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Very reliable and comfortable vehicle for all driving needs.

I like the keyless entry or where I can open the door by just having the key on my person. I like the sunroof/moonroof. The push start is also very convenient when in a rush/late. The driving modes is also a great way to customize my driving. For instance it has an Elegance, eco, and sport mode. I use eco when I'm running low on gas and sport mode most of the time when I'm driving, and lastly Elegance when I'm just cruising around town. Each mode has its own settings with not only the engine but also the suspension and the shocks. Or at least that's how it feels when driving in those modes. The maintenance on the vehicle is very low just the general oil change and tune up so far. No issues since I bought the vehicle.

- Enrique M

I will never own anything else!

I have had my car for just about 2 years and have driven over 50,000 miles. This car is comfortable for both the driver and passenger. My favorite feature is the Blind spot detection. I do a lot of driving in major traffic and it really helps to navigate between the lanes. It has been completely reliable and has not needed anything more than routine maintenance..

- Karen K

I love my Volvo. It is a reliable car and gets me where I am going in style.

The only problem I have had with my Volvo is replacing the battery once. I love only having to change the oil a few times a year. The gas mileage is awesome and the interior is comfortable. The interior is black and sleek, which I like. You can change the look of the speedometer to accommodate your personal taste. There are 3 different settings.

- Courtney B

Great car. Consider buying.

Great car it is comfortable. Good cargo room. Smooth ride. Seeing in blind spot is tough.. Not the best. I would consider this make and model again. Local dealer is great. Roomy interior. Sharp looking car. Good car for the money. Always good to own SUV or truck in the family.

- Sue C

Volvo - safe and reliable

The vehicle has a great weight to it and feels very safe. I consistently get a comfortable ride. The greatest downside to this vehicle is cooling & heating for the back seat; the vents are just not adequate. Overall, the gas mileage is reasonable for the vehicle.

- Kurt W

It's very safe and depreciates well, watch out for maintenance costs.

I love the safety standards of my volvo, I feel completely safe transporting my children every day. I like the features, including the sound system, and comfortable seating. As the vehicle ages, I am surprised at the high costs of maintenance on this brand.

- Danielle S

I feel very safe in the car.

I like how smooth my car runs. I wish it had more gas mileage. I like the black leather seats and sleek look. I wish my air conditioner didn't make a noise when it was on.

- Natalie W

It is comfortable and safe

It is comfortable. It has good gas mileage and has a good safety rating

- Tracy G

Volvo is all about safety

It's a good ride. It has great space. It's reliable.

- Ryan C

Reliable and efficient. Nice service. Comfortable Responsive

Reliable, good service, comfortable Like everything

- John D