I wish it had more amenities in it. But, overall, I love it.

- Stacie G

Comfortable, spacious and safe and it goes really fast, too.

Beastie is a lovely car. It has Polestar tuning and goes like a bat out of h*ll. plenty of storage space. Comfortable ride. Only complaint - the mileage isn't great but .i have a lead foot.

- Paula S

Dependable, safe and comfortable.

It is comfortable, safe and extremely reliable. It has never given me any problems at all. The cargo space is incredible. It is dependable in all weather conditions.

- Paul K

Great pick up and comfortable car

The vehicular is very comfortable and has good pick up. It sucks with gas mileage and the backseat is a bit small for an infant seat but overall really like the car

- Katrina C

for a 2013 SUV it gets very good gas mileage

it's the perfect size not too big and not too small. the gas mileage is good, local 22 and highway 27. it'a a well appointed vehicle that extremely safe.

- john J

It's meant to be driven. Had transmission issues when it was parked too long.

Love the look and feel. Service and maintenance from Volvo has been amazing, can't go back to cars with no service or maintenance plans.

- Valerie M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is very reliable!

I love my vehicle because it is a crossover SUV with more space than a car/sedan, but it isn't huge. The AWD is a must living in MN.

- Emily C

It is safe and it is a smart car.

The car is perfect. I have not had any issues. It rides well and is well maintained. I would recommend this to anyone.

- Rosemary F

Another great Volvo product

I love my Volvo. I will only purchase Volvo products. It is very reliable, comfortable, and gets great gas mileage.

- Morgan Y

One of the highest rated vehicle for impact resistance.

Well designed smooth operating vehicle. Handles easily and has remarkable acceleration. Interior is comfortable!

- Marianne J

great little suv for the money

Great mileage, good leg room, seats in back fold down for more storage space, information alerts are easy to read.

- Andrea R

Have to use premium gasoline.

Comfortable. Able to drive fast.. Easy to drive. When I was deciding on a new car volvo had very good reviews..

- Debra G

Really like the interior dual color design and the heated 2nd row

Love the handling of this vehicle and the safety features and backup camera. Best value for a luxury vehicle

- Beth B

It is not your father's Volvo.

Great car. Rides nice and has plenty of utility. Best of all it is safe as it is a Volvo. No complaints.

- Maryalice C

It is very safe, it is 4 wheel drive and my husband says it has a cage roll over

I like that my vehicle has BLS. I like the horsepower it has and it has very comfortable drive!

- Corina L